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  1. Chapter 6: 5/39 So, a 4 turn was way too ambitious, that middle group takes way too long to kill. this map got substantially quicker when I realized I could still get everywhere I needed to with a few tiles' delay for Shamir to kill both mages in the second room on EP2. Ignatz goes right and kills everything. He has to 2RKO it all, and crit either his curved shot on the upper archer turn 3 or his curved shot on DK's cav homie turn 4. Byleth can flip the switch turn 2 with 3 repo/smites. from there she kills a mage in the center room PP3, the archer on PP4, canto to counterkill the remaining mages on EP4. PP5 she kills the merc and cantos into range of the stationary dark mage. The rest of the clear is pretty straightforward. clean up the first room and the mages in the second room on turn 2, clean the second room PP3, have Shamir kill the north thwomp PP4 with Hilda on standby, and with Catherine tidily 2RKOing the ambush archer with Levin Sword+ on turn 4, shes free to paper over a miss from byleth on a certain mage as well. Skills listed are from class mastery and talent mastery only. Other abilities and combat arts not included. Name LV CLASS HP ST MA DX SP LK DF RS CH | SW LN AX BW BR RS FT AU HV RD FL Skills Byleth 16 PegKnight 35 23 13 14 20 15 12 10 23 D+ D+ D+ D E+ E E C E E D+ HP+5, Def+2, Reposition Dimitri 14 Cavalier 38 19 6 20 13 8 15 4 18 E+ C+ D D E E E C+ E+ C E+ HP+5, Def+2, Respoition, Seal Movement Dedue 12 Cavalier 38 22 6 10 6 9 16 3 9 E C+ D+ E E+ E E D B D E HP+5, Smite Dorothea 13 Monk 30 8 17 11 12 9 5 12 16 C E E E E C+ D E+ E E E Ignatz 14 Archer 30 13 11 15 13 18 7 10 9 D+ E+ D C+ D E E C E E E HP+5 Hilda 12 PegKnight 37 18 9 10 17 10 11 7 14 E C C E+ E E E E E E D Def+2, Reposition Catherine 13 PegKnight 36 19 9 16 20 10 13 11 9 A D+ E E C+ E E D E E D Def+2, Reposition Shamir 15 Sniper 33 20 8 24 15 20 13 8 12 E C+ E A E E E D+ E E E Def+2, Reposition Cyril 14 Archer 31 14 8 16 13 14 10 5 9 E C C+ C+ E E E E+ E E E+ Def+2, Reposition
  2. War for the Weak: [10]/34 Shamir and Cyril hit Reposition. Dedue got Vengeance. Gotta go fast. The more I look at chapter 6... the more I think I can 4 turn it actually! The idea being that Cyril can in 4 turns pretty readily kill everything on the right side, plus the cav with a curved shot crit; meanwhile Byleth blasts the center on enemy phase and Shamir and Ignatz have a rather easy time reaching every enemy up top. I've had rigged Arcane Crystal pulls, so blasting things with levin+ on byleth would have been rad. If I had C sword on her. Still optimistic, since the archers she encounters can readily get bopped by the rest of the team. Definitely doin a stat dump after I do this one.
  3. Maintaining Your Training: [10]/34 Catherine and Hilda whiffed their way to Reposition, as did Dimitri. I also recruited Shamir. Literally everyone is working on Repo except Dedue, it's goated.
  4. Chapter 5: 5/34 Turns out that two Killer Bow+ archers don't need an enormous amount of atk to kill Miklan phase one with two crits. The two forward spawns are 25 tiles away, so to do it by turn 4 I need to scrooge out three movement skills on each, which worked out nicely despite Dedue beefing his cavalier exam. He also has to shove Byleth turn 4 so she can scoot the first archer out of the way--she actually has 0 tiles to spare with that one smite. Maybe a 4-turn could have worked out if I had cav Dedue... but probably not. miklan is thicclan and spawns far away. good news is I got to ORKO a bar with Ignatz with Thunderbrand. nerd power. I didn't get any of the good loot. Pretty sure I'm gonna miss out on the March Ring too... but I'm optimistic about chapter 6. Perhaps killing everything else is the fastest way to clear with three bona fide archers on board. Oh I recruited Dorothea at the last free day. thanks faith rank! E: this is Definitely not worth a post but I think I'm looking at a 5 turn C6 if I play my cards right. maybe 4, but only if I discover ancient alien technology to kill one specific dick hiding away with a sword.
  5. dude broken lances aee integral to the grind, I feel so dumb for selling a 3 use lance earlier. Clearing The Way: [10]/29 I wish I had more broken weapons. Dedue paired up with Byleth, granting him smite and Byleth Reposition. Cyril got lv. 10, as did Ignatz, who mastered commoner. hilda. got like four support points ope. dimitri was too big to get to repo yet. Soon. soon.
  6. I sure forgot to mention I had mission assist Ignatz for c.3 and c.4 for... mostly building support frankly, but having a warm body to burn RNs for Death Knight was really nice. I did get to recruit Ignatz for chapter 4 so he got a nonzero amount of experience. but only just nonzero. Also i'm salty that I probably need to speedclear c5 to determine the startin spawn locations to see if I can one turn stinky!Miklan. I do have potential access to two cavs and a peg, so i would blame myself if I got lazy. Carmine's goddess messenger rigs might not have worked, but at least he didnt forget to farm 10 prof exp from fishing for an extra activity point on the first free day of verdant rain moon!!!!!!! that was me, I did that.
  7. Aux Battle Two: [9]/26 Pushed hard to get Byleth into Peg Knight and Dedue to lv. 10 as well, but Dedue can't take the Cav exam and I'm thinking i'm gonna miss the 3 turn of ch. 4, we'll see. Chapter 4: 3/29 This map would be SO much easier with access to reposition or smite. I don't have those yet. Turns out that, with Assembly and a Lure assist from Dimitri (5 mov cant reach the right tile), peg!Byleth can get in 2-range of the boss on turn 3. theres just one problem: I gotta kill the Death Knight, and my only way is a 10% Blaiddyd proc off. either the iron or the steel, the training lance can't do it. If I did some manip that's too clever for me I could get Dimitri in Curved Shot range, but that's just pushing the blaiddyd proc problem down the line. Took like 45 minutes or something, but smooth sailing after that. Byleth has to dodge a gambit with no hit and hit two 74s or whatever too.
  8. Prologue: 4/4 thanks for teaching me the technology carmine Chapter 1: 8/12 This was a sloppy run, but short of a very pristine route that rigs at least one Smash crit, I don't think I can save a turn. Skirmish: [9]/12 lv 5 and hp+5 get Chapter 2: 9/21 A rigged Bullhead plus Myrmidon Byleth and Dimitri smooth out my offense to make the full move strats simple and clean. No bullion. Maybe I can stuff Dima in the next skirmish for a cav for Lonato?? I doubt it but i'm gonna give it a spin. Bandits in the Mountains: [9]/21 After a lot of deliberation I found out these guys are chickens and I could use unarmed dedue to push them Dimitri's way for murder. Nobody has Reposition just yet, sadly. Dedue and Byleth will likely make a great deal of progress there next map. Chapter 3: 5/26 Killing Lonato was actually pretty toxic. I'm misremembering effective damage somehow, but after a bit of finagling I settled on using the iron bow on EP to blast his ass with a 4HKO with batwrath and jeralt's mercs. Lookin forward to next map! And Carmine you lurker, you should post when you beat a map, this forum isnt exactly crowded with active threads. aint even double pasta dude
  9. Ignatz and Cyril are gonna get in there.* *they may or may not actually get in there
  10. After much deliberation and not nearly enough faith in my own choices, Dorothea and Hilda.
  11. Nobody is gonna play 19xx, even with free ninian or nils. we're not gonna get the 65+ turns of nils toots before Lyn mode ends. though. i did just realize that if gaidens aren't turn limited we can just grind whoever in any of them. maybe cut them to 20 turns?
  12. I loved forced units being free so i'm super de duper in. Drafting Marcus and Ninian/Nils is kind of insane, but I'm still into it, especially since Marcus' freedom in the first handful of maps goes a very long way in making him less better than everyone else. How are the gaidens treated? I think optional and free gaidens is the most sensible. More than one of them is very toxic without the right characters.
  13. should be fun. hopefully i remember to read gradivus' notes for maddening for some ideas 🙂
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