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  1. Sure! Just for the sake of having another Marth, I'll make my own Marth Alt. Title: Inspired King Name: Marth Unit Type: Red, Sword, Calvary Character Desc: The Hero-KIng Marth who has taken back his homeland. Appears in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem Stats: (With Weapon) HP: 33 | ATK: 56 | SPD: 30 | Res: 18 | DEF: 36 (BST: 169) Weapon: Heroic Falchion: Mt 16, Effective against Dragons. If unit's Atk - foe's Atk ≥ 1, unit gains Special cooldown charge +1 attack. (If using other similar skill, only highest value applied.) Heals 10 HP every 3 turns. Special: Aether- Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt. Skills: B Skill: Vantage 3 - Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 75% C Skill: Drive ATK 2 - Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk+3 during combat. Quotes: Summoned: I am Marth, current King of Altea. I look forward to working with you. Everything Else: Same as normal Marth.
  2. It does say original game at the bottom of the video if you look close enough. I'm wanting an entirely new game, with maybe a smaller and not-bloated roster.
  3. For sure! I'm hoping for some Melee mechanics and perhaps some other things like Rage removed. I hope that Ice Climbers are guaranteed to be in this one...
  4. Smash for Switch has been announced! What are your thoughts on it? Who do you think will be removed? Who do you think is added?
  5. I'm happy for Ephraim, and I think most of the players have put it in their heads that the CYL 2 winners are getting Alts. instead of the full-blown Brave Hero treatment, me being one of those players. If IS is still planning on making them Brave Heroes, then I'm mad. Hey I'm happy that Ephraim got his thing, but that should've been given to Marth. Marth is still neglected, and I and many others thought the refine would give Marth justice, but no. Instead, Alm becomes the best Falchion, and Marth becomes the worst. That's not what we wanted. If IS is still giving us this BS, then we'll have to wait until CYL 3 if we want another Marth. I want to rally all the Marth fans from Smash and FE to give the Hero-King his justice! #RallyMarth
  6. That's actually a good point. Thanks for bringing that up. It took me hours learning to pronounce... I can't even type it.
  7. Here's a statistical approach at the Men's Side. The men's side is a 4-way battle according to what I've read here and what I've read on the Megathread at reddit. It all comes down to which players vote what. Casuals like the 3DS babies will probably choose between these two characters: Chrom and Hector. Chrom's meme status and the fact that he's in Awakening makes the babies want to vote him up. Hector's usefulness in Heroes and his meme status also contribute the the casual war. Your hardcore fans have got 2 characters that have more talk on them: Marth and Ephraim. Marth is the face of FE, and his Heroes representation is.... well, it's not so great. One chapter is all he got. One banner at the beginning of Heroes is all he got. Ephraim is no different. He may have, what, 4? banners under his belt, but he really got the short end for lancers, besides the weapon refinery boost. Sacred Stones is also garnering much more support over time, and we may have one of the most heated battle for 1st this time around. Marth, Hero-King VS Ephraim, Prince (Probably King by now) of Renais. But in the end, it all goes down to which side of FE fans have more. The true fans, or the Babies.
  8. I was speaking of his Heroes representation. I definitely agree with you, but I bet that IS is already planning to put out another SS summon event. If it helps, I'll make a 4th account and give him 7 more votes.
  9. It may sound like a bandwagon thing to say, but I'm putting my faith in Marth. He is the face of FE. What has IS done to support their first hero? Nothing other than one banner at the beginning of the game. I hope that getting him #1 or #2 will buff him with a new character. I really need support to get him back up. It's kinda hopeless, I think...
  10. Whenever I seem to be having a decent streak going in Arena, the cliche Reinhardt with Moonbow comes up. Who could be the best character to counter The Reinhardt?
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