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  1. I can see she getting Mov+1 from With Everyone!, and improving the buffs from Def/Res+5 to Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5. And also, I would say improve the range of With Everyone! So it would be... At start of turn, if an ally is within 2 spaces of unit, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn, and unit can move 1 extra space. I don't see her granting Mov+1 to allies as well, but all the stats... for sure. Pretty much Fae's Eternal Breath, but also grants Mov+1 to the user.
  2. The first Remix banner was in February, but we also had a Double Special there. If we kept having a Remix banner every two months starting on February, we would have two similar banners in every Even numbered month. I think because of that, IS decided to make a 3 months gap between the first Remix and the second one, so now we can have Remix Banners in Odd numbered months, and Double Special in Even numbered months... so we have a 8-heroes banner every month: one has Legendary Heroes with Remix treatment, and the other with seasonal heroes.
  3. Yeah. I should have mentioned that i was using Atk/Spd Solo Seal as well, which brings to above +40 Atk. In the screenshot below that I took this morning while doing the daily arena matches, Gunnthrá has her Atk/Res Solo 4 and Atk/Spd Solo 3, and Dorothea has Drive Atk and Drive Spd. She is indeed very fun to use. I hope I can merge her up. She is +4 right now. She was using Spd/Res Solo Seal in this one.
  4. Actually, the next Remix Banner is in July. For now, it has Ike, Fjorm and Lyn confirmed to it. In my opinion, Lyn is guaranteed to get remix there. I also expect Grima to reappear in July's banner, and get her remix there too. Honestly, since Grima is the only 2018's Colorless legendary, I expect her to ppear in every Remix banner... at least until we get Eir and/or Alm in those banner. Hector is confirmed to appear in September's Remix banner, so I can see Hector and Ephraim in September. According to the Legendary/Mythic Banner calendar, Marth and Tiki are scheduled for November's Mythics Banner, and Eirika and Lucina are scheduled for January's Mythic Banner... I believe they will not appear in the normal Legendary and Mythics banner... and will appear in Remix banners instead. So I am predicting Marth and Tiki getting remix in November, and for January's Remix banner we will have Lucina and Eirika.
  5. Yeah... I was actually thinking too little. lol Gunnthrá is so fun to use now. Being able to inflict -7 too all stats on one foe (or multiple, if they have the same Def) and Atk/Res-7 on all foes around that first foe is crazy! Gunnthrá can easily get like... +40 plus Atk on it.
  6. So... Nintendo posted this video about the Fallen Heroes: From it, we have the stats before the update: And we have the first look at Fallen Orson's art:
  7. Strong heroes, for sure. But nothing that I really need here. I am between Green and Colorless for my tickets. I will see... Again, more interesting on the free hero than the banner ones.
  8. After doing a spark (summoning a free hero after doing 40 summons on a especific banner), you will get one Celestial Stone. These stones can be used in a shop to be traded for some items. These include Trait Fruits, Dragonsflowers, and even a Forma Soul. With 3 Celestial Stones, you can get a free Forma Soul. About the Golden Week... yes. The banners, which are all 4 CYL banners in Hero Fest forms, are still up. And you can get tickets by completing very easy quests. And there is double EXP and SP during the week, and 5x EXP/SP on the weekend. I think you only missed the log-in bonuses, which were dragon flowers i think.
  9. I usually dont summon on New Power banners, but once Laevatein gets a refinement I will be summoning for her in her New Power banner. I need 3 more copies. I just hope she doesnt share color, since I can easily see Laevatein getting refinement alongside Laegjarn.
  10. She was there to tank foes in Enemy Phase. For that, her Prf weapon with Damage reduction and DC is pretty much needed. To trigger Galeforce and enter in WoM range, earlier version is better.
  11. I played Dragalia Lost too, and that event was nice. Yeah. When IS forgets that Veronica has a "curse" that makes her want to kill others (really, IS forgot that exists for at least 3 books already), I see that they get along well... but not enough to think them as a couple (or future couple) in my opinion. Not like with Líf and Thrasir.
  12. I also don't see how people sees Alfonse and Veronica as a thing. Lif and Thrasir is a thing because they were the only ones that "survived" the battle against Hel in their world, and they were the only ones that could support each other... be there for each otehrs though all those bad times. They formed a deep bond there. Alfonse and Veronica... I don't see anything there between them.
  13. Not that hard. When I saw Sigurd's high Def but low Res, I knew this was a job for Petrine. @Some Jerk The dancers quad did a great job as always. Its incredible what you can do with these Heroes that have lower BST for being refreshers. Congrats! @Alexmender Great videos. The first one was almost a one-turn... But you did one by abusing the cheat power. lol @BoaFerox Young Tana already showing what a great galeforcer she is. Great video. I hope you get more copies of her during May. @Sasori Lyon was a nice addition to the Young Heroes quad. Now the kids can go commit murder without an adult taking care of them. Nice job! @Landmaster Extra Movement granted by Sigurd's Special? Oh please... Meet Elise's Gravity effect. Nice clear Landy! Always doing your best with the Elise + Mirabilis team. @[email protected] @DarkAlf @daisy jane
  14. Voting Gauntlet Predictors, by @DarkAlf Predictor A: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yKL9I4ayMv-G-6UXiHqIVGudNYEsWbJClLgUPtyG658 Predictor B: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w38PePoHf8sojQiWZCChaz377Z6nDtWn9ojKfnFz8iI
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