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  1. I may. So far my vote plans are Leo, Lief, Hector, Gauis, Ryoma, and now Thrice. I still need one more though...
  2. Yeah, I think I voted for Leo. I plane on voting lief today. How about you?
  3. Just made this account, really wanna get more into fire emblem. I, like many, was introduced to the series through ssb4 and after playing awakening I really started liking it. I've played fe13, all 3 paths of fe14, and I just earlier today finished Eliwood's path in fe7. (I also play feh, of course) I actually found this site when trying to find a better localization of fe6 after playing the first 2 chapters, and I thought trying to make some friends would be nice, so..... here I am!
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