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  1. She seems nice! Valeria is accepted. IC will start when we have one more member!
  2. Generally, just more information. Yours is fine enough, but I feel like we have to set a nice standard for the people here... Eheh.
  3. Yep. So she's good to go. I'm deciding to be lenient with acceptance for now, but later on you might have to make it a bit more juicy.
  4. Are there any k-pop bands I could listen to besides BTS? I've been obsessed with the boys ever since I discovered them in April (Jin stan btw) and I really want to listen to more I've heard EXO is good, so I might give them a listen
  5. @E-drago Noirma's appearance seems to be broken, but once that's fixed, she's accepted.
  6. The chat thread for Lost Hope. Keep all OoC in here, or head to the discord server where it's much more active. This also serves as a bit of a QnA thread. Any questions? Ask away here!
  7. I'd totally draw a comic about this if I wasn't dead beat tired, lol. Poor Rinea. Imagine dealing with that as well.
  8. I can totally see Narcian doing this, maybe Gangrel too as he seems like that kinda guy. And it's not humming, but - I like to imagine Berkut brings his own orchestra and choir around with him, wherever he goes
  9. Here come my characters. I'll be adding the rest as the RP progresses.
  10. Welcome to Lost Hope. This is a Fire Emblem based/themed roleplay, aimed towards all different types of people, beginners or experienced. It's been running for a year and 1 month on its previous site, but we decided to move it here after things went south. A few members from the old site, including the GMs, have moved here as well. And with that, we'd like to present your local GMs: Myu - Creator, lead GM Gigavoir - GM Bill Cipher - GM The GMs accept or decline applications, and are in charge of character moderation and story. If you have any questions for either of us, PM or hit up the chat thread! Now, let's get into the real information. The Setting (map coming soon) Lost Hope takes place on the continent of Imoris, a large island surrounded by fearsome waters. Its three nations were founded thousands of years ago - many wars have broken out since, leaving relations between the three shaky and weak. They are as follows: Thyr - The northwestern nation. Thyr is a plentiful region, littered with thick forests and wide, luscious grasslands. It's a peaceful place, with its inhabitants comprising mostly of farmers and city folk residing in the capital. They try desperately to uphold the truce with their less peaceful neighbour, that they are generous enough to bless with much needed crops and supplies. Thyr is currently lead by King Reynold III (Gigavoir) his two heirs being Princess Zira (Myu) and Prince Fyris (Bill Cipher). Serall - Thyr's northeastern neighbour. There is a saying in Thyr, that describes the people of Serall: "The cold weather chills their hearts and turns them bitter." While the treacherous snowstorms and hard winters may not have an effect on the generally aggressive inhabitants, Thyr's saying is true. Serallians are not to be messed with. Most of the population are soldiers in its huge army, lead by two generals. They are fearsome and often short-tempered. Serall has battled with Thyr over land and more for hundreds of years. Serall is ruled by King Alexander II, who has yet to have any heirs. Alathil - Serall's southeastern neighbour. Alathil is the final nation, and the most extreme in terms of conditions. It was "built" around an active volcano. There are barely any plants, wildlife is scarce, and water is a prized possession. It has a declining population of around 200 - most residing in the so-called "capital", Ikhiom. They barely scrape by, unable to farm on the dry, cracked ground. Most of their supplies come from Serall, who will occasionally give Ikhiom a gift of crops from Thyr and barrels of water. They have no ruler. Now, let's get into the most important part... The Applications The application form below is how you get into the roleplay. Characters will be accepted by a GM if they fit the standards - and there's no limit, so feel free to make as many as you want! And finally... The Rules Please do not be disrespectful to others when talking out of character. If you have a gripe with somebody, settle it in a civil way. We will not tolerate sexism, racism, or any other form of hateful language unless it is part of a character's personality. Please keep your posts at least one good paragraph long. Low effort posts make it very hard for moderators, and other members to reply to. Try to spice up your vocabulary if you're having problems. Absolutely no godmodding, bunnying or metagaming. Fights must be fair and balanced. ___________ We hope you have fun participating in Lost Hope! IC will open when enough characters have been accepted. Lost Hope has been put on hold until further notice, due to issues with a GM. Characters will still be accepted, but the IC may not start until a lot later. We're sorry for any inconveniences.
  11. For Elibe: Hector (his own unique moveset, complete with Hectorcopter), Eliwood (Xander clone, or his own Unique moveset), and Roy (Marth clone, but with more fire) For Magvel: Eirika (Marth clone), Ephraim (unique moveset), and Joshua (Lyn clone). L'Arachel would also be a solid choice, or Myrhh. For Tellius: Ike (unique moveset), Soren (unique moveset, or a Linde clone?), Titania (Frederick clone). I feel like the Greil mercs would sell well as a DLC pack. For Valentia: Alm (unique moveset), Berkut (unique lance cav moveset), Mae (Linde clone) or Boey (Robin clone). If Berkut can't get in a DLC pack for Valentia, I'd love to see him in a Villains pack, with Camus/Michalis and Zephiel.
  12. Ah, yeah. Whoops. Kind of forgot about that. None of them use fire or vines or anything... On the topic of Pokémon, any Dragon Type as a Ridley echo would be really cool.
  13. There has not been an Awakening playthrough where I haven't married Gaius, and where he hasn't carried me through pretty much every map. The man's insane. I pair him up with MU and watch him go, critting everything with Killing Edges and Killer Bows. He can dodge most attacks as well, so he's basically unstoppable when I use him.
  14. My number one hope is the Octoling for the Inkling. While they could just be an alt costume, I'd love to see the little aesthetic changes, like replacing the Splattershot with the Octoshot. Could also have the Agent 8 outfit as an alt costume, along with the Neo Octoling Armour. Final smash could be different too, maybe the Deepsea Metro train chugging along the stage and knocking anybody in its way off. Skyward Sword or Warriors (heck even OoT could work, basically any Impa that's not an older woman) Impa for Sheik would be lovely. And for a really out there choice, BotW Zelda as Pokémon Trainer echo fighter, being able to swap between Champions. Revali for a floaty ranged style, Daruk for a heavy, hard hitting style and Mipha for a light, swift style.
  15. oh no, what have you done... I won't be able to pull myself away from this thread now
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