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  1. Micaiah praising Ike caught me off guard but then this is the endgame version where she already teamed up with Ike, makes some sense. Looking forward to Sigrun and the Sturdy Blow seal. Gonna run Sanaki, then Ike, then Sigrun as my bonus units and an assortment of lolis for HM farming like Sothis and Summer Ylgr.
  2. Glad this one was easy, it was embarrassing not being able to clear LEliwood. https://youtu.be/g1TRMge2-bs
  3. I'd like to get Claude here since I went Golden Deer route in 3H but if I get one more pity breaker that's it, it's not like the lolis where I will spend money, I can let him go.
  4. Duma is a great motivator, good job getting them pumped up like that so they can destroy everything.
  5. Got her in about 180 orbs +Atk -HP. Loved it when she called me hopeless, I enjoy looks talking down to me. Here's the clear. Off that throne Sothis, the true goddess coming through. https://youtu.be/g1TRMge2-bs
  6. That chill Spd seal will be good for Abyssals so my weaker Nowi's can debuff from a distance. I could have them run all four chills between the two if I inherit Def and Res versions to their B slots. Guess I'll be using Roy until I get Fiora, Nah, and two others HM farming.
  7. Guess this goes here with the CC thread locked.
  8. Nowi alt I want most for flavor is bride, for gameplay I'd like her on the dancer banner to help out in Abyssal clears and for the weapon I want an axe to complete the color triangle and give her physical damage. Preferably not an infantry so I can run tactics with two regular Nowi + Witch Nowi.
  9. If it is Nowi I'll at least try to get +1 for bane removal, then start saving orbs for the legendary banner she comes on and the rerun next year. Not in the mood to just whale it out to +10 right away, was only gonna do that for bride Nowi if it happened.
  10. Was already getting the game day 1, nice bonus. I'll marry him to Sothis as soon as I pull her since I plan to do the same in 3H.
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