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  1. Auto team for this one will be Oscar, L'Arachel, Halloween Hector, Rolf. Not too thrilled with the seals, I'll just save my coins.
  2. Lorenz was a huge 180 for me, he started as this pompous oaf that seemed like he looked down on everyone but then I saw he really cares for the commoners, like a parent looking after children. The moment he really clicked for me was in the Catherine support when he said if the people revolt that means the noble was at fault and is to blame. Also in his Byleth support it was all about him hitting on women so I thought he'd be another skirt chaser like Inigo or Sylvain, but thankfully it was only that support, not the defining part of his character.
  3. I'm gonna do that route next once some more DLC drops, did GD first and then BL. Looking forward to Bernadetta in the story, recruited her on both the other routes and she's precious.
  4. Female fits the story better but I like male design much more, plus it's an avatar so I'm going to choose the same gender as myself.
  5. This mode is fantastic, the most fun I have had in the game short of the Nowi content clears. I really enjoy getting to build these units with premium skills without having to pull for them, training them up, and how it's a theme team. So far in my run Celica and Mae have gotten most of the kills cause they got sweeper skills while Alm and Boey lag behind. Gonna go back to early levels to train them.
  6. I feel like it's coming at a reasonable rate already, I already got two of my Nowi's to +10 flower and Witch Nowi is +5.
  7. One from each house I'd like would be Bernadetta, Dedue, Raphael, and Flayn. Nemesis GHB would be great, but he'd no doubt be legendary instead.
  8. The duo is absolutely precious, I love seeing daddy Hector spending time with little Lilina. Got lucky and got them in 8 orbs in the initial circle. It's nice the first duo unit was someone I wanted, I still haven't gone for any Pair Up legendaries. The other three are all characters I like but not enough to pull for, gotta conserve orbs since I stopped spending money. Looking forward to the free Rolf though.
  9. I supported Nah and Inigo so I'm on his team, rooting for the son in law.
  10. Another day, another dragonslayer, won't be fun fighting her in Aether Raids. Null Followup in the weapon I can't even tank her with Nah's weapon effect.
  11. I'll take the last 6 merges on my daughter Nah, she's a permanent member of my Aether Raids offensive team after her forging bonds event showing how much she loved it, and having another tank to help Nowi is nice.
  12. Hector Lilina duo is incredibly cute and heartwarming, I'm pulling for sure. And Rolf I'm glad is a TT unit so I can get as a freebie, now we just need Boyd to complete the trio with Oscar, I thought it was lame how he got in alone when they should be sticking together like in their own games. Forma mode looks interesting, I like the idea of going through with heroes I don't have to pull for, without it being as strict as those grandmaster drills getting the right solution.
  13. Couldn't do it till I got Lull Atk/Def from pity breaker Dimitri to counter the barrage of buffs in this one. Busting out all the speed on Nowi for this one, solo threaten and brazen.
  14. Had to leave the refrigerator alive an extra turn to keep the reinforcements he was hiding away. Beating Thrasir was easy but reinforcements from every angle is a right squeeze in this map, though the walls were helpful in guiding the axe cav at the end toward Witch Nowi.
  15. No way I could deal with reinforcements on both sides in a solo, one being armor march bold fighter axe, so I just cleaned up in one turn using Witch Nowi as a buffbot.
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