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  1. I googled it and it came up. Did you actually enjoy Days of Ruin?
  2. Franz: GK because i feel like he lacks strength, MOV inst very important to me Gilliam: General because...Generals are BA Kyle: GK Forde: Pally Moulder: never promoted him Lute: Sage, willing to try mage knight Joshua: Sword master Natasha: bishop (slayer ftw) Artur: bishop^ Amelia: General, screw MOV Tana: Falco, screw pierce/game freeze? Cormag: beat level too quickly Garcia: Hero Gerik: Hero Ross: Berserker Marisa: Sword master Vanessa: never trained her/died L'Arachel: never trained her Colm: rogue...because assassin is a bit lame at times Neimi: ranger, replaces Gerik Knoll: summoner Ewan: druid i think thats everyone
  3. ^lolwut? Melee because brawl is for kids.
  4. Sorry, i realize i said favorite AND best which messed up the topic a lot. My apologies Do you guys usually train your lords consistenly or give your lord the occasional level up?
  5. I say S rank campaign. Advance Wars 1 got too hard so i quit. then i hacked advance wars 2 and DS
  6. Thanks, iv been to a couple forums before and recently picked up FE8 and FE7 so i decided to join
  7. As the title suggests, state your favorite lord from any FE game and explain why. Feel free to put stats as well. Im going to say either Hector from FE7 or Ephraim from FE8 While Hector was one of the more likeable lords (eww...Eliwood and Erika) he was a powerhouse on the battlefield, destroying anything that got in his way. He didnt max any stats but i feel like they were good enough. Hector stats: HP: 46 Lvl: 11 T_T Str: 26 Skill: 18 Spd: 23 Luck: 12 Def: 21+5 Res: 13 Con: 15 Ehpraim on the other hand, while being a like able lord, i didnt use him very often. That being said...his sister and his stats were very...bad. But on my 2nd play through i actually trained my lords Ephraim included. The result was the RNG god forgiving me and Ephraims stats sky rocketing to almost all maxed. Ephraims stats: HP: 56 Lvl: 20 Str: 27 maxed Skill: 26 maxed Spd: 24 maxed Luck: 30 maxed Def: 23 maxed Res: 15 Con: 10 so, whos your favorite lord?
  8. Honestly I say Bartre. He is a beast when I'm in a pinch with a 40% percent change hit. But overall...Hector owns
  9. This idea is great. I personally, would want an army like in Serafew of FE8. Of course..your units would suck but at least you would have a lot of them. As for the idea of being elite bad guys...well...wouldnt that be nearly the same as playing FE normally? Besides the fact that you can destroy buildings as a bandit -_-
  10. I would recommend emulaing it if you have an android device or a computer emulator. The game is VERY good and is my favorite in the series (but iv only played 2 games -_-) Your situation is the same as mine. I was recommnded Sacred Stones from a friend and played it none stop. Then i decided to play Rekka No Ken just to test it out. 25$ is a small price to pay FE7 is better than FE8 for story and characters (i think?) The downside of FE7 is that there is a large character selection so you will probably be torn between several characters (poor Dorcas..Bartre was good though)
  11. FE-7: Hector and Lyn Serra and Sain Eliwood and Fiora (dont kill me pl0x) FE-8 Joshua and Natasha Franz and Amelia GG Gilliam and Syrene (because Gilliam was pretty straight forward) and thats it...because i have only played 2 games :l
  12. Lyn.................because Lyn gets bows...... Honestly, it depends on who you are going to use more.
  13. Oswin....because a character like that is too good not to train :)
  14. I dont mind waiting for the new FE because with time...comes quality? With games i think that the more time it takes, the better the game will be, i mean look at COD. They produce a game EVERY year and they usually play like shit, end up glitchy, bad graphics, etc. With Pokemon, it got weird after Emerald and im not trying to hate on B/W but what im saying is yes, pokemon is fun, but Emerald was the last game that i didnt have to look at the game's cover and shake my head in sadness The one game i dont want to see realeased ever is the new Advance Wars...after reading that the "Days of Ruin" style would be returning i turned off the computer and QQ'd Be happy though, FE is fun and when you finally get the game, you will probably feel that the time investment was worth it
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