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  1. Looks like the servers are back. No in-game notification about that so far. Maybe we get some info tomorrow in the reset.
  2. Yeah. Python should be a Blue Bow Cav since the beginning, buy they didnt want him sharing color with Forsyth I guess.
  3. My hope for him to not be a Green Bow is Python, who is mostly Blue but ended as a Green Bow Cav. But yeah... That can happen. I really hope he is a Red Bow Cav, so the WolfGuard can have one member of each color.
  4. I dont know if people already shared it before, but... Here's Sedgar's ART and chibi:
  5. Wolf is pretty much new Gen Bernadette. Their weapon are almost the same, the difference is that he doesnt need a penalty to not having full HP to trigger his bow that has 1 extra Atk/Spd than Bernie's.
  6. I hope Sedgar is a Red unit (Red Bow Cav, please), so the WolfGuard can have one member of each color.
  7. Looks like Vyland has an Unbound Axe, which is Deck Swabber in non Seasonal form (the colors in the Axe match Annand's Unbound Blade). GHB is Sedgar. He can be a Bow Cav unit. If its the case, please be a Red bow Cav or Blue bow cav. I dont think they will release a grail colorless bow cav unir alongside Wolf, and we already have too many Green Bow cavs. Pretty excited for Fjorm. She looks great! And looks to be a great unit (and annoying too). So I expect Ascended Laegjarn next month, and... In the future, Ascended Alfonse as King of Askr.
  8. At first I wasn't sure I would be able to one-turn it, but then I just had to change some attacking order to make it work. @BoaFerox @Maaka @Sasori @SatsumaFSoysoy @Landmaster @GuiltyLove @Some Jerk This was quite a claustrophobic clear. But I liked it. You did very well with those units. Since you are the dancers user player i was expecting the 4 fairies, but this works too.
  9. I use Nowi in AR Light season, with Eir and Dagr buffing her Res, so that's a good skill on her. Plus since her weapon has an unnecessary cooldown penalty, she can still trigger Iceberg on her follow-up attack thanks to Steady Stance seal. Yeah. His art is pretty good, and I really like the attire. He is probably my favorite Nifl resplendent. Fun fact about Ótr's special quote: I had to record this clear like... three times. And all three times, he said "For Fáfnir". He really worships his adoptive brother.
  10. Hmm... I am a little late for the party. I had some personal health problems to deal with these past days. Anyway, Ótr's MHB... not bad. Normal clear (this one I recorded this monday but didn't have time to post here until now): One-Turn Clear (and this one I recorded and uploaded the day the map was available, on Thursday... but it was when I had take a break as well): @Landmaster I liked how you played with gravity on Ótr, stopping him from reaching your units. And Yay! Mirabilis got a kill! Nice clear! @Sasori Nice clear with the Binding Blade. It's nice to see that Niðavellir's mechas are weak to dark magic. Also... I love Roy's Nifl attire. @Alexmender Well done with your one-turn clear. The kids surviving with 1 HP was pretty nice to see. These days, I try to avoid using Duo Skills since they made most of the maps (if not all of them) way easier than they already are... well, except for some Limited Abyssal maps since you are limited in what units you can or cannot use and more rosters are way better than others. But that''s to create an extra challenge. When you just need to be done with a map, I usually do what you did as well. lol @Some Jerk Yay! Dancers for the win! It's pretty impressive how you handle these maps with these units you use. Btw, pretty cool green skillset on Silvia. @GuiltyLove Yeah... Ótr had no chance against Micaiah. Of course she would explode him with her magic attacks. The rest of the team also did well. I like Lilith's teleportation ability, and Nino being both supportive and offensive. Well done! @NSSKG151 Oh nice one-turn with the Anna trio!
  11. I disagree. Laevatein being able to buff herself (and also support ally, which is a nice reference to her sister) is pretty nice. With her weapon alone, she gets total of Atk+28 and Def+16. Of course, she is still weak to Lulls, but she got a pretty nice refinement. And Owain became a special nuke. If you combine his Blue Flame, plus Wrath, plus his weapon at max value... That's 65 damage from special alone. That's actually great. If one day we get Vantage seal, he can become great unit with a Special Spiral B skill and Vantage seal. Soleil is... Yeah, not the best but it's what I expected for her.
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