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  1. Indeed, though like in vanilla I'd advise taking the chad prepromote.
  2. It's been 3000 years since my last post here. So yeah, I made Reverse Recruitment patches for the three different Fates routes. Corrin is not changed because their absence at Chapter 6 will crash the game. The swaps start at Felicia and Jakob. A character's permanent join-time is considered their join-time. Gunter's Chapter 15 join is what his CQ swap is based on, rather than his Chapter 2 join. Felicia and Jakob's Chapter 6 join is what their BR swap is based on, rather than their Chapter 2 join. Rinkah's Chapter 9 join is what her Rev swap is based on, rather than her Chapter 5 join. Royals' replacements gain Dragon Blood, royals that replace non-royals lose Dragon Blood. Prfs are given to the replacement unit rather than the original unit Promotions are meant to "line up." Dark Knight is the "secondary" promotion of Dark Mage, so Leo's replacement is in their class line's "secondary" promotion, also suggested by Exca. Cutscene dialogue is changed for the funnies, currently only in CQ but the other routes are being worked on. Characters' descriptions are based on the original unit. Can be used to identify units without using the changelog. Characters that leave upon choosing Conquest/Birthright are not changed in their specific RRs. Children aren't changed but they’re technically recruited in reverse order because of their father’s join-times shifting. Characters with variable join-time (Mozu, Flora, Izana, Yukimura, Fuga) are swapped based on the earliest they can join. So Mozu is between Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 units. Chapters that make a character temporarily unusable (Elise in CQ Ch12 and Takumi in BR Ch16) will impact the replacement units. Kaze's replacement will die in BR Ch15 if you don't get an A Support with them. Scarlet's replacement will not die in Rev however, because I find that death to be extremely stupid. DO NOT USE BRANCH OF FATE Here is CQ RR. Here is BR RR. Here is normal Rev RR. Here is Rev RR with increased deployment slots for most maps after Chapter 9, because I hate having like 12 deployment slots at Chapter 18. Here is Rev RR with stats based on DeathChaos25's Rev Unit Buff Patch, includes the increased deployment slots. This is the changelog. Has stats for all three routes. This is the changelog for Rev RR that includes the buff patch. Let me know of any errors you come across.
  3. So like, Myrrh's actually Eirika this time around. Rapier is Rapierstone. She has an infinite use Dragonstone to act as a standard E rank iron weapon. Neither give stat bonuses, Sieglinde stone has stat boosts. Reginleif and Siegmund are locked to Amelia who replaces Ephraim. Ephraim Lord promotes with a Knight Crest. The Solar and Lunar Braces can be sold. The forced promotions promote Myrrh to Eirika Great Lord and Amelia to Ephraim Great Lord. Unless you would like that, say No to the promotion. Changelog is here. Eirika Route version is here. Ephraim Route version is here. Both routes work on both versions.
  4. So the old patch by Katie had some questionable design choices. Insane base stats on units, infinite use legendary weapons, FE6 weights for non-siege tomes, and not swapping Orson for some reason. So that inspired me to make this where the units are actually deleveled properly and there's no other unnecessary weapon changes. The Chapter 16 promotion promotes the lords into their "canon" class. For Fado, it's General, Rogue for Rennac, and Druid for Knoll. If you deny the promotion, you get the Braces which can be sold for 5000 gold. Ephraim Lord can promote with the Solar Brace, Knight Crest, or Master Seal. Super Recruits were not tested and are probably broken. though who uses them haha It includes the growth and talk display patch by Tequila. Here is the changelog. Here is the patch based on Eirika Route recruitment order. Here is the patch based on Ephraim Route recruitment order. Patch it over an unedited English FE8 Rom. Please let me know of any errors.
  5. No, all promoted cavalry classes have 1 more mov than in FE8.
  6. No, I didn't manage to get branching promotions in FE6. The gimmick of this is that every class promotes into the alternate option provided in FE8. Cavaliers and Knights to Great Knight, Mercenary and Archer to Ranger, and so on. All promoted units and enemies are also affected by this. Consequently, this means that Paladin, General, Swordmaster, Berserker, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Bishop, and Druid no longer exists. This change also affects every promoted unit and enemy. Some additional class changes include: Classes have their FE8 base weapon ranks, but Ranger has C Bows and Warrior has D Bows. Assassin is basically just more offensive oriented Swordmaster with less bulk. No Silencer and no Lockpicks. They get the critical boost. New caps have been made. Rogue does not have Pick, it's basically just a thief promotion without anything else special. New caps have been made. Thieves promote with a Hero Crest. Warrior has Berserker movement. Nomad Trooper basically becomes Silver Knight, gets D Lances.. Slight base stat changes. Druid gets D Anima and Staves and has a new name. Slight base stat changes because I don't know how to put Summoning in FE6. Roy promotes to Knight Lord with 9 movement, C Lances, and much better promotion bonuses. Ranger Ballista animations are also really glitchy but there's not really anything I can do about it. Link to credit for animations, map sprites, and class cards used is here. Here is the link to the patch. Link to patch with HM bonuses for Douglas, Hugh, and Raigh. Patch over a Japanese FE6 Rom. Let me know of any errors and/or if I missed anything.
  7. It just happens like that with the recruitment order. What would I do instead, ignore one route? Make Elffin a combat Bard?
  8. The old patch by Paper Blade had some weird stuff (Dieck - Fae - Zeiss triangle) and was just kind of ugly with messed up palettes. So I went ahead and made a new patch. Hard Mode is unlocked from the start. Patch with an unedited Japanese FE6 rom. Here is the changelog. Here is the patch with Karel promoting just like Roy Here is the patch with Karel promoting like any other Myrmidon, with a Hero Crest, and the promotion event does not exist If Karel is rescued by a flying unit in Chapter 13 and that flying unit is above a body of water, then the Melady replacement's recruitment will not work. Let me know of any other errors.
  9. The old patch by Paper Blade had a couple of problems such as crashing upon promotion in the preparations screen, Athos glitching out after promotion, and just being kind of ugly. So I went ahead and made a new patch. Unlike the old one, which just uses Hector Mode order, this starts with Lyn Mode order then Hector Mode. Characters that appear in Lyn Mode only have their first appearance counted. Here is the changelog. Here is the patch. Here is the patch with x3 effectiveness the superior version Let me know of any errors. THERE IS NO FORCED PROMOTION. The lords promote with either their normal promotion item or the Heaven Seal, with the exception of Athos who only uses the Heaven Seal. Hector uses a knight crest. Although it may seem like the game breaks when it just lingers on the map sprites after where the forced promotion should be, it eventually progresses onto the next chapter. Just use speed up or wait for it to happen. Going Hector Mode is recommended because you get a dancer in it and it was the mode that was play tested. All modes are unlockable from the start.
  10. Yeah it's in the changelog. Second most right, between Unit Stats and Promotion Bonuses.
  11. I got permission from Masked Raider to make this so I got to work on it and play tested it within the last week or so. Recruitment order was based on permanent join time. Changelog for the hack is here. Patch for it is here. Patch it over an unmodified FE7 rom. Changing the gender of the tactician when you begin only has an effect on supports and dialogue. Please let me know if there are any bugs.
  12. The Last Promise Weapon Reversal So I made this based on the concept by Kobazco used for his FE8 Weapon Reversal hack. All units, including enemies, have had their classes swapped to one that has weapon triangle advantage over their original weapon(s). All player units and bosses have unique palettes. Please let me know if there are any bugs or you have any balance suggestions. Link to doc with credit for animations, map sprites, and class cards used in this hack is here. Patch it over an unmodified FE7 Rom. Patch is here. Have fun!
  13. So Masked Raider gave me the go ahead on this so I went ahead and made it. It has been play tested so nothing breaks (hopefully). Character descriptions have been kept the same so you can use them to tell who's who. I'll get to work on a changelog that details who replaces who and recruitments some time later. Patch it over an unmodified FE7 rom. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqgmqqu47sqlo4t/OCA Reverse Recruitment.ups?dl=0
  14. New patch that fixes Douglas's talk conversations and changes Galle's starting position has been released. Download links have been updated.
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