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  1. He closed his eyes for a long second, briefly rubbing his head as he followed after the fox. She flipped between hot and cold in a second, leaving him on the defensive at all times. This is what he signed up for though, he had to admit that. She was clearly the type of person who enjoyed playing with people, and he'd made himself an easy target. But as she giggled and swished her tail at him, followed by that smirk, he couldn't stop the small smile that broke out across his lips. It wasn't the easiest thing to deal with it, but she was always going to be interesting. "Hmm, well, if you beat those heads well enough, I suppose I'll have to give you a reward, right? Something in exchange for the entertainment you give me? Perhaps I'll give you a kiss again... Or come up with something new~" That was something she'd say almost. He wouldn't deny that most of this sort of thing was new to him and he was just going off of her cues. But if it worked, then that's what mattered. He had to put up a fight somehow, and if it meant copying her then that's what he would do. Even if it felt a little bit like cheating.
  2. And she was out the door, any chance gone. He slumped fully back down into the chair with a groan. "I just don't understand her..." It seemed like any decision he made with her was the wrong one. Except the kiss, but now he was even doubting that one a little bit. It was stupid, he knew that, but had he gotten himself in over his head here? It just didn't make a difference what he did, make a move, don't make a move, she was always going to expect something else. She'd wanted privacy but when he'd given it to her here, she'd seemed upset walking out, tail swishing, huffing... Ugh. And now he needed to move, go catch up with her, or she'd be coming back to find out what was wrong. Pushing himself out of the chair, he grumbled to himself, "I'm just useless with girls, aren't I?" But there wasn't time for that now. He headed out of the room, following after Asami. The arena, huh? Well, if nothing else it would be interesting to watch her fight. He'd only seen a little bit of her in action, and one on one didn't really seem like her style. But she probably had a few tricks up her sleeves, if he knew anything about her at all.
  3. She kept leaving openings but then the way she was acting, heading for the door... "Yeah, that... That's it. We've got a plan for moving forward, we have a new ally... Guess we should tell the others though. So they know. And let Marina know that Ayane knows who she really is.... Did they say where they were going? I uh... Wasn't really paying attention to that..." It was better this way. If she wanted to tell him, she could, but he wasn't going to pry. Not when she clearly just wanted to get out of there.
  4. And here it was. A lull in the conversation where he could ask about Asami. Find out about her past, the secrets she was offering up. And yet... Even though the moment was here, the words were not. What even would he ask? There was so much he didn't know, it was impossible to find a place to start. And even if he found the words, could he really ignore the quiet voice reminding him that only a few hours ago, she had wanted to do anything but talk about her past? He slumped even further in the chair, staring at his hands, waiting until Ayane had left. It seemed she still had a bit of a bite to her, even if she was willing to work with them. Not surprising, even if she was trying to threaten one of the worst possible targets. He didn't expect her words to phase Asami much, but still, he glanced at her retreating back and shook his head. The door closed behind her and he pushed himself up, finally looking back at Asami. "She's a unique one, to say the least. But I think we'll be glad to have her on our side nonetheless. What did she mean by the warning comment? Did she do something while you were shaking hands?" That was safe. Talk about other things, not Asami. He was doing the right thing by letting her keep her past to herself. Right?
  5. Bladen chuckled. "Ah, you're asking the wrong person, probably." It all made sense, her questions. Asami had come out with the plan to track this threat through Ayane, but had thrown enough extra in there to leave things confusing. And given all the information that had been given to her, looking to someone else for some answers wasn't unreasonable. Still, even though he was the only option, he wasn't exactly a good one. "You see, I just recently joined up with the group as well. I've got the story, but if you don't trust a story, I could have been fed the same one." He turned serious though, considering her question and his answer. "I suppose... The best way to explain it is to say that we're here to bring order to the country. We recently suffered a grave attack from the human armies, due to someone they call their Hero. It's the second time this has happened, and it leaves the country hurting. We have stragglers from her army, we have rebels who are upset with the way the country is being run taking the opportunity to try and steal power... As well as other threats, such as your enemy. We're doing our best to set things right. To help those hurting from the attacks and to take down those trying to profit from a tragedy." He left out the identity of Marina, feeling that was not his place to tell. But everything else... Well that was what they were doing, right?
  6. It seemed like they were facing a truly despicable character. Not only did she bewitch and transform people, she turned their dead against them. A weakness to dark magic... How ironic. The witch who twisted people was weak to dark magic, the type that some of the world viewed as evil. Everything else was just worrying. The fact that she was likely to target the King... The fact that it seemed Ayane hadn't burned her dead... "So what do we do then? If we can't get her to come to her, we'll need to go to her, but how do we find her? Is there some way to track her magic or something?" The only thing he could think of was if people started being turned into oni or the dead started to be raised, but that was something they were trying to prevent, not use as a way to find her. Asami seemed like their best hope for finding her, even though he suspected that was going to be the thing she least wanted to do...
  7. Bladen carefully settled down into an armchair, twisting sideways so his wings weren't crushed against the back, and ended up almost lounged, feet hanging over one armrest. The options presented to him were all of varying interest, but the one that caught his attention the most was why Asami ran. But... The hint of sadness was lingering in the air. He couldn't shake the feeling that he shouldn't be here, that he shouldn't pry. He could feel a heaviness to all of this, like one wrong move and it would all come crashing down. She was offering something that he wanted, sure. But he wasn't sure he was ready for the consequences of taking her up on that offer. Thankfully, Ayane settled the issue for him. Speaking up, asking about this Ouka, she made the problem simple. "Sure, that sounds good to me. She's going to be our enemy after all. Better to learn everything we can about her." It was safer ground. Something he could, and would, face with his blade. That much, at least, he felt confident he could handle. A fight, win or lose, had a known outcome. Dipping into Asami's past... For some reason, right now that felt more scary than any battle he could face.
  8. Their dinner was rapidly dispersing, not long after it had started. Bladen wasn't overly hungry, thanks to the lunch he'd had with Asami, but still. But... The invite Asami had made, however reluctantly, hung out in the air between the two of them. A choice. Take her up on the offer, learn more about her, about her past, about the strange land across the ocean where this threat had originated. Or refuse, let her have her privacy and take the time to finish his dinner, maybe talk to some others in the group. It seemed so easy at first. She had made it clear at points that she didn't want to talk about her past. Whatever was motivating her now didn't make all of that talk null, did it? And then... She asked again. With less hesitation this time. Maybe he was being dumb, maybe she would regret this tomorrow, maybe there were things to be discussed that he would regret learning. But as she looked back at him, he found himself pushing away from the table and following her, almost without realizing that he'd made his decision. So long as you're sure you want me, I'll go wherever you ask...
  9. That was... a lot. An enemy that could turn people into an oni, something Bladen still only had one data point to work off of, was the head of a cult, and apparently had landed here in his homeland. It seemed like the method of transformation was some sort of alcohol that could also keep their new acquaintance in check, whatever that meant. None of this sounded like good news to Bladen, and it was made even less good when Asami made it the Hero's problem. Because that meant it was his problem too. He still wasn't even really sure why he was a part of this group, though Asami was making a pretty good case for sticking around, but adding in a cultist that had apparently destroyed an entire kingdom by herself? "Ugh..." He frowned down at his plate, his appetite gone. It wasn't fair that this was being shoved on their group. ... Shoved on the Hero. Not that she deserved fairness, not after what she'd done, but still. This sounded like a messy history transplanted here and now Asami was just dumping it into the Hero's lap. Which meant it was being shoved in all of their laps. And of course Asami had only hinted at her past with all of this. Being mysterious was her thing after all. He couldn't even get anything interesting out of this new task. It wasn't like learning that Asami didn't want to talk about her past was especially new.... Things had been so simple just a few weeks ago... Maybe the freedom he'd found in leaving his village wasn't worth all this headache... Warm hands rubbing his back... An arm wrapped around his... Companions found in a dragon, a kitsune, and others... And even the tears of the Hero... No... He couldn't start regretting his choices now. He'd made his mind up when he followed his dad and the other warriors. They hadn't backed down even when their lives were on the line. He couldn't give up just because of some unexpected work being placed in front of him. He had answers he needed to find. There was no way to go but forward.
  10. Asami's response to him had resulted in a blush and the chicken in front of him suddenly becoming the most interesting thing in the room. At least until their bespectacled friend brought up information on the contents of the mystery vial they had found during their previous battle. "Vampire's blood, huh..." He'd heard plenty of rumors on how vampires were created, but this was a new one for him. Worrying though, if there were just vials of that out and about. Where had it come from? "How..." Whatever question he had been about to ask was cut off by the arrival of their friend from before. Her name was... Ayane. Right? Maybe. Something like that. She was bound to stir up something as she headed straight for Asami. The General seemed to be taking the first stab at keeping things under control, so for now, he just kept an eye on Asami. He wasn't going to be able to do much to help her, but he would be supportive for her if he could. "You've got this..." It was a whisper, but he knew that if Asami could hear his mutterings halfway across a battlefield, she would hear this.
  11. After they'd escaped the oni, the day had brightened significantly. Bladen had truly enjoyed just spending time with Asami, eating, window shopping, everything. He wished he had enough money to buy her a trinket, but the prices in this town far outweighed what little he had. It had almost caused him to consider entering the area for a moment, but he had given up on that after giving it more than a second's thought. He had his way of doing things. She wouldn't get upset with him for not buying her anything, that he was pretty sure about. And now they were back all together, seemingly without any problems during the day. Thankfully the humans had managed to stay out of trouble when they were on their own, so that was a relief. The others all seemed to be in good spirits as well. The oni hadn't shown up yet, so it seemed that for now they were safe of that specific brand of trouble. However, he wasn't exactly safe, something he was reminded of as Asami's subtle teasing made him blush, though Lavinia's comments didn't exactly help. "It was a lot of fun, really. It's hardly a claws situation..." He'd been the one that had pushed things past teasing first after all. Not that he was going to say that to the whole company but. Food. Food was interesting, right? He directed his attention to the chicken on his plate, hoping that this line of conversation would fizzle out.
  12. To say that Bladen was confused would be an understatement. The two women were right on the edge of fighting and talking in what almost seemed like a foreign language. Presumably the woman in front of him was one of these oni, but who was Ouka? Where was Nanbu? He tensed as this oni spoke, ready for Asami to attack, knowing he wouldn't have much time to try and intervene, but thankfully it seemed the answers that had been given pacified the kitsune for now. Though the incident seemed to have also rattled her slightly, as she spoke of running away from something in her past... "Well, uhm... I don't really know what's going on here... But perhaps you could meet with us later? If you have more questions or something? We were about to go get some food, and it's... sort of a date. So we can't really invite you along." Maybe he could give Asami a chance to breathe, to get her feet back under her? It worried him some to see her out of sorts like this. He was the reason they'd stopped to talk. She had just wanted to blow on past the oni. Maybe he could help her escape for now at least...
  13. That was... Unexpected. It was clear Asami knew something about the stranger watching them. Either that or there was something Bladen had missed, a thought he couldn't discard. Asami was better at that sort of thing... But no. When the stranger approached, asking about clothes, it had to be her that had spooked the kitsune. Interesting. A connection to a homeland perhaps then? Or a part of her past she didn't want brought up... Either way, it was interesting. And worrying. He gently rested a hand on Asami's arm and smiled at her. "Well now, there's no harm in answering a few questions before we get food, is there? Perhaps in exchange, you would answer a question or two as well? I can't say I've ever seen anyone like you, which would make sense if you're from far away... Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?" She was being polite, he would be polite back. But not relaxed. If she had Asami spooked, he wasn't going to take that lightly. He kept his hand away from his sword for now, not wanting to provoke a reaction, but he was ready for this to turn ugly if there was more to all of this than simple curiosity.
  14. Hmm, she hadn't raised to his tame fox comment as much as she had the last time. He'd have to find a new tease then, if this one had stopped working. No matter. "Well, you seem to fight well enough in our fights. As for cheering me on..." He sighed. "Well, it's just the way I was taught. Fighting for money... I should raise my blade for training or for life or death combat. One could probably argue that the arena is training of sorts, but to me I can't help but see it as fighting for sport. Sorry to have dashed your hopes." He was saved from a potential dangerous teasing by the arrival of the general, with news that she was looking for the misfits of the group, the two most vulnerable in a situation like this. Why did it somehow not surprise him that the two humans were managing to cause trouble already? Didn't they realize how dangerous it was for them to be around here? He shook his head, looking around just in case they were lucky enough to stumble into the area and instead spotted an unusual figure. She looked almost human, until you noticed the horns. Her style of clothing and armor were completely foreign to him, but that didn't necessarily mean much. With how isolated the Fallen were from the outside world, for all he knew this could just be a new fad. Still though, she stood out enough to keep his attention on her and away from the conversation between Asami and the General. He gave her a small nod, wondering if she would even noticed since she seemed more interested in the his companion than in him.
  15. Bladen couldn't help but smile as she took his arm. It wasn't something he was used to, and he suspected he wouldn't have the chance to get used to it with this fickle fox, but it was nice while it was happening. "Well, of course I am. It might even make some people think I tamed a fox. Stupid people, but still people." He shot her a smirk before considering the question. "Well... Honestly, compared to my village this is plenty big enough. I'm not really one for the arena, but if you want to go, I would be more than willing to cheer you on in the stands. Otherwise, some food could be nice." He hadn't realized it, but he was starting to get a bit hungry...
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