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  1. Hey I dont know if you're still trying to figure this out but I found the rapier event. Its address is 9EF060
  2. I figured out the issue. I was applying the animation to Moulder but remove his staff rank. Removing his staff rank fixed it
  3. I'm having a problem with the Axe Armor Knight animation from this thread. It makes the game freeze. I'm not sure if its a problem with the animation or on my end since the other animations I've entered with fine. I'm using FEBuilder if that matters
  4. I'm learning FEBuilder and mechanically, making a map is simple. You just put the tiles you want down and voila! You've made a map! But I'm having trouble actually making a good map. I've played SoV and chapter 3 of FE12, so I'm familiar with what a bad map is like. Basically I'm hoping there's a video or something that demonstrates how to plan out a challenging/well balanced map as opposed to a disaster like most of SoV's maps.
  5. I don't think I will, since the hack is only going to go up to the route split so getting the legendary weapon would be OP (or at least more OP than everything else I'm doing) Also thanks! Im glad you're interested in playing it. Although to be honest, since it is a simple reskin I might just PM it to people who want to play it, rather than posting it on the forums.
  6. I have already successfully ported Lyns FE7 animation to FE8 I plan on using a couple of the custom animations from the spriting section on here. No, I'm not planning on using skills in this hack.
  7. Armaada_J


    When I try to extend the table it causes an issue where all class names become blank
  8. Armaada_J


    OK thanks I didn't realize the name list was extendable. I assumed it was like the class list
  9. Are you still accepting edits? All bows are now 1-3 range a la Gaiden Renam Moulder to "Boulder" and rename Orson to "JohnnyBadGuy"
  10. No I haven't and I've been looking for it. Are you going to switch the Rapier with another weapon? I'm probably just going to directly replace it with the Mani Katti.
  11. Armaada_J


    I need help with text editing. I want to replace the female general class with the Black Knight, but if I change the class's name it also changes the name of the male general class, which I want to stay the same. How do I only change the name of the female versions of classes without also changed the name of the male classes?
  12. Armaada_J


    Its not missing its just near the bottom of the chapter list
  13. Armaada_J


    Honestly I doubt I'll release it since it'll literally just be me replacing/renaming the characters.
  14. NVM I got Purple Hair to work! Now I think I'll be able to do the others
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