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  1. She looks great! And I really like the Hel attire on her (despite not having the best art, Male Robin's resplendent has my favorite outfit). She is still not the best unit though, really needing a Green Arcane Tome. Kinda weird, though, that we got 3 Hel Resplendents in 2 months. I guess it's a way to compensate the fact we ddin't have a Hel Attire for 5 months before Resplendent Surtr. But then were is the compensation for not having enough Nidavellir and Jotunheimr attires? And will we get our first Ymir or Vanaheimr Attire soon?
  2. The idea of Seidr and Heidr combining themselves in becoming Gullveig came from the Mid Book Trailer, where Heidr becomes a serpent woman monster. That, to me, it's the physical form of the curse. But it still needs a proper host... its other half, who is Seidr. As we see in the trailer, The Curse tries to "kill" Seidr (and when I say kill, I mean try to return to Seirdr to form Gullveig) but she is saved by the Summoner when they shoot her with the Breidablik. By the way, I am starting to think that this Breidablik that shoot Seidr may be the Shiny Breidablik that Kvasir found in Chapter 2-3. The second Breidablik has a golden light, that could be the key to counter the curse. So maybe the final boss of this book is not the person Gullveig but the Gullveig in curse form as we see in the trailer, as a Beast Unit form perhaps... that will not become playable after the book ends (a Dragon Fáfnir situation).
  3. I didn't expect Heidr to be green... I was expecting blue. Heidr being green takes the 3rd slot in June's Legendary Banner, since these new Mythics added in New Heroes banners always appear in the Legendary/Mythic banner of the same month. So they delayed Céline a month because of that, which is good... because she is the only 5* Green Hero waiting for a legendary rerun. Really, they didn't release a new 5* Green Hero since January. or we had green demotes, or the banners didn't have green units at all. So from checking the schedule, we should get Céline in July's banner, and in August looks like a Green Legendary imo because Ninian + Robin share is very good. Then September is full, so they have all this time to release a 5* green hero. We have one guaranteed in August at least, with CYL. ... Now, we can see in the trailer that Kvasir is a red tome unit. And if we go with the mid-book trailer and consider Seidr, Kvasir and Gullveig the same person, we have 3 colors covered already. I would really enjoy if Brave Gullveig ends as a blue tome unit, so we can have Seer Emblem with all colors. lol
  4. This is a meh batch, imo. We have good refinements, but none interest me to make me spend dews on them (or I don't have the hero, in Rudolf's case). I will be saving my dews for Bramimond and Chrom next month.
  5. are these new Ace Seals 240 SP? Because they are agood pick for arena, especially for units that rely on having high HP like Aversa. Which is funny, considering this month we are also getting a free Red Flying Duel 4.
  6. So Kvasir, Seidr and Gullveig are the same person, and Heidr only carries the curse. And to me looks like Njordr is trying to contain the curse on Heidr or trying to cure here from this so not only he doesn't lose her (maybe he got attached to her) but also doesn't make Gullveig appear. Maybe he is not evil as I thought he would be. ... However, I already read the story script and it gives more info about this all.
  7. Makes no sense to me old units getting prf skills from the most recent ones. It would be weird for these units getting a new skill from nowhere, like OG Lucina getting Future Vision or Og Alm getting Lunar Flash. I confess that I would like for them go back in doing weapon evolutions like how they did in the first years. Marth getting access to Exalter Falchion, giving Eirika Storm Sieglinde, Tiki be able to use Divine Mist and Brave Lyn would enjoy having Swift Mulagir. As long it doesn't affect the color of the unit for the tome units or creating a different color for an existent tome, of course. So no Virtuous Naga to OG Julia since Legendary is blue and OG is Green. Also, not doing it with recent units of the past years. No Holytide Tyrfing to OG Seliph. And it has to be a same name weapon. No Claude going from Cunning Bow to Failnaught or Wind Parthia. But I understand why they stopped doing weapon evolutions. Brave Roy was a clear example of that, that why going for him that is a 5* exclusive when you can go for Eliwood who is easily accessible? Of course that's comparing 2 heroes from the main pool that have no Prf skills outside their weapons. It's not the same of comparing OG Marth to Legendary Marth that are both infantry sword units but even though OG had access to Exalted Falchion, Legendary would still have Fire/Shining Emblem and Binding Shield to make him the superior version.
  8. I just realized the time of the version update. It will be at 8 PM Pacific Time. Which is usually the time we get trailers and Feh Channels. So I wonder if we will get a Feh Channel at that time, and the update soon after or being available alongside it.
  9. Very easy map. I thanks Hinoka for my win, because if she had a Spd boosting sacred seal instead of Iote's Shield that she had I would probably not be able to beat her the way I did. So... prepare to see the Marths buffing each other with their specials. lol @GuiltyLoveThis was my first time seeing this map with reinforcements, since I beat all difficulties in one turn, and it's pretty nice to see Hinoka spawning flying allies every turn and just giving them charge everytime. It really reminds me of her map in Conquest. With that said, I liked both your clears. The Macedon army hold well their area until Hinoka got tried and decided to go down and die to Palla's blade. And that was a close kill with Halloween Grima on Hinoka. @Landmaster Once good thing about the Elise Team is that healing is not a problem, so you can keep your team healthy. The Elises did great. Still waiting for a Green Arcane Tome and an Arcane Dagger. @Some Jerk It's very fun to see units units easily moving 3 spaces, and how much damage reduction Silvia got with that skillset she has. @Xenomata It's been a long time since I saw some of those units in action. Some times I see Peri in Maaka's Limited Battles clears, when the limitation is Fates, but Nina and Leif were a surprise to me. They did great, and Peri killing Hinoka that easily was nice. @System ErrorNice clear! Edelgard still holds her title of one of the best galeforcers in the game, for sure!
  10. I wonder if Chrom will lose another VG or if he will finally break his curse.
  11. I added the predictors to the thread. You can use them to check the multipliers of all matches and also have an idea for when to use your ballots.
  12. I am only interested in Nagi, to see if I will get a new Savior for my Archanean roster (I don't have Ascended Adult Tiki, and don't plan to summon for her now). I will be skipping everyone else, and saving my Divine Dews for Legendary Chrom and Bramimond in July.
  13. For Legendary Male Corrin, I want him to be a Sword unit or a Staff unit, since he should be a Hoshido Noble considering Female Corrin was a Nohr Noble. To me, a good case would be a Sword Alt with a Prf healing assist, but having a Legendary Healer would be very cool. I also liked the idea of making Brave Corrin a Sword unit, because if we go with dragon again... this CYL has a very high chance of being a magic only Banner (since dragon's attacks target Res against melee foes at least). About Hinoka, I got her in my 2nd circle, so I am happy with that. I will see how good she is in Arena this month, since she will be bonus for 4 weeks. I remember liking Male Corrin's refinement when I saw it but I already begun investing on OG Marth at that point, who has a weaker effect but was not locked to a single ally. I remember using Marth with his refined Falchion, Spur Atk/Spd 2 C skill and Spur Def/Res 2 seal in arena back in 2018. Then also using OG Soren with his Owl effect refinement, so when adjacent to Marth and more allies, plus others inherited skills, Soren would get around Atk/Spd/Def/Res+18 to all stats during combat. Now these days new heroes can reach that with their base kits alone, on top of debuffing foe's stats as well. lol
  14. The only memory I have about Refined Yato is Anacybele complaining that she invested on Male Corrin but he was not helping Brave Ike at all, and that it was a waste investing on him. But that's because she didn't give Ike and Corrin ally support with each other. Then she got mad, saying that no one told her about the need of ally support, and when we proved to her that we indeed told her about it she just didn't bother in admiting she was wrong and just said that it was a waste of time investing on Corrin, that she would not change Ike's ally support and that she sent Corrin home.
  15. I wonder if having a Queen Camilla already in the game (Brave Camilla) made them go with Hinoka first instead of her. The reason of "Camilla got an alt some months ago so it would be too early for another one" doesn't apply to this game anymore, since we are having cases of characters getting 2 alts in a space of 3-6 months, and that's not counting CYL versions. Three examples are Ninian (Fallen and Legendary being 4 months apart). Female Shez (OG and Legendary, 3 months apart) and Robin (Legendary and Groom, less than 3 months apart).
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