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  1. Wolt isn't actually that awful if he's buddy-buddy with Roy. I've seen a lot of artwork floating around on PIXIV of people using them as their "A-TEAM" combo (and I don't think it was meant to be a joke). I've used them together on a couple runs (though I usually use Roy/Lilina because they are absolutely monstrous), and Roy with Wolt actually isn't all that bad. Yeah, it requires a bit of support to make Wolt hardcore, but a lot of the FE6 cast aren't particularly monsters on their own in the first place. I do hope he will get in there! Then Roy can have his bestie~
  2. By this list, then, of playable dragons: 7/8 female dragons are already in the game. 0/3 male dragons exist as dragons in the game. And as I mull this over, female Corrin is both a dragon and a flying mage--powerful and/or crazy unique classes. Tiki appears as two dragons and as an infantry axe wielder. Male Corrin appears twice--as a standard infantry unit both times. The argument again isn't necessarily that males aren't included--they're relegated to lower positions than the top tier female cast. And yes, weapon refinery has done wonders for the dragon class--a class that is 100% female at this time and therefore has made them outstanding and near untouchable in highly competitive play. Also, I am referring to the skill inheritance/arena tier list on Gamepedia due to it representing the most competitive options for characters. Valter is A+, Michalis is A+, Narcian is A (wow I forgot he exists), and Subaki is A-. Again, I do acknowledge that tier lists are not without error and should be used as very loose guidelines... but I think I've seen this trend for long enough now (at least on the tier list I follow) that it has rubbed me the wrong way. Not to mention the teams I see in Tier 20 on a regular basis: almost exclusively female, with a random Reinhardt thrown in on occasion because magic is everything.
  3. This is usually what they do, historically. Males fall in the TT and GHB category, which usually means they are given poor stat distribution and less unique/useful skills compared to their female counterparts on banners. It's not that there aren't male units in the game--it's just that, compared to the females, they're generally not that good.
  4. While I do agree that if you take these classes out, it's less favoring female units--it still is favoring them to a certain degree, but not nearly as much. However, part of the point is that they chose classes and units and characters that are 1. female and 2. that are going to be the best and the brightest rather than giving that place to a worthy male. There aren't as many male fliers for sure in the whole series, but there are still quite a few they could have bothered making worthy--unlike Valter, Michalis and Subaki, who are sub par units (Valter and Michalis because of the GHB treatment, Subaki because he was an early release). So we do have male fliers; they were just given a short stick compared to their female counterparts. I'm not saying they're not useful--they're just LESS useful overall (especially in the current meta). Dragons are just the same--there are plenty of male dragons they could choose to use but have decided against. M!Corrin is a perfect example--he is an infantry sword user rather than a dragon, and his female counterpart got one of the best classes in the game. There are more female dragons in the series, granted, but we don't have a single male dragon yet. Not to mention that dragons are one of the hottest units in the meta right now... And please keep in mind as I say this: I love getting my favorite units. I'm thankful for them. However, I also play very competitively--I love the arena, I love the rewards you get in the arena because I get to invest in more characters I love. I love hanging in Tier 20 and getting the best rewards possible--and doing great in Arena Assault, too. But I also really love using units I love to do it, not just units I have to use because they're the best in the game. It's getting harder and harder to do, to be honest, when every banner releases spectacular female units like Myrrh and then a sub par male like Lyon off to the side.
  5. Honestly, I agree with all such sentiment~ And hooooo boy... Do you honestly think he'd function? Like I've thought about it because I've considered 40+10-ing all of the FE6 units... but he just seems... so... bad. How would you build him to make him function??
  6. I have played the newer ones and there are not. I would say the closest thing we have in this area are in Heroes: summer Marx and summer Frederick--both I think were drawn by hentai yaoi artists? I don't know for sure and not particularly interested, but I know they are constant examples people use that fanservice in Heroes exists for females too. Warriors also blows off armor and has the men in shorts--women are in various types of underwear, including lingerie. So they kinda try...? But as for straight-up actual characters in a legit Fire Emblem game, I think Odin would be the closest in his weird magic getup.
  7. Oh my gosh!! I forgot about Oliver! I blocked him from my memory... Yeah, a lot of dudes that get in are meme dudes--also in support of the demographic, I would assume? I actually liked Niime. I think it would be interesting to see some older female characters in there, too. Really, some nice variety would be fun in general. I was quite surprised with Henry and Jakob being unique versions of armor units, that's for sure. Jakob does remain the only archer armor unit in the game, though Henry now shares with Christmas Tharja as mage armor.
  8. Hahaha, I'm mostly joking. I like pretty units for sure, and I don't mind fanservice. I don't even really dislike that there is so much fanservice in this game because I know that's what gacha are for--I just wish there was more attention given to female players, too. Such as useful male units that aren't sitting at the lowest end of the tier list. Sorry if I'm being confusing?
  9. I posted a follow-up comment in response to someone else: the tier list is the arena/skill inheritance list at Gamepedia, currently updated including the latest GHB. Reinhardt sits cheerfully at rank S now. Also, I don't necessarily think that it needs to be 50/50--it is fairly clear that this game is geared towards a male audience. However, the lack of useful male units is painfully obvious. There are a handful, but most male units are released as mediocre, low tier units that add little value to the game, especially if one plays competitively. Not all male players would hate male units, either--Ike was the most popularly rated character in CYL if you counted both his variations--he would have beat even Lyn. So they are targeting a very specific male audience. And yes, I have sent plenty of feedback but in my desire not to seem like a whiner, I try to hold back now because I think it seems they aren't listening anyhow. Oh well.
  10. This is primarily why I couldn't get behind Camilla from the start. Her opening feature was her boobs waving, and I at least made the assumption her boobs were waving while walking towards the avatar--her sibling--and it was just... cringe-worthy. Yet people were all over it even before the game released. She was popular well before she had a back story--just like Loki. I definitely don't think every fan is like that--nor do I think that it's wrong to dislike a character's appearance, because DANG I would like some good-looking dudes in the game and not just like Bartre or Arden or Lloyd or Dorcas or... (you get the picture)--but I think a big part of her popularity STARTED there and kept going from there.
  11. OK, this I can totally get behind.......... 5* 40+10 exploding clothing Percy on the radar, k thanks IS.
  12. I suppose that's true. A stud Percival is still fun to look at, even if he implodes on contact and can't kill a fly... .......I guess? hahahah
  13. If they would even expand the lower pool with less popular units that could still be built up, I'd be fine with that. I worked all of my current favs up from 3* or 4*--save brave Roy. So long as they are still somewhat competitive when they get there, I don't mind. But a 40+10 Raigh just isn't going to be keeping me in tier 20 without 3 other absolutely amazing 40+10 units--not because of general arena score, but simply because he won't kill anything and he'll die immediately. Some units are just not salvageable for the competitive play... and I hope they don't do that to the more obscure male units. Like... "Here, you can have him... He will be utterly useless, but here he is."
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