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  1. Didn't see that coming. Never played TMS so no attachment here. That being said... Kiria is actually the appealing one for me in this banner. Her weapon and skill set is just fantastic, her animation is cool and her design isn't half bad either (Tharja looks cooler here than she ever did in Awakening.). Would actually like her. The rest I could take or leave. Eleonora looks strong but there are a million other colorless bows and L!Alm exists anyway. Plus she has a lot of value as fodder and I wouldn't fodder my only copy. Mamori looks strong but again it's just "strong green armor #10000000" along with Tsubasa's "speedy lance flier #100000000000". So I'll probably do one full pull, hope for Kiria and go about my business. Maybe Itsuki will have good fodder, maybe not. Also, realize this is the beginning of the end in any imaginable competitive mode and get ready for every Reinhardt under the sun to have Lull ATK/RES. Now all we do is wait for the B Duel Cavalry A skill to come out so we can experience him everywhere!
  2. Just remember the most recent FE6 Banner with Igrene, Percival, Lalum and Echidna. Not a single one of those characters was particularly popular. I don't think Doorway to Destiny was all that interesting either even if some people like Quan/Lewyn. Just outfit the DB with some good art and a great kit and make Laura the star of the banner. Give her some kind of great OP set and weapon and the banner would sell fine. A duo alt in this day and age would be likely though, even if we'd lose a member as a result which is annoying. A banner like that before the DB would be fine. Just don't slap together 3-4 units from RD and then give us the RD Version of Lucia. That would legit annoy me. I want a DB banner because something like that ensures Edwards inclusion. On any other front Lucia or even Zihark have better chances as they to my recollection were more popular characters and units in the Tellius universe.
  3. True, but IS is known to break their own trends on more than one occasion so that's not to say Leo wouldn't just still be the 3-4 with his weapon. Then we also factor in that they only had personal weapons in the NA version of the game, so if they decided to outright ignore them then all bets are off. @mcsilas I'd be interested in a clear like that. If Edward is on an RD banner though, Leo's a given anyway.
  4. Laura is cute, she could likely carry a banner with a premium enough kit and good art. Otherwise they would probably just do Nolan/Edward/Laura/Alt of popular tellius character with Leo as the 3-4 and Aran as the TT reward. So yeah, an Alt is possible, but not necessarily necessary I don't think. Plus the DB's unit range is somewhat limited. Guess they could toss Jill on the banner. Even if she'd color share with Nolan.
  5. That legit annoys me. Even if you're probably right. I like all the Swordmasters from the Tellius universe but the idea of Lucia getting in before Edward still annoys me even if she's the more likely choice. If we get a Beorc Banner from PoR, Lucia is a given, that's fine. But if it's a RD banner? It needs to be the Dawn Brigade. PoR Lucia before Edward would be par for the course. RD Lucia before Edward would infuriate me. Heck, RD Mia before Edward would infuriate me, and Edward and Mia are two of my favorite characters from FE10. Contributing to the earlier conversation, yes, the version that gets in does matter.
  6. Or.... instead of another sword Mia... we could get... y'know... Edward. Been waiting for a Dawn Brigade banner since last year. If not for NY!Alfonse I'd have over 200 orbs saved up for him. I'm honestly hoping he's the demote so I can make him a merge project. That'll probably be Leonardo or Aran though, realistically. Nolan - Premium Laura - Premium Edward - Lugh/Ced/Ewan Spot Leonardo - Demote Aran - *3-4 or TT Reward (likely the latter) Then there's Meg who'd probably be the direct *3-4 unit if Aran or Leo weren't in that spot. Then we'd have Jarrod as the GHB if there's one at all. Even though probably no one wants that.
  7. Selena and a +ATK Soleil. Could be worse all things considered, but seeing as I would have liked a merge for Mia or Lute and I still don't have Dorcas, no blue or green stones at all was annoying.
  8. The idea of Special Heroes banners being re-ran is actually a bit of a crazy thought. Makes me wonder how they'll handle things if the game lasts another year or two. Imagine 2023, whenever Christmas comes around are we really going to have 6-7 Christmas banners pop up at once. It's just a lot, thinking about it. Having that many banners up at once.
  9. The ability to convert shards into crystals. Sometimes you just want to autolevel people to level 40 and it just eats crystals up. On the other hand you get a lot more shards and don't even need half of them to get those units to level 20.
  10. Looks like 744 is enough to get me into T11 where I'll probably stay until I happen to either pull some dual rallies, duel a skills or +10 some higher BST units. I'm in no hurry. 44 codes are plenty.
  11. Warning: This is a big post, this is something that's been in my head for a really long time and I've never completely fleshed (or typed) it out until now. So if you want to give an informed opinion you're gonna have to do a lot of reading. Why not give this a listen? I wrote a lot of this while listening, helps the time fly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj21RsMTZXw&t So... currently despite the constant flow of new modes that come in, the game modes are mostly fluff and grindfests with a few exceptions (Hall of Forms, etc) with the closest thing to an "endgame" mode being AR which is somewhat cancerous as well as Abyssal maps which only come around once a month. Relay Defense I feel was an attempt at an endgame mode but it was poorly implemented. I feel like the game needs something more, so here's my pitch. This will be a brand new mode and true endgame mode for the veterans and to a lesser extent the midgame players. Introducting: Fire Emblem Heroes: Campaign Mode Now, if you've read this much you're clearly willing to listen to me run my mouth, so how about a table of contents. 0.Format 1. Story 2. Difficulty 3. Permadeath 4. Heroes 5. Rewards 6. Drawbacks 7. Conclusion 0. FORMAT 1. STORY: 2. DIFFICULTY 3. PERMADEATH 4. HEROES 5. REWARDS 6. DRAWBACKS 7. Conclusion So, did you read all that? What do you think? How would this work. This is usually when I tag a crapton of people but that can wait. I want to see if this goes anywhere first. If you got to this post you did a lot of reading and can give your opinion on what you think a mode like this would mean or maybe even if you have a different idea in mind for the game's "endgame" or "high level" mode. Maybe you have a different idea for blessings, hero choices, maps, worlds. Or maybe you want to pick the mode apart. Let's hear it, I'm all ears.
  12. @Alexmender @mcsilas @mampfoid @Landmaster @daisy jane @DLNarshen @eclipse ...Ironic... As he was my free pull with my first ticket. His nature didn't matter as I already have a +SPD/-DEF one that promptly got a merge. So he's sitting on 39 base SPD and waiting for a refine. Sounds nice... if I didn't already have a +ATK Brave Roy and a +ATK Swordhardt. Granted I don't "need" Larcei or Shannan, I would have preferred either of them over Siegbert. Pretty sad honestly... of all the *5 red pitybreakers he's one of the worst I could have pulled, surpassed only by Mage Eirika. Eh, oh well. Moving it along the last thing I got was on my 3rd ticket which was a green and it was- Pretty satisfied all things considered. There'll always be a shiny new infantry sword around the corner so it's a shrug of the shoulders weather or not I pull one. Patiently waiting for Edward. So I went back to the NY banner to break that wretched 5.00% rate and hopefully pull Duo Alfonse or Lethe. Welp... I broke the rate.... So.. yeah, the game continues to be fickle with me. I can't say I'm in a bad place emotionally though. I just hope I can pull Alfonse before his banner ends... without missing out on too much else.
  13. @Kaden Flying effectiveness is one of those "goes without saying" things for me which is why it wasn't there. But of course she'd have that as well. A slaying effect gives her additional versatility for overall builds which is why she doesn't have another effect (but beast breaker and CC against beasts sounds delicious, honestly.). That and what's essentially a firesweep effect against beasts and dragons brings her utility through the roof considering every dragon worth it's salt has DC in either it's weapon or A slot. She has no history of hunting dragons, but they're non humans so we're stretching a bit to improve her utility vs "this unit is worthless if there are no enemy beasts on the map"
  14. If only that telekinesis made her a better unit. Hunting Bow MT: 14 Effect: Effective against flying and beast foes. Refine: Accelerates Special Trigger -1 If unit initiates combat against Dragon or Beast foe, grants ATK/SPD +6 and foe cannot counterattack. She could have been great. At the very least a specialist.
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