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  1. Hey @Humanoid, it's not as big as yours, but I have some. I decided to add my +10 4* Est in the board. I also have a +10 4* Roy, but Marth is on the Infantry Sword slot.
  2. Well... this is my new baby: I want to give him Bonus Doubler, but I don't have it, so I was considering to give him Brazen Def/Res from Male Kana, and then give him Brazen Atk/Spd Seal.
  3. So... I got a Mereeta today when summoning in the Brave Heroes Banner... Since I don't plan to use her, I may farm her HM, get her flowers and then fodder her. Who is a good Flashing Blade 4 user? My first candidate is Legendary Alm.
  4. Thanks! I will do one of these and share here as well! @Humanoid, also are they all 5★+10 or some of them are 4★?
  5. OH, that's really cool and an interesting idea! I may do something like this as well!
  6. This is so weird... I mean, not the video, which is pretty cool. But having this video and the one with Alfonse and Líf, both pretty cool, while the story and FB event as the same.
  7. I just noticed that the 3H main characters were added to the Member Badge options. What we need now are the Adrestian Empire, Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance as options for the Allegiance (I fight for...).
  8. Azura is a great Arena unit, but not a good bonus unit. She can deal with red foes, but she can have some problems with blue foes, and she will have problems with green foes. I never used a dancer in Arena, but I can see that using a dancer that attack instead of dance sound... weird. You will have a better time with Sigrun. Just give her a Slaying Spear, so she can deal with Armored Units, and she is good to go. I could do it as well, but Alfonse was enough to make me get a good score to return to Tier 21.
  9. My First Mordecai I summoned in the first Summer Banner, as a 5* unit. He rarely appears to me. Mordecai and Reyson are two units that I am +10ing and they are +2 and +3, respectively.
  10. I already added Brave Micaiah to my Light Team, and she is doing a great job.
  11. I just did my Arena Run for this season, using Alfonse, Prince of Askr. It was pretty easy! He was able to defeat Legendary Tikis, Sothis and Idunns without much problems. I just didn't get 2 kills with him: a Reinhardt and a Brave Hector. I used Alfonse with Fólkvangr (Spd refinement), Rally Atk/Def, Aether, Brazen Atk/Def, Renewal 3, Atk Smoke 3 and Spd/Res Bond 3 Sacred Seal. My place in Tier 21 is guaranteed!
  12. Then your cheerleader team give the bonus ally support. Legendary Alm was never a problem, because it's not that hard to take care of him in player phase. Also, my Saizo has Watersweep, so he cannot double in player phase. Not double means that he will not kill any foe, and he will be able to weak any foe, so the bonus ally can get the kill. And to be fair, in Tier 20 and 21, the amount of ranged units is... minimal. You see some L!Azuras, but most teams are dragons and armored units. My Arena Team has all four Chill Skills, Marth can grant +5 to all stats to the bonus ally during combat, and I have some Double Rally+ skills to help. Like I said before, even the Askr Trio can do their job in Arena.
  13. I don't use more than one bonus unit. I use Marth, Soren, Saizo and the bonus unit. Marth's, Soren's, and Saizo's role is to support the bonus unit, by buffing him and debuffing the foes. Once you create a good team, even the Askr Trio units are able to get all the kills.
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