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  1. Even SPD Wave Fodder is never a bad thing I suppose (or Wrath if Astram is a unit you'd like to invest in) but hey she'll probably perform well even with the bane. At least she has value.
  2. @mcsilas Ah, sorry to be broken by H!Sakura yet again. But at least you have a long time to try for Jakob. You still have a chance. The great irony is that the only unit from ToD that I actually wanted was H!Sakura and she's the only one I don't have. I got Henry and Jakob the first year and I got H!Nowi the 2nd. Looks like I won't be getting her this year either. Only one grey and it was a normal *3 Jakob. The streak of *5's sadly ended there. I don't really need her like I did 2 years ago, it's just that Dagger Valor would be nice. But oh well. She's low priority and I can't spend any orbs on this banner. Moving it along.
  3. @Ginko I can always appreciate a good +10 dagger. Congrats on the both of them! Grats to anyone else that's tagged me here as well!
  4. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Ginko @Landmaster @Sunwoo @SatsumaFSoysoy @Alexmender @eclipse @daisy jane What the crap?.... Free pull... again... Kana, Hector, Siegbert, Yarne and now him. All free pulls (well, technically Hector was 4 orbs). It's just crazy. Yeah, he's +RES/-DEF which is probably one of the worst natures imaginable and he's invalidated by my +10 Lukas but I don't even care. He's *5. What the heck... Took this as a sign and went in for B!Lucina. Lost 10 orbs because I came back to my senses. Not too bad of a loss. I'll revisit the banner before it's expiry... maybe.
  5. I wish I could pull half as many Chroms as you. He's been a merge project for the longest and while I currently have enough to +10 him. I have both a +SPD and +ATK variant of him and thus no Aether fodder. I can't remember the last time I had Aether fodder.
  6. The Task at Hand playing when fighting Ilyana gives me life~ They seriously chickened out taking Ilyana's bold fighter. Are we really nerfing the bosses when players have the omega tier OP powercreeped units that we have today? Nonsense, but at least it caters to the newer players. Not sure who I'll be running for the Tempest. I'd rather not double up on blues so I think I'll build a +SPD LA'Rachel and run OG Hector/LA'Rachel/Rolf/Cav Healer for the tempest. If Rolf falters for Auto-Battle I'll just swap him out for Matthew. I have both LA!Roy and Nina so there's no shortage of Bow Valor if I want to build him on the spot.
  7. The ToD banner is thankfully a skip for me, along with the New Power banner. I don't need Halloween Hector but I do want him and between him, Mareeta on the Null Banner, Caineghis on the Guard banner, B!Lucina on the weekly banner, H!Mia and Myrrh on the Halloween banner and whoever on the legendary banner orbs are really tight. I wanted to save for a purpose but pretty much everything this month means quite a bit. I've wanted H!Mia since last year. B!Lucina is the only CYL1 unit I still don't have. Pulling Mareeta means any future pulls are FB4 fodder for Lyn. Caineghis is my favorite Royal from FE10. Hector is my favorite (male) FE7 character and I have every other version of him. I haven't gotten a single orb from the tempest, there's still the arena orbs to grab and 10 from the monthly orbs and that's not counting the orbs we'll get from the coming new heroes banner but there's just so many units I'm not sure what to do. Plus the Lucina banner will disappear so I'll be forced to make a decision concerning her and weather or not it's worth it to sacrifice orbs and hurt my chances at the other units.
  8. I've been procrastinating posting here so I'm just gonna keep it brief. The mode is excellent. Since I've recently been playing a Roguelike game called Wizards of Legend this game dropped at the perfect time. I love the skill system and building your units from scratch. The only downside is the stamina. Honestly this should be a mode in the weekly rotation along with Arena/AA/AB. There's no forced commitment so you can play whenever you want and there's literally hundreds of units to cycle through so it's not like the mode will ever get stale. Especially if you mix special and legenday/mythic heroes into it. Also we don't necessarily have to abolish the forma stamina, I think it's kinda cool. But we definitely should get more a day. I think 7-8 Stamina would be best. Also expand the mode a bit, maybe 30 or so stages. Lock the orbs to the first 15 or so to give people a reason to get at least that far and rewards for the higher difficulties can be something like refining stones, dew or accessories that people potentially missed during tap battles. If they did all this the mode would be infinitely more fun and it's already a blast. Being able to use skills or even units that I've never had before is an amazing concept and should be expanded upon. It'd be a bit too generous to get a free skill or something like that at the end of the mode. Especially if it was a weekly thing. But it should definitely be a weekly thing, this is probably the funnest I've had playing the game in a while and I love playing with my Matthew. As for my run, Boey and Alm would typically be the last men standing but Mae was the nuke of the team as Celica was struggling to kill things. Everyone got their Prfs pretty early but after Alm got reposition in like the 2nd/3rd stage no one would get any positioning skills aside from Smite so that sucked. I rarely got good C skills either. Best thing I could get was spurs or inf.hexblade which only Alm benefits from. Boey got Blue Flame early which was great, Mae got ATK/SPD Push 4 and Celica got ATK/SPD Form which made things easy early on but the game was really stingy with B skills. The best things I could get was Chill ATK for Celica, Lull SPD/DEF for Mae and WoM for Alm. Seals always sucked and when they didn't I had to decide between that or a skill I needed. All in all the game was really fickle with the skills but it was still crazy fun and it made me want to build a Boey.
  9. @Alexmender Exactly what I expected. I'll bet it was refreshing for Eirika to not have to deal with any pesky armors at the start this time too. @DLNarshen It's clears like this that are the reason why I'm sitting on my +SPD Dierdre and not just merging her into the original +RES one I have. Julia doubling the flier at the end was beautiful. Mystic Boost 3 is also such a perfect skill for your Julius. The enemy was whittling him down during the first half of the battle but could never quite kill him as a result of that skill. After Astram went down it was pretty much a done deal. @LordFrigid I think this is the first time I've ever seen Marth with Galeforce... weird seeing that skill on him. At first I thought Caeda surviving Astram's Wrath boosted Bonfire was utter blasphemy, then I remembered the ATK/DEF Bond seal you had equipped on her. Cutting it pretty close there~! @Landmaster The. Armor. Attacked. Azura. Everything else in this clear was overshadowed by the fact that the lance armor went for Azura instead of Phina. I literally paused the video because the first thing I thought when you moved Ishtar from in front of the armor was "Wait... Phina's dead?..." and he actually went for the green instead of the red. I'm outdone. Ishtar would otherwise easily have been the star of this clear. But after that happened I was pretty much outdone. @Ginko The beginning of the 2nd turn looked intimidating when all the enemies piled up and you were surrounded on both sides but they died so quickly it was almost like a joke. The lighthearted and upbeat music was appropriate for this clear. It was an utterly casual affair for Shiro and co. So jealous of those sunglasses... I knew the dagger clear was going to be tricky. Very impressive defensive formation between the rivers, though it was a headscratcher why the Bow went for Kagero instead of the armor going for Sothe who shouldn't have been able to counter, then the mage could have finished him off probably. The AI makes weird choices sometimes. The choice to box you in with Astram and the blues was brilliant though. I didn't know how you were going to get out of that and your indecisiveness added to the tension. Really impressive the way you managed to finish off all 3 of them in one turn to finish the map. @mcsilas There you go again with those creative themes. Astra? Ha. Chances are this could have been easier with Galeforce but I like that you committed to using the Astra skill. As soon as Ayra got repo'd over the river on the first turn I knew this was going to be a different kind of clear. This clear was like a puzzle of sorts with every piece fitting precisely into place in order for things to work. Right down to the exact damage kill on Astram which was the highlight. I enjoyed Naga getting time in combat and it reminded me that YARNE HAS SPECIAL SPIRAL IN HIS WEAPON. I was somewhat underwhelmed when I pulled him, completely forgetting that he had that. My opinion has completely changed on him and I'm definitely building him up. Anyways! great clear as always. @SatsumaFSoysoy @Dayni @mampfoid @daisy jane @Anacybele @NegativeExponents- @Xenomata @Quintessence I'm playing catchup as you guys already know. Next up we're knocking out Astram. F2P Wrath fodder doesn't feel real but it's here. Still don't know who I'm giving Wrath to yet. Lyn is a certainty but she's currently on Hiatus. As for the other, no clue. I'll probably wait until next month when he's added to the Grail shop. Ok let's get to it. I feel like they really wanted you to work for that Wrath fodder, just like they wanted you to work for Brazen ATK/SPD with Linus. In the same vein I really wanted this to be one of those epic clears along the lines of Aversa. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Matthew has achieved a completely different level of power compared to back then. It seemed difficult in the beginning but I quickly realized that I was respecting the map too much in my approach. After a couple of tries approaching cautiously I just decided to throw Matt's face against the map in a more reckless manner. You'll see how that went here. Morgan's was considerably more difficult. Probably the most difficult of the 3 clears. In typical Morgan clear fashion it was a puzzle. I tried opening the map with Morgan, no dice, Amelia, nope, Ninian, uh uh. When initiating with either of these units I'd either die on the first turn or positioning would be disadvantageous in such a way that I wouldn't be able to deal with the reinforcements. Eventually I had to shift my strategy around and Priscilla wound up being the key. I had to yet again swap out her double Tactics set for a Savage Pain set. Opening the map with her enabled Morgan to use his Sol+Vantage strat which allowed the clear to move forward. DC works it's magic for Amelia and she ends up having to use WoM3 defensively since she can't survive or kill Astram even with Ignis so that complicated things a bit as well. Morgan needs Brazen ATK/RES for a particular encounter and the team pretty much demonstrates their synergy in yet another puzzle solved. Contrasting the Morgan clear, Serra's turned out to be a rather simple affair. Fae needed the Close DEF seal and Drive SPD from Azura to survive the first phase and avoid a double from the Ninja which would have ended her. After that picking off the reinforcements and covering the rear was pretty straightforward. Serra could have honestly used any staff here so we went with her signature Absorb+ for cool factor. Fae couldn't survive Astram so I wondered if things were going to be a problem once he started the close in on the team, but the moral of this story?: Don't underestimate Serra. She's far from helpless. We're done here. Only 3 clears this time. Next we're doing the LHBs. We'll start with Thrasir since she's new. Cheers~
  10. @Alexmender Eyy! Nice LA'Rachel there! I don't use mage cavs often to be honest, but she's probably the most appealing both sound and visual wise. Everything about her is top notch. @mcsilas @mampfoid @Ginko @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster Ok... this is just getting weird now. I'm gonna go for B!Lucina so of course there's no blue stones. Instead there's 3 green. Against my better judgement I go for a B!Ike even though I have a perfect nature one already and 2 Steady Breath fodders and this guy comes out for the free pull. +RES/-HP. What is going on with these free pulls? It's freaking crazy? Mostly green ones, too. Kana, Hector and now him.
  11. I threw Amelia a bone there lol. Morgan could have easily oneshot Caineghis with Glimmer lol. The music is actually from DKR, same as the theme we both used. I'm in a weird place with Lethe. I don't really know what to do with her. I could make her a GF unit, but Tibarn and B!Roy with his refine far and away outshine her in that category. B!Roy moreso as he's directly cavalry and has Special Fighter on initiation. It's more more an issue because her nature is perfect so it's really a waste for her to collect dust. Astram GHB is coming tonight so look forward to that.
  12. @mcsilas Sweet Niles! Fantastic boon as well. @daisy jane Good to see she came so quick for you! @mampfoid As for me? Well... Yep... in 4 orbs. First it was Kana, then it was Hector, now him all in 4 orbs. Between Xander, Eliwood with refine, L!Eliwood, B!Roy with refine, +ATK Cain, +ATK Swordhardt and Lethe I really didn't need another red cav, but I suppose he's another addition to the collection and he's due to get a refine sooner or later. No Mia for now so I went back to the new Halloween banner and since I had a healthy amount of orbs I went ahead and got summoning there out of the way. Ended up with a 3.75 rate after spending all the tickets. Does it bother me? Not really. I say that because in one of those pools there were 4 blues and 1 colorless. I know there was a serious chance of Ilyana being in one of those stones but I had to really step back and ask myself if it's worth it, how much do I need or want her? Is it worth spending the orbs? Probably not. Ultimately she'll collect dust in my barracks which is fine since she's a favorite, but too many other things want my orbs this month so I had to step back. Down to 0 again, but not really as there's close to 20 orbs to be collected still so I'll revisit the banner at the end of the month as planned.
  13. Ugh... Caineghis shares focus with Veronica on the Guard banner... Veronica who I already have. Don't know if I'll end up pulling on that one. Already have Lute so I can pass on that banner. Trick or Defeat has Sakura but I don't really need dagger valor at this point so I can pull grey for the free pull and move on. I have both Alm, Faye and just anyone anyone from SoV that they'd put in the 3rd spot so that's a safe pass. That leaves a few banners still. The Null banner is tough, more Nailahs are always nice but if she shares a color with M!Corrin blue is a safe pass. Then there's Hilda who would be really nice to pass and if Corrin's there it'll be with her or Mareeta or it'll be both of them if he's not there. I'd really like a Mareeta honestly... That's a really nice banner. Then there's the current halloween banner I still have 5 tickets for, the Lands Bounty Banner, the New Heroes banner and of course the legendary banner. Yikes. It'll be a tough month to save. Wonder how things are going to turn out... I'll talk about the other content later perhaps.
  14. I would take either but based on how I generally play Edelgard would likely serve me better. It's actually a a little of both for my teams. For Morgan, I'd decided when I chose him (Over Serra, Faye, Sothe, etc) for CC that I would build a team for him so yeah I did kind of build around him but it was a pretty organic process. Ninian complimented him well as a dancer and as a dragon but Amelia and Priscilla just kind of fell into place. After trying out a variety of 3rd and 4th units the BHB: Amelia and Tana map came out and I chose the two of them for whatever reason. I didn't think they would last as the last two but they ended up being perfect. Plus it's effectively a mixed team because of them which gave me access to tactics skills. For Serra it was a much more mechanical process. When I pulled L!Eliwood I knew he could make someone a monster. I'd been procrastinating building my +5 Serra so it was the perfect opportunity. L!Azura complimented her even further and after that it was a matter of finding someone who could provide color variety but also match ATK with Serra. I found Fae in her ATK range after doing an ATK search in my barracks and she was perfect since she not only matched her ATK but was also a dragon that could proc Eliwood's C skill. The themes for the teams kind of came after they'd been established. Morgan going on a journey that parallel's Matthew's and Serra and Fae traveling through time long after Matthew's journey is over, fighting remnants of enemies Matthew defeated and reliving past battles. That's why Serra's clears are the only ones that don't have the "LEGACY" tag. Because chronologically speaking they're the only current ones as far as my FEH's timeline. All of the Matthew and Morgan clears you see are clears that happened at one point or another during their journeys which ended at the Klein/Clarine BHB. ...Yeah, I'm actually a writer. Just don't flex the muscle very often. But I have an FEH canon, silly as that may sound. Hey! Someone who recognizes headstrong! That's from my childhood man! A song lost to my memories that just happened to pop in my recommended for you even though I haven't heard it in over 10 years. I didn't even listen to it as a kid, my older sisters did. I'm low key waiting for a Ninian prf and refine honestly. I want to see her elevate. If I recall she's still the only dragon dancer in the entire game. I was actually kind of surprised myself when I saw the 0 against the mage lol. She was just like "Nope." Once upon a time Light Breath + DC Ninian was something I wanted to do. Same for Fae. When Takumi comes then Serra's Absorb+ build will be her main one... someday... Yeah, Matt took a beating here. That's why I was so jealous of all those units that were taking Tibarn 0x2s. The music was actually a toss-up between the song I used and the 3rd song you'll hear in the Serra clear for Duma's map (which I've had recorded for weeks). I don't have nearly enough armor killers to be honest. I do have Bartre though. Leanne actually was a pitybreaker haha. You already know how this game is with me when it comes to colorless. Duma, L!Alm, Leanne, F!Corrin (the first one), Maribelle, Loki, Faye, Takumi (the 2nd one), Nina, Jaffar, B!Lyn, Veronica. Every single unit I just named has been a pitybreaker. Excluding of course the legendaries. Colorless was my favorite back when everyone was still screaming "colorless hell". I could never really understand them as the colorless pool has always been kind to me since launch. There is only one thing that pool has never given me and that's a +ATK Matthew. I've pulled literally every other nature but that one and I've never had one to this day. I'm happy with his +SPD nature now. But it's vexing every now and again when I think about it.
  15. I spent 300+ orbs on the Sothis banner for literally nothing and more recently got up to a 6.25% on the Splendid Soiree banner to just barely get away with a dancing Neph and Tibarn on the very last day. Believe me, I my fortune hasn't been the greatest. Things have just started to turn around.
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