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  1. High five indeed! I use my Marth, in Arena, with refined Falchion (eff), Rally Atk/Def+, Aether, R Duel Infantry, Chill Def, Spur Atk/Spd and Spur Def/Res seal. I would like to have Infantry Breath on him as well, but I didn't have luck in that banner. I use Marth and Soren with his Wind's Brand (Chill Atk), Chill Res and Chill Spd seal, so I have all Chill Skills in my team. I use Corrin in my Astra Team, with Naga, and I also use the Harons as well.
  2. I use OG Marth in my Infantry and Arena teams. He does the job very well! My Soren, who has the Owl Tome effect in his Wind's Brand, and Spectral Bond skill (Atk/Def Bond for A-slot and Spd/Res Bond Seal) really enjoys Marth's company, for a +12 to all stats during combat (+2 from the Tome, +5 from Marth and +5 from Bond Skills). Corrin grants more stats to his ally, but Marth can grant the stats to all allies instead of only the ally support.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that the ally support doesn't stack... I just tested it and it doesn't... Well... at least the Yato's effect stack, so we can do +10 with double Corrins, and +16 with Double Spectral Spur Corrins
  4. OG Marth. His refined Falchion grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 during combat to all allies within two spaces.
  5. Yeah. I use the double spurs strats with both Male Corrin and Marth. I was so happy when we got the Dual Spur seals.
  6. Male Corrin's refined Yato grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to the ally that has ally support with him if this ally is within 2 spaces of Corrin. This stacks with the ally support boost, so it will be +5 when within 2 spaces, and +6 when Corrin is adjacent to that ally. If you have 2 Males Corrins, it can be Atk/Spd/Def/Res+12 to that ally. Let say one Corrin has Spur Atk/Spd C-Skill and Spur Def/Res Seal, and the other Corrin has Spur Def/Res C-Skill and Spur Atk/Spd Seal. When these two Corrins are adjacent to their supportive ally, that ally will have Atk/Spd/Def/Res+18 during combat.
  7. Thanks! I wanted to build a infantry dagger unit for so long. Kaze would be my pick, until Saizo got a prf and refinement... and a really good one! I immediately refined his weapon and +10 him, just in time for Saizo to be a arena bonus unit. That season was fun! He is also a Arena support unit, With C Duel Infantry and Watersweep instead of Close Counter and Vantage, so he can attack dragons without being counterattacked, and debuff all the foe's stats, so the bonus unit can have more chances to get the kill. If I get a Brady in the future, I will give him Infantry Push.
  8. I had 6 defensive successes this season, which was pretty good.
  9. I did my BHB run today, where Saizo does his job. This BHB was pretty easy.
  10. Well done! The power of the Summer Heroes feat. Azura!
  11. I just reached 20k, and got the Chill Spd seal. I gave it to Soren. Soren has Chill Atk on his weapon, Chill Res B-Skill and Chill Spd sacred seal. What a chilly boy. And Marth has Chill Def B-Skill, so my team has all Chill skills!
  12. If IntSys goes with a Future past situation, and use the Morgans from that DLC, we will see Male Grima on the BHB banner? I can see the 2nd New Heroes banner also being Three Houses, and we getting only 1 GHB to represent both banners.
  13. Get ready, because on August 6th we will get Dark Blessing Quests! Are you ready to get a lower score in AR because we will get "win AR matches with a dark blessed unit on the team that is not a dark Mythic Hero" quests?
  14. I expect... Male Byleth (Infantry Sword), Edelgard (Infantry Axe), Dimitri (Infantry Lance) and Claude (Infantry Colorless Bow), with maybe Female Byleth was GHB. It's a boring prediction, I know.
  15. I was having a very busy this week that I totally forgot about the Weekly Banner Topic, but now it's updated. 😆
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