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  1. Yeah I've already noticed, Thank you very much! :)
  2. Didn't even know there was a discord lol, I'll be sure to do that.
  3. Yeah I already consirded this, and I'll change it when it's at a more complete stage and in terms of my previous projects as it was an intended sequel to scared stones, I highly doubt it.
  4. Great thanks, I wasn't sure cause I'm doing it via SRPG studio rather than FE editor, but I'm making it as similar as possible.
  5. Hey so I'm creating a new Fire Emblem game by using the SRPG studio, I know this is probably the wrong topic feed or whatever, but I've currently finished most of the first chapter, and about 25% of the maps. If anyone is further intrested or can offer advice I'd really appricate it. You can get in contact through - Discord - ethanb2309#5114 Or just message me on here directly.
  6. Yeah I will do, it's pretty incomplete so there's not much but look forward to more coming.
  7. Thanks, I wasn't sure about what already exsisted, but I was just looking for a recoloured mage to look like a dark one.
  8. Hey, I need a few sprites for a fan game I'm working on, anyone who can help please get in touch/reply. Here's a list of sprites needed. (The game is from the GBA era so GBA sprites only please!!!) 5 Lord Sprites, one modelled after an archer, light mage, mercenary, pirate, sage, and wolf. A reworking of the wolf sprites from FE8. Thunder, Wind, Fire, Light and Dark Mage, Sage, Archsage. Lancer. Marshall. Trueblade. Custom sprite that looks like Diviner/Onmyoji. Custom sprite that looks like Arcanist/Cantor. Custom sprites that look like Ninja, Master Ninja and Whisper. Strageist/New Valkyrie. Medic, Doctor and Nurse. Damsel/Consort Reaver. Hunter, Clawman, Ripper. Saint Anyone who is able to help I will be greatful to, and will be mentioned in games ending credits. Also if your intrested in the game, or able to help in any other way/know anyone who can, the check out my topic in concepts, Fire Emblem Tales of the Stones. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/83172-fire-emblem-tales-of-the-stones/&page=2&tab=comments#comment-5206094
  9. Attention warriors of art, your time has come! Any one who has any artistic skills concerning fire emblem is needed to draw a backdrop for the title screen. The best submission to myself will be chosen for the game. So please send in your works as soon as possible because the game will be released soon! Hopefully not in a year and a bit like Nintendo. Also anyone else who can contribute to the project in any way is welcome to do so! :)
  10. Anything Anything is appreciated, thanks a lot. :)
  11. Me and my friend are working on a fan game that's patched to FE8 on FEBuilder, but after the second map, (Chapter 1) The game softlocks before you go to the world map, any advice?
  12. Just so people are aware, me and a few other members are working on a hack that's called Fire Emblem - Tales of the Stones. It's set 15 years after the events of FE8 and we have completed two maps and the intro sequence, however there are only two people working on the entire game, so anyone here who can lend any help. (Map Design, Writing the Game, Support/recruitment/Village script writing, Charcter portraits) People who can help would be greatly appricated and it does mean that the game would advance faster and a version would be close to release, so anyone who can help would be appricated! :) Please Note - These are screenshots of the game so far. I would also like to thank the current team who is involved in the project.
  13. Alright that's fine because mine is set after FE8 and it has some older charcters in it but it sounds really good! :)
  14. On the horizon a new map has been spotted... That's right the game is still in development! We have completed up to chapter 2 but charcter portraits are unfinished alongside the cutscences, however we will continue work on the project and keep the community updated. As such I thank everyone for your patience and if anyone can help in anyway it benefits everyone because the game will be released sooner.
  15. Is your one set after or during FE8
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