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  1. Eeeehhhhhh... Very meh about Niles. Good art and... Hmm... And that's all. Couldn't care less for him as a unit, but I am happy for those that like him. His fodder is not good as well... He has Killer Bow+ than can become Slaying Bow+, but I don't think I have someone that really needs that weapon. The only think that I like about Resplendent Niles is that his existence makes Resplendent Saizo and Kagero a possibility.
  2. I was never good in saving orbs... the max I got was a little more than 500, when I was planning in saving for Valentine Alm. I started to save as soon his banner ended... but I ended spending all +10ing Young Marth.
  3. @the actual real soul That was a great clear! Your Merlinus is a very interesting unit! Good luck getting the remaining copies to +10 him.
  4. I am fine being Tier 20-21. I don't feel it's hard for me to promote to Tier 21, and I don't even have a high merged Legendary Hero to boost my score. Then, the following season is demotion season, so I play with whatever team I want. I can only keep Tier 21 if the bonus unit is someone I already +10ed a long time ago... like Hawkeye in the last season.
  5. Are you guys high tiers in Arena, or aim for high tiers? If you guys play whatever score you get on the Advanced Difficulty (if you play adnaced), then I can see why you guys run out of Arena medals... But for players that want the highest score possible with their teams, it's very common to do way more than 5 matches per season... since there is a good chance of losing a unit and have to do the 5-matches run all over again. For these players, running out of medals is very rare. I, for example, have 25k arena medals, because I am sure I do more that 5 matches in some seasons.
  6. Looking at the Hall of Forms selection for this month... I am tempted to use 3 Forma Souls.
  7. Nice clear, @Sasori! Your TT team did a pretty good job in this map! Guard Bearing only triggers when someone initiates on the skill user. Since Galle initiated on Saizo, Guard Bearing didn't trigger and he took that 82 damage on the face. If Saizo had initiated the combat against Galle, then Guard Bearing would reduce the damage of the first attack.
  8. Kinda weird to have the enemy team separated in two groups, but ok. I did a enemy phase one-turn clear. @daisy jane @Landmaster @LordFrigid @Sasori @SatsumaFSoysoy @BoaFerox @mcsilas @Maaka Nice clear! Bartre uses his Ninja Axe very well. I can't wait for Spring Fir to have it as well.
  9. A new GHB is here! Galle, the Azure Rider, is ready to be challenged!
  10. I managed to get 10,780 in the end by playing Intermediate... but was not enough to reach Tier 8.
  11. I confess I got worried at first about the conversations, because the first one I got was Dieck's C Conversarion, and it's between him and Alfonse. But then I got the others one, and Shanna appeared in Dieck's B Conversation. I only did C and B conversations so far, and Merlinus' conversations made me laugh a little.
  12. This will never happen to me. I will be like "Oh! Wings of Mercy + Reposition!!!"
  13. I really liked this ending. Honestly, I already expected Alfonse to not be dead, which didn't disappoint me or ruined the story to me. Interesting that they ended the book with basically the same map as they started it (with more foes on the battlefield, though). I wonder if we will get a Xenologue where Loki/Thorr appears to Triandra and Plumeria, saying that Alfador can bring Freyja back if they swear loyalty to them.
  14. A new Forging Bonds event is here! The stars of this Forging Bonds Event are Merlinus, Melady, Dieck and Guinivere, the new Heroes from the "Princess of Bern" banner. In Forging Bonds, SP and Hero Merit earned in battle are doubled, so use this opportunity to train your most needed units. I hope you enjoy the new stories featured by these Heroes!
  15. Interesting choice of Fallen Ike in his Ordeal... Fallen Ike is my Saizo's arch nemesis.
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