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  1. And there went the dragonewt's attention, pulled away... to the snake. He couldn't help the grimace that flashed across his face as he attempted to shift his position so that Xalrei was between him and the lamia. He really did want to talk to Xalrei, given he barely knew anything about her, but this situation wasn't exactly his ideal one. He'd seen enough from the now quiet and unassuming woman during the battle to know that he didn't want to be any closer to the lamia than he had to be, but still. "Ugh, why'd she have to be the one you wanted to talk to..." The mutter was hopefully not even loud enough for Xalrei to hear. The words had really just slipped out, and were not exactly something he wanted anyone, but especially not Erephis to hear. He wasn't in the mood for a healing tonight...
  2. His conversation with Taliyah had been cut short in an instant, as chaos exploded around them. Lavinia captured in an instant, with Marina being called to fight. The next second, a line of threatening skeletons had appeared in a flash of blue flame and then combat erupted. Asami had shown up from... somewhere, he wasn't entirely sure, as she helped Ness and Xal destroy one of the monsters. Bladen had barely had a chance to draw his own sword to try and help out those around him when an angry voice cut through the night air. Marina, and she was angry. But not in a combat way, it didn't seem. And in fact, the skeletons suddenly disappeared around them and everything started to settle. Sheathing his unsullied blade, he scowled from a distance at the lamia who seemed to be on their side now. Some instinct of his left him distrustful of her kind, perhaps the knowledge that she could crush his wings and his body in a split second in that tail of hers. Rather than approach her and join in on the surely very interesting conversation, he instead headed over Xalrei, just in time to see the spear in her hand transform back into the sword he recognized from earlier. With a nod at the weapon, he commented, "Good fighting there, though I'm surprised to see you using that blade. I thought it would be off limits, given it's the blade of the Demon King and all."
  3. A pink hue quickly colored Bladen's cheek as Taliyah oohed over his wings, and he let them shrink down to their miniature size rather quickly. "Ah, no, it's not really... Well, it's convenient, sure, but I'm... not very good at controlling it just yet. It comes with time apparently. I think it's probably to keep younger fallen from flying too soon... If you lose control of your wings mid-flight, it's not going to end well for you, after all." A compliment back, that was the right thing here. She had seemed down on her tail, so... "I like your tail, actually. It seems so much more versatile than my wings, you know? I can only use them for flying, really. You can use your tail to hold things, balance, heck, I bet you could give someone a good whack with it if needed. Hiding it away sometimes could be useful, sure. I mostly just hide my wings when I'm getting dressed or sleeping though..." Right, Marina. "If she is acting... No, I can't even really see it as a possibility. You didn't see her, but I asked her if she had ever thought about what her actions would lead to and she just... fell apart. Starting crying right there in front of me. And not just a little bit, full out sobs. Agni, on the other hand, I think you're right about him. He's from this world after all. He's grown up thinking we're all a bunch of monsters just fit for killing, not people with thoughts and dreams. He's not going to do anything stupid, mind you. He's well and truly Marina's subordinate in a lot of ways I think. So long as she's willing to help us, from what little I've seen, I don't see him going against that. But he's still a rude little human."
  4. "Huh, sounds like you're better off finding a quiet life than tagging along with us, if I'm being honest. Not that I'm chasing you off, but I'm guessing there's going to be more blood in this group's future..." He trailed off, staring at Taliyah for a few seconds before shaking his head. "I agree though, she doesn't seem like the Hero we all heard about. She fought before but now... Well, I won't call her tame, but she's more on our side than on her side it seems. It's strange." He shrugged. "I guess you could say that she's the reason I'm still here. I didn't really plan on joining up but I have a lot of questions for her... Questions I can only get answered by her or those she worked with, so until I get those, I'm here. As for the wings..." A pause, the small wings on his back appeared and then flared out to their full length. "They take energy to keep full size like this, and keeping them small can get annoying if I'm trying to lay down or anything like that. And, yes. I'm a Fallen. Probably the only one out in the world right now if I had to guess."
  5. Everyone seemed to be pairing off, Ness and the hero, with Agni joining them quickly, while Xal was headed off to their new companion's wagon. He quickly vacated it when they arrived at the campsite, but now he was left with little to do. Glancing around, he spotted the half lizard girl thief that they'd picked up in the last battle as well. Huh, the group is rapidly expanding. Guess that's not a bad thing but it's certainly going to make things chaotic. Well, may as well make nice with the new folks. Wandering over to her, he extends a hand. "Hey there. We met, briefly, in the battle. I'm Bladen. What's your story? Why'd you decide to get mixed up with this traveling circus?"
  6. The focus of the merchant had quickly shifted away and so he quietly listened as she and Lavinia discussed the sword's origins. Seemingly it was the former Queen's sword, stolen or sold down a path that eventually led it here. Requiem. A fitting name for such a weapon, that looked like it would leave only death in its path. His hand itched to try a weapon such as that, to see how it could help him do more than what little he had managed this fight. But such dreams were quickly shelved as the call to board the wagon came. As interesting as the sword was, there was a time and a place. For now... He balked at the idea of cramming into the wagon with Jade's goods as well as all the others in their group and only saw one real alternative. He crouched, concentrated, and then jumped, praying his wings would be more cooperative than usual. Thankfully, they burst out into their full length, carrying him up onto the top of the wagon, where he settled in, before allowing them to shrink back down. "I'll keep an eye out from up here. Always better to have a watch that can see all the surrounding area than not."
  7. Carefully skirting his way around the nightmares and the wagon they pulled, Bladen joined up with the rest of the group, seemingly in the middle of discussing some sword as well as their destination. Well, most of them were. The hero was busy hugging the newest member of their group, something that Bladen could only roll his eyes at. She really was a complete and total softie, wasn't she? How she managed to fight against anyone was a mystery, much less lead an army. She had probably been a figurehead. At the front to look pretty and not do much besides that. He shook his head and instead chose to insert himself into the conversation with their new wagon friend. "Recruited already, huh? I'll leave the details explaining to those more in charge of the group, but it would be nice to have a wagon again. I'm Bladen, by the way. Didn't exactly have a chance to introduce myself when we talked earlier. So that sword is yours? Interesting looking blade, alright. Is it something you use or just transporting it for sale?"
  8. The thief that had joined them had scampered off to steal something shiny, leaving the almost dead man still alive. Typical. Can't even finish the job, give a final mercy... A quick step forward, followed by an even quicker thrust, and the man fell, pierced through the heart. It wasn't his first kill, and these men had done little to warm sympathy, but he still had a short second of sorrow flash through him. Something had driven them to this life. Perhaps it would be better to assume that it was not the hard times brought on by all this war. But perhaps that was also just a lie he would have to tell himself to get through the upcoming trials.
  9. 5-13, stab the archer (flavor will come when not on phone maybe)
  10. Bladen jumped slightly as the merchant suddenly moved close to him and then started asking him questions. Didn't she realize there was a battle going on? Not... that he had been exactly active so far this battle. Maybe that's why she was pestering him, thinking he wasn't really fighting... Right, question. "Uh... I mean, I've heard of them. But I don't really need to use horses, since I can fly and all. But uh... I can try? If you want? Not sure I'm the best choice for that though." He glanced nervously at the nightmares. They were going to try to bite his hand off, weren't they...
  11. 6-19 Time to see what sort of fight this group could put up... And to see who this merchant being attacked was.
  12. Bladen sighed, shutting the tent flap behind her and finally sitting up. It seemed that even in not trying to play the game, he had lost it. Perhaps that was for the best. He wasn't here to be a fox's plaything. It would be better if she gave up on taunting him now, right? She would go, find a better target, like Agni or Marina, and leave him be to his mission. He couldn't help but think back to last night. There had been a brief moment there where it seemed like she cared. But then today... If I'm not entertaining, she doesn't care. That's that at the end of the day. He groaned, and flopped back down onto the ground. Her leaving him alone was a good thing. That was what he needed to just keep reminding himself. He would leave her alone and she would leave him alone and he wouldn't need to deal with a fox that only wanted to get enjoyment from his reactions. It was better this way. I'm just going to... stay here for a while longer. Get her out of my mind, relax, be ready for the day. I can skip breakfast for that...
  13. Bladen mentally groaned as instead of getting up, she snuggled even closer. While there was certainly part of him that was enjoying having two very attractive kitsunes snuggled up against him, there was a time and a place for such a thing. And now was certainly neither the time nor the place. And now she wanted to play games with him. Well, more games. Since realistically, all of this was one big game to her. He'd be lying to himself if he tried to believe that she actually was interested in more than just playing with him. A couple of blushes, a few reactions, that was all she wanted, nothing more. That's why Lavinia had warned him. A game. Right then. If that's what this was, then that's how to treat it. Then what was the best answer here? It was a coin flip as to which was the right one after all. So perhaps the answer wasn't the important thing, so much as making her enjoy the answer... "Well now, technically, as far as I can see it, you're both the real one. I mean, one is you and the other is your magic. It's all a part of you, just separated for now. It's not like you have Lavinia in here disguised as you. So that's my answer. Technically, both are you!" He didn't think this would work, but it was better than playing by her rules.
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