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  1. No safe space for the others to stay out of battle, so didn't even bother trying a solo or even duo. This one's a total fail.
  2. Didn't need C skill or seal for this one, easiest all year by a long shot
  3. First time I needed Guard in a while, Miracle on Triandra would have been annoying.
  4. I was so hyped when got announced but the song choice was a let down.
  5. The levels of speed here are out of control, very hard for Nowi to keep up with the newer units.
  6. Dimitri too strong, couldn't let him get a single hit in. Didn't even have a precharged special or dragon effective damage, just his basic attack is overwhelming.
  7. First time I ever got to use the secondary effect of Mystic Boost on Nowi, I usually just think of it as that anti dragon damage skill.
  8. Gave up trying to solo yet again. Even when I gave them skills to be able to one shot the sword cav it still went after the others. Draw Back used for protection.
  9. Green bladetome with Mystic Boost seemed like it was put there for Nowi, but not enough.
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