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  1. Part 2 of the last comment:

    ... Saturday I've posted again. Don't call it a comeback!

  2. I get distracted easily so I've been neglecting Fire Emblem. Also my 11 week holiday finished a few weeks ago so I have less time to participate in lesiurable activities such as posting here. Over those 11 weeks all I did was lie on the floor all day, eating crap, playing video games and posting here. Unfortunatly I no longer have that luxury. Now that I have ran out of things to on this Satur

  3. I always have trouble replying in these threads since I can never define any single class as my favorite/least favorite as I find virtually every class to have a vital role in a team. However, I'm going to be stubborn and make a post anyway. Favorites 1. Berserkers - love their extreamly frequent critical rate, insane strength, great speed and very high HP. Pure powerhoses 2. Valkyries - I thought I'd have a magic user (FE6-FE8 one I'm talking about obviously) as my #2 so I choose valkyries. I've recently come to love valkyries for some reason, and I like how they're mounted (sorry, couldn't give better reasons. ''I like how they're mounted'' is the worst thing I've ever said on this forum). Least Favorites 1. Assasins - with this class I'm only talking about the FE6-FE8 incarnations since the FE9/10 assasin (Volke) is one of my favourite units over the 2 games. For a start I don't think they're a good promotion for theives since I don't understand how a 'promotion' for a FE unit involves a unit losing an ability, the rouge class is much better promotion for them. Also statwise they're nothing special, and the silencer skill doesn't really make up for it. Swordmasters are a much better sword unit. 2. Generals - I feel bad putting generals as a 'least favourite unit' since a lot of the time they are very useful (like I said . However they generally (pun?) don't fit into my style of play because of their low speed and movement.
  4. You sure do leave for long periods of time! When you get this...Hello Sir Canas!

  5. You commented on the wrong box

  6. Several of my FE7 game had been deleted, it seems to be because of the cartridge recieving impact. The first time I put my DS (with FE7 in it) and when I took it out to play FE7 I found the game had been deleted, I presume it was because of the game rattling about in the bag. The second time it got deleted because I threw the cartridge against the wall, yeah. The third time it got deleted after the DS (obviously with FE7 in this) fell off my bed (it's a raised bed, so it fell from a fair height). After the third time the game stopped saving altogether so I had to buy a new copy of the game.
  7. I use the mine trick and then let my units get loads of lovely experience from killing the defencelss pirates.
  8. OK, you can stop now. I'm excited enough.Gaiden's great, the plot (which you complained about the game lacking) starts to pick up after part 1. Very good game.
  9. OK, I bungee jumped. It was somewhat exciting, but my excitement guage is only a third full. I need you to excite me even more, FEFL.
  10. Fixed.The best quote in FE history. If there's any quotes in FE that come close to being as good as that one, I'd like to here them.
  11. Oh yeah, forgot about the class swap. If he's as good as you say he is then I look forward to using him. Hopefully I won't overuse him like I did with the last uber unit I had, Haar.
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