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  1. @makotoyuki123 After logging into Google play, I actually cleared my cache in the game and reinstalled all the updates. It took a while but everything is normal for me now. Maybe it'll work for you too.
  2. @mcsilas @Alexmender @mampfoid @DLNarshen @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy @daisy jane @Sunwoo @Dayni @Roflolxp54 Congrats on your +10 Lyn! As someone who's wanted to +10 her myself, I feel bad for not giving you the props you deserve! So if you guys didn't see, I got a Hector for my free *5 which was great. I went in on the tickets on the new heroes banner. Passed up a lot of reds and blues so no *5's wasn't a big surprise but I only spent 4 orbs so no big loss there. I went back to the revival banner with 29 orbs and a 4.67% rate. With just a little hope and the comfort of the Hector I just pulled, I pulled any reds I saw and passed on all greens but one, lucky me, as that one green I pulled finally netted me another Ross! Down to 10 orbs rather quickly, I went back in expecting 3 red stones as that's how things usually go. To my surprise there was just one, and inside it? Now I can officially save.
  3. @mcsilas Sheesh those are some quality pulls! Especially that Mareeta! Everyone's pulls have been so great on this banner. I hope the same will ring true for me as I haven't used my tickets yet. I did however, use my free *5 summon. (excuse the volume icon) Literally best case scenario. One green stone, Hector's in it, and he's even +ATK/-HP. I don't even know where to begin. If this is a sign of things to come I'm ecstatic.
  4. Getting a 803-3021 error now on Memu when I try to summon. Any way to fix this? @mental_offence
  5. L'Arachel and Rennac, Ninian and Nils, Berkut and Rinea, choices. Matthew and Leila sound kind of fun though. If I don't do Ninian and Nils I'll go for the tragic assassins.
  6. Not super invested in this. Voted Lute cause reasons.
  7. I was annoyed that such a useless unit for fodder appeared as our next Ephemera prize, then I realized I actually have a -SPD OG Alm. Suddenly this is a nice little reward. No real use for Green Olwen, but it'll be nice to have her in my pocket if I pull a -ATK or -SPD one. Since she's pretty useless for fodder there's no real chance of me feeding her to anyone.
  8. Overwhelmingly disappointing batch of refines. Gunter's refine is decent. Gives him a bit of support and utility. He debuffs likely the bulkiest unit on the enemy team while buffing cav/inf allies for the same stat as well as himself. It's a nice little buff that he can stack with drives and a chill for support utility. The weapon isn't the problem. The problem is it's on Gunter who just doesn't have the stats to utilize this weapon as anything other than a support bot. He's shoehorned into a support role which is one newer units fill better due to overall superior statlines. He's servicable, it's just that there's still little reason to use him. He needed an OP weapon like the newer units and he didn't get one. Expected, but still a shame. Guess it's time the old man retired. Eirika's refine is worthless. I figured they'd take the 100% HP requirement off and give her an additional effect. Instead they doubled down on it. Giving her a decent stat boost when her opponent is at full health, but the tome remains worthless in any other scenario. Removing penalties is a nice bonus but it's just a cherry on top of an already mediocre cake. A blade tome is still better which is sad. To think I was prepared to use dew on my +2 Eirika. Hard pass. Gaius refine is a weird one. He only get a few more points of damage from his % increase along with Darting Blow 2 but he's pretty fast so it's decent. Then if the opponent is at 100% and he's got an AoE special he gets true damage added during combat and a flat +7 added to his AoE special. They are neat perks that help him and they carve him out a little niche but they aren't enough to help his abysmal damage. If anything though, the true damage during combat will help seal the deal against opponents he'd normally do a flat 0 to so it's a servicable refine. I don't think it's enough to put him on par with a lot of the other daggers but those who love him and want to invest in him will be able to put in work. Special Spiral and Flashing Blade 4 seem like pretty great choices for his kit also. He's the clear winner, but only if you plan to +10 him and invest at the highest level, otherwise keep moving. Ursula's is trash. It's literally just Matthew's refine on a Wolf tome which is unbelievably lazy. What's worse is that it's on a weapon with no natural debuffs which means she either relies on team comp or is restricted to Chills, Threatens and Smokes to increase damage. The only bright side to this set of refines is that I don't have any real investment in any of these characters or units so I'm unaffected. I will say though that the idea of a +SPD Flashing Blade 4, Special Spiral, SPD Smoke, Darting Blow/Brazen ATK SPD Gaius with his refine sounds pretty fun. Like a Mini-Igrene. EDIT: I think a build like this would be pretty good for Gaius. +12 True damage whenever he's faster than his opponent which is basically all the time. Special Spiral which will proc and FB4 will get his special ready immediately, Rouse SPD/DEF for additional speed on the constant (Rouse ATK/SPD would be ideal if it existed at the time of writing) and Darting Blow basically for insurance but Swift Sparrow if you want a bit more kick would work just as well. With a build like this Gaius would need a round of combat in order to get going unless you run Quickened + Time's Pulse and ran him on a double IP team. But as soon as his special is ready (Which it would be after a single round of combat he's good to go. @XRay Your thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. That's actually pretty bad then imo. Probably wouldn't summon for that. Interactions with Special Spiral would be interesting, but not spend orbs on exclusive fodder interesting.
  10. Pulling Bramimond sadly wiped me out of all my orbs. Was it worth it, maybe but with my paltry amount of orbs I doubt I'll be able to pull any Lyns or Hectors. Waiting the week out hoping for at least one merge.
  11. Banner is a safe skip. Tickets only, might not even spend any orbs. Rinkah is the star, she seems like a beast, I just have no connection to her character, am building a million other green units (like my Ross) and it just... doesn't really seem like I have any real incentive to pull for her. Distant Foil is cool but obviously I'd have to pull 2 of her for that and lol not happening. I don't have the orbs anyways. Midori is cool. I pulled Igrene (though -ATK) so I have no need for another red bow and while Close Foil is cool and could be for Matthew, he fights a lot of freaking dragons, possibly more of those than anything so I don't think the trade off is worth it. Her weapon is cool though, it being inheritable is probably the coolest thing about it. Mini-pulse smoke is dope. Don't need her though. Lilith is really freaking cool actually. Her weapon and support partner boost make her fantastic. Not that great in the hands of the AI though. Between Naga for AR and Ninian for everything else I lack a real use for her though. She's Drive ATK 4 fodder obviously but I'm in no position to pull for that, so, meh. Forrest is trash. Looking like a girl doesn't save you from your tragic fate as a male demote. Res Ploy in the *3 pool is cool though. Pretty much just going to pull red/green with the tickets. Blue if that's not an option and bounce. Good position to save orbs.
  12. Given his high speed, Close Call could be a nice option for him alongside adaptive damage or maybe ATK/SPD +5 during combat to proc his effect easier.
  13. @mcsilas Nice pulls on B!Camilla and Saber! The latter seems to like you and I wouldn't have minded a B!Camilla myself! Granted I most just want one so that the rest can be ATK/SPD Push 4 fodder but still.
  14. With CYL in mind, it's a nice thought that I'll be able to grab Claude or Edelgard who will probably be my picks. This means you can get one for free and then spend the 130-150 orbs and get the other one you want. CYL is a September banner, is it not?
  15. With him in place I might actually consider building a real defense team which I haven't done for either season simply because I don't care. Plus I'm definitely going to try to get another one of him in August to fix his nature.
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