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  1. Cinaed smiled at Favio, giving him a small nod in greeting before looking back at the mentioned fox with a frown. Part of our group, ha. Wait. Hmm. Five tails? Must have missed one... No matter. "No, she's a merchant, apparently. She was just trying to sell us some goods for our future battles, since we're likely to find some. As for everything else, yes that is the commander and thank you for welcoming us in and the generosity of offering food. I'm sure we'll meet up with the Evokers sooner rather than later, so thank you for that information as well." He smiled, before glancing back at the rest of the group with a sigh. Hopefully not too many of them had fallen for the fox's deal. He couldn't shake a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right.
  2. Cin turned back to Mikoto, though not in time to catch her glare, and listened, patiently, before shaking his head. "So it's not as dangerous as I thought, but still not something I trust. I'm sorry, but a strange person offering ridiculously high discounts on what are clearly extremely rare items in exchange for a, what, potential year off the end of my lifespan? No, no thank you. There's nothing showing that you aren't lying in some way or that you aren't using these years for something dangerous. So forgive me, but I simply don't trust you." He smiled at her and then turned to the rest of the group, letting go of Siorel's hand as he did, not wanting to drag her along if she wanted to stay. "I'll be heading up to the mansion. Obviously I can't tell you all what to do but... Be careful. And think long and hard before you casually trade away something as precious as part of your life. Please." He cast a pleading look at both Alvira and Gean, both of whom had seemed to be considering dealing with the fox, before turning away from the fox and her wares and starting back up the path. "We are expected up there soon though, so do remember that."
  3. "Mmm, maybe. They're quite expensive though, so it depends on the price..." Cin looked down at Siorel, giving her hand a small squeeze before returning his attention to this Mikoto as she began to explain. His curious expression quickly turned somewhat horrified and he quickly shook his head. "Nope. Sorry, but no. You have to be kidding. Trade away a year of our lives for, what, a discount on a magical item? When we're already risking our lives every day? What if we're fated to die in a year and you just yoink that year away?" He wasn't really convinced that was how this all worked, or even if that was how anything worked, but he couldn't help but argue against it. Just the mere idea that she could take away a year of life from him or the others... He turned away, back towards the rest of the group. "We should probably keep moving. We're expected up at the manor after all."
  4. Cin walked along with the other Tigers, hand firmly wrapped around Siorel's hand, the short dancer still glued to his side. He wasn't upset by this development, rather quite happy to have her walking right next to him, though it still left him slightly baffled at how insistent she was at being so close to him always. He'd been mostly distracted by glancing down at the lizard next to him, but his attention did get pulled in by the merchant set up right in their path. Still holding Siorel's hand, he moved closer to the wares on display, glancing through them before looking up at the fox. A strange sight, a type of monster that he'd never seen before, dressed in a mostly unfamiliar outfit to him, but he still asked, politely, "Good morning ma'am. Quite a set of items you have here. Quite expensive wares you have. How would we go about getting that discount you've mentioned? I'm surprised you're willing to offer such a steep discount." He glanced over the magical items, inspecting the jewelry with a close eye. It wasn't quite what he was looking for, but depending on the price and the discount, it might be worth considering. And while the gauntlets were quite impressive, even with the discount, they were far from affordable for him right now.
  5. "Mmm, you're cute when you pout like that." Cin leaned down and gave Siorel a quick kiss before straightening back up. "But it's true, I'm very mean. And selfish, so even though you don't need to go back up, I'm going to take you up there anyways. It shouldn't take too long for me to pack, but I want your company anyways. So you're stuck now." Grinning, he made his way up the stairs of the inn, not caring who saw him or what they thought of the situation. All he knew is that he was happy and had a wonderful woman in his arms. Right now, that made the rest of the world seem to matter just a little bit less.
  6. "I. That sounds wonderful. I would love to go on a date with you, Siorel." I'll need to buy her something perfect when we do. And treat her to lunch... Yes, this will be good. Looking down at her, he couldn't help the smile on his face. There was something about her that just made it impossible to be worried or upset for too long. And knowing that she had chosen him of all people left him warm inside in a way that he had never felt before. "Hah... I think it's impossible to be really ready for you, Siorel. Like I said, I'm pretty sure I'm the one being gotten in all of this. I'm just going to follow you wherever you lead me and enjoy what I have. I hope that's alright." He smiled at her, gently running a finger down her cheek before poking her nose. "Now! We've been told to report to the mansion as soon as possible so that we can get thanked for our work last night as well as get more information on everything that went down. I was going to go tell everyone else about it, but you know, I think that Versaris and Gean probably have a handle on that. Instead, I'm thinking we should go make sure we're all packed up and ready to leave." He quickly bent down and scooped her up into his arms, careful to drape her tail over his arm before straightening back up. "What do you think? Any objections?"
  7. Cin almost flinched in surprise when Siorel stretched up to kiss him, but instead leaned into it, enjoying the moment of peace and happiness, her body pressed up against his making it easy to forget all of the concerns that he had about the future. His family, his powers, the enemies they would soon be facing, none of it seemed to matter in that moment, as he surrendered to her whims, letting her take control. She was quick to reassure him that she was not afraid, something that he could only hope would remain true. "I... I hope that you're right to not be afraid. I know I am... Ugh. There's more I need to tell you too, information I just learned about myself. Later." He glanced over at Versaris. The man had said not to go around giving his name away freely, but surely it couldn't hurt to tell Siorel. If she was going to be near him, that meant that his name was putting her at risk too. So she needed to know. His gaze was quickly dragged back to Siorel though, as she began talking excitedly about all the things she could do now that the two of them were involved. He felt his cheeks burning as she listed all her plans, and he quickly disentangled himself from her as best he could, taking a few steps back. "W-wha... I. Uhm." The image of her in a bathing suit was too strong, his cheeks bright red as he stammered his way through several things that almost sounded like words before he finally slammed his mouth shut for a few seconds and then reached out and took her hand. "I. I would love to help. With your clothes. H-however I can. Though... ah, I'm afraid you're going to constantly outshine me. As far as that goes. I've pretty much just got the one outfit. Though, if I'm being realistic, you would outshine me no matter what I wear, so I guess I should just get used to it."
  8. "I... A-ah." Cin stammered slightly as Siorel almost immediately caught on to the fact that he was asking her to come along instead of Gean. It seemed that no matter what he had planned, how he thought things should go, this lovely lizard was one step ahead of him with her own plans. As she squished up against him, he sighed, shaking his head. I. If she hasn't run by now, what could the Evokers say to make a difference? She already knows. I may as well just... "She had an answer for me this morning. One that would have made you delighted to overhear I suspect." He shook his head ruefully, before giving in to the already lost battle, and wrapping her into a hug with his free left arm. Tilting his head down slightly, he whispered into her ear, "She told me to go get that dancer. Though really, I'm pretty sure I'm the one being got in all of this. Not the other way around. I just hope you're right about my magic... I never want to run the risk of hurting you because I lost control like last night."
  9. "Of course, Versaris. I appreciate you telling me." Cinaed sighed, running a hand through his hair, trying to think. "I hope my mother is ok... Ah, I do still want to talk to you later!" His request was called out after Sari's now retreating back as the man made a beeline for Aly. Cinaed grinned as he watched, shaking his head slightly. Something had changed in the man, and it was good to see. To see him seem to be truly genuinely happy was a delight, and if it brought about a more honest companion because of it, well, all the better. I really do owe him and Tio apologies though, huh? One ring at a time I suppose... His internal musings were cut short by a voice calling out to him, one that instantly had his cheeks warm, as he turned to find Siorel smiling up at him. "H-hey there. Good morning to you as well. I hope you slept well." Now isn't the time to talk, certainly not in front of everyone, ugh, how do I... "Uhm, I'm going to need to talk to the Evokers tonight. About.... Everything from last night. I was. Hoping that maybe you would join me in that? I just, need to understand what's going on. With my magic. I need to know if it will happen again. But I'm... scared. And having you there would help." Until I know that I'm not putting her at risk just by being around me, I can't tell her about my talk with Gean and about how I feel... I just can't.
  10. Cin found himself suddenly pulled to the side by Ing, no, Sari, away from even Gean, to suddenly have information about his last name dropped on him. He frowned, not really understanding. "I. Can certainly withhold my last name, I trust you enough to listen to what you say. But this doesn't make any sense. My family... They all died, Versaris. My mother was sent away, to try and keep some of them alive, but she was the only one from what she told me. The rest of them, they never appeared again after the war. They never came to find her, they left her alone. The only reason they would have done that is if they were dead. Why would they still be on some watchlist?" He shook his head, not denying the man's words, just confused, when suddenly he paused, considering. "Ah. Hmm. Can we talk about this more, later? I'll give you the quick summary now, but I suspect that you might want to talk more after... And I needed to talk to you anyways. Tomorrow, maybe. I need to talk to the Evokers tonight and that one is urgent. Ugh. After the fight with the Crows, I stopped by the fortune teller. She showed me... It was my family. My grandfather, others, all with my golden scales. Welcoming me, happy to see me. And then it changed. A man with red hair, standing over their corpses. Their burnt corpses. Fire dragons that had been burnt to death, completely destroyed, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that is an almost impossible task." He ran a hand through his hair, trying to think. "I'd assumed she'd somehow shown me the past instead of the future. But now... Well, now I don't know what to think. Except to wonder why, if they really are alive, did they just abandon my mother in Glacies..."
  11. Cin jumped slightly as Gean showed up behind him, seemingly out of nowhere. He turned to look at her, a small flash of emotion skating across his face for the briefest moment, remembering their talk from not that long ago. Early Morning Confessions But then, he smiled at her and things snapped back into place. She was his friend. Nothing was every going to change that. Not a gentle rejection or the dark past she kept hinting at, no. He was there for her and she was there for him. "Hey Gean, have a good morning so far?" He chuckled, before suddenly Ingverd, no apparently Versaris appeared, with a promise to wake the Evokers if needed and a new name. Or perhaps an old name, depending on how you looked at it. He smirked slightly and returned the bow, "A pleasure to meet you, Versaris Didaron. I am Cinaed Astuikami, also at your service." He straightened and chuckled. "It's good to see a different side of you though, so I'll do my best to remember the change. Apologies if I mess it up occasionally." It seemed like the group was needed up at the mansion, perhaps sooner rather than later, for what besides a thank you wasn't entirely clear, but that was an easy enough place to start towards. "I suspect a group is probably gathering in the breakfast room, and the others are still asleep. Do you want to go and try and wake the Commander, Sari? Or perhaps you Gean? She should be able to get the rest of the group moving quickly enough."
  12. Cinaed bit back a yawn as he sat alone at a small table in the dining room of the inn. In front of him was a medium plate with a few scraps of food leftover, the remnants of a decently sized breakfast. "Mmm, suppose I should go check on the wagons, since I'm up. Make sure we're ready to leave once everyone else is ready." Anything to avoid going back up to his room right this minute. There was someone up there that had left him feeling all twisted around every time they talked, and after last night, he needed some time to think. Nighttime Visit Even after his talk with Gean, and the resolution that had brought, he still needed time to sort out his head. It wouldn't do to go talk to Siorel when he was still feeling sad about how things had turned out with Gean. The relief was there too, but sadness had been the first emotion he had felt. Even though he hadn't lost her as a friend, rejection hurt. "Ahhh, I'm being stupid. Come on then. Time to do something useful rather than sit around and mope." Besides. Siorel is beautiful and wonderful too. I just want to make sure I start things off on the right foot with her. Make sure I'm not just using her as a rebound. Though after their time together last night, that wasn't really something he was too worried about. He really did like her, even if they'd known each other less than twenty four hours. Maybe I ask her to come with me to talk to the Evokers. She may know something that I don't about everything that happened, given how blurry it all is. And then after that, we can talk. That sorted, and conveniently pushed off to that coming night, he pushed back from the table, headed out towards their wagons. He stopped when he reached the lobby, noticing the innkeeper talking with one of the men of the town, and overhearing discussion about Tio. "Ah, good morning. Did you need us Tigers for something?"
  13. "A-ah." He'd messed up. He wasn't entirely sure how, he really had thought that it was a reasonable suggestion, but her reaction, combined with the too cheery warning told him to backtrack. "Well, thinking about it more, I've already made so much progress with learning from you, why would I switch? It was just something that popped into my head. Besides, one dangerously powerful ancient being in my life is enough, right?" He smiled at her, hoping she would laugh, trying to right course with her. They finally were hoping to escape. Bladen had followed Asami over to their exit route before gently resting his head against the side of hers. "Mmm, I just want to be out of here and in a place I can sleep and forget everything that happened today. Strange new people, strange new magic, weird animated dolls, arms and legs inside of chests, I just want to leave it all behind." He sighed, straightening up again and shaking his head. "I need to talk with our new pegasus rider at some point though... I owe her an apology, I think. Besides that though, I just want to sleep and pretend this all never happened as best I can."
  14. Cin stopped, closing his eyes and barely holding back and irritated sigh as Tanya called out from behind him. "I said I was fine on my own and I meant it. I don't need a babysitter." The words were harsher than necessary, and he immediately flinched at them, realizing the anger and frustration he'd forced down before were bubbling back up. He tightened his fists, digging his nails into the palms of his hands, turning them pale from the strain before finally managing to turn back to Tanya with a stiff, polite smile on his face. "I'm aware you were teasing, no need to worry. It was not any one individual of you, as I said, it was just a lot and I am tired." He could feel the fakeness in his voice, hoping that the cat who didn't know him very well wouldn't notice, or would chalk it up to tiredness. He just wanted to be alone. To be away from everyone he might yell at or hurt accidentally if he lost the tenuous grips he had on his temper and magic. "I'm just going back to the inn, no need to follow me. Your offer is kind, but really. I just need to be alone." He gave her another tight smile and a nod, before turning back around and continuing his path towards the inn.
  15. Cin shook his head as people tried to placate him, Gean even going as far as to assign Tanya to escort him back to the inn. "I'll be fine on my own, I don't need to be walked back to the inn. I just. Today has been a lot and you all overwhelmed me. I just wasn't. Ready. Thank you for taking Siorel. Feel free to tell the Commander I support her joining if it's needed to convince her." He slowly stood back up, careful extracting himself from the group of women as he did, until he was a few feet away from them. "If you run into either of the Evokers, please tell them I was hoping to talk to one or both of them soon as well. I need. Answers." He bowed to the group before starting to make his way off towards the inn. He wasn't entirely convinced he was going to sleep just yet, but he needed quiet. Of that much, he was certain.
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