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  1. @Baldrick @BoaFerox My phone is able to record the screen and mic audio, so most of the time I put some music when I am editing the video.
  2. You can do it! Believe in the me that believes in you! Also, you should appear on Discord more often
  3. My Team, being Marth, Nowi, Soren and Saizo, without Duel Skills, can get 742 If I pick a bonus unit instead of a 4th +10 unit... Marth, Soren, Saizo and Astram... I can get 734, without Duel Skills. If I pick my Duel Team, being Marth, Soren, Saizo and Aversa, all with Duel skills, I can get 750.
  4. Well, the only one blocking you from enter Tier 21 is yourself. If you keep putting you down, you will never do it. The first time I entered Tier 21 was with a infantry team, and most of them are year 1 units, with lower BST than the current ones. Outside bonus units in some seasons, I don't use armored units in Arena, and I already have reached Tier 31 30 times. And it's not IntSys that needs to change Arena, it's you that need to adapt yourself for the mode. Reaching T21 without Armored is not hard anymore.
  5. Well, if your target is to win, then you are doing a good job. That's good, because if your target was to get into higher tier, you would be doing a poor job. I still believe that foddering that Helbindi for Brave Ike was not a good decision, but still... You could use him instead of Robin. He probably scores way better than her.
  6. Yes... that's true. TA is pretty good for both Robins... but not in Arena. They already score not that well, but with these skills, they will score even lower. What the score you usually gets in each match? Between 736? 740?
  7. Triangle Adept... in arena? Not only your units don't score well, but also their skills... But that your decision, so I will try to respect it. But win battle in arena is not that hard. Using all units to get kills makes the battle easy. The challenge is to get all kills with the bonus unit. Funny enough, high tier Arena matches sometimes are easier than lower tier matches. Less ranged foes is equal to better matches. When I get only armored foes, I celebrate! People knows how annoying L!Lucina, L!Alm, and now L!Julia can be in Tier 20 and 21.
  8. I believe you are wrong in this case. You got Helbindi in the past (last month if I am not wrong), so Robin could had G Duel Infantry. That's ok. Some players prefer a easy time than having a interesting and challenging time in Arena. For me, sometimes, easy is equal to boring.
  9. Ouch... rude... I will not bother you with this topic anymore... good luck with your Tier 18-20 Arena Matches.
  10. I see... Sadly both teams don't score well in Arena. Do you at least use Duel Skills in some of your units, like Ike and Robin?
  11. What team you usually use in Arena and are you able to get all kills with the bonus unit?
  12. Yeah... for the Tier you are in Arena, the skillset you use on Fred will work fine. And Cavalry teams will not be penalizing, like in Tier 20.
  13. So... we have the next Arena Bonus heroes! I have 4 of the 10 heroes, but I believe I will use Sharena.
  14. @Zeo Thanks! I can see why you really like Matthew. He looks fun to use. The others videos, with Morgan and Serra, are great as well!
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