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  1. This is a bit off topic, but for those who like how the older games do things I recommend playing the kaga saga. With the partial exception of Berwick Saga, they basically pickup where the snes era left off.
  2. Its because Awakening did a bad and chucked the lore of shadow dragon and mystery of the emblem out the window to an extent. I mean, Tiki is just chilling at the Mila Tree without the slightest concern that the seal on the earth dragons could break because the fire emblem's spheres were broken off. Also, Gotoh and Xane just vanished off the face of the earth apparently, unless I missed something. For a game that's reference extravaganza and a sequal of sorts it's overall quite the missed opportunity.
  3. According to dondon151's FE6 speedrun they each have about a 10% chance of not moving because the rng that influences how they move includes the possibility to not move at all. This chapter is just really hectic and kind of dumb. There aren't any other chapters as annoying as this one except maybe one or two as far as I know, but I haven't done Sacae route.
  4. Units can get S rank in multiple weapons in FE6, the one S rank limit was introduced in FE7. Also Klain and Thea have a small, random chance of not moving for some dumb reason.
  5. If there was a full on manakete lord or just a transforming lord in general, I would perfer a system where they transform for multiple turns like FE3 and Tellius. Maybe even both, when you use a stone the gauge fills and is used just to determine how long you can stay transformed. Also 1-2 range dragons are best dragons.
  6. I want to share a few ideas about Fae to remedy the whole 30 use divinestone deal without making her OP. Mostly ignoring the glitch in chapter 23 that can be used to obtain a firestone. Possible Changes: #1) Doubling the divinestone’s uses from 30 to 60 and halfing her super high experience gain rate. Her total exp to uses ratio is the same, but she lasts twice as long. #2) A small change, increasing her move from 5 to 6 #3) Making the divinestone unbreakable(or they are dropped/sold so she can pretty always be using one), but its stat boots are reduced. Such as the stat boosts are reduced by 5, or a more finetuned change, and she gains experience normally like everyone else #4)Another thing could be to give her legitimate(nonglitch) access to a firestone earlier than chapter 23(when you can do the glitch) by just puting one in her starting inventory, as an enemy drop, and or from a store(though that makes the least sense storywise). The glitchyness from even using the firestone being a possible drawback to doing this.
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