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  1. Katarina or Minerva would be nice I guess. *4 Cecillia. Welp.
  2. Haven't played them all. Binding Blade: Lugh/Lillina Blazing Blade: Hector/Lyn Sacred Stones: Ross/Lute Path of Radiance: Ike/Mia Radiant Dawn: Edward/Mia
  3. @LordFrigid @mampfoid I really wasn't sure how you were going to be able to one turn a map like this, but I should have figured fliers were going to be the key, even with the initial team split up. Dealing with Duma was a question mark but each of you dealt with him effortlessly. I expected a dragon slayer on both sides but I'd forgotten that armor effectiveness works just as well. Good use of Gerome/Clair on both ends to EP tank the cav as well. I know I don't really see either of you in these topics anymore and these clears are almost a year old now but better late than never. @Alkaid I've seen my fair share of nuke+3 dancer clears, but never with Hinoka. Tackling an abyssal map with a +1 physical ranged unit is impressive. Funny saying that now with Igrene having become a thing. @Nanima A hard fought battle despite your saying otherwise. Tibarn had to bring a damage special for this one. I was anxious watching when the birds were dealing with the cav archers but that mov and 2 dancers is nothing to shake a stick at. They picked off the enemies until they got to Duma who was a tough nut to crack but that +7 true damage from Naesala's weapon came in handy. Not killing the armor behind him was smart, had DEF/RES Solo kicked in you would have had serious problems. Good clear. @Landmaster Old clears but let's check em out. Julia was the MVP here. She took a crapton of punishment right off the bat but that CC vs Dragons was invaluable and Renewal actually turned out to be a pretty effective skill which you don't see in clears like these. Not only that but she acted as a form of support with BoL as well. Nowi did what was expected of her and Elise chipped in but Julia was the team's pillar. I knew going in she was going to be the one to take care of Duma but it was a little disappointing that she didn't end up either nuking him with Dragon Fang or getting the kill at all, still she did great. Interesting choice bringing Jeorge along as support instead of a healer/dancer but it worked out and provided color balance all the same. Abyssal stats really are something. Even with effective damage plus WTA L!Tiki still couldn't oneshot the red fafnir. Still OP dragons are OP. With the dual support of Azura and W!Eirika the two dragons became a fortress of death. The intensity was upped a bit when Duma's personal force came in from the right but a bit of retreating and proper positioning and he was dealt with promptly. Quite the defensive clear, this one. Even with powerful units like these you had to be smart or their defenses would eventually crumble. A nice achievement still. Ah, a newer clear. I've gotten used to those big numbers on Elise Emblem but that 93 damage Glimmer from S!Elise was satisfying. Nowi got a little action too this time around. The blue tome flier was the biggest issue watching the clear. The Elises pretty much chewed through everyone else including Duma with even OG Elise having some surprising damage numbers. @Hilda Nifl emblem is actually pretty OP. All it's missing is a healer. The Smite in the Askr clear might just be one of the coolest things I've ever seen in anybody's clears ever. Anna Smiting Alfonse and the whole team repositioning to the other side of the map on the following turns was just amazing.I swear you do things with the Askr trio I don't think anyone else would have the patience for without merges/better weapons/promotions for them. They really are overdue, but when they eventually do get their buffs (it's inevitable) part of me will miss you clearing this kind of content with the ultimate underdogs of FEH. Even with the powerful inheritable skills we're given today. @Ginko Fearless Kaze opening the map like that. After Brazen got him up to 51 RES he was practically invincible against the mages and Splashy Bucket extended that to dragons. I see most clears have units take care of the left side with one or two units but Kaze basically handling Duma's entire army on the right side with Azura was awesome. @mcsilas Masterful clear. Saber's prominent role here was almost as if he was standing in for Alm at Celica's side. His DC and Aegis proved invaluable and he tanked with the best of them, including tanking shots that should have killed him outright. Seeing how much Delthea's weapon helped him down the the last kill was a treat, but Delthea herself is no slouch. Kinda reminds me that she was my primary blue nuke at one point in the game. Celica actually took a bit of a backseat here surprisingly. She nuked just fine but Saber and Clair stole the show. Clair herself took some really clutch hits and while she didn't always hit back particularly hard, when Glacies procced those numbers would soar. Her kill on Duma was probably the highlight. Delthea not taking on the red mage at the end was weird when they were closing in on you but I figured he would have doubled/killed her so I guess the kill with Saber was necessary. In a way she still got the kill through her weapon's buffs on him. Anyways, year old clear, but a good one. Really felt like taking on the final boss of an FE game. Duma proved pretty effective on his own map in the second clear. The theme perfectly reflected his leading the team in a very hectic battle where even the healer had to take some punishment. Genny was the MVP here. Keeping everyone alive in what was a very tense battle of endurance and attrition. Heavenly Light proved invaluable as just about everyone constantly needed healing and Genny was consistently keeping the team off the brink of death while teetering ever so close to it herself with every encounter she was forced into. Leon held the line while Duma slowly scooted his way to the other side of the map after dealing with the left side and they were able to settle things with Genny getting a very satisfying kill on the opposing Duma. The rest as always was clean up. Definitely reminiscent of your Grima clears as they are historically the most tense and dire of your clears. @Alexmender No need to follow arbitrary rules if all it does is stress you out. A map like this is almost impossible to solo on principle of layout alone. Eirika and co. definitely sweated a bit more for this map but something tells me your Eirika today could figure out Abyssal. If not now than whenever you pull L!Eliwood. All the same infernal or no Eirika tanking Duma's Bold Fighter and special activation was nothing to scoff at. I really enjoyed Landmasters clear with Julia so I was excited to see her again here. I actually was more excited about Julia's refine than Deirdre's and tried a few times to get her (2 out of 3 times going for her I got her mother, so there's that) so It's always fun to see it in action. Julia would have taken down a dragon of every color if she'd been the one to deal with Duma actually. I was looking forward to her slaying him here so that was disappointing but I have to admit Micaiah's kill on him with 100+ damage was extremely satisfying. Astra makes a lot of skills look cool but Thani is definitely near the top. Everyone performed at max potential here with Eirika providing crazy buffs and healing and even Azura herself taking and getting a kill herself. I'm not the biggest fan of Micaiah but I must admit she was Julia's #2. Great clear. @Jave A dual cav bow clear. How unorthodox. I was unsure about how either of them were going to punch through Duma's defenses, then I remember HS!Micaiah was a thing. Such an OP unit. @NegativeExponents- Shame your Valentian clear didn't work out but with all the time that's passed since this clear I'm sure you have what you need to do one at this point if you want whenever Duma returns. Might makes right in this clear though as the men mow down everything that gets in their way while Niles (also a man) snipes effortlessly with consistent Special Spiral procs. For a unit without his Prf you really made him shine here. Even with Hector and Dorcas the team knew not to try to take Duma head on so retreating was a smart maneuver which allowed for Niles to snipe and two-shot Duma, taking advantage of his lack of DC while just having enough RES to survive the two mages. Overall a pretty smooth clear. The theme didn't reflect the manliness of the clear, but good show regardless. @Dayni @SatsumaFSoysoy @DLNarshen @Anacybele @eclipse @Kaden @XRay @Ice Dragon @Diovani Bressan @daisy jane @Baldrick @Xenomata @Rafiel's Aria @Nanima @Usana @Humanoid So many clears.... yeah I can't do this anymore. This is just another box I have to check. These clears you're about to see are actually from the time before this last time Duma got re-run. So around 3-4 months ago. I just either didn't have the time or didn't feel like watching all these clears/uploading and posting my own. But here we finally are. This is one of the two last big uploads I have to do. Then there's some smaller ones and I'm finally done. It was such a long time ago now I don't remember the exact process for all of these clears but let's go started and I'll go over what I do remember. Starting with Morgan, his clear was definitely tricky but not quite as impossible as usual. He needed the Sol/Vantage/Brazen combo for a few key kills. Amelia needed tactics buffs to not only activate her weapon but survive some crucial encounters. It was a battle of attrition but you'll find just about all the clears of this map are. This one has everything you've come to expect in a Morgan clear. Clutch kills, 1 HP remaining encounters, warps and positional shifts. Right down to the showdown with Duma. I originally got a really nice exact damage kill with Amelia, but I couldn't figure out how to replicate it once I recorded after the test run, so that got lost in translation, but still overall satisfied with the clear and I hope you are too. Opening the clears with Morgan has become a bit of a trend near the end here, hasn't it? Moving on to Serra, I was really excited for this clear because Serra's Absorb+ build shines as bright as a star. With CC she would have decimated this map, but as it stands we'll settle for "tanking like a boss". She handled multiple opponents constantly with Azura's help while Fae kept the enemies at bay coming from the right. Serra needed the Brazen seal from Morgan for some extra kick and Fae needed the Close DEF seal to properly support her cleric friend. Serra wasn't able to deal with Duma due to the unfortunate lack of CC so she left the final battle to Fae, who didn't disappoint in the least. Now for our special clear we have an Echoes one. It's cheating a bit as I took two Alms, I had a different team with Celica and OG Alm initially but I just couldn't make it work. The timing to do this map actually wound up perfect because I'd just pulled a +SPD Brave Alm which was exactly what I needed. So I took him, L!Alm, Lukas and Genny and went at it. Despite that (+SPD) L!Alm couldn't double the blue flier (seriously?) until I propped up his speed a bit and Lukas was getting killed partway through the map due to the constant punishment he was taking which was honestly shocking for my +10 Lukas. That is until I realized he had Drive DEF in the C slot instead of his base Threaten ATK. I've gotten too used to using him as an Arena cheerleader. After switching to that and giving him a brazen things were smooth on his end. Then we hit new snags with the Alms getting killed in different situations which led to very specific positioning from L!Alm and a bit of idling here and there. As for B!Alm, even with Genny's help I knew it was going to take a miracle to get him to survive the 2nd half of the clear, so that's exactly what I made happen. Lastly we have the Matthew clear. We had to do Abyssal for this one but I was able to do it with the OG team. Matt stood tall and his friend gathered behind him in support in a very long and hard battle of attrition. But at some point or another they had to kick in. Ayra consistently had to deal with WTD, Genny was kept busy and even Inigo saw a bit of action as everyone did their best to survive while Matt chipped away at the enemies until the team was more or less boxed in a corner. What follows is reminiscent of Morgan clears. Just goes to show that with the right team and synergy you can clear nearly any map as long as you put your mind to it. The team stayed together throughout the clear, rarely ever breaking ranks and in the end everyone stood behind Matt and he cleared the path forward. But never on his own, always with his team by his side as you've come to expect. I feel so light, finally finishing this post and set of clears. A bit of rest but we're not done yet. There's one last big wallop of a post I have to do. Look forward to that some time this month. Could be in a few days, could be in a week or two. Who knows. Wouldn't it be funny if I wrapped this up around the same time I did last time I retired from clears around January 4-7th? Anyways, Cheers~
  4. Something tells me you made that a lot more serious than it was...
  5. Got a Klein from the TT banner. Since I already have a +1 +SPD Nino I figured I'd try to get rid of the -ATK on my Jaffar to no avail. In other news I did my last hurrah on the weekly revival banner and after a string of 1-0 grey stones I finally go in with 10 orbs (instead of waiting to get 13 later today because lol why would there be more than one grey orb) and there was 3 greys for literally the first time. One Lissa and one Sothe and of course I'm dying on the inside not being able to pull the last one thinking there could be a Takumi in there. I'm left with a 5.33% rate and a single orb. The last of the monthly quests and a GC orb will give me enough for exactly one pull. I that will be my very last pull on the banner. Then... honestly I might just be done spending. I could use the Tempest orbs on the seasonal banner in hopes of Xander for CC but with the bitter taste in my mouth I don't even see the point in trying.
  6. @mampfoid I feel like if I adopted such a rule I'd relax a lot more in this game. For one thing my -SPD Quan will likely never see the light of day and nothing would change if I just gave that double rally to one of my arena core units. Same for sac'ing my Loki to give Matt C-Duel-Infantry. But I remain a hoarder. As for Takumi, not really. In my opinion 32/36 is more servicable than 35/33. 33 Speed is pretty horrible these days. My Serra at +SPD only has 34 but she benefits from merges and dragonflowers. Takumi will never have either of those so if he sees use it's in his base form which is pretty terrible at this point. +SPD is a nice band-aid for that and if he gets another refine down the line he can work with it and that nature. +ATK Takumi would get doubled until the end of time with no bulk or real attack to show for it. Oh, I suppose I should stay on topic. No colorless again. Red gave me a *3 Cain cause reasons. I'll probably scrounge enough orbs for 2-3 more pulls and then I'm out of luck.
  7. @Alexmender Depends on how much you use armors. Lillina's nature isn't exactly bad so she could have some good use, plus her class and color type is unique. If you wouldn't use one any more than the other that I would just keep her, if you'd get more mileage out of W!Cecillia than I'd go with her. I'll say this though, you've seen what Matthew does with his dagger on the offensive side of things, unless your Cecillia has something like Bold/Vengeful fighter than a unit like Sothe would be horrifying. Take Matthew's damage numbers and add 15-20 points of damage to every hit. @mampfoid Yeah, if I canceled that policy then I could just sac the +SPD Takumi I've had for 2 years. That would be really painful to do though, if not for the fact that it was the very first Takumi I ever pulled and I'll never pull him again with that nature. I'll say though, if I canceled that policy I could just sac the first Xander I get though.... maybe I could do that... God that would suck to do but I could do it... I have much less of an attachment to him.
  8. I pulled him as a pitybreaker. He was -ATK though so there was no realistic way I was ever going to use him. Just about anything I could do with him barring chip damage Matthew could do better. He's a nice collectable though. He needs to demote and his refine needs an upgrade in a major way. Christmas Jaffar's dagger seems like it would be fun though. Jaffar himself aside I wonder who I would give it to and build. W!Cecillia and Chad are good picks... I really don't need any more daggers though lol.
  9. Also worth nothing that the tempest banner will have Nino/Jaffar/Marth. Pretty undesirable banner. They could make a ton of money if they broke their own rules and dropped normal Sothis as a surprise unit in place of Marth.
  10. The character selection for this banner is superb. Nino, Sothis, Young Zephiel and Duo Marth are fantastic choices. Sothis not having Time's Pulse was a missed opportunity though, I would have pulled on this banner for that alone. Every unit is pretty solid and they all have pretty fun fodder. Zephiel's Sword in particular would make for some fun builds on other units. Nothing here entices me though. If I wasn't saving I'd go for everybody as I actually like everyone on the banner but I'm not hurting for armors and the fodder is nice but I'd probably just sit on it indefinitely so I don't feel inclined to pull. One circle and we're done. Green Dagger Jaffar looks neat though. I hope he has something good for fodder. He's the only color dagger I have already though so that sucks. EDIT: Zephiel's voice doesn't fit him though... like... not even remotely. I understand trying to keep consistency with his older self but when you grow from a boy to a man your voice can change drastically. Giving him a boyish voice like Lugh/Raigh would have been perfectly fine.
  11. Desire sensor is in full effect. I'm getting either one or no colorless stones from the revival banner every single solitary time I pull from it. I'm up to 5.00%. Most irritating part is that the tempest trials comes right after this banner ends so my chances at Takumi are finite. Not sure how I'm going to proceed if I don't get anything before the banner disappears. The tempest coming means I could use orbs towards the double seasonal banner and potentially get Xander that way. But... it would mean I would either have to pull 2 of him (lol not gonna happen) or sack what would be my only colorless seasonal dagger dancer to give someone CC. Ugh... I did get a Tanya though so that was neat. She's -ATK, but It's not like I'm going to build her or anything so that's fine.
  12. So... many... banners... as I've just decided to save orbs. That being said... not sure if there are any real temptations here. Ophelia and Brave Eliwood are both actually really nice units and I don't have the former, but at this point I'm not starving for blue nukes so I'm fine on the rally skills banner. I already have both Quan and Lugh as well so I'm good there. If I got another one of them I'd probably toss them on one of my +10's for arena scoring I guess. Also don't need or care about F!Dream Corrin so GG. Between Tiki, Mikoto and Hardin for a Brazen skills banner, B!Hector renders Hardin obsolete and I doubt F!Tiki would appear on another banner already. If she did I'd love her, but not if she's sharing a color with Mikoto, pass. Winters Envoy is outdated. W!Tharja would be new but it would be my first copy so still no CC fodder. I'll probably pull red for my free pull but otherwise pass. Gift's of Winter actually has some really nice stuff, I'd love Fae or Ephraim and I don't actually have W!Eirika so... that would be a want. It'll suck passing her up but I'm gonna go ahead and pass still. New and Special Hero banners are a pass as well pretty much no matter what. They threw Edward on the banner, that's pretty much the only way to get me to pull. Not even Hector will entice me this time. Don't know who'll be on the Tempest or VG Banners but it's likely a skip. Already decided to skip the legendary. One full pull there probably though. New Years banner... I think I wanted Hone ATK 4 since I already pulled a Hrid once before. Probably just one full pull there. I... would like Idunn... actually. But I know she's not necessary, unfortunate pass. So... a bit of temptation spread throughout the month but I think as time passes it'll get easier to save over time. No Forging Bonds to entice me into spending constantly is a nice bonus too. As for the events GC is GC, Tempest will hopefully bring a nice new seal and unit. It's always great to get a nice big orb replenishment. Same for the BHBs. Rokkr Seiges is a bit of a chore honestly when going for the score but hopefully the enemies will be painless like last time. LHB actually seems like fun without the stress of trying to do a clear for every one. Last but certainly not least (just the opposite) Hall of Forms is by far the most exciting thing coming. I can't wait not only to see how they may have tweaked the mode but the units that we'll be given this time. We should really get one of these every month honestly. All in all, looks to be a good month. Quite a few banners, but orbs are aplenty as well so everyone should get something nice somewhere down the road. It's Christmas anyways so that's the way it should be.
  13. @mampfoid My God that's a nightmare. He wouldn't be able to be effected by Aversa's tome and he would double Matt if he wasn't chilled. On top of that Matt would have to double him with all -7 debuffs in order to kill him. Definitely a Chad I'd hate to face. It's funny though because I've been thinking about how I'd like a high res dagger unit to give CC/Broadleaf Fan (or someone's Prf) to kinda do a reverse Matt thing and Chad game to mind. But yeah from a defense team point of view dealing with that would be a nightmare. Even Ophelia would struggle to ORKO that.
  14. Didn't get anything from this banner. Sunk 4 orbs going for Summer Xander. I'd like Pent but he's unnecessary and I have tunnel vision right now.
  15. @mampfoid Grats on your pulls, I went back and took a look! Good to see a banner being good to you. As for me, I see other people are struggling quite a bit with this Takumi banner as well. I've gotten 3 or so pools with no colorless stones and then one with just the one. Instead of jumping in every time I have 9-13 orbs I'm just going to stop pulling now and go in on the last day and see where things take me.
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