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  1. no I'm not actually mad I'm joking because I got screwed that game lmao
  2. I said I don't know if there were any others.
  3. Strip Mafia was a perfect game for town, don't know if there were any others.
  4. wtf you guys lynched a harp seal :(
  5. This, but as my justification for wanting Rapier to join every game.
  6. i didnt read the game im just here to talk shit
  7. Just policy lynch plkayers who like playing town but hate playing scum when they sub out lol. Even when they have legitimate reasons they're still scum somehow. Nature of the universe
  8. Yeah but I was the first person to seriously push it when most people were just kind of ignoring you.
  9. Was glad I died when I did. I wish people would make more of an effort to keep up with games instead of subbing out. When the mod confirmed Kamina was looking for a replacement it was just hard to care anymore, sadly. I think my play was pretty mediocre this game but I was right about All Might at least. @Elieson @Rapier @RADicate In the future I think you (and any other players who did this) would benefit from reading the entire thread before posting. There seems to be an issue with players who are trying to catch up posting comments on earlier parts of the day then vanishing without finishing their read, resulting in their "content" being completely irrelevant to the matter actually at hand in the phase and clogging the thread up with more words, which hurts other players who are also trying to catch up. It's much more efficient to read the whole thread and take notes, then craft a post based on what sticks out the most. Congrats to Claire. Thought you did pretty well, although I stopped reading after my death. soup and Via were also great while I was around, and Athena seems to have gotten pretty good at writing posts too.
  10. tbh due to slow sign-ups and lack of interest on my part / desire to focus on other things than host a large game I'm gonna wait before hosting this. Whoever's up next in the queue can go
  11. Game will probably take a while to start because I'm still missing sign-ups! Join my game, people
  12. lmao the joke behind that post is that i thought you were somebody else and people were only pretending you were ranmaru, then iirc after i made it somebody (green poet?) PMed me like "PRIMS WHO ARE THE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS GAME" so i posted the second one
  13. Prims

    Mafia Headquarters V4

    I'll check if you need a checker.
  14. Extending start date to May 27th since I remembered my family's moving during that month. Currently at 6/21, so looking for 15 more!! If somebody wants to host a short game in the mean-time that might be ideal.
  15. I enjoyed the flavor. Scum played a good bussing game, but after Day 3 town kind of decided to backflip off a diving board onto concrete from what I could tell, which also helped... and then you have the Athena suicide... This game was kind of a trainwreck? As usual, I wish people would cut down on the spam, which I think becomes detrimental to scumhunting because reading the thread becomes too much of a bother - doubly so on a site with no conveniently usable ISO function (I know the script exists, but using it in a long thread takes forever). Also wanted to say thanks to the people who subbed in so that the game could continue to run smoothly, especially those who were unfamiliar with the site.
  16. FWIW, start date is negotiable based on people's schedules. I may push the game back if it conflicts with finals for too many people. Posting your thoughts and preferences would be appreciated.
  17. Rules: - I'm the mod and my word is final. Don't do anything that you expect will annoy me, even if it's not in the rules. This includes looking for loopholes. - No Outside Contact, keep the talking to the game thread unless your role allows otherwise. - Don't directly intefere with the game if you're dead or not playing - if you're going to talk to other players or post in-thread I expect everything you say to have no game relevance whatsoever. Also, do not talk about the game to other players (dead or living) while deceased unless both of you have received a link to the graveyard quicktopic. The graveyard will contain a list of players who have access to it in the OP. - Don't directly quote communications with the mod unless given permission. This includes your Role PM. - Going 24 hours without a post nets you a prod. Going 48 hours without a post or receiving too many prods is likely to result in a modkill. - Don't screenshot anything outside the game thread. - Don't edit your posts. - Don't post after hammer. - If you get yourself modkilled, you lose the game and your alignment may be subject to further punishment to circumvent any advantage your death could result in. - Have good integrity. This includes not being a jerk. - Play to win. Mechanics: - Night 0 start. - 72 hour days, 24 hour nights. The exception is Day 1 - Day 1 will instead last 48 hours long. - With more than 15 players alive, the player with the most votes will be lynched. A tie will result in No Majority. - With less than 15 players alive, Majority (half living players rounded down + 1) is required to lynch. - No Majority results in a No Lynch the first time, and a universal loss the second. No Lynch may not be voted. - You will be told whether your action failed or not, but not what caused it to fail (as a general note, this accounts for stuff like roleblocker / safeguard / etc., a kill attempt that failed because the target was doc'd will still be considered successful). You will also be told if your action was redirected. - Killing roles get infinite no-kills. - LYLO and MYLO will be announced. Whether a loss is potential or guaranteed will not be. Set-up Info: - All players are on the player list. - All players have a role. Roles may be wacky and/or slightly bastard. - Players may request that any theoretical anonymous day actions be used at a specific time in advance for whatever reason (not wanting to be caught on the online list, not being available when they need to use it, etc). - Cardflips will contain a pretty picture, player name, character name, alignment & role name and phase of death. Cardflips will also never lie to you, but they might not describe a player's role in detail. - If your role PM doesn't say you can self-target, you can't. - Flavor is irrelevant to alignment. This is a Choose Your Own Role game! PM me a character (or object, or abstract concept, or whatever) when you sign up and your flavor and abilities will be based around what you chose (to a reasonable extent). Sign-ups (8/21) 1. Via 2. Reinfleche 3. SB. 4. Shinori 5. Eurykins 6. EvanManManMan 7. Randa 8. NekoRex This game will start on May 27th, or later if I can't get enough players in time. I'm starting sign-ups early so I have time to design and fine-tune the set-up in accordance with people's character choices.
  18. Prims

    IDNSFMM5 - Signups

    have fun playing mafia nerds
  19. FTR, re: balance, I'd have just taken out the neighborhood and given scum a roleblocker. Scum/Town neighbors is always going to be imbalanced unless you're prepared for the town neighbor to be cleared if the scum is flipped. It's bad form to use it in a set-up with other "obvious clear" roles like the vig.
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