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  1. i was starting to look at thanes fe randomizer but everytime i pull out the randomizer it crashes in between ch 1 -6 and i dont know what is causing it so i was wondering if using layeredfs in luma is the cause? also, i want to get into fire emblem hacking so if you have some videos to share or tips i will gladly take it it doesnt matter if i work my way through from GBA fe i just want to learn how to do it right :)
  2. hi i want to get into the fire emblem hacking, but i dont know where to start from i tried to use your randomizer but i receive some crash during the prologue i used all available option in the hack but i think i need to use other tool to fix it. the problem is what tool should i use. also, i want to know if using the randomizer patch in layeredfs it works fine or should i get ntr cfw?
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