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  1. post em anyway. if they're good you will win my vote on the wagon of you're (you are) choosing
  2. ##Vote: Clarinets why did you flake my game :(
  3. wait I'm not comfortable with this actually
  4. https://discord.gg/ZhHJdA edit: lmfao
  5. basically an important skill is knowing what's necessary to say and knowing what's not necessary to say I never write paragraphs describing null reads on d1 because that's dumb. people can infer as much from you not talking about them and if they want to know specifically they will ask you.
  6. yeah Snike your posts were fine. spamminess is actually cool as long as the posts are concise and to the point but that applies to non-spammy posts too. you really shouldn't need big walls on day 1 if you're actively posting imo. this is why i was like auuuugh when fenrir aesir started posting catchup quotestripes in the middle of a bbm/eury wall war
  7. and motk mafia fucking DIED anyway so maybe spam is necessary to keep everything alive. who knows
  8. that's probably a matter of differing experiences paper, you can see bard and I complaining about spam in the riddler qt lol. when/where I first started playing mafia (on motk in 2010) day 1 was usually like seven 30ppp pages at most. I wouldn't say less posts is inherently better, but I think there's a point where it gets excessive and demotivating to people catching up or re-reading. ofc motk day 1s got spammier as time went on too. I wonder if there was just a general shift in how mafia was played as more people got into it, or peoples schedules opened up / changed. I dunno.
  9. then again I have a history of spamming the thread too so whatever
  10. yeah I do think SF hits a solid balance of competent at game + not taking game more seriously than necessary, only complaint is occasional thread spamminess ree
  11. nah it's cool Omega I had fun in that I did genuinely think Eury was scum and got to push for her lynch and then be right. it just kinda sucks when both members of your team end up being D1 wagons lol I also think Arcanite's play was a noted improvement over Kemono Friends. My only serious complaint about this game is too many posts on D1; town did play better than scum and the set-up seemed fine so I'm not too salty about losing.
  12. https://quicktopic.com/52/H/DYhhruwpcUn8c riddler quicktopic I was right about Eury (and then I did think Shinori was probably Eury's buddy on N2), so I can at least say that much.
  13. I was genuinely a deathproof, but only for the first cycle. You guys were supposed to lynch me and "clear" me but didn't take the bait :(
  14. Oh wait I didn't read the thread and just figured from what SB told me and the posts I read that Shinori shot me on N1 and knew I was lying about being vanillized. Well, whatever.
  15. I'm just going to forfeit since Shinori outed me like a DICK I was going to forfeit on Day 2 but didn't specifically because I thought it would just fuck over the other scumteam and this is what I get for it???
  16. Actually yeah there's no way town!Eury wouldn't have claimed the rolecop part when up for lynch on Day 1 either. Still absolutely for this lynch.
  17. Could have been your scumbuddy's action. Could also be a lucky guess, for that matter. There are only so many phases BBM could be able to protect on (he hasn't even verified this yet!). Why does Arcanite lie about roleblocking you for no reason?
  18. No uhhh why would you rolecop BBM to check his claim that blatantly matches up with yours anyway? Why do you have an archetypal scum ability (rolecop) on top of what sounds like a fairly typical town role? Why would you out info about BBM's role for scum to see? This is still scum, lynch it.
  19. I also want to just lynch Eury and be done with it.
  20. Arcanite's claim checks out, I think. Besides what BBM has been saying, the vig part doesn't sound like a fakeclaim. Lategame vig is probably an anti-snowball measure for town if crossfire never happens. We should just lynch Eury imo.
  21. Good point, BBM. ##Vote: Eurykins FWIW I thought her claim reflected poorly on her push of BBM's claim, if anything. If I were a townie in her position, my conclusion would be "oh, this claim checks out with info I have" and not feel threatened by it.
  22. I could see Arcanite being Scumteam A roleblocker throwing Scumteam B under the bus to buy themself time here.
  23. I was indeed vanillized and not shot. Had my deathproof been broken, I would have become a self-voyeur. I still think Eury is just alt-scum. More on that when I make a proper post. Arcanite as Bard's buddy was my first thought following the flip, so I'm down with that wagon as well.
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