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  1. So I'm having trouble getting the codebreaker codes to work the codes for Alan work completely Bors only gets stats and exp and the rest don't work at all I've included the cheat list in case someone wants to double check I got them from the same site I got the ones for the previous game.I'm using the John gba emulator if that helps anyone out. Fire Emblem Sealed Sword.cht
  2. No, wifi for the nds was shut off permanently.
  3. I've wanted to use the save file on gamefaqs but, I wouldn't know how to do it seeing how DraStic save files are .dsv and that one is .duc plus I'm on my tablet and the desktop is super slow anyone mind helping me out with this?
  4. I wouldn't mind having it Edit: Nevermind I got it although I am having trouble with it
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