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  1. @Landmaster Wow! You had some close calls there, but Nótt and her 3 goats were able to deal with Mila. Well done!
  2. Heroes units limitation = easy map. @GuiltyLove Oh, Gustav looks so fun to use! Too bad I didn't get him in the banner. You did a great job!
  3. I honestly enjoy the gameplay. It's a fun game, and one of the few mobile games I played where I can begin a map now and finish 3-4 hours later (except Duels). I played Mario Kart Tour, Pokémon Masters and Dragalia Lost before, and those games they are like "if you begins this match now, you need to finish it now". So with FEH I have more control of what I can and cannot do with my time. Visually the game is also nice. I like the artwork and chibi sprites.
  4. I expect Bridal Cecilia to be this gen's Summer Mercedes: high Atk/Res, low Spd/Def. For Larum... I except nice Spd and Res, with low Def which will be "fixed" with her lance that can grant Def+11 during combat. She should be... 167-168 BST? Since dancers are usually 10 BST points behind current gen units of the same class (Fallen Ninian is 171-172 BST, while others infantry dragons like Medeus are 182-183).
  5. I got 3 Ninja Igrenes in last month's Double Special Heroes, when I was trying to get Winter Lysithea... so at least I have Igrene not too which is a pretty nice Binding Blade units. Not to mention Ascended Idunn and Elimine earlier this year.
  6. Limited Hero Battles are back! Here's the selection of maps for this month (May 2022) with each map's limitation: GHB: Riev - Genealogy / Thracia 776 BHB: Felicia & Flora - Echoes SoV (no dancers allowed) MHB: Mila - Heroes BHB: Ylgr & Helbindi - Fates (no dancers allowed) LHB: Seliph - Binding Blade
  7. Took me ome tries until I managed to beat it in one-turn. OG Marth got a new weapon for this, thanks to a 4* Special Gray I got not to long ago. @GuiltyLove Cool that you managed to get some new skills on your Catria, while I was able to finally get her with the cost of a Forma Soul! The rest of the team did a great job as always. @Sasori Those are some very nice built units, especially Siegbert and his new C skill! And that's a pretty bulky Forrest. Well done!
  8. It's pretty much what I do, except the 2 dancers part since it affects the score. Not only stronger units have been releasing each month, but also the Harmonized Heroes are also very good. ... Except Spring Myrrh... She is a great unit, but I don't think she is good for the mode she was made for since she can only do something in enemy phase. In Sacred Stones weeks, I usually use her as a smite/repo unit with WoM. Winter Altina is also not that great, but I think she is more effective than Myrrh.
  9. Honestly, in my opinion, Resonant Battles is not that hard that it is needed a guide to complete, but I know there are people that have a harder time with these maps... Anyway... There is another youtuber called Balthiar also does these RB guides.
  10. I think Elm could be a September/October Mythic Hero, since we usually get some of the generals in that time: Leavatein, Laegjarn and Helbindi, in September 2018; Thrasir, in September 2019; Plumeria, in September 2020; Ótr, in September 2021. Then November's Banner being a Legendary & Mythic banner, just like last year, with Letizia and Embla on it.
  11. So Embla may appear in the next Chapter and probably the Mid-Book trailer. I wonder if Askr will also appear in the trailer. Also... Veronica or Bruno for the Mid-Book banner? Honestly, I hope so. I don't expect Elm to become playable now. Letizia wouldn't be that surprising because if Embla appears, then Letizia loses her spot as main villain of the Book. They could put Letizia in the banner, as a Legendary Hero. I also don't expect Askr in the mid-book banner.
  12. She could get [False Start] in her Turnwheel+, which would counter his Upheavel+. Not that they will face each other in AR, since they are from different season combos.
  13. Ah ok. It's just I don't have a very good relationship with the 4* Focus pool... I already spent 100 orbs without getting one in previous banners.
  14. Juno's Manual is in the GBA Path of adivinhe Codes 3, so you can get that if you want to. That's me everytime we have a blue tome forma... Always wanting Thoron+, but I never pick it because of course.
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