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  1. It's a nice hero... and that's all I have to say. I am kinda indifference about her. I wouldn't mind having her in my barracks but she is definitely NOT a must have to me.
  2. A new Voting Gauntlet event is coming! Which army will you support? VG Predictors, by @DarkAlf: PREDICTOR A PREDICTOR B
  3. Ursula has Courtly Fan+, Moonbow, Spd/Res Far Trace, Rouse Atk/Spd and Darting Blow seal. She did a ghood job in being a high atk and spd cav dagger. Yeah, she had a Res trace skill, but I only picked that for the extra mobility. Nino has Keen Blárwolf+, Ruptured Sky, Spd/Res Form, Mystic Boost, Threaten Atk/Spd and Savage Bow seal. Wolf tome was very useful in later chambers, against some annoying cavs like Eliwood. Jaffar has Red-Hot Ducks+, Shove, Kestral Stance 3, Mystic Boost 3, Fortify Armor and Bracing Stance seal. He was an enemy phase dagger unit, that does extra damage based on Spd... very weird, but was effective. And at least we have Zephiel, to complete this weird group of formas. Before having what he has, he had Unbound Blade and Armor March Seal, who skills that do not combine with each other at all. I only got him Carrot Cudgel+ after I finished the 25 chambers. I usually focus in finishing all chambers before giving the focus on the forma I am interested. I even replay early chambers if I need extra skills or to level up Formas.
  4. My Zephiel ended pretty nicely: Carrot Cudgel+ Rally Up Res+ Ruptured Sky Sturdy Stance 3 Slick Fighter Def/Res Near Save 3 I am still looking for Pledged Blade, since I can get Carrot Cudgel at any time. I also considered Heart's Blade at one time. I may pick that next time it appears.
  5. Yeah, I agree with you. I also never saw myself as the Avatar, so it's not weird to me Fjorm having feelings for the Summoner. I didn't think much of Fjorm during Book 2, but as soon she started to appear in Forging Bonds I started to like her. And I totally ship her with the Summoner. Her voice clips as Bride Fjorm as adorable as well.
  6. So... Next time Fjorm and Ike will be available in a summoning event will be in 10 months... That's quite a gap. I guess they want to keep one Legendary per color in these banners, even though Lyn and Hector shared color in February's remix. Grima, however, will be in Remixes every 2 months at least until Eir and Duma decide to join her in the remix colorless pool. The next remix is Ephraim & Hector, in September. They are the last 2 that were officially removed from Legendary/Mythic banners earlier this year. But we have an idea of what is coming after that. November should be Marth & Tiki in the spotlight. January we have Lucina & Eirika. In March will be Hríd & Azura chance to improve their skills. And I am predicting Eir & Yune in May. ... Now on a different topic: Feh Channel. The Six-Months Anniversary is coming, and we should have a Feh Channel on August 1st, as we always do. It will have those annual events like log-in bonuses, 2-days GHB reruns and daily banners. Maybe even a Hero Fest. They will probably announce the Special Heroes there, and give us some info about the 2nd part of the Ice & Flame TT. CYL 5 info is also possible (CYL 3 heroes were announced on Aug 1st 2019 Channel instead of a Channel later that month), but that could take the spotlight of the Special banner, so they may save that for another Channel in the middle of the month. Another thing I would like is the removal of the remaining Book 2 units from the normal pool: Heroes released between the "Doorway to Destiny" and 'Fire and Ice" banners. They could remove some of the early Book 3 banners there, but I don't expect that. Thanks to Fjorm's A skill notification, we know the update is on August 3rd, so... That will be an interesting month .
  7. Pretty much. Ishtar is an example. Just give her Windsweep for the B slot and Flashing Blade seal, so she can pass over the Guard effect and trigger moonbow in the 2nd hit. Another idea is a high def armor killer, and give them Vantage. So you can bait Edelgard, she will probably put your unit in vantage on the first acton, and then when she triggers her 2nd action, you can kill her with vantage before she Bonfire your unit out of existence. It's also another good idea using a dazzling staff unit to remove the damage reduction from Armored Wall before using your strong unit against her. One thing that it's funny that I did this month was giving a Shining Bow+ and double Poison Strike to Legenady Lyn. That kinda works against Edelgard. Because of her Remix, she can initiate against Edelgard and not get countered. lol Most of these ideas work better in Arena Assault than others modes, since you can plan your teams better. But Arena players and AR players should already have counters built of these types of foes.
  8. I feel I am one of the few people here that really likes Hel Robin. I just really like his outfit a lot. The art itself is not the best, but attire and color choice were very well done. From Hel, Takumi is the one I don't like that much. I prefer the original one.
  9. The next Resplendent Hero was announced, and it is Raven: Peerless Fighter, from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. And his theme of his Resplendent Attire is: Hel!
  10. @Landmaster Nice clear Landy! Gravity is a very nice effect, and Elise likes that a lot! And even Mirabilis got a kill! Yay! I hope you are ready for Nohrian Summer next week! I hope you have more than the 15 orbs you have in the video.
  11. I agree with Ice Dragon. Outside the face in the attacking and special arts, she looks normal and fine. Different from Ice Dragon's opinion, her neutral art's face looks normal to me.
  12. A new Grand Hero Battle is here! Arete, the Requiem's Beauty, is ready to be challenged! This was not a hard map to deal with. First, I did a themed clear. I used dökkálfrs and Dökkálfheimr Resplendents Heroes against Arete and her minions Did I use 2 dancers? Yes, I did. Did I also remove their prf dancer skills? Yep. And then we have a One-Turn Clear, featuring a unit that was gethering dust in the bench: Legendary Ephraim. Solar Brace with Galeforce? Very effective! @BoaFerox @Maaka @Sasori @Some Jerk @Landmaster @daisy jane @SatsumaFSoysoy @mcsilas
  13. I am gladly skipping this banner. Anything here is that interesting or a must have right now. Nifl would be nice for AA and PoL, but she can pity break me at any time. About the others... Meh. They are not bad, but not needed as well. Not to mention that I have no connection to these characters. Never cared for any of them. It's nice to have a break from summoning after the past banners. I hope next Special Heroes banner is also a skip, so I can focus on CYL.
  14. Not having a defensive bonus mythic is not that bad, because if you make a good team they can do it without having a bonus. But not having a bonus in offense means you doesn't have the "you can lose one unit without losing lift" feature. In Vault, with a bonus mythic, a unit lost is -10 (-20 in double aether). But without a bonus mythic, it's -30 (-60) which can hurt an AR run, and sometimes is better to win with one unit loss than using a ladder. I still run bonus units in defense though. I am glad that I made a Double Nott map that allow me to do that, and since I got Hel last month now I have all defensive mythics. But I am missing Ashera for the offensive ones, and probably I will miss this month's mythic as well (unless I free summon them), because I will save my orbs for CYL.
  15. I was a constant Vault player until Ashera's banner. Since I didn't summon for her, I didn't have Ashera for her bonus weeks and that hurted my performance. I ended demoting in both her bonus weeks.
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