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  1. It's the first day of Arena, but I already did my run. Hana did a pretty good job granting me a nice score to promote back to Tier 21. Here's my +1 Hana. These stats are with the Arena's bonus stats.
  2. Took me some attempts to find the right path to victory. This time, Vantage was the requirement so Mia got a new skill. I have to say: Glimmer is great on Duo Palla, because the special animation is the unit attacking 3 times and it works so well with his unit... especially when the Special quote is "Triangle Attack!". @Landmaster @mcsilas @BoaFerox @daisy jane
  3. @Othin Oh nice! I am happy that my clear helped you to clear it as well. Resonant Battles is making me use skills that I didn't use before, like these after combat movement B skills, and even Miracle. I used Miracle in that map with busted 3H units, so Claude could survive Edelgard's attack. In my first attempt to this map, I tried to kill Sirius... but without success. Then the plan changed from killing him to just ignoring him. Having the Dance Veil in a easy obtainable spot helped though.
  4. Crafty Fighter will increase his guaranteed follow-up range from "above 50% HP" to "above 25% HP", and swap the "special cooldown change +1 per unit's attack" for "guard effect". Guard doesn't stack, so having a Stance 3 and Crafty Fighter will not be that optimal. I recommend changing his A skill if you want to use Crafty. You could use Atk/Def Unity instead of Sturdy Stance 3. You will swap 1 Atk/Def for being able to convert Atk/Def debuffs into buffs during combat. Unity also works in both phases, so in this case will be more useful than Stance. Grima has high Atk and Def, so is common for him to be target of Chill Atk and Chill Def, so Atk/Def Unity will be way better than Sturdy Stance. You can keep using Stance 3 with Crafty Fighter if you want, since it's still a good skill.
  5. @LordFrigid Oh! Watching Caeda tanking almost everyone was very fun to watch! Nice clear! @Sasori That was a nice team! Leif taking care of the kids, and everyone working together to defeat Petrine and her soldiers. Nice! I gave Galeforce to Abel recently. I usually use him in Rokkr Sieges, alongside Cain, when the boss is an archer.
  6. @Maaka Nice clear! Bartre's family doing a great job in clearing this map. @Landmaster Good use of "effective against cavalry" weapons, Landy. Nice Elise Emblem clear!
  7. Petrine was very easy! It's nice to have a easy battle to get a pretty good unit. And here is my one-turn clear of this map: I initially did this clear with Donnel instead of Abel, but I had to kill the last foe in enemy phase. Donnel's video is in the spoiler tab: But I also did a Saizo Clear, because why not: @Maaka @BoaFerox @mcsilas @mampfoid @daisy jane @Landmaster @LordFrigid @Vicious Sal @Sasori @SatsumaFSoysoy @DarkAlf
  8. A new GHB is here! Petrine, the Icy Flame-Lancer, is ready to be challenged!
  9. I wouldn't mind with we get, for example, PoR Jill in a New Heroes Banner, but then we get RD Jill in a Special Heroes Banner... or vice vers. For Boyd, I would prefer his PoR version, to fit better with his brothers.
  10. Bride Fjorm is now +HP, which is a huge improvement from the -HP trait she had before lol
  11. I think you may have the 5* Auto-Favorite option on. You can turn in of in the Settings, so new 5* units will not have the heart. There isn't much I can add from what people already said here.
  12. I did Infernal without problems... But I am still working on Abyssal. Marth's map can be a little annoying with the reinforcements placement.
  13. isn't FB a Forging Bonds event? Anyway, looks like the next Forma Heroes are:
  14. A new Forging Bonds event is here! The stars of this Forging Bonds Event are Shinon, Ilyana, Jill and Gatrie, the new Heroes from the "Despair and Hope" banner. In Forging Bonds, SP and Hero Merit earned in battle are doubled, so use this opportunity to train your most needed units. I hope you enjoy the new stories featured by these Heroes!
  15. Laevatein had fun in today's map. Glad that Seliph doesn't have his refinement.
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