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  1. I'm not sure about Eirika's route but in Ephraim's route, i think Gerik should be below Duessel. I mean, why is he so high? Hero!Gerik is basically a worse Duessel. At base, Duessel beats him in Strength, Hp and Defense. Gerik is slightly faster but he wouldn't double faster enemies anyways (Mercs, myrms, Rangers,etc), and after you get Garm, his speed lead is literally nonexistent. Not to mention, Gerik also has worse availability, no lance access, no canto and much lower weapon ranks. Ranger!Gerik does have better mobility but combat-wise, he is still inferior to Duessel and his poor availability still hurts him a lot. His ability to ferry people is kinda pointless because by the time he shows up, you already get a lot of mounted units who are better at carrying stuff than him . The OP said that A-tier is for units that have outstanding combat performance, but i don't find Ephraim!Gerik's combat to be outstanding. As a combat unit, he gets outclassed by Duessel (and maybe even Garcia) and as a rescuebot, he is inferior to the Paladins and Fliers. His availability isn't good, either.
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