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  1. Selena not beeing in the future Sacred Stones banner despite the fact she is the first in the CYL pool in this game(exactly like Severa which suprised me too) to not beeing in Heroes make me wonder if there will be any male in the next Farfetched Heroes. Because the first two featuring two males and two females was just a coincidence and represents purely and simply the results in CYL 1 and 2. And for the next, if they continue to give 6 characters in New Heroes,(no counting Seasonal and Thracir) we could have: Anna, Jill, Severa, Lilith, Rinkah in the 3/4 stars pool and Selena in GHB. (and it Explained why they skipped both Severa and Selena before)
  2. I would say Echoes or Thracia before the Fallen Heroes 2 Banner. I think a new Thracia Banner is possible soon but not the next one just after Mareeta. We had, Alm, Lukas, Genny, Berkut and Delthea in one mounth, i dont think Echoes will be the next. Besides alt and Seasonal, I think Sacred Stones is the game with the longest period without a really new Character. Archanea had Gharnef, Echoes had Duma... The last one is Lyon. So it could be a serious possibility(and i admit I'd enjoy it) But we had a lot of Seasonal units in one year too(Frelian/Myrrh/Renais Twins/Marisa...) I'd put Sacred Stones in first, then Awakening because it's Awakening and we hadn't really anything new but Panne even on a Seasonal Banner.
  3. Sword: Glen Lance: Jill Axe: Duessel Bow: Wolf Dagger: Heather Red Tome: Calill Blue Tome: Selena the real One(She can be Green or even Red too) Green Tome: Nyx (Fimbulvetr ?) Staff: Natasha Breath: I don't care, perhaps Ena. Beast: Lethe, same as Ena Refresher: Tethys.
  4. Sacred Stones - Imperial Three -Selena: Blue Tome Cavalier -Duessel: Axe Cavalier -Glen: Sword Flying GHB: Caellach: Axe Infantry TT: Riev - Blue Tome Infantry Sacred Stones - Traitors Of Grado -Natasha: Staff Infantry -Knoll: Red Tome Infantry -Cormag: Lance Flying GHB: Vigarde: Lance Armor Radiant Dawn: Daein Liberation -Jill: Axe Flying -Pelleas: Red Tome Infantry -Tauroneo: Lance Armored -Zihark: Sword Infantry TT: Nolan Radiant Dawn - Crimean's Loyalty - Geoffrey: Lance Cavalier - Lucia: Sword Infantry - Bastian: Green Tome Infantry TT:Marcia: Lance Flying Theme - Lovers Bond(Not Special Heroes) -Louise: Colorless Bow -Pent: Blue Tome Infantry -Calill: Red Tome Infantry -Largo: Axe Infantry GHB: Brennya:Green Tome Infantry TT:Gatrie: Lance Armored
  5. Great Work ! You forgot Selena from Sacred Stones. (It's not tue one from Fates, shame !) She is 79(So above Cormag)
  6. Same as Last Year, but this time, i don't betray her for Leanne.
  7. My 7 votes will go for Selena(FE8)... If she is released before CYL3 i will probably split my votes for Natasha, Calill, Leanne, perhaps Glen... Depends who is released or not, prefer to focus my votes for characters not in the game yet.
  8. Selena - The True Real One(such a surprise) Then for each game, I want the most: FE8: Selena, Natasha the queen of Jehanna, Glen, Duessel FE9/10: Calill, Jill, Elincia RD(with an improved Amiti please... she's so much badass in her FE10 version... I know she is the perfect candidate for a Staff Flier but... make more sense for the Younger Elincia not this one) Leanne, Nailah, Heather FE13: Emmeryn, Flavia/Basilio FE14: Nyx, Flora FE15: Silque Honorable mentions: Tethys, Gerik, Syrene, Cormag, Lethe, Miriel, Reina, Mozu
  9. She doesn't really exist, but her design was made for L'Arachel initially.
  10. Just My Dream <3 And with Duessel to beat the Valter's GHB with the Imperial Three <3
  11. Hey, good job for your work. I particularly love those:
  12. Glade had his revenge. Selena is more high than I excepted it's a little Victory. (She had a very good évolution compared to the first CYL) Happy for Jill, she is a character I wait for. Poor Calill and Natasha(she deserves his Joshua) :/
  13. @DDDHunterDo you use skill extension ? It could be the cause.
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