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  1. Hello all! I opened a bunch of Cipher packs from the FE16/FE4 set of cards. I have a lot of stuff to trade/sell. I’m located in the States (apologies to those outside of the US, I won’t be able to trade). Thanks for taking the time to look at my post!
  2. But will doing this mess with my extorting data. There is still a lot of stuff I’ve got after the 0A’s, so won’t moving it down screw with the rom, since it’ll be looking in the wrong location for moved data?
  3. I’ve also used a patch on the rom and edited it quite a lot. I need something that’ll work with lots of edits in place.
  4. Hello Everyone. I was wondering how I can create more space in a FE8 rom. I’m getting dangerously close to the end of the rom and I don’t want to run into the issue I had last time, where the beginning of the file was screwed up. I tried adding new offsets to the very end of the file in my Hex Editor, but it didn’t do anything.
  5. Nobody knew who Ares was, but now, he’s become moderately popular, due to the dark Mystletainn. Nobody ever talks about fe 4 or 5 so whenever a new addition comes from one of those games, and power creeps FEH, everyone will be talking about it, even if nobody who played the game even remembers them.
  6. They might release a banner for the three main characters a week or so before the release date so that they build up hype for all of the Heroes fans. The formations might just transfer over as unique special skills. As for spoilers, I think IS will probably avoid them, as this game has a completely new story. The games they spoiled before had already been out for a while. Black Knight does spoil some story points of PoR in his voice clips, but you’d need context to put it all together, as him saying, “To surpass General Gawain...is my ultimate goal as a swordsman” doesn’t mean anything to someone unfamiliar with PoR, but to someone who has, it would appear a spoiler.
  7. What do you think Nintendo is going to say about the next Fire Emblem title this E3? To be honest, it’ll probably be delayed, as we haven’t even gotten a slice of information on it.
  8. There isn’t any easy way I know of, but you can use the existing Flashback portraits, as well as their normal counterparts as a guide. If you need to replace the color blue for example, go into a portrait that has that same color, or something very similar, and see what is was changed to in the flash back version, it’s quite tedious, however, so use this as a final resort.
  9. Good day everyone. I’m currently searching for somebody available to create portraits for a FE8 hack. if you are interested please contact the project manager through discord @ ethanb2309. Thank you.
  10. Have a good flier for Hinoka’s map, but not too good because he/she’ll be useless on the final map.
  11. I’d make the magic work like in Gaiden, but apply the weapons triangle to it.
  12. It helps with his excellent voice acting, so he can scream UNCLE even louder
  13. It’s looking good! now you’ll be prepared for when Dragons Attack.
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