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  1. I'll use the name I've always used as my strategist name since childhood for all my FE playthroughs. Solitary Strategist Tenk Class: Sword Infantry HP: 39 (Superbane) ATK: 38 SPD: 40 (Superboon) DEF: 33 (Superboon) RES: 26 Weapon: Wanderer's Blade: At start of combat, if unit's HP > 25% or unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants special cooldown charge +1 per attack, unit attacks twice and can make a followup attack before foe can counterattack. And also, when unit deals damage to foe during combat, restores 5 HP to unit. (Triggers even if 0 damage is dealt.) Special: Shieldbreaker (Cooldown: 2): Boosts damage dealt by 40% of unit's Spd, Disables non-Special skills that "reduce damage by X%. A Skill: Distant Counter B Skill: Hero's Shroud: If unit's HP > 50% or unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Spd+7 to unit during combat, neutralizes effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks during combat. and also, if unit's Spd > foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%). After combat inflicts, Special cooldown count+1 on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions. (No effect on Special cooldown counts already at maximum.) C Skill: Rouse ATK/SPD 3 Relatively straightforward unit here. He attacks something? It dies. He punches through armor with his shieldbreaker special for purposes of destroying armor. The cooldown charge allows him to trigger his special twice and punch through the guard effect on armors. He loses out on null followup, but it's exchanged for the damage reduction effect for mixed phase synergy with DC and the self healing from attacks. More or less guaranteeing at least 10 HP per fight as long as he doesn't oneshot his opponent. And he's got pulse smoke as the icing on the cake, denying specials on the opponent's first enemy phase attack and setting up for his 4 blows of death. His most glaring weaknesses are his lack of Canto, Guard and Null-C-Disrupt. But he does half the one half of Null Followup that allows him to quad any opponent consecutively or force a speed check that he will most likely win. I was going to try to fit in ability that reset the WTA to neutral against blue opponents, but there was no more room and it would have just busted him given his current set. So in a Nutshell all of my abilities here. DC Dual Phase Breath Dual Phase Brave Effect Dive Bomb Heal on Hit Effect Atk/Spd+7 Damage Reduction Half of Null-FollowUp Pulse Smoke Do I win?
  2. Hey guys, not really playing like I used to or being incredibly active but I still wanted to ask a few questions. 1. So I'm about to be able to spark on the AHR banner in a day or so (funny cause I've only ever sparked twice which was for Fallen Ike and Brave Edelgard, both fantastic QoL units.) and I'm having trouble deciding who I want to get. I pulled a +SPD and +ATK Lyn so I'm good there and I grabbed a +RES/-HP Seiros so I'm unbelievably good on that front. That leaves the question: L!Dimitri or L!F!Corrin? I got a Brave Dimitri that serves me very well but from looking at it L!Dimitri seems to be better in just about every way besides needing Distant Counter so he'd be a great QoL unit for my barracks on top of being a supertank that's exactly what you know I like if you know me or have seen my videos. Then you've got Corrin who looks to be a strong contender for best colorless dragon (the new Myrrh looks nice too) and she's ready to go out of the box, but as you may well know I'm utterly, utterly stacked as it pertains to colorless (Matthew, Serra, Bramimond, N!Lyn, Duo Marth, Bridelia, Mila, B!Claude, Fallen F!Corrin, L!Alm, Leila, etc.). It is however true that aside from Matthew I don't have any true colorless tanks. My Fallen F!Corrin is unbuilt and I never gave her DC, pulling this Corrin would be a cheaper option. But objectively speaking who's a better choice? 2. A simpler question, I just came into the knowledge that Micaiah's refine is actually pretty fantastic so I should go ahead and build her up (even though I hate her). So it's time to make a decision, +SPD or +ATK OG Micaiah? With ATK obviously she can auto double so it's just more damage but with +SPD I imagine maybe you could do windsweep shenanigans. 3. +ATK or +SPD Ninja Lyn? She's utterly busted, I have no clue what to invest in.
  3. She's a budget Leila that trades offensive power for Chip damage, offensive debuffing and no potentially wonky swap mechanic. I see that as a huge win for her. EDIT: Read this on reddit: "So Conditional Firesweep + Atk/Spd Smoke + Swift Sparrow + Savage Blow + Poison Strike?" Yeah... that's actually nonsense. If it was on a better archer it would be busted.
  4. I'll be surprised if there isn't a FEH Channel in the next 15 minutes or so.
  5. Wow... I don't think I've ever been more uninterested in a banner. 100% unadulterated skip.
  6. So Mila is the next Mythic. Was par for the course after Duma so that's pretty cool. She's a Light Mythic and despite seeming underwhelming she's actually a really nice unit. She gives more or less a global +2 to all stats which is stellar (more if you consider supporting her with your tank!) given the ease of activation, she neuters dance strats and traps with her isolation effect which is going to be a Godsend against those dancer + firesweep/Ophelia nuke traps and of course the flat +5 DEF which means you're getting +7 DEF and 2 to the other stats. Then there's the possibility of dupes of her to give you not only more stats but more turns due to her C skill, she's got a lot of value if you're willing to go triple Mythic or even if you're willing to swap out Eir or Peony. She's overally a pretty great unit. Plus she's not an armor! And yes, her artwork is a little weird, but it suits her, Mythical beings should be a little different and she's exactly that. As for the colors I'll be brief, red is fantastic. L!Eliwood is one of the best supports in the game and if you happen to have him already, Death Blow 4 never hurt. Larcei is a top tier swordie but it's that Repel that gives her her real value. Lif's a defense mythic with DC and Time's Pulse. Nuff said. Green's got Legendary Hector, Osian and Annette. Objectively all pretty great units with valuable fodder, but the value here will vary from person to person. I happen to have them all. Colorless is the clear winner, Mila is great and both Leif and Alm are just monsters. Pull this color, you're a fool otherwise. Blue is actually the stinker here. L!Lucina is... ok if you don't have her but her father has more value. She's got nothing for fodder either. Ephraim... is a bit dated but still good but... meh. L!Julia is the prize here but unless you want her for fodder it'd probably be better to take a pass if you have her already. Overall green and blue are passes since I have everyone but L!Julia. Red's pretty nice though and colorless is a clear winner. Even saying all that though I'll probably just do the discounted full pull and get lost. My orb situation is all kinds of wrong currently so it's best to pass on a lot of banners for the time being.
  7. Not really, Sophia and Sanaki both got resplendents and neither of them, especially Sanaki were ones someone would expect to be candidates. You could say Sophia seemed like one because she needed the stats, but that same arguement could be made for Matthew. Sophia is a bit more popular, but the amount by which she is is pretty irrelevant if CYL 3-4 is anything to go by. Resplendents are units that should fill at least 3 of these criteria: Needs a boost in performance, needs better art, is popular to an extent. Matt fills at least 2 of these, his art is pretty great already, doesn't really need an update. Providing points aside... it would be nice to get more resplendents that aren't red, even if Chrom could use a boost to his stats.
  8. @mcsilas Hey! Grats on that Oboro! She'll be fun with that sword. And hey, Mist could get a prf one day and personally I enjoy filling my barracks with missing units. As for me... I kinda stopped documenting pulls for the rest of the month. I made... bad choices and payed for them... not really something I'll feel like sharing until next month, but I have a post here anyways. So.. the 3H Banner blindsided me in the most insane way and I wasn't even remotely ready for it. Even though none of the units are "must" haves for me (though Claude is kind of a want) I considered being smart and waiting... blah blah blah. I didn't do that. I wanted to get things overwith so I got the tickets late at night and went in whole heartedly expecting nothing. Last ticket~ I kinda avoided greens because I have Edelgard already but I more or less was just pulling colors at random. This was the top most blue. I almost pulled the adjacent green which would have probably netted me a Barst or something of that caliber. This was a nice surprise. Saddest thing is with the state I'm in currently I didn't even smile, but I am pleased. He's a unit I probably wouldn't pull for honestly. Plus he's a perfectly neutral nature. If I ever pull him again, just about anything outside of +ATK is guaranteed Lull fodder which I've never had before so that's pretty cool. Banner's a wrap for me. Saw everyone getting nice stuff from tickets, gives me comfort knowing I wasn't left out.
  9. Everyone is out here complaining about Elibeian resplendents and here I am praying Matthew never gets picked for one while simultaneously hoping he does.
  10. I'm more interested in what the update entails that will require a full OS upgrade. Is it just the result of all the updates finally needing more from your device? Or is it something in particular that's gonna take more juice to run?
  11. Welp, I spent the 74 orbs and got my Fallen Ike. Feels somewhat hollow, tossing this month's budget out the window with nothing else to show for it (no good fodder and a 4.00% rate that I'm guaranteed to let die.) but I know that he's going to serve me well in whatever mode I assign him to a bit further down the road so It's a consolation. I like the idea that I'm guaranteed to get something good from these banners no matter what I do. My investment is always rewarded no matter what and that makes me happy. I couldn't lose, and I didn't. Still... Fallen Lyon or Julia would have been nice... Anyways, Micaiah will come around in the future. I still have half the orbs from TT to collect so I'll have around 40-50 going into the next month altogether so all isn't lost.
  12. I don't know what your barracks looks like, but I'm pretty sure you've been playing longer than I have, I'd be surprised if you can't throw together a full brigade of powerful units of literally every movement type. Some of my types are stronger than others but I can autobattle infernal with just about every one of my brigades. Some with varying success but I tend to stick to the cavs, armor. And I quit for six months and came back, I'd be surprised if you didn't have a better barracks honestly.
  13. I literally got T25 by autobattling infernal (NOT +) and wasn't even getting perfect scores. Usually the cav/armor rounds do it for me but it was actually the infantry one this time. I finished on the very first battle of the last round. Didn't have to do any of the quests for the lances on that round. Dunno how people miss the last tier unless you aren't playing when the Lance's refresh which is honestly pretty lax. @Vicious Sal - Unfortunately, yes. - We don't talk and I don't tag you in my clears (I actually don't see you in that section of the Heroes forum at all, really.) or summons. - That's a pretty correct tag. Matt's my go-to in AR and just about any content (though these days much less so with particular units invalidating him) and I'm pretty much free in AR as far as defense and I've been too lazy to invest in a real team so I haven't asked for much help (and God help me before I build units specifically for AR-D). Yeah, AR is going to be a cakewalk for those types of units. But you will still have to account for units like Brunnya and Idunn. You will be getting a flat 0 damage increase against those so if you rely on the damage you're going to be in for a bad time.
  14. With the Fallen Heroes banner, it's not so much Temptation as opportunity cost. Fallen Lyon is an appealing unit and Fallen Ike is a QoL increase. With him in play AR becomes a whole lot easier and simpler for a season of my choosing. That and one of these units are guaranteed in 74 orbs exactly. No more, no less. Then there's the possibility of getting the other or even more in the 74 orbs spent. It's a potentially smart investment vs saving which makes it something to actually consider. Micaiah on the other hand is just raw temptation. The banner lasts a month, I could legit just wait for 2 or 3 weeks to see what happens instead of spending for her. Which is why resisting is smarter. I'm 189/120 on budget which is bad and 74 will just torch any saving outright, but it would increase the quality of my barracks, which potentially makes it worth it. Saving and budgeting isn't just about stockpiling for a certain unit or for the stake of stockpiling, it's also to promote smarter spending of the orbs you do have, and those 74 orbs are potentially very well spent here.
  15. Everyone pulling Micaiah seemingly easily makes it really tempting for me to spend orbs on her. I'm grossly over budget and already considering breaking it on an invest that isn't her... I literally had to close FEH to resist the impulse I was feeling on the summon screen. I'm at 49 orbs right now... I'm 22/40 on the fallen banner so 74 orbs on that and I'm guaranteed a *5 there so I could spend the bulk of my orbs on that during the TT.... or I could pull for Micaiah and blow up my chances... or I could spend nothing, survive and watch the orbs pile up...
  16. You seriously cut me by saying that, because I'm really really trying not to spend orbs right now and she is unbelievably tempting to pull for.
  17. Ugh... burned 24 orbs, but got a Rafiel. +SPD/-ATK but that's fine, his attack sucks anyway. Done with this banner.
  18. No blues on the TT banner. Guess it's for the best since I'm trying to save.
  19. @LordFrigid All those brave weapons and effective damage on the same team is just unfair. Palla's Duo skill may as well have been the cherry on top. @Alexmender I'm jealous of people that clear abyssals with theme/signature teams. Sometimes I can do it too but other times I'm forced to resort to more... barbaric tactics. I knew when I saw the exact damage kill Eirika had on the infantry sword that this was going to be a good one and it didn't disappoint. Her refine felt underwhelming to me but it really served her here. Hilda was the mvp for me though still. Darting around the map doubling and one rounding abyssal enemies in warping fashion that would make not only my Amelia, but Anna herself blush. Tsubasa held her ground and utilized her own excessive speed to get a few kills herself. Being a beacon for Hilda didn't hurt either though! Edelgard was pretty horrifying in her own right though. Taking 12 damage from a rather strong red mage. Eirika had to hammer at her 5 times with Poison Strike chip in order to bring her down, but down she went and Hilda dealt that satisfying finishing blow. Kiting her had to be pretty scary too considering her 2 mov, definitely not your average armor. Not looking forward to seeing that C skill on generic armors in future maps. You seriously need to +10 Hilda. I hope that's a goal for you because she's a monster at +1. Can't imagine what she'd be capable of fully merged and dragonflowered. @Some Jerk Bonus Doubler Nino looks incredibly fun. Really unorthodox team on the second clear, I thought they were pretty impressive... then I realized it was still Abyssal. That Midori looks crazy. The way she utterly obliterated Edelgard alone made her the clear MVP, but the tanking she was doing had me double take still. Way to impress me with a unit I had no interest in. @Xenomata Another Bonus Doubler Nino... you guys are starting to make me jealous. Palla's not my cup of tea but she was incredibly convienient for this particular LHB and I really love that Cordelia build of yours. As in I'd steal it if I bought the pass for her. No MVP here, everyone put in work. Palla blowing up Edelgard was satisfying. Everything went so smooth they made it look like an infernal map. Pretty impressive, I'd say this is one of the harder Abyssal maps. @Sasori You get an incredible amount of respect from me for clearing this map with such an underpowered team. Sharena is built wonderfully and led her friends to victory with quite a bit of style. Matthew was really budget (and I mean... really budget) but he still did more than his share and that Ignis proc made me miss when that was his primary special on mine. Raigh was the most invested in, but being a Gen 1 mage he's not that impressive. They all worked wonders together and Wrys was a tried and true healer and full support unit. Every unit felt like a piece of a greater whole rather than the singular killing machines we're given today like candy. Edelgard cared nothing for their teamwork and sought to destroy you but some good old kiting tactics and WTA was Sharena needed for her opening to blow up the Flame Empress with, ironically, a fire based special. His brother got to stretch his legs a bit too it seems. I'll be honest, I wasn't going to watch that one, but then I saw Ross. Guess I'm a sucker for him. Young Marth looks really fun with that DC+SS combo. Seliph and Lethe locked Abyssal down. Seliph held the line while Gordin picked off approachers and Lethe covered the backline while Titania led superbly from the back with Tactics buffs. That Repo-Aid and fitting quote was probably my favorite part of the clear. Lethe had Miracle in her pocket too, but she didn't end up needing it at all. @Diovani Bressan Truly an epic clear. Young Marth handled the right side beautifully with his pesudo Kronya build while OG Marth supported Nowi in true heroic fashion. Even with Water Breath+ the Abyssal enemies were slowly trying to whittle Nowi down in a dangerous war of attrition, but the support of her allies and the renewal seal allowed her to march her way through the onslaught of enemies onto a hard earned victory. Honestly OG Marth was the mvp here. While Young Marth and especially Nowi did the brunt of the fighting, it was only with Marth's exceptional buffs and fantastic strategic use of his dual rally+ruse on Nowi was she able to weather the storm. Unbelievable. The music made the clear for me as well. @Maaka I don't typically watch your clears, but I was surprised and refreshed to see a *5 +10 Bartre. Doing Galeforce strats no less. Love the diversity. @DLNarshen Definitely not what I expected from you, but a nice surprise. Seliph is a very useful unit from a strategic point of view, just not one I'm personally interested in. Seeing him lead the charge here in place of Julius was surprisingly cool, but unlike Julius he does not hog the spotlight for himself. Instead he merely played his role. Julia was potshotting dragons and nuking things regardless of WTD with her incredible Glacies procs and Narcian kept the backline clear and stragglers off the siblings tails with Nanna acting only when completely necessary. I loved the strategic layer of this clear and how Nanna was only healing when absolutely necessary in order for Narcian to use the siblings as warping beacons. Really smart stuff. Finally Seliph got his much deserved heal for his duel with Edelgard. With both his weapon's effect and his team's support, she didn't stand a chance. @Flying Shogi Another member of the Nino clear club, timeless. Surprised this particular unit is being used so much for this map when there are so many other nukes out there as well. @Landmaster A deadly conflict... is what I would say. Not so here. Nowi and Elise had everything they needed to succeed here. S!Elise was outfitted to blowup anything she touched, HS!Elise had the perfect weapon to snuff out Edelgard and the Guard Axe+ Armor completely and Nowi+OG Elise were armed to the teeth for a battle of attrition. The enemies tried their hardest to take out Nowi, but whenever she was in even the tiniest bit of danger she had OG Elise there to keep her fighting and even WoM2 for quick escapes. Even with the three colored units leading the fight though you can never count out OG Elises surprising offense which she used to finish the map. I wasn't expecting such big numbers. This is really a scary and very synergetic team. Will you be going for S!Elise merges this coming summer? @SatsumaFSoysoy Pretty straightforward clear. Every version of Celica is absurdly powerful. Just based on the team comp I knew what everyone was going to do just about. The Celicas did their thing and Veronica kept B!Celica's B Skill active for all the high priority foes with GF covering any openings and L!Azura doing her thing. Edelgard may as well have stood in one spot and waited to die. It's never complete without at least one instance of a unit clutching out an EP with 1 HP remaining though. Veronica gets her own props for that alone. @Hilda You never cease to amaze me with these. @NSSKG151 Really fun clear led by an even funner Anna. 46 SPD with a Brave Bow is bonkers. Really awesome build as well. F!Delthea is also a pretty fantastic FTP Blue Mage also as she didn't miss a beat covering Anna and Raven who we all know is a great unit (shoutouts to double LND for the memes.). @ruruo Hey! Haven't seen you in a long time! Mystic Boost Kaze looks really fun. Jeorge was looking pretty underwhelming but he really picked up steam after his brazen kicked in. Teleporting dancers are pretty standard fare, but Jeorge's use of Escape Route and eventual coordinated attack with Kaze on Edelgard was utter brilliance. @mcsilas Eeey~ This was a theme that came to mine for me also. I didn't have what it took to go through with it though! Kudos to you. So let's see and... the red... armorslayer cav... used the rally on the healer instead of attacking L!Edelgard... what a ridiculous unit. But she didn't shine alone here. Arvis may have burned the brightest in this clear. He held the right side in the beginning but became more than a spark of hope for the rulers of flame after Escape Route activated. Victory wouldn't have been possible without him as he warped around manipulating the AI into a dance while slowly picking off Edelgard and her forces and luring them into Surtr's traps. Flame Emperor didn't make too many moves, but the ones she did make were crucial. You lacked a lot of tools in this clear, dancing utility, healing, raw nuking power and you still pulled this one off. Color me impressed. Arvis deserves a refine. Given your intro for the 2nd clear, M!Byleth's voice quote at the beginning of the video was hilariously appropriate. Sothis looks incredibly fun, as fun as she looked when she first debuted, but Mercedes surprised me with her offense at the beginning of the clear! I know healers can dish out the pain (no pun intended) with Wrathful staff but it still surprises me from time to time. The team worked well together to safely pick apart the map, boxing in the dagger/mage was smart and Mercy's warping in conjunction with Sothis made things look pretty easy. It didn't look like there was any easy way to deal with E. herself though. You pulled it off but that kiting at the end was rough. I wouldn't have had the patience for that. @Dayni @eclipse @BoaFerox @daisy jane @Ginko @NegativeExponents- @Sunwoo @Rezzy I have a really big backlog now, but motivation kicked in and I was able to pull out this, one of the biggest sets being this recent one, so... I'm tired... yeah, let's get started. I did my clears when everyone else did but as usual the time and watching/commenting always pushes these back. I really wanted to use Shakugan no Shana music for some of these cause of the theme but I didn't feel like fighting with youtube, ah well. Let's get into it. Leading this set of clears is Ross and his trusty superior mage extrordinare. Going into this one I knew that without Ross was going to be the only one capable of taking on Edelgard, so his choices for partners had to fill very specific roles. I'd already been playing around with giving Nah's Infantry Breath to Lute but I haven't committed to it so I kind of wanted to take things out on a test run of sorts. So I went ahead and busted out B!Lucina to take insta-special Ross for a spin. Throw in dancer Neph with some Distant/Close Guard stacking and we have a recipe to really heat things up. Most clears end with people kiting Edel/the Guard Armor to finish things, will this one be that way? Let's find out! Morgan hasn't been getting very much love from me these days. From not merging into my +ATK Amelia to Morgan himself only featuring here and there in crossovers they were due for a clear so here it is. A bit of warping from Amelia was needed as you'd expect but she needed some way to proc her weapon to survive one of the turns, hence that pitiful seal she's got. Outside of that there isn't too much to say specifically. You should be used to these types of clears from Morgan's crew. Merely puzzles to solve. Had to do a little Kiting vs E. but oh well. How about a theme from banners? "Heroes with Counter skills" would be a good one... is what I'd say but this is really just a shameless excuse to throw together a bunch of fun units I really enjoy using. We've got some barracks stars of mine with Matthew, Ross, Chrom and NY!Alfonse. Ross and NY!Alfonse have seen heavy use ever since they made their way into my barracks, Chrom has been seeing a bit more use since I've given him DC and you already know Matt's story. This clear, despite the powerlevel of each individual unit was actually very tricky. Ross and NY!Alfonse kept dying at one point or another but the chaotic element here was the dagger reinforcement. I could never kill him fast enough and his warp would ruin my day. At least until I realized with a bit of manipulation I could get him to go for Chrom instead of Ross or Alfonse. That set up an unlikely but fantastic situation for the team. After that, the map fell like a ton of bricks. Now, mostly everyone's clears here are Abyssal ones so of course I can't omit that now can I? I couldn't do it with a real theme team. Rather... I didn't have the patience for it. I just wanted the map to go down. So when Serra and Matt couldn't do it I dug deep and thought what powerful unit could I run to nuke this map into oblivion? The answer? Nino. She's +10, she's got her refine, she's another favorite and she's just the unit for the job. When I realized there was no counter vantage unit on this map I knew she'd be able to do her very best. So I armed her to the teeth. L!Eliwood, L!Azura, Ninian with WoM, a Brazen and Astra. This nuke has been turned into a category 5 world buster. But is even that enough for Edelgard? Let's see shall we? I joined the Nino club for Abyssal but for the last clear I went full FE7 in what I can finally christen a true Ostia clear. With Matthew, Leila, a newly outfitted Serra and my shiny new Duo Hector to lead the charge. This was a clear I knew I wanted to do from the get go and it was one I had to work for. Things were particularly tricky for me on Hector's side. Trying to figure out how to keep him alive for a while was difficult and then I realized I'd forgotten a tool that I'd been sleeping on since I got him: his duo effect. After utilizing that, the map became trivial. Everyone shined here in true Ostian fashion. No one man armies, just a fantastic team stomp. This was actually clear #1, but I had to save the best for last, at least in my mind. Hope you enjoy. And with that, this mammoth of a post is done. See you guys whenever I've got the stamina to do this again. My backlog is pretty big! (Bramimmond included~) Cheers~!
  20. Yeah so... pretty safe skip actually. I'm relieved. Nailah looks nice, probably strong, just... nothing particularly special about her. She's got a neat weapon but if you aren't +10'ing her she likely won't see much use outside of AA or something like that so, pass. Oboro was almost interesting... her weapon is cool... if she'd been the demote that would have been too good but they had to give her that pulse skill. Plus she looks funny with that huge hump under her hood. Rafiel completes the sibling trio, but disappointingly as a seasonal. As a unit he's nothing special, just a blue beast dancer. His effect is also inferior to the standard one his siblings have. The cooldown reduction will only ever be for one unit while the +7 heal is global. Guess it's true to form that he's the worst dancer among his siblings and Reyson is the best. Duo Micaiah... this is clearly what they want you to summon for. They stack ATK/RES out the wazoo and if they initiate they're given an Impact effect. Oh and it's Micaiah so dual effectiveness because hurr durr. She rounds out the last color allowing for full Micaiah emblem and also comes packing Mystic Boost if you aren't interested in her as a unit. But that's unlikely as she's a new colorless tome and also flies for some reason (what... reason exactly?). Her Duo effect is a dagger debuff and gives everyone close the Broadleaf fan effect which is pretty cool.. but what's more interesting is if there will be other potential ways to give units the "Dominance" effect. Hinata will likely have Oboro's weapon in axe form which is pretty freaking cool. If you have a buff on you then you get the breath effect on top of a buff. Sounds like heaven with DC and you can be a mini L!Ike with Aether. Ross will be snatching that along with any other good fodder he comes with. Overall a pretty lukewarm banner, Micaiah aside. Safe skip. First circle I'll grab any Greys and before the banner expires I might pull a few blues to get a one-off *4 of Rafiel and that's about it. Good stuff. This probably means the new heroes banner won't be Tellius though which is a shame, but at least that means it's even more opportunity to save orbs.
  21. @DLNarshen @Alexmender @mcsilas @Landmaster @mampfoid @daisy jane @SatsumaFSoysoy So I'd forgotten about the BHB Banner and between Grima who I've never been able to pull and F!Corrin who would be really nice ATK/SPD Solo fodder, I went over my budget even more with 8 orbs with nothing to show for it for a very unimpressive 165/120 on my new monthly budget. But with every stroke of misfortune a blessing awaits the patient and diligent. Weekly revival dropped. I pretty much have 0 interest in Olwen at this point so it's all about Amelia and Ayra merges at this point. Had 4 reds and one blue. Pretty much just going to grab my free Seliph and be on my way- That was unexpected. Yep, free Ayra~ Nature doesn't matter since I already have a +SPD one at +1. Now she's +2. She may have been fittingly powercreeped by her daughter, but she doesn't appear to want to be outdone by her. A refine should be on the way and at 44 Base SPD, she's in a pretty good position for it. It'll likely be something like Karla/Mia's refine. But Roy's Blazing Durandal effect or even just an impact refine would be pretty nice for her. Being a member of my OG team, pulls like this are always special. I wouldn't mind a +10 of her. But with Edward being a very possible candidate before the year is over, can't spend the orbs on her. I'm at 40 orbs again now. I'm 74 orbs away from a guaranteed *5 on the fallen banner and I'm undecided on weather I'll hold on to my orbs or utterly destroy my budget in hopes of an Ike or a Lyon to make AR much easier. I'll decide on the last day of the banner if It's worth it.
  22. Wait.... what? No that can't be right... that's not fair. That's breaking the rules. It's one thing to give a pulse effect to enemy units for the sake of difficulty... but making them impervious to specific abilities to pad difficulty goes against the game's mechanics. That's utter trash, I really really hope that's a bug that's unrelated to this or they simply roll that decision back. This is literally one of the things that makes Melancholy such a good staff... Huge step back.
  23. Rare units made each of these a lot easier than they would have. The combination of Rinea with L!Alm, Celica and my +10 Lukas made Takumi managable even if it was somewhat difficult. Helped that Lukas was fast enough to tank a single hit of magic and could take 0 damage from just about everything physical indefinitely. Broke out Xander to deal with the cav duo opening on Saias, but F!Corrin and L!Azura made actually dealing with the mage himself pretty easy after a few tries. She's just way too strong. Hawkeye/Ninian was cake because Fae, but Igrene was also there as insurance. LA!Roy and Brunnya were just filler but I could have built them up if I needed to. My FE6 cast is kinda bare honestly, but I have enough to get the job done. Didn't even bust out my old *4+10 Bartre or Fir. (I'd forgotten about them during the time of clearing, actually...) Lyn was the toughest. Even with Duo Reinhardts I was missing out on some crucial kills or getting overwhelmed due to the congested top left I was stuck on, plus the armor was annoying. After some swapping around (and getting rid of Ethlyn) I got the job done with Ayra, Reinhardt, Osian and Lewyn. Rein and Ayra got some crucial kills and Lewyn picked of stragglers but Osian was the MVP here. Tanking and killing a crapton of enemies on his own. I would have had a hard time without him. Next batch please. I'm waiting for whichever map forces you to use FE7 units so I can laugh.
  24. I wonder what they'll give Chrom. ...Probably Askr.
  25. Do people dread this mode? I literally just autobattle every single time. Usually prioritizing the Cavalry round. It can get tedious doing the quests for the extra conquest lances but as far as GC itself it's pretty much a snorefest. FB is far more grindy imo.
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