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    FE4 Mafia - Game over

    Paperblade sounds like informed minority to me. How can he be so sure this isn't Paper Mario Mafia?
  2. Prims

    FE4 Mafia - Game over

    I see no Sho on the playerlist. In other news, who the fuck stole my item on Night -1?
  3. I'll be a sub. Not a starting player, though.
  4. i am sorry that you did not pick up any mafia skills from reading the posts of such professionals as rocker64

    That stuff aside, thanks for the welcome. Not sure if I'll actually be joining games here too much since OC is baffling to me, but I'll probably consider serving as a replacement for NOC games here more in the future.

  5. are you the guy who i saw lurking the rec room at least once over on bm and mentioned to haze because i'm pretty sure you are

    Also, hi.

  6. Prims

    Duel Terminal 2 Mafia

    What don't you understand? Also, I'm p. sure that was the hammer.
  7. Prims

    Duel Terminal 2 Mafia

    Why does Strawman have to be our only scum flip right now asdfhkjgf. His posts might as well just be gigantic buzzwords, how am I supposed to redeem information from his interactions with other players at all? ANYWAY. I'm re-reading and I still don't remember why I put Hikaru down as town. Move him down to neutral, I guess. Also, Naglfar is the towniest of my neutral reads. It's really just a gut thing, though. Mysterioblade is slowly moving up the list too even though he was one of the main people driving the Proto wagon, though this could change with a Sho flip. If this were D1 or D2 I'd be advocating a Kaoz lynch because third parties are total dicks, but I don't really feel like we have the luxury of using up our lynch on survivors at this point. If a piercing vig of some type exists and could take care of that it'd be pretty awesome, thanks. <3 So hey, Sho looks pretty bad right now. I think it is scummy that he tried to twist a gameplay argument into a reason to attack Proto early on, only to drop this but immediately pick it back up and sheep when Proto became a wagon on D2. Rest of his play is just more sheeping and I can't think of anything he's done that hasn't been going with the flow/blending in with everyone else. It strikes me as off that he basically started having less and less of a presence after the D1 spat to the extent that I can't even remember what he did yesterday. Also, I don't know the precedent for SF modding, but based on past experiences elsewhere that roleclaim sounds like contrived bullshit coming from somebody who has more set-up info than the rest of us. Just sayin'. This post in particular looks like he's trying to cover his ass about it, given that it was disjointed from his other posts at the time. No, this isn't the main reason I want him dead, but I find it to overall be unnerving. Haze is fairly townie but I think it was weird how he pressure-voted Sho D1 then completely dropped it after N1 ended and even went for flippedtown!Proto the next day when Sho and Proto were basically opposites. I'm not seeing what Sho did to receive the sudden pass, or what Proto did to become worse. An explanation of what went on with that would be appreciated, because it looked particularly odd to me when I initially read through the game. ##Vote Shinori because I agree with the reasons for voting him and parking my vote elsewhere would be utterly useless at this point. I find it unlikely that we have two town priority drivers because the role is kind of wonky in the first place and not a huge boon to town, and Flint's attacks on Strawman seem to be coming from a townie PoV instead of a distancing PoV to me, so I'd rather lynch Shinori over him. Also, that's L-1 by my count. If there's wariness about him self-hammering then I'll unvote, but I don't remember reading a rule preventing people from speaking about game content at night in this game (and have even seen people do so) so I can't imagine that being an issue here. - By the way, I'm totally baffled by the Snike NK. He didn't seem particularly memorable over the course of the game when I was reading it. Given the jan it's possible scum found out he was an important power role, but otherwise I can't see why they would want to do this. @Haze ninja: She could have always just placed a restriction on it saying that "you can't do broken strategy X because deal with it", or alternately put a way to counter it in the set-up. It's not impossible.
  8. Prims

    Duel Terminal 2 Mafia

    Oh right, my read on Lorddomu is completely worthless if Shinori is scum, so I'm going to hold off on that for now. My logic was that when given the option between scapegoating Shinori and the guy who flipped scum (both had 1 vote), he chose Shinori, but if both were scum then that's pretty worthless. Maybe still notable because a roleblocker is a lot more worthwhile than a priority driver from what I can tell, but not as damning at it would be if Shinori is town. I was under the impression that scum might have wanted Shinori to be the counterwagon to Strawman, but recent events made me reconsider (because Flint is obvtown as hell right now).
  9. Prims

    Duel Terminal 2 Mafia

    I'm replacing in for Rothene. Hi. I have yet to do a in-depth re-read and make a presentable post, but for what it's worth, my reads from N3 that I had while lurking the thread were something along the lines of: *I completely forget why I had this read. I think it might have been a gut thing. No real objections to Shinori's lynch for now, in case I end up taking too long to re-read and can't post before deadline, or something.
  10. Prims

    Duel Terminal 2 Mafia

    just have me replace into all the player slots that haven't sent actions, then i can replace out again once the phase is over
  11. Prims

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    USEFUL GUIDES Playing: Pacing When Should a Townie Lie? Behavioral Analysis 1 Behavioral Analysis 2 Three Games Leading the Village (OC Only) Soft Alliances in Mafia (for games with more than just town and mafia) The Art of Fake Claiming Random Voting Stage Hosting: Mafia Pointing Theory Balancing a Mafia Setup Mafia Roles (Note: Many of these roles aren't common on SF) Designing OC Games For more information on both of these topics, check out the Info Dump here.
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