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  1. "Well, I mean, we should all be able to fit, right?" They only had three wagons after all, right? And with the sheer number of them, they were going to have to squish together. Bladen wandered after Gaby, figuring Asami would find him at some point before they set off. Walking up to Ren just behind the siren, he waved to the oni. He hadn't interacted all that much with him, so it might be good to spend some time with him too. Plus Ayane was a good friend, so it was sounding like a better and better wagon. The one sour note would be Ayane's girlfriend but... He would survive. "So, sounds like we might all be sharing a wagon together, if you're alright with that? It's going to be cozy, but no avoiding that, I don't think."
  2. Oh. Good. He was gone. Off to interrogate and then from the sounds of it find one of the girls to flirt with. That was good. When those bright red eyes turned his way, it just meant that the man liked to flirt with people, not that he was anything special. That was good. Safer at least. Still, the idea of sleeping on the deck was appealing. Breathe. Focus. Make a shape. A small flame popped into existence over his hand. It formed into a circle, then a square, followed quickly by a diamond, a hexagon, and finally a small star. By the time that was done, he had control over his thoughts again. Next time he flirts, do that sooner. That way you won't look like an idiot just because a cute guy decides to play with your emotions. Turning to his commander, he tried his best to pretend all of that hadn't happened. "Any orders for me, ma'am? If not, I plan to spend time helping clear our ship. My strength should be a benefit there at least." And maybe find some time to talk to Gean. He had planned to talk to her about his original problem, but now he had two to deal with...
  3. When Ingverd's fingers caught Cin's chin, he finally lost the battle of keeping the signs of his blush hidden as the heat in his face rose to an almost alarming level. He wasn't used to this. He flirted, sure, but usually he was the one having to initiate. Especially back in school where most people either instantly dismissed him as a muscle-bound idiot (even when presented with evidence to the contrary) or were so intimidated by him that they reacted much like Renais and ran away. So to be faced with such... blatant words and intentions, he was caught flat footed. And even though he could have easily resisted the man's light touch, he still found his head turning the way it had been directed. Two pairs of ruby red eyes locked, and Cin suddenly found it hard to swallow. Dammit Cin, behave like a professional. Maybe I should have slept on the deck after all. "I'm sure that you can assess if you are injured or not. And... Have reason enough to not hide an injury. It wouldn't," his tongue stuck for a second, causing him to stumble over the sentence before finally getting back on track. "Wouldn't do for an envoy of the crown to be struck down by something as silly as an infection from a pirate's lucky strike after all. So. So I'm sure you're more than capable of getting out of your own clothes." 'Cute.' It had been a while since someone he was uninvolved with had called him that. Especially unprompted. Ugh. Surely Natalya would intervene here soon. Save him. He couldn't just leave. This was the man who had hired them, he couldn't be so rude as to just walk away when there were still things to be done up here.
  4. Dammit. The man was attractive, Cin wouldn't deny that, but that had not been why he was looking. "You misunderstand my intent. I simply realized I had made an assumption... One that on someone less skilled than you seem to be could have been fatal. A companion might hide a wound thinking it not worth the bother and then... Infection sets in and even a skilled healer cannot fully save them." He looked away, conceding that he had lost here, though, having been pushed fully off kilter at this point. First Renais, now this. He wanted to make some comment about being professional and not flirting in front of his new boss, but given she had made comments yesterday about him seducing the women on the boat, so somehow he didn't think he would have support there... Best to just stay silent and continue to be grateful for his darker skin hiding the slight blush that refused to go away.
  5. Cin was still standing staring blankly into the distance in the direction that their healer had fled, unsure what to do with the strange feeling filling his chest, when his roommate popped up, covered in blood but seemingly unhurt. "Ah... Ingverd, yes, things went... well." The battle had at least. Stop it Cinaed. Not everyone will always want to be your friend. You should know that well enough by now. As always the chiding voice in his head reminded him of his mother, gently scolding him over some mishap or another. And she was right. Besides, it would be rude to ignore the person in front of him to sulk over the one who had left. "Good to hear the other ship is clear. You might consider a change of clothes before you run into some of the others though. They might panic before realizing that's not your blood. Err, assuming none of it is. I didn't see a wound but..." But he hadn't looked especially close either. He took the chance now, giving the swordsman a closer look, but still not seeing a scratch. He ended up locking eyes briefly with Ingverd before looking away grateful his dark skin covered the light flush of embarrassment in his cheeks. It did seem his assumption had been correct, but he had been distracted when he made that assumption. He couldn't be foolish like that, even in a low stakes situation such as this. It would only lead to him making the same mistake again in the future when it might matter more.
  6. "Ah... I see. Well, I hope that she feels better. Though, good! I'm glad to join, Natalya. And Cin or Cinaed, whichever you prefer. Either is acceptable for me." He nodded to the rest of what she was saying as it was about what he expected from a battle's aftermath. But then, a quiet voice calling his name. Turning to Renais, smile on his face, he started nodding. It was obvious she was the healer. But then... Smile gone, watching as she ran away, telling him to leave her alone. With the way she had thrown her hood up and literally fled from him, all he could assume was that she hated him for some reason. He tried to keep his emotions under control, but couldn't help the quiet whisper that escaped his mouth as he watched the fleeing girl. "Wh-what did I do..."
  7. Cinaed settled back on his heels, sighing as he watched her flap away. Alvira, that was her name. He would have to remember that. "She's a stubborn one, huh? Barely healed and she's off... Good work though, Renais, yes?" He knew any further talking to her would just make her retreat back into that cloak though, so with an almost inaudible chuckle, he looked at Natalya instead. "Well then, boss. I know we weren't fighting near each other, but hopefully I showed my qualifications? Gean can vouch for me if you need it, but hopefully my work here today has earned me that spot in your group."
  8. Cinaed had been about to turn towards Gean and congratulate her on a fight well finished when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the ice wielding fire dragon collapse. "Ah hell, looks like one or both of you might be needed. I think that boss was using a pure weapon!" He turned back and rushed over to the other ship, skirting around the vomit before kneeling down next to the incapacitated dragon. "Hey now, are you ok? We've got healers coming."
  9. Cinaed glanced down at Renais as he felt the same warm healing magic as before. "Thank you again, miss. This battle is pretty much wrapped up, but be careful about moving too far forward, alright? You getting hurt wouldn't help anything. Stay safe out here." He considered giving her a pat on the shoulder, but somehow he suspected that she might collapse under his touch and there was enough going on that they didn't need that sort of complication right now.
  10. Cin chuckled quietly as he turned back to the fight. He really was going to have to talk to her about this at some point. It seemed like she trusted Aegean, that was good. Maybe Gean could be a mediator between them. Or at the very least pass on the message that he wasn't going to hurt her. And he certainly wasn't going to forget her. She was interesting. And a good healer, if she managed to heal him from all the way back there. He would have to keep an eye on her talents...
  11. Cinaed stood steady, flames slowly fading as he started to brace for the next fight. But suddenly a warmth flowed through his body, his wounds knitting, a peaceful sensation amidst the chaos of the battle and the infighting. He'd been trying to ignore the outside interferences, preferring to focus instead on the enemy, but the gentleness of this warmth pulled him to turn around. Spotting the huddle figure of Renais, he couldn't help the grin that broke out in his race. He winked at her and called out "Thank you for that help there miss. Keep back though, these pirates aren't messing around and it wouldn't do for our healer to get hurt."
  12. The fight had gone faster than expected, as Gean easily dispatched multiple enemies in a row. Finally, one of the pirates realized that continuing to attack her was foolish and turned on him. The first exchange of blows left them both wounded, and they split apart for a second. Grinning, Cin called out, "Hey Gean, that was pretty damn impressive fighting. But catch a load of this." He drew in a deep breath and then settled into a fighting stance. Suddenly flames leaped into existence, surrounding his arms from shoulder to fingers before coalescing into fiery replicates of the weapons he held in his fists. He charged forward, fists ablaze. A quick one two, and the enemy fell at his feet.
  13. A quick nod to Mari with a smile before Cin turned around and tossed another ball of fire at the enemy. Set Merc 1 on fire
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