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  1. Romhacking.net Whenever I try to download the file, instead of downloading the file, it downloads a link to Internet Explorer. The browser I'm using is Google Chrome.
  2. I’ve been trying to download FEditor Adv. but I can’t get it to download. Are there any alternatives to FEditor?
  3. Recently, I’ve been trying to get into FE Rom Hacking. So I looked up some tutorials, downloaded NUPS and Nightmare, and was ready to start messing around and learning the ropes, but after I added the No Tutorial Patch to my FE7 ROM, the game refused to run. So I thought, “Well, okay. That’s fine. Tutorial doesn’t matter anyway.” So, then I tried to begin messing around with Nightmare, but then once I tried to use the FE7 Character and Class editor, a message popped up saying that the “ROM is not compatible with the module”, or something along those lines. What am I doing wrong? Am I just being retarded? (By the way, I did delete the the ROM that had the No Tutorial patch, and got a fresh ROM for Nightmare).
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