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  1. Bonus units are disappointing, all 5* exclusives, there's plenty of low rarity Echoes units they could have used like Boey, Mae, Leon, Valbar. Just gonna take my 50k and be done with it instead of grinding this time.
  2. Open the Future hit pretty hard, had to dedicate one of the backup Nowi to counter him instead of just deleting with the main like I usually do. Firesweep + dazzling staves made me use Null Disrupt over a more universal skill like Mystic Boost for heals making it harder.
  3. Winced a bit when I saw a green dragonslayer, but Nowi pulled though.
  4. 150 orbs for Mamori +Res -Atk, still 50 though so not too bad. Got my 3rd Leif pitybreaker but he can live this time since Echidna has Drive Atk. Got +Atk Echidna now so she will be promoted someday.
  5. Autobattle team will be Mamori, Itsuki, Virion, Chrom. Looking forward to Chill Res seal, that should be helpful in Abyssal Nowi clears.
  6. Been waiting on this since I started the game, looking forward to pulling for Mamori, and eventually singer Tiki when they make another banner with the rest.
  7. I actually upgraded Hardy Bearing for his Vantage but just barely couldn't get the one shot on him, so used his own tactic against him instead.
  8. Got NY Lethe from a ticket so my autobattle team is her, regular Selkie, NY Eir, NY Laevatine.
  9. Not a whole lot of room to get the others out of the way in this one so it took a few tries to get the enemies dealt with fast enough.
  10. All the out of battle damage made this one take a good few attempts, but Nowi pulled through. Thankful for the map design allowing for solo with no reinforcements from behind.
  11. I was expecting a turn 1 Miracle, but it was only down to 1 charge, so easy to one shot her.
  12. 277 orbs got me Nino (+Atk -Def) and Sothis (+Def -Res). Pity breakers were 2 Ylgr, green Olwen, and Rhajat. Got 2 more Nowi merges along the way, between the two low merge ones I can make a +10 now if she gets another alt.
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