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  1. I mean, It's all dependant on the person IMO (good combat capabilities are nice, but, art, personality, uniqueness, etc. factor in as well) If I had to say, atleast from a mechanics standpoint, good units should bring something to the table that's different from the rest of the units, like the dragons and dancer units in pre-awakening games (don't think dancers should've gained combat capabilities, but whatevs). Heck, I love to use Gonzales in FE6 for the sole reason of he is the only playable brigand I know of in all the FEs I've played. Is he useful? Not always. Is it fun as heck to use? Absolutely. Same goes for a lot of the fliers early on in most of the games, as sometimes they're the only fliers you have for a majority of the game. ..... Crit monkeys are also nice.
  2. Glad my advice helped! Just remember to turn it back to power saver while using it at school / anywhere without charger access, since it will drain quite a bit faster while set on high-performance.
  3. Let's Gooooooo ID: 9621472836 Name: Dizii Leader: ATM Sigurd, but going to change it to Est after I reorganize my team
  4. That's an issue with every laptop, since settings for your processor are different depending on whether you have it plugged in or not. I'd suggest keeping it plugged in when you're using desmume, or (if you really don't mind the extra battery drain) right clicking the battery icon on the bottom -> power options OR going into Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Battery Options. Once there, select "High Performance" so the computer knows it can drain extra power for extra performance. Besides that, if the lag is still an issue, close all other applications before running, and if push comes to shove, PM me your processor, GPU, and RAM availability and I'll see what I can do from there.
  5. I doubt there's gonna be demotions on any of these units, as they all have special weapons & skills typical of 5* exclusives, IE swift sparrow, res tactic, and the only other available dragon buff... One can hope for IS to finally give us 4* access to swift sparrow though, considering how old and prevalent it is now
  6. I mean, Berkut's unique lance in the end-game wasn't even used, they just gave him "Berkut's Lance" since they had no other ideas quite frankly. Even the name given to it would make you assume it was non-inheritable. Chances are it's gonna be like how they did with Arvis and make it non-inheritable (the closest comparison I can make). I have no clue what the innate ability is going to be, and noone else should either except for the devs, since they don't really translate game mechanics into the skills. The only thing we do have a good idea is with his stats, as IS has shown us to be fairly true to the characters in their stat spreads. Wishful thinking never hurt anyone though
  7. I really hope they do something special with his weapon and make it inheritable and upgradable like they did with Berkut. I'd personally love an innate DD3 on a red tome, since he has pretty good overall defenses for a magic-using unit, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up for something like that just yet. It's only 4 days away, so we'll see soon enough :)
  8. I completely forgot bold fighter & brash assault seal existed. My bad. With the other two, I can kinda see the similarities. Wrote that while moderately sleep-deprived, so assumed you were saying Desperation/LoD/SwiftSparrow were totally OK skills to run with someone that didn't have any speed. What still bothers me is the only overlap I see between the first two types is the breaker (which should really just be desperation for quad builds, since breakers don't help super-fast units, except for maaaybe swordbreaker for the Ayras and Mias out there, but even then it's a bit redundant), and the Atk+3 seal.Those two builds are trying to achieve death in 2 different ways, so I still think you should split the two, with the brash assault variant tagged along with the death blow variant. It's your list, so do what you think's best. IMO, I think It'd be useful for others who are looking at this list for reference to know that those builds are different and should be treated as such.
  9. Only issue I see here is with the standard brave build you have up. Speaking from experience, there are (IMO, lmk if you got anything else) 2 completely different ways to build around a brave weapon, which I'll call the "Reinhardt" and the "Olwen" "Reinhardt" builds consist of shoving as much Attack on your initiation as physically possible, meaning the best A slot is always going to be death blow, followed by either a hit and run, a breaker, or possibly wary fighter if you need the extra survivability. Speed means nothing (if you're doing it right, you should kill most units after the first two attacks), so desperation is going to be useless here, as well as Swift Sparrow/LoD (they're effectively inferior Death blows for this build). Example: Brave Weapon+ || positioning skill || [2 charge special] || Death blow || Breaker / Wary Fighter / [flexible] || [flexible] || Atk +3 "Olwen" builds rely on quadding the opponent, which will almost always kill. However, this actually requires speed if you aren't just going to counter a particular unit type. Most units that can build this kind of build (namely Elincia, Olwen, Bridelia, etc.) tend to be super squishy, so being hit more than once from any arena-tier unit usually ends in death. Exactly what to put on depends on the unit in question (this is just a template after all ) Example: Brave Weapon+ || Ardent Sacrifice/positioning skill || [3 charge special] || Swift Sparrow/LoD/Fury || Desperation || [flexible] || Atk\Spd +3 Reminder, there are plenty of other ways to build around a brave weapon, but these are the two most common from what I've seen, with the first one being the most cost-effective to build by far. I have a Soliel in the works right now, perfect example for a more unique brave build using heavy blade: (link to build on kagerochart for ez calculations) From what I'm seeing here, you're using the latter example for the standard brave build. Would you mind making a seperate template for "Reinhardt" builds? It really bothers me seeing both kinds merged into one >.< Otherwise, everything looks pretty good to me, hope you get back to work soon! (I'm new to the forums! don't kill me please )
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