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  1. So yeah, I noticed this one guy has Infantry Rush at 4 stars. A lot has changed since I've been away, guess I should pull colorless again. Can someone give me a shortlist of the units/skills that have demoted in the last 6 months? I want to see all the potential new toys (like Mordecai apparently, him demoting is crazy). @Anacybele The thing about quitting is that in most cases it's a gradual process, even if you go to the extreme of uninstalling you may find yourself reinstalling for one reason or another. Really quitting something is something you kind of feel inside, knowing you're done for real. Even then you don't quit right there and then. You continue to do what you're doing in the game and over the course of a short period of time it's less and less until at one point you just don't log in anymore. It's a natural process, not anything so abrupt. ...In my experience anyway. It was around a week or so after I made the post saying I was quitting before I actually stopped playing entirely. You may feel like you want to quit every now and again, but when it's really time to quit. You'll know it, there will be no doubt in your mind.
  2. So I'm just sitting around plowing through all the GHBs in the rotation effortlessly with Matt (including the Abyssal ones) while impatiently waiting for the LHB at the end of the month. I'm desperately is craving a real challenge. I'm not even touching Heroes until the end of the day but when I do touch it I'm literally counting the days. Only one that gave me a minor challenge was Ursula and that was a simple seal swap to give Inigo enough speed to survive the opening attack from the Poison Dagger ninja. None of them are even worth recording. My Matthew hungers.
  3. @mampfoid I forgot we had things like this in the community. Thanks for this. There's still a nice backlog of orbs I can grab (rather easily with Matthew at this point) so I guess I'll save them up for the legendary. May as well try for her since she's coming so soon. Also I haven't finished building up Eliwood but his weapon is magnificent. If I could fit him on my Matthew team (he'd have to replace Ayra and I simply can't do that.) he'd make him a terror. Imagine Hone ATK 4 on Inigo from NY!Hrid along with the speed boost from Gale Dance doubled by Eliwood's weapon and then the +6 DEF/RES from Spy's dagger effectively making for +14 ATK, +8 SPD, +12 DEF/RES before supports, drives and of course Spy Dagger's effects. Simply nonsense. I may do a special clear like that at some point just to be drunk on power. And oh yeah, I haven't even leveled L!Alm who's apparently the best infantry archer now... he's +SPD/-HP too.. guess I should get around to doing that... @BoaFerox Thanks man, pretty sure I have you on my FL in some fashion. Hope you enjoy the new Matt. @mcsilas Hector is one of my favorite FE characters right up there with Lyn. But I do have 7 of him, including 2 of the legendary. So here's hoping he doesn't block Lyn. Someone always blocks Lyn... I'm also hoping the 3rd green is a desirable unit so they can at least be an ok pitybreaker. I'm probably going to pull green exclusively. She's the only reason I'd pull on this banner. I have literally every other legendary hero on it.
  4. @Kaden @mampfoid @Alexmender @mcsilas @SatsumaFSoysoy @Johann @NegativeExponents- @Rafiel's Aria @Alkaid @Tybrosion @DLNarshen @Hilda @Xenomata Too tired for a mass tag, but I had to show this before I slept. It's been 2 years but I finally did it... In the corner of my mind this feels a bit hollow and... almost bogus for me to finally pull a 2nd S!Frederick just 2 days after giving Matt Special Spiral. But in my soul I feel peace and contentment. This was the B skill I always wanted for him, since the beginning. Before the refinery was even a thing, the moment I saw S!Frederick I knew I wanted his B skill for Matthew. I prayed I'd get him and when I did I prayed he was a crappy nature. I told myself if he was I'd fodder him off right away just for his skill only to be cursed by an optimal +SPD/-HP nature. I knew I'd never get him with that nature again so I was forced to wait either for a re-run of his banner, a legendary banner or for someone else to come with the skill. I was never able to pull him on any of his re-runs or legendaries that featured him and no one else ever, ever came with the skill. I moved on, but I always tried when he came around, just a bit with no luck. Then I quit. 6 months later his banner drops. I have 20 orbs, go in the summon, one gray, Nanna. Next summon, one gray, more fodder. One more try, a single gray and there he was. I don't even know how much I'll use the skill at this point. I'm happy with Matthew's set now, SS may even be a better fit. But I feel like a chapter of my FEH life has finally been closed with this pull. There have been units I've wanted but this stood as one of the top things I've always wanted for most of my time playing. I can finally rest. Goal Achieved. Now finally, the only huge goal I never achieved in this game is that I, never, pulled, Legendary, LYN. If we could make that happen, I would be 100% satisfied with my pulls in this game. Missing units or no. That is the one unit at this point that I want more than any other.
  5. @Alexmender @NegativeExponents- @mcsilas @mampfoid @Rezzy I finally got him... I've pulled quite a few units that I've never talked about. Like Karla, Owain, L!Azura, L!Alm, L!Eliwood, list goes on. But this... this is over 2 years in the making. All these premium banners floating around and here I am pulling for S!Frederick even though he shares a color. Yet here he is... I feel like a chapter of my life in this game is finally closed. There's only one last thing to do. I'll see you guys in the general topic.
  6. @Kaden For the record, I read the entirety of your post. It was mostly spot on too, just didn't really know what to say to it. I can say though that I don't think effective damage would have cut it for him. The biggest issue for Matthew is that he can't do things traditionally, Kagero can kill outright and Saizo's weapon allows him more versatility in his kit where as Matt himself needs to run smokes or seals or risk gimping himself with a build another dagger can run better. The dagger they gave him offsets this in a way but it doesn't solve his core problem: he needs to attack raw in order to reap any benefits from his weapons or skills. He can run sets to mitigate this but it doesn't solve it, it's always been his biggest issue. The extra damage is great, amazing even with the right set, but in he won't always be able to attack safely, such as Dragons and powerful DC units, which as you know make up the bulk of AR. Then there's units he can't kill immediately like squishy mages and firesweep users and staves that he's not fast or strong enough to kill. He can kill them now if they're debuffed, but for that first round of combat he's relying on raw stats. Effective damage against one or even both Armor and Cavalry would have been the same as this dagger, a band-aid for the problem and honestly? a less effective one. The best thing they could have gave his as a refine is a straight firesweep effect on initiation. "If unit initiates combat, foe cannot counter attack." This would have been a slippery slope people would have disagreed with because a refine like that on the right unit would brake the game entirely. But for Matthew? It's exactly what he needed. With that refine he would be able to perfectly do what he's designed to do: cripple the enemy from afar. It wouldn't have even been broken, because he hits like a wet noodle even if he doubles. @Troykv I'm gonna link you here for my set, I never told you what it was, so I'll show you. @mcsilas Fae was pretty much the only character that came to mind for me too, funnily enough.
  7. @mcsilas I can always count on you to get me with the music. More nostalgia. The clear was clean. Cynthia doubling Morgan was neat, Owain does Owain things and I know as well as anyone how much M!Morgan can put in. However, the coolest and funniest thing was how pivotal of a role Gerome played in the clear without actually killing anything. Close second was definitely Morgan tanking his female counterpart. He wouldn't have been able to eat the Iceberg, but taking the normal attack was pretty impressive too. Bonus points for it being a themed clear! Come to think of it, I actually pulled Owain right before I stopped playing. I forgot about that... @LordFrigid 2 +10 Caedas? What is this sorcery?! Also no refine on the Peri? @Alexmender This clear... actually humbles me. Watching makes my own accomplishments feel... a lot less impressive. I really wish I had pulled Myrrh on that special voted heroes banner (instead of Duma... the only hero I didn't care about...). Nonetheless it's nonsense. In a good way. @Jave Nice clear there. I've never watched your clears before (if you were doing clears back when I was playing regularly) but your Lyn put in work despite what I've heard from people about her actually being somewhat unimpressive. @Nanima F!Takumi wiped the map clean. You didn't even need to wait for his bow to take effect. Just ripped the Morgans a new one. I've noticed a chunk of this maps clears from people involve one unit destroying most of the map, but him taking Morgan's iceberg so easily was not something I was expecting. @Anacybele That's quite the impressive F!Robin! I've never seen a clear from you before. More's changed than I thought! @Landmaster Good teamwork here. I said before some of these clears are one man washes but I really enjoyed how your team supported eachother and played equal roles. Shigure tanked a bow effortlessly. On the other hand it got dicey for Velouria but she repayed Morgan tenfold and the rest of your team swooped right in to finish the rest. Really plays on the hole bonds theme of A-... oh... oh wait this is Fates? Haha... nevermind. @mampfoid Brave Lucina! What an interesting choice for a GF unit! She impressed me. I was also surprised to see Chrom (at *5 even, guessing you pulled him that way.) but it was refreshing even if he was just a Smite bot. Cordelia and Cherche work their magic as always. @NegativeExponents- @Astellius @Flying Shogi @Kaden @SoulWeaver @Tybrosion @Alkaid @DefaultBeep @SatsumaFSoysoy @Quintessence @Rafiel's Aria @Johann @eclipse @Azuris @Ginko @Rezzy @Hilda @XRay @Cute Chao @Usagi @Poimagic @daisy jane @Baldrick @Xenomata @Dayni @DefyingFates @Ice Dragon @JSND Alter Dragon Boner @Fei Mao @Humanoid @ruruo Matthew's true power has been unleashed... It's been a long time since I've done a mass tag like this... Hey guys. Some of you I'm not even sure I used to tag for clears but I did my best not to forget anyone. It's been 6 months since I stopped doing clears and despite my recent activity. I'm in a different place now as you know and this can't and won't become a regular thing. But as you know Matt's refine just got released and on top of that Morgan's got a BHB now and he was the leader of my 2nd team. So this is a pretty big deal worth returning for. So here you have it, the whole shebang. A full post Zeo-style with 3 clears. Matt, Morgan and the Special clear. I hope it gives you feelings of nostalgia and all that good stuff. It won't happen often, but here we are. So.. Spy Dagger, eh?.. initially I was underwhelmed at it's effect and losing the effects of a refined Rogue Dagger but I decided to take a step back and after a bit of theorycrafting I discovered a way to unlock limitless power... (PVE wise anyway.) I had everything I needed except one thing, but after some searching in my barracks I'd actually pulled exactly the fodder I needed as a pitybreaker before I quit. So for the first time since Close Counter, Matt devoured a *5 exclusive and was given premium fodder. This skill completely changes his game and build. I was forced to say goodbye to a set that I've really enjoyed, but he's ascended as you'll soon see. I'll still need to swap out skills in his new build every now and again for the occasional map most likely. And I still need to find what exactly he needs for stuff like Aether Raids (assuming I put that much time into the game) because he can still get blown up very easily there, but for PvE maps like these he's achieved his ultimate power. All he needs is 2 more Dragon Flower levels and he'll... you know what? You've listened to me rambled enough. You've seen my Matthew and what he's been capable of up until now, it's not something that needs explaining. Just watch him work. So you've seen the new Matthew, but you may not have seen the new Morgan! He's grown up a bit while he's been away. Amelia's got a new toy, Ninian grew just a bit stronger and Priscilla's about the same. Still with all of the new stuff they're very much a team. No one man army here. They've always solved these maps like puzzles and that's a true fact to this day. Not much can be said about this particular clear that hasn't been said about other ones. A direct approach didn't exactly work, but a bit of stat manipulation here, and of course a warp or two there, and we have our clear. It goes by just as fast as Matt's clear, don't blink or you'll miss it. And lastly he we have it, our first Special Legacy clear. I thought it would be fitting to bring back our paradox team of Morgans and Robins for this one. It was a minor challenge that required just a touch of SI and some skill swapping. F!Morgan needed QR for her "brother", F!Robin needed Hone Spd for her favorite son and a specific movement skill I was surprised to see used by Mampfoid in his own clear, but all in all it was pretty seamless. Only after editing did I notice I actually could have given M!Robin a bit more spotlight than I gave him, but in the end I couldn't be bothered to re-record. It flowed better the way it turned out and he still tipped a few scales. Zoom~ For those of you that don't know, any clear going forward will be classified as a LEGACY clear. I'm done doing these as a regular thing still. My teams stories have come to an end in that regard. These clears will be rarer, but every now and then they will come and they'll have the same feel you remember from me. I don't have the time or attachment for this game that I used to, so when I do posts like this, I'll be sure to make them count. And thank you guys for still taking the time to read my bibles that call themselves posts and watch these clears even after all this time. Though it's not something I'll be able to do frequently anymore and it can be taxing, you guys still make it worth it. Well, every now and again~ Cheers~
  8. I... don't think I need to pull S!Frederick anymore... I just gave Matt a new B skill... The power he wields now... I don't think it was meant for mortal men. An Abyssal LHB can't come fast enough. He has officially become a God. ...Except against Idunn.
  9. Don't worry about it, happens to me every now and again. It's the worst. The fact that I know you watched and enjoyed the clear is enough for me. Catch the Yune one when you get the chance!
  10. So... yeah I just discovered in TT that Idunn destroys dagger units utterly. My Matthew couldn't do anything to her at all. 2 damage a pop. No benefits from his dagger and even with the self buffs she rips through him due to her own buffs and... well.. being a dragon. She is a 100% hard counter to Matthew. I'm going to lament the day an Idunn BHB comes out. Maybe I'll skip that one...
  11. Unfortunately no. But funnily enough, a new phone has come up recently, so that could be a thing in the near future. If that's the case, I could play the game a bit more regularly (though passively now and not really actively anymore) since I wouldn't have to get on my PC which was only for recording.
  12. Don't worry about it. It's good you went with something easier and more streamlined. It's better when doing something like this, the music is just nostalgic is all. It's cool every now and again if you feel like doing it though for sure. Ha, the sad irony is that I really wanted to be able to utilize her Iconic WoM set from most of the team's clears. ER was an alternative every now and again I just happened to need this time around haha. Part of me wanted to have everyone's old sets for the clear for nostalgia, but teleporting Amelia is awesome all the same. I actually might do the full 3 clear set for that BHB. just on the merit of it being Morgan's GHB. It'll also be the likely debut of Matt with his special refine if nothing else comes up so it's a big deal.
  13. @LordFrigid Exceptional themed clear! I lament not being able to do something like this. Especially considering I have each of these units. @mampfoid Another showcase of crazy Galeforce Tibarn. It's criminal that he's the only beast from that banner I still don't have. Still the biggest surprise was Azura using GF. I saw she had it, I just wasn't expecting the dancer to play such a direct role. I love the variety in your units now. You have so many different options for map clearing and I think that's really cool that there are so many tools available that cater to your specific style of clears. Oh man you brought back the villain team! I can't believe I forgot about them. I've seen them clear some pretty tough maps, they were coasting here in comparison but it was just nostalgic seeing them all in action again though I have to say I'm missing the old music selection choices. They ranged from jarring to hilariously appropriate, but always had charm. @Nanima Child's play for your pinapples. I didn't bother doing a Matt clear for this map because it was so fun, but you managed to make a clear like this interesting and fresh. I really needed to do more colorless only clears when this was a regular thing for me. The Sakura clear and your third clear both gave me nostalgic feels as well. The former for how long it's been since I've seen things like OG Sakura's titanic damage (like... seriously..) and the latter for the music choice. @Alexmender Idunn taking 3 damage from a WTD magic unit was the big WTH moment in this clear. Nothing really surprised me after that, my jaw was pretty much just out. I don't remember what her weapon or kit does to take that little damage from enemies but she's a beast. Nevermind tanking effective damage with special procs and surviving with no healing outside of Aether. Also I don't remember you using custom tracks this often back in the day! Unless there's a new music feature in the game, I don't really know what's going in these days, especially with Aether resort. @Landmaster Nice villain clear there. The choice of music caught me by surprise but it really set the tone for the clear. I don't typically use villains but they definitely add a different feel to the clears when you're fighting heroes specifically. @Hilda Always appreciated how you challenged yourself not only to clear tough maps with the Askr trio but to even go so far as to gimp them with empty slots when the map itself would be too easy with skills. @SatsumaFSoysoy There's that Kagero I was missing. That Smite trick was everything, I would never have even thought to do something like that. Effortless clear. Kagero just charged right into the heart of the enemy team and just destroyed everything. Gave me reverse Matthew feels. @mcsilas @NegativeExponents- @Rafiel's Aria @Xenomata @Poimagic @Cute Chao @Usana @ruruo @Azuris @kirauza343 @Rezzy @Ginko THE MUSIC ON THE SECOND CLEAR THOUGH. Serious nostalgia there. Also Keaton's a beast (literally) and I really appreciate that someone took Lon'Qu to *5+10 when I only did the *4 supermerge thing with him. I can only imagine how much stronger he is with the full boost. Oh wait... was this about Jeorge?... Jeorge was nice too. Yeah so, I wasn't going to do a clear of this. Matt trivialized this map. As in... REALLY trivialized it to the point it wasn't even worth the time it would take to edit and upload and do this. And that was before his refine which made the map even more of a wash, not worth it for the debut of his newly refined kit. But then I thought it was a good opportunity to bring back the old bookworm Morgan. So here's a surprise for you! Due to the nature of the team, I had to be just a bit less straightforward in order to clear it, but you've come to expect that of the Morgan clears eh? Hope you've missed them, enjoy the Legacy clear. You might just noticed the team has changed a bit while they've been a way. I wanted to do a special clear for this one but nothing really worked. Due to the nature of the choke points (point A = Caeda + Blue Flier | point B = 2 greens and a blue) it was hard to get units to tank or initiate properly while using a composition that fit a certain theme that didn't feel forced. After about a half hour playing around with combinations it just didn't feel worth it when the map itself is so easy with my core teams, so this is all you get. (Had I had L!Tiki, I probably could have done an FE1 clear tho, so that's a bummer as that was my first choice.) Anyways, Cheers. Haven't said that in a while.
  14. I haven't played in 6 months. I'd collected enough flowers beforehand to get him to +8 though so he's only missing 1 DEF/RES from the last 2 upgrades. However, he's +SPD, I've never pulled a +ATK Matthew, ever. (Unless the one Matthew I foddered to Kagero before I knew about natures waaaaaay back in the day happened to be +ATK) I don't know that I'd swap out the extra speed at this point though. Especially considering running Spy Dagger instead of Refined Rogue Dagger trades 2 SPD for 2 ATK already.
  15. Likely a build with dual smoke skills. It's 28 additional damage against the first opponent he hits (on the second round of combat) and 32 against anyone nearby due to him debuffing all 4 skills. I'm really just waiting for more Abyssal maps to test the effectiveness of it. I haven't even begun to alter my team yet. Chances are someone's going to be getting a Chill skill. I'm definitely not back, but this breathes in new life into the game so I'm going to dabble here and there. Especially on the LHB rotations. @Xenomata I'm most interested in Hrid and Yune's maps. Those were quite literally impossible for me to beat (with my amount of patience at the time) before. So It'll be fun to tackle them again with Matt's newfound power. @Hilda When I think about it, L!Eliwood with his bonus doubler would be pretty fantastic on Matt if he can somehow have the most ATK on the team. Run tactics skills on him and have those buffs double on top of the bonuses he gets from debuffing. Though it seems like it would be cumbersome running not only a mixed team but one that caters to low ATK units just to make sure Matt gets the bonus. @Johann I've actually had Gunnthra for quite a long time. I don't tend to use her very often but her ability is potent. She had the merit of debuffing on a turn by turn basis though. Not to say I won't be putting a Chill skill on one of my teammates. I'll definitely be looking into that. Especially considering Genny's S slot tends to be vacant. I'd like to be able to run Special Spiral on Matt to be honest.
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