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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Elliot

  4. Seriously why cant people give DLuna some slack? Every new idea he has seems to get completely bashed. Since this project is still in very early development, everything is open to change at a later date, and he has the right to test out his ideas. I mean most of this thread is a complete mess because members of the LTC community think their opinion should be valued above everybody else's. All I'm trying to say is that despite your opinions he's allowed to do whatever he wants :x
  5. The timespan between Guinivere's escape and her recapture is probably just over a day so I'm not exactly sure how in depth you can go. Also its stated in the game and the manga that Ellen was the only person who accompanied Guinivere to the border. Although if you're doing an alternate retelling I suppose it doesn't really matter.
  6. "CREDIT: Blazer, Arch, Nintenlord, Celice, and anyone else I used the animations or portraits from." Sorry this is NOT crediting the people who's sprites you stole. Also you didn't even ask permission for them, so someone seriously needs to lock this topic. Just from playing the prologue (which you cant even get past so good job, at least no one can play this piece of crap), you're using Inari's sprite from DoF and Julie's animation from a Sacred Dawn. FFS.
  7. If you're interested in having the maps you have so far revamped, feel free to PM me I dont know why I'm offering this o.o
  8. Haku

    Spriter's Guild

    Yes, that's what is meant by open source. Anyone can use them for free and modify them if they want.
  9. Haku

    Halloween Event?

    I'd be up for it :)
  10. Klok pls, you flatter us... If you want to play Shatterlight, Tandrock, just click on the picture in my sig and download the patch :) Also yes, Bloodlines if great fun now that I've done some maps for it :P
  11. Oh yeah I completely forgot, we're definitely not working together :S
  12. I thought we weren't showing anything yet lol D':
  13. Haku

    Haku's Sprite Gallery

    Update time :D So basically the last few months I've been hakurevamping I'm sorry nih xP various maps for people's projects, and I thought I may as well share them. Some of these were done several months ago, so there may be a slight difference in quality. [spoiler=IPC Emblem] Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 3x [spoiler=Eternal Bond] Chapter 5 [spoiler=Definitely Ultra-Super-No-one-should-ever-see Secret Stuff] [spoiler=Maps for L95] I have some other stuff which I'll probably upload later. Feel free to C&C :) edit: Whoops not all of these have the corrections in them, oh well
  14. This was one of the hacks I haven't played before, but you did a really great job Prime :D I especially liked controlling the generics. Keep up the good work :)
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