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  1. This might come off as a hot take, and it might be, but oh well. I personally feel like Micaiah ISN'T a morally grey character. I feel conflicted saying this, because I know a lot of Micaiah fans (Me included) tend to love and embrace that "fact" about Micaiah, but lately I've been thinking about it, and when I consider her options in part 3, I think not leaving her country to die by the blood pact to be the morally correct thing to do. At least to me, it's seems more morally correct then her ditching her whole country and leave it to die by the blood pact.
  2. Well, I told someone that I'll be giving Eirika all my votes, and that will be what I will do! I'd love to throw some votes at other characters that I like, but I doubt that it will get them anywhere, lol V_V So might as well keep all my votes on a character that has a shot.
  3. Yay, I'm so glad you loved it <3 It's a really fun route. So much so, that it's my favorite route. And always happy to see another Dimitri fan around here : P
  4. THANK YOU. My god, I really have started disliking the term "damsel" as of late. And I think the biggest reason of why that is is becasue I've started noticing just how people tend to throw it around way too easily. And in a way, they make it seem like if a female character ever needed help, or found herself in a bad situation, that makes her entire being a damsel, regardless of what she has done before or after the point of which she needed help at. And I just really really dislike it.
  5. Hmmm, not to sound like a sore loser, but I'm very suspicious of how there are two users that voted for Mia have like no posts at all, but somehow showed up to vote on this poll.... Although I do love both these girls, so I'm okay with the winner either way!
  6. All I'm going to say to the people who want to get it, but have never played the original FE1.....keep your expectations LOW.
  7. I also made Edelgard a mage when I first played Three Houses. Didn't regret it. I'm still bitter actually they didn't make her cannon class magic based. I guess god forbid IS gives us another mage lord.
  8. Oh, it's hard to pick just one character, but if I had to choose, I'll go with Micaiah. I just love her story so much. I also love her personality. I find her to be the perfect mix of someone who can be both sweet, yet strong when needed to be.
  9. I won't say it's unnecessary. To Celica, having someone who understand her and the situation she's in meant a lot to her. I remember when Conrad first revealed his identity to her, just before that I believe she was saying something about how no one understand her, and was really upset about it (It been years since i played that game, I can't for the life of me remember anything else about that conversation, but I'm pretty sure it happened.) So yes while in theory you could write him out of the story, I still would say his character was a very nice touch to her story. And without him, it wouldn't had been better. I also don't think there is anything wrong with him saving her. A man saving saving her doesn't really take away any of the things she has accomplished, and I would say she did quite a bit.
  10. Thank you. I sometimes question if I played the same game when people start talking about Celica. I honestly feel like people don't really understand her character as much as they think they do.
  11. "Marth is a war criminal" I'm looking for the lie, and I can't find it.
  12. Banned for not stating the reasons
  13. My opinion on the game changed a bit. While I still like it, I now see the faults in it more clearly. I see how much better it could had been, and it makes me upset that it didn't reach it's full potential. The second part in the game should had been longer. I also feel that the second part lacked something which was in almost every other game, and I can't put my finger on it. I think it was....the political drama most FE games has? I remember seeing some people compare part 2 to Game of Thrones, and um....no. Past FE games were much closer to being that than Three Houses. In the end of the day, I think this was a very ambitious game, and it shows, but it needed more polishing, especially part 2.
  14. I've been waiting for you to reach RD, and now that you did, I'm suddenly scared you'll dislike it lol. At least you'll be playing it on Normal Mode, so hopefully it will be a more enjoyable experience. Also if my memory serves me right, I do believe the game gives a reason why Marcia ends up in Crimea? I remember I was also a bit confused how that happened when I first played RD.
  15. Yes, I totally said in that post of mine that people aren't allowed to "defend" Edelgard. That was totally what I was trying to say.
  16. One person? The part I quoted in my previous post was referring to a certain type of Edelgard fans that I see every now and then(And I say certain type here, becasue not all of them are like that of course), which I can't say I think many good things of. If you think that "type of Edelgard fans"I was talking about applies to you, and that's how apparently I'm being passive aggressive, then I guess that's that. And pretty sure I wasn't trying to "argue" anything in this thread. I wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. And yes, I'll continue to do me.
  17. If there is anything FE16 did well, is that it gave good reasons to both like and dislike each lord. I do love to reflect on how my opinions changed from when I first played the game until now when it comes to the lords. I would say Claude is the character I keep having my opinion on go back and forth, that used to be Edelgard, but now it's Claude. I really like his personality, and the concept of his character, but I feel like the writing team didn't do him justice. I do wish he needed Byleth as much as Dimitri and Edelgard did, I think that would had brought out more of him in the second part of the game. Dimitri I thought would be boring before playing the game, but he quickly won me over after I got the chance to play it. My opinion on him hasn't changed since then. To see a lord so broken was...an interesting experience. I do also think few things in his route could had been handled better, but that is something that could be said about every route in the game. His route was the most emotional to me in my opinion, and I like how different it is in compression to the other routes. And then there's Edelgard...who I used to go from liking, to being mixed, to disliking, and then back to liking, every single day. I think I'm at a point now where I can confidently say that I'm mixed on her. I wish her route was handled differently. I feel like the way they did her route was both rushed and also handled in the most generic way they could have went about it. And while I am mixed on Edelgard, I'm not afraid to say that I hate her fans who can't understand that not everyone is going to be okay with her actions. Yes. some people hate Edelgard for starting a war, how STUPID of them. Now get over it. Shhhh, don't call them out like that. Let them continue to live the "changing the system and taking down the evil church" fantasy they love to live.
  18. Meg from RD is a personal favorite of mine. Like I'm not even being sarcastic or anything like that when I say there is more to her than people give her credit for. I would be very interested to see how they handle her if we got/when we get a FE10 remake.
  19. I mean, yeah it does increase their stats. It also gives you less exp overall from both enemies and clearing map. So it's definitely harder.
  20. I believe Normal Mode's difficulty is pretty good if you want to do that, actually. Or at least it's better than Hard Mode, which actually removes stuff such as map affinities, the weapon triangle, or the ability for you, the player, to see the movement range of enemy units. So how I see it Hard Mode removes mechanics, while Normal Mode doesn't. So if you want to judge the difficulty fairly, I would think playing the mode that doesn't remove mechanics to be the way to go, but of course it's up to you.
  21. Why are people telling you to play RD on Hard mode? I strongly don't recommend doing that at all.
  22. RD is my favorite game in the series, I really hope you enjoy it. (I ALSO would need you to share your thoughts on the game....)
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