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  1. I already expected Nemesis as a GHB... but for the Fallen Heroes banner for this year. I never saw him as a Mythic Hero. I mean... he has more mythics characteristics than most of FEH OCs have... but I never expected him as a Mythic Hero.
  2. Brave Version, right? Because Legendary Marianne is not happening in my opinion. I could see Brave Marianne as a Sword Cavalry. I think we will see her with the Holy Knight attire.
  3. Another 3H banner without Ashe... Ok then. It's a skip, for sure... Since Claude took my orbs. But my tickets will go to blue. I hope aĆ­ can get B Duel Infantry 4 for Nowi. Now... The most important thing... Will 3H Forging Bonds be bad again?
  4. It will depend in how many they do per month. That part we still don't know how it will work. If they stay like this month and give us only one seasonal refinement per month... then I will stay with my opinion of only Prf getting refinements. But if they increase the amount of seasonal refinements in April or in a future update, then I could see that happening.
  5. Hector returning in April... I think that confirms him in April's refinements. The summoning event mentioned is probably the New Power banner... unless they put him in the Double Special, but not sure about that. Would be nice if both Armads and Berserk Armads get a refinement together.
  6. Tier 38 again. Not sure if I will get a gold throne though.
  7. I hope Academy Claude is one of the Manuals available in the Divine Codes Part 2... I would enjoy a free merge.
  8. Hmm... So will we have only colorless and Blue on the banner? Interesting... I just hope for some luck in my free summon circle, since I dont plan to summon more than that. What does Joshua have to do with it?
  9. The Music Collection video, at around 56 minutes. It shows footage of different units during all video, but at Lyon's part it shows him with the purple glow from the refinements, and his Prf tome has brighter colors which they usually get after refined. Link on the spoilers tab:
  10. I don't think these things are related. We are getting the Seasonal refinement as an extra to the usual 3 Summonable Heroes + 1 Grail Hero. Nowi is not taking the spot of anyone here. I expect this to be the new way for refinements: 3 Normal Summonable Heroes, 1 Grail and 1 Seasonal Hero. I also expect only Seasonal Heroes that already have a Prf to get refinements. No New Seasonal Prf to old Seasonals Heroes.
  11. Hmm... If Fjorm and Ike didnt get that, Lyn will not too. I am looking forward for her remix too... To know what fodder I will get from her.
  12. @Sasori Both great clears! I really liked your Siegbert, he is pretty strong! @Landmaster Nice job! Interesting to see Mirabilis without her dance skill, but I saw that Reposition was needed there. About Freyja not havign her Prf weapon... the damage reduction that it grants would now allow her to enter WoM range. @Maaka Glad to see that Bartre & Fir were able to beat that map without problems. Like mentioned when quoting Landy, damage reduction would mess up with WoM. She barely reached 20 HP for the clear. Outside this, this one was one of the easiest Abyssal map to clear in the recent months. The map was very open, so a lot of movement options... very different from Seiros's map in january. @SatsumaFSoysoy Celica and Hana make a pretty nice duo, but Hilda also did a great job in being a very nice tank. Congrats on the clear! @Alexmender I enjoyed both of your clears! It's nice to see Norne with Guard Bow. I usually see her with Spendthrift Bow, but that would mess up Deadeye. And Eirika... it's nice to have you back in action!
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