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  1. I figured it would be a good use of the Pain+ staff for him. Also passing thought, being one of the first units to get a refine, I feel bad that Lyn hasn't stood the test of time as a unit. When I think about how outdated her Brash/Desp 4 refine is I think about what her refine would be today. Probably something like "HP≥ 50% and unit initiates combat, unit can make a follow-up attack before foe can counterattack. Deals +10 Damage when special triggers." In the meta where units can just start doubling for free without the need to take a hit, Lyn's weapon is horribly outdated. This would patch it up, though Swift Sparrow 3 instead of the Wo Dao+ effect would probably be better for her. She loses the Wrath synergy but there are other B-Skills that can be ran in it's place. ...Or we could just give her the Mani Katti with dual effectiveness against Armor/Cavs like Micaiah is getting (hint: she had it before her) and some sort of other busted skill to round it out. ...Probably still wouldn't be enough.
  2. @mcsilas You had me on the edge of my seat with this one! I see Grima and Aversa and I expect curb-stomping and I get something all together different. The music really set the tone for this clear. Julius' army felt incredibly menacing. It gave me a feeling that I've ever had as far as this map is involved: dread (ha! Irony). I expected these usually dominant units to do what they usually do and instead this clear is a struggle for survival. Julius and the cleric whittle down F!Grima and Morgan while that double Moonbow thief just cripples M!Grima right out the gate. They ferry eachother around desperately and slowly pick off the enemies one by one while covering eachother and staying just out of the range of death. Then the Pain healer comes and brings everyone down to single digits and I got nervous haha. They made it out of there with Morgan's support, but this one really was a nail bite. I didn't see that coming at all. I need to learn to stop having pre-concieved notions about clears based on the units being used for them. I considered revisiting this map, it's a really nice one, just didn't see the point. I've already done 4 clears for it and while Serra's team is challenged ever so slightly by this map, it's dealt with rather fast and Serra herself is already present in one of the two special clears so... pass. Maybe when this map is eventually part of the inevitable weekly rotation that's bound to come sometime next year (or at the end of this one).
  3. @mcsilas The Task at Hand barracks music soothes my soul~ Really cute clear here. I don't prefer that term but the music set the tone right away. Selkie took a beating but it looked fun for her, like sport. It's utter nonsense that she was tanking greens for 0 damage on and off a defensive tile, but still satisfying right up to the straight up 100% kill on Kana. I was expecting you to bomb him with Shiro's Ignis so it was a surprise when you had him retreat. I'm used to Ginko's Shiro who generally tanks green magic like nothing. Velouria played a more passive role but she still pitched in here and there and Rhajat was mostly just there to say "lolno" to the archer.
  4. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster @Alexmender @Nanima @NegativeExponents- @Hilda @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko @Azuris @eclipse @daisy jane @Dayni @Johann @ruruo @Rezzy Special mention to @Rafiel's Aria as this one has one of your prized units~ So I revisited this map. I really wanted to but I wasn't sure how to. Fae just om nom noms the map so that was really boring. It'd already done the FE7 thing but Linus is such a fun boss and map so I wanted to do something that matched him. Something blazing fast, hyper offensive. That gave me the idea for this one. For this clear the only real issue was picking the right enemies to take out at the right time while also being able to get my units to safety before their turns eventually ran out. It required both Flashing and Heavy Blade seals but I got it done pretty quick. I only had the idea to do this clear about an hour or two before the map expired so it was a quick process. I have to say I lucked out though, the red dragon having Fury made the clear a lot more seamless. You'll understand why soon enough. It took everything I had not to name the theme "Badass." Instead we'll call it a "Galeforce" clear. 4 units, all from previous clears (some of my favorites, even), now with Galeforce blitzing through Linus and his groupies. This one gave me a rush, I knew exactly what song I wanted to use for it. The clear is a burst of adrenaline while it's going. But it goes fast! So buckle up~ Marathon is done. I could potentially do a Walhart, Aversa, Garon and Gharnef clear. But any of those will be quick if I do decide to do them. Cheers~
  5. It's just ironic to me but it does indeed work out. You haven't tasted power until 2-3 of your units all get the bonus at the same time though, it's the best feeling if you haven't done it already. Also forgot to tag @Dayni @eclipse @Johann and @daisy jane scroll up guys. My bad.
  6. I'm late, but not as late as with Kronya. It's cause it's the weekend, the only time I really get to do this. @SatsumaFSoysoy As soon as I saw Takumi and Kronya together I knew exactly what was going to happen before the clear even started. That's just dumb. Null C-Disrupt against the firesweep was just overkill on top of it. You could have killed the flier at the end by initiating and then waiting for Vantage on the next turn or killing her outright, but doing it the way you did let the map end in sync with the music, which I appreciate. Hope you're doing well, health wise also. Sorry to see this message so late also. @Xenomata I thought it was funny how you ran L!Eliwood with Nah so she could still get the Bonus Doubler she usually has in the A slot so she could run Distant Counter. Everyone and their mother is going around with Null-C-Disrupt after the Hero Fest banner. I feel bad that I only got a Tibarn since I had basically nothing to pull on it with after spending so many orbs on Sothis. @mampfoid F!Tiki is a monster. I didn't care about her while she was on a banner. But I'm kinda starting to regret not having her. Funnily enough I don't have any of the mega dragons. M!Grima, H!Myrrh, L!Tiki, F!Tiki, W!Fae. All I have is Duma and Fallen Corrin. (Nah doesn't count, she's not OP enough.) Hope you're enjoying your vacation, take it easy! @Anacybele Sweet Jesus.. the enemy phase music. Something I thought I'd never hear again. I haven't heard it... pretty much since IS gave us the option to turn it off. Freddy works his magic for you again. The lag sucked but he got a chance to work magic in a way that you didn't expect! I love seeing people's personalized dagger units just blow things up. Our S!Robin is also built nearly the same. Same boon, too! @Alexmender Hilarious clear that ended up being pretty epic. The theme made me chuckle in real life but when the battle started things got turned up to 11 fast. The music really sold the intensity of the mission despite the comedic introduction. Hilda is an utter beast. I loved the supertanking tactics as you well know and the fact that she had the power to oneshot that firesweep sword cav really speaks for itself. I feel like this is one of those units you'd try to +10. I don't know if that's something you're going for, but you'd have quite the titan if so. ...I also don't have a Mordecai yet. I want to play with him... @LordFrigid An unbuffed Peri 1RKOed Death Knight on a defense tile with the regular version of a weapon. What the heck man... I don't care if it had effective damage, that's just nonsense. The rest of your team cleaned house after, but I didn't really pay attention, too busy picking my jaw up off the floor. @Landmaster Not the biggest fan of cutesy characters but they put in the work here. I was expecting mostly a Nowi tankfest for some reason but the team came in after the first turn and completely changed the dynamic of the clear. Elise's damage surprised me getting nearly an exact kill on the cav. Your choice to warp in with H!Nowi was an eyebrow raiser for me and I cringed when she ate DK's AoE special. I didn't see how she was going to survive the EP even being blocked off from DK, that was when I realized it completely went over my head that she had CC+Vantage. Definitely not a unit you'd expect to see that combination of skills! Turns out she can handle herself well. Then S!Elise comes in at the end and casually finishes off DK for the luls. Good stuff. @DLNarshen I don't think I've ever seen one of your clears before. Incredible duo! Julia and Julius taking a map on by themselves is cool enough but the synergy they have with eachother is unbelievable. Taking on a map with virtually no healing as well. Loved it. @Ginko @NegativeExponents- @Rafiel's Aria @Flying Shogi @mcsilas I considered skipping this one mostly like Kronya, but I thought it was a good chance after all the challenging maps to just roflstomp for a change. And given it was a new map with a more interesting layout than Kronya, it felt more worth it. It also gave me a chance to explore a special theme that's never come to mind before. There's 4 clears here, but don't get the wrong idea. This is nothing like Sothis, these clears go by fast and the entire process of recording and uploading them all together is probably around 1-2 hours which is pretty fast. The recordings were lightning and viewing the clears will be quick, so enjoy a much shorter collection this time around. First there's Matt. There's... really nothing to say about this one, it speaks for itself. It did give me a chance to use a rather fitting theme for the clear however, one I've been waiting to use since Matt got his refine. I think you'll be able to understand why it applies here. Rebel 1: Action. Morgan had the hardest time with the map out of everyone. The clears were a 1-5 minute job for each of the other teams. Morgan's took about 20. I played around with how I was going to approach the map when a direct approach wasn't working. In fitting puzzle fashion the key was utilizing Amelia as a warp-wall and working Morgan's buffs to shift the tide of the battle in her favor. The more I use her, the more I see Amelia's squandered potential as a unit in my army. WoM is a great skill, but Amelia has virtually no A skill right now. Steady Breath, Warding Breath, Fortress DEF/RES, Fierce Stance, Distant Counter, Swift Sparrow. I have fodder for all of these skills and yet she runs Darting Blow 3 or DEF +3 most of the time. We need to fix that soon. For now enjoy the most intricate clear of the bunch, but it still goes by fast. For our third clear we have our newest Serra team take on the map and it's almost just as much of a wipe for her squad as it was for Matt's. Fae just sits there and... just watch. I could picture Serra laughing during most of this battle. For our final clear we explore a rather morbid theme. Heroes and Villains long since past. To avoid general FE SPOILERS if you care, the theme of this clear is heroes (and villains) that have died in the FE Universe. It was a rather tricky clear to pull off as most of my units are living characters, but then I thought of a certain green unit that certainly cheapened the feel of the clear for me, but he certainly counted and allowed for a rather dominant performance fitting of powerful warriors rising from the grave to battle once more. A slayer that calls himself the Death Knight, true to his name, he nothing but desolation in his wake. As he takes a brief respite from his path of destruction, souls of long dead warriors arise to take siege upon his fortress, eager to purge the land of this false grim reaper, and lead him down the path of the afterlife. To the home of the true grim reaper. Judgement calls, and they have arisen to see it fulfilled. That's all, folks.
  7. I used the team I used in my Gharnef clear: L!Marth, Linde, Merric and Wrys. Only Marth and Merric are doing a particularly good job. Now I know class and stats do factor in somehow, possibly rarity as well so I'm going to throw my harder hitting units at the strike missions going forward.
  8. Well, there are quite a few units that would love CC as you know. Sophia, Odin, Robin, Saizo, Christmas Cecillia, ToD!Jakob, ToD!Henry, Matthew, etc. For the healers you've got Azama, Lachesis, Brady, Veronica and a few others. Serra is versatile however due to her spread so she can run CC relatively well also. For Staffs, the typical Close Counter Vantage Pain+ Savage Blow combination is deadly on just about any healer. Otherwise her base Absorb+ is a great staff for her in my experience, but you can have fun with staffs like Fear+ or even Flash+ if you want to be evil. Flash+ activating in the EP ensures she and her teammates can both safely attack the units that attacked her the round before, something like that + Mystic Boost for sustain would be really annoying. So yeah, Flash+ Absorb+ Fear+ Gravity+ Pain+ Ovoid Staff+ Witchy Wand+ Panic+ The girl's got options if you have the fodder. Just go with what feels right. As you can already tell from my Matthew/Morgan clears I'm partial to vamprism so Absorb was an easy pick for me.
  9. Unless you're going for a Close Counter set (like I am) then the Push is your best bet. Even if you are going for a CC set Push is still your best bet if you don't have the fodder, honestly. Just wait for stuff like ATK/SPD Rouse 3 and whatnot, then healers will get even scarier.
  10. I've never liked Micaiah, in fact I hated her when I played RD, I'm indifferent on her now, but I do have 2 Blue Micaiahs (one is +ATK and one is +SPD of all things so she's definitely a keeper.) and if I could snag Dancer Micaiah then I could just complete the trifecta of potency with Brave Micaiah which is honestly pretty terrifying. Then there's Xander... you know Serra wants that CC. ...You know Serra wants that CC. Micaiah and Camilla are likely to be like Lyn and Ike from CYL1, re-run over and over and over and over again. Conversely, you only see Roy every so often and virtually never see Lucina. I feel like Eliwood would be in the boat with one of the latter two which is what concerns me. For the Legendary it'll be easy to just take whatever blue the game gives me and bow out, especially after the catastrophe that was the Sothis banner. Funnily enough it's the Legendary herself that's the stinker for me, and that's a titan of a unit (avoiding spoilers if you don't know who it is). My only thing with waiting on picking the freebie is that I want to use the Tempest to build that freebie up. Otherwise I'm just going to save up orbs until probably near the end of the month and then divvy out my orbs across the 3 banners as I see fit. I may still just take the potential L and grab free Micaiah. Then I could avoid green and red and just shoot for Eliwood and Camilla since Micaiah doesn't have any fodder I care about. It would suck to pull a Micaiah after using my free pull on her though. That's what happened to me with Hector. I love Hector, but I still have that Bold Fighter fodder to this day.
  11. @mampfoid I'm glad you were rewarded for your suffering. That's a fantastic haul at the end! (Still don't have a Mordecai myself) I've never gotten 3 *5's in a pool before still. Though I'm sure it would have happened in those 6 months I was gone. Also the unit you couldn't see me pull was OG LYN.
  12. I'm so torn. Micaiah likely has the most overall utility of all of the CYL units for me. All of my Green Fliers are either +ATK/-SPD or +SPD/-ATK and she would fill a void there plus have unrivaled utility. But then Eliwood would be a beast slayer which would be super effective in not only AR but AA as well. But all that aside, in my heart it feels right to pick Eliwood as my choice because I picked Lyn and Hector the prior years. Then there's the fact that the upcoming legendary banner has units I want in all 3 blue slots and no other colors making it really easy to snipe and Xander (for CC fodder) and Micaiah are targets on the dancer banner. Those factors on top of Kliff immediately breaking my rate on the CYL banner lowers the realistic chance of pulling anyone from it which leaves me seriously torn on who my free pick should be. And here I thought I was going to get ATK/SPD Push 4 fodder for Serra.
  13. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Alexmender @Landmaster @NegativeExponents- @Tybrosion Everyone and their mother pulling Eliwood on this banner and I get this in my second circle. Well... he is new and I only spent around 20-ish orbs for him. But he's -SPD which bites. That Fortress DEF/RES is looking really nice for someone, but for now I'm keeping him. It's pretty hilarious though. Diedre pitybreaks me going for Brave Ephraim on last years banner and Kliff pitybreaks me going for Brave Eliwood a year later when I barely have a rate at all. But at least it's something. I had 20 orbs left so I went to the dancer banner for Xander or Maybe Micaiah. Only had one colorless orb which had nothing, but went ahead and pulled the reds, I'm glad I did. What are the odds, amirite? To be pitybroken by my girl here. She's +3 now which is stellar. It's like the game knew I missed her banner and threw me a bone. One more merge and she'll get +1 to ATK and SPD. Maybe someday she'll be +10...
  14. @LordFrigid It seems like you did this in your sleep. Fun use of Dimitri though. He's not a unit I would consider giving GF to, but that in conjunction with Savage Blow made for some neat doubling antics. @mampfoid Galeforce Beasts! Look at you expanding your Horizons! Even giving the Herons some action as well. I really need to promote and raise my Reyson. Not only do I have 2 copies but one of them is +SPD. Considering not only that but and I have Leanne and now Tibarn, I've really been screwing around. I need to drop that 60k to upgrade Reyson and Naesala, give Tibarn GF and have a grand old time. @Ginko Shiro trivialized the map as expected. L!Azura completely changes the dynamic of approaching maps. Have fun with her, she's going to make your life a lot easier. Especially on Abyssal maps. Dagger clear was fun to watch. Sothe had me nervous going up against Kronya. I was wondering how he was going to tank that Luna. A measly 2 HP left, I really need to replace LnD3 on my Sothe. With the introduction of Eir. S!Kagero is pretty much a unit you never see anymore now also, so seeing her was a treat. Dagger clears are always fun, albeit a lot easier now that dagger dancers and colors are a thing. @Landmaster I don't blame you for running Grimas for a second. I wouldn't have raised any of the avatars for a clear's sake. Now let's see. M!Grima starts out the clear asserting his dominance and pretty much wiping one side of the map entirely. F!Grima and S!Corrin contribute some crucial chip damage and set M!Byleth up for some satisfying kills. Kronya didn't even get the chance to attack. They should have gave her Close Counter on this map just to be annoying. @Anacybele That's a terrifying S!Frederick. He's reaching 51 SPD at full health on initiation without SS or Buffs of any kind. What the in world... aaaand he destroys the map. I wasn't expecting him to tank Kronya the way he did, but the vocal exchange between the two was good for a chuckle. You know... he'd reach a whole new level of power if he had S!Lillina's dagger. @Alexmender Obligatory salt filled comment at you having not only Wrath on your OG Lyn but also having L!Lyn and even S!Lyn all at good natures. Fun clears all around, particularly the Lyn one. It's hilarious that you can achieve color balance using a team of literally the same character. S!Lyn tanking Kronya was neat too. I can't wait to see how you build Selena. Now where's Cordelia's refine? @mcsilas Really unorthodox team here. The refines for most of these guys really take them up to another level. Katarina pretty much did the usual with a blade tome, but I enjoyed seeing Saizo and Linus wreck shop the way they did. Beruka getting a kill on the red dragon was cool but I was honestly disappointed. She had very little opportunity to show off her new power. I know it was just because the map didn't give her many opportunities. Still, that Ignis was breathtaking. @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy @Nanima @Rafiel's Aria So I wasn't going to do a clear of this map at all, as you already knew. Matthew ate the map, Serra ate the map, Morgan had a small hiccup but with Amelia's help, he ate the map. There was literally no way to make this interesting and with no 3H characters I pretty much just went ahead and said nah. But then I thought about different themes I haven't really had the chance to explore so I thought it was a good chance to go with one of them. One of the themes in my backlog was "BROS" you know, those characters that are just bros. I've got quite a few of them and most of them are my favorites, there are just rarely chances to use them, most of all together. In this case we've got Chrom, probably my favorite character from awakening (which I haven't played), Hector, my favorite male character from Blazing Sword, Ephraim, one of my top 5 favorites in Sacred Stones and Ike, one of my favorites from the Tellius games. Throw those 4 together and you've got a bunch of guys that would much rather be swinging their tools around than ruling anything (...don't... read into that.). Clear was a bit tricky initially as people were being oneshot by the blue mage and dragon, there was also the issue of Kronya. L!Hector and OG Ike were part of the original team. Then I remembered V!Hector had Wary Fighter which could save him in a pinch as well as B!Ike who could both survive and oneshot the blue mage. After doing those swaps and trying a new strategy I realized my Chrom is an utter boss and merge project who's able to say no to WTD in some cases, so everyone shines here a tiny bit. Though they all crave more when it's over. I really need to figure out what to do with my Chrom... I have a +ATK and +SPD version of him and... I don't know if I want to do the Bond thing anymore or if I want to go for a Hyper Offense/Sealed Falchion build or something. He's going to be my only +10 sword and he's lost right now. He needs to find his way. For now enjoy the carnage. I know I'm crazy late but I have a backlog at the moment. I still have Death Knight clears to post and a Linus clear, so excuse all the tags. I did most of these recordings in the span of 20-30 minutes but because of work I'm only really able to upload either when it's late or on the weekends.
  15. @mcsilas Nothing but callbacks in this clear. Considering the layout of the map, without Gravity+ antics or dancers there are very few ways of initiating on this map that don't involve being forced to deal with the red and green cav antics, so I expected that. I wasn't expected to be hit in the nostalgia the way I was though. So many callbacks to my old Matthew clear here. From using a swordie to deal with Saias, to a green raven tome to bait the brave bow archer. Even the music itself being from a series loved from childhood. Of course the clear was impressive, but I started rambling on. @mampfoid @Alexmender @Landmaster @Nanima @NegativeExponents- @SatsumaFSoysoy @Hilda @Usana @daisy jane @Quintessence Serra takes another stroll through time and revisits a GHB of old. I had to come back to this one because this map was one of the ones that showed that the Matthew clears weren't just about Matthew. That his team supported eachother and that there would be times where everyone would have a chance to shine. This map stands today as Genny's biggest spotlight. Even as Matt is the monster he is today he would never have got there without his team to help carry him through all these maps. I would have lost the patience for it, I'm certain. I'm not going to do this too often out of the sheer fact that Serra's team facerolls most of these maps too hard. It's not even interesting in most cases. This was one of the few exceptions, plus it forced me to run a seal I never run in order to clear it. If you pay attention, you'll noticed the music is just a bit familiar. If you don't realize it, watch the other Saias clears of mine~
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