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  1. Patch should work with sd2snes if anyone is interested in playing on original hardware. Here's a thread explaining how https://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=7230.0 I have a super everdrive and haven't been able to get it to work yet (loroms give super everdrive trouble) . Working fine with snes9x though.
  2. LittleWittleKitty, I've got an emulation set up with retroarch. If it comes down to it I will use that. I have had good luck in the past tweeking patches with other tools to get them to work with my everdrive. Most patches work without tweeking. The only patch I could not get to work was one that disabled the internal saving function on the original rom. I will try to get this patch working on my everdrive tonight and post here with results.
  3. I'm a big fan of the shinning force series and have played through several hard type difficulty hacks for that series. Because fire emblem resembles that series (and is more difficult I hope) I'm going to try one out. I checked out all the 16 bit fire emblem games and thracia interested me the most. Is it especially problematic to begin fire emblem with thracia? Also, I would like to play this patch with original hardware and my broadcast monitor. Is this patch compatible with the everdrive flashcart?
  4. Will this patch be compatible with rom carts, specifically the everdrive and be playable on original hardware?
  5. I watched the YouTube. This looks professional thank you so much! Big step up from the other translation i tried. The only part i noticed that stumbled a little was when osian said, at the end, "what, you do not trust me?", this sounds weird. "what, you don't trust me?" would be more appropriate. The other translation i tried was from smoke monsters rom pack and it was so bad that it was entertaining for awhile but really hard to take seriously.
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