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  1. Alfonse got some development during the past years, especially in Book 3. I really like the character, more than Xander. Anyway, even though I like Alfonse a lot, I joined Michalis because I am a feathers merc.
  2. Well, it's a New Heroes banner, so it can have the Spark system. Having a TT alongside it doesn't mean nothing, outside since it's not FB we can or cannot get tickets. (They still could give tickets from log-in or quests) The only thing that can make it not having the Spark is the free choice we always get, like you mentioned. But I still believe we Will have the 40 summons freebie. It's a Nice way to make people summon and maybe spend money.
  3. Good to know. Say hi to her for me. Yeah. Spd/Res would be nice.
  4. My Ephraim ended pretty nice. I got the last skill I needed today, for him: Because of Ephraim, this was a pretty easy HoF. i got DC for him very very early, which helped a lot. And for a good amount of time he had more Spd/Res than Tana, so Eirika's Spd/Res Gap buffed him instead which was very useful. I finished this HoF in the 4th day, if I am not wrong.
  5. Even though Olwen needs more help than Reinhardt, they share weapon, so Dire Thunder needs to get something that is useful for both. With that said, Flashing Blade isn't a good option here since Reinhardt doesn't have Spd to use it. Changing the Spd penalty would be ok, since it's a simple change in the base effect. I liked Sunwoo's idead. A Lull Res is a pretty nice option, since help both. Maybe Lull Atk/Res, or something similar to Olwen's Thunderhead that debuffs foes within 2 spaces.
  6. Well, yeah, you are indirectly connected to Edelgard in Church route, but Legendary Heroes a based on their versions after the game ended... spoilers...
  7. I will put it in spoilers since, well... it's spoilers. My only curiosity about Byleth is: From what timeline Legendary Byleth will be? I expect Church Route, since it's not connected to any of the houe leaders.
  8. Yeah. I hope Summer 2 is not that interesting... I need to save orbs for the spark in CYL 4. I ended spending more orbs in Seliph's Banner than I expected, and now I need to save during all month.
  9. For these cases, it's better to start at 1 ballot, so everyone can be at the same level. You started to play it now, with 6 ballots, but the player that started at the reset had 1 ballot, and if he used all ballots until the hour you started, he would also have 6. See? Fair.
  10. Oh really? Seems unfair? Tell me then: How fair would be for a player that reset is at 3 PM and have full ballots and the beginnig of the round, so he can use 8 right away, and then a player that reset is at 3 AM, starts with 8 ballots that cannot use since he is sleeping and he usually wake up at 6 am, so he will lose 3 ballots because he will not get them since his ballots are full? Different from others modes, we get ballots by hour, not by reset.
  11. We never start with Full Ballots. You start with 1 ballot when it begins. Maybe the time you usually start to play it you have full ballots, but when the round begins no one have full ballots.
  12. @Anacybele Alexmender’s Eirika has 56 HP, 54 Atk, 43 Spd, 34 Def and 36 Res. However, with Sieglinde, Kaden, Peony and Azura, she reaches a huge amount of stats. Sieglinde grants buffs iqual to the higher buffs on allies within 2 spaces. Kaden has +6 to all stats, sl she gets +6 as well Kaden is the opposite. He grants buffs to allies iqual to his own buffs. He has +6, so grants +6 as well, plus Atk+6 from double Drive Atk Peony grants Atk/Spd+3 from being in the same column as Eirika, plus Spd/Def tactics, buffing Eirika and Kaden. Azura has Atk/Res Tactics, buffing Eirika and Kaden. So Eirika has: 56 HP, which is pretty nice 54 Atk + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 6 from Sieglinde + 6 from Drives + 3 from Peony = 81 Atk 43 Spd + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 6 from Sieglinde + 3 from Peony = 64 Spd 34 Def + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 6 from Sieglinde = 52 Def 36 Res + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 6 from Sieglinde = 54 Res I could also add an +1 to all stats, because maybe Eirika has ally support with Kaden. I don't know. Your Ike has 43 HP, 54 Atk, 49 Spd, 35 Def and 27 Res. I don't know if you have Summoner Support on him, since it doesn't show in the friend list. If he has, these stats will be higher. Also, your Ike has Darting Breath, and Mirror Stance Let's say you created the same setup, like... the same skills. 43 HP, or 48 with SS (Summoner Support) 54 Atk + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 6 from Drives + 3 from Peony + 4 from Stance= 79 Atk (81 with SS) 49 Spd+ 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 3 from Peony + 4 from Breath = 68 Spd (70 with SS) 35 Def + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden = 47 (49) 25 Res + 6 from Tactics + 6 from Kaden + 4 from Stance= 41 Res (43) Ike lacks debuffs to trigger his weapon, and I didn't consider Close Call/Repel, since Eirika can run it if Alexmender wants to. Not because "Ike way powercreeps her" means that he is better than her. Heroes can be amazing units depending on the setup, which your Ike lacks in this map. Ike is great in AR, since he can absorb thos Shrine's debuffs... but doesn't mean he is great in every mode.
  13. I expect it to be during the Summer 2 banner, like.... 7 days before the next New Heroes Forging Bonds events, so one FB ends and the other starts. So... maybe around July 10th-13th. I think they care for Forging Bonds overlap, since there is only one FB button and they would need to create another one just to have a 2nd FB running... and they don't want to have extra work to do. lol
  14. Again Chloey is complaining. Honestly I don't know why you are so offended when 99.9% of the player base don't think it's offensive. Honestly would it kill you to not complain about a gag comic for once?! I don't see Kiran being dumb here... Here is not wrong: Surtr looks "cool" with Nifl's attire, in both meanings of the word.
  15. September is Líf and Seliph. Sothis appears as early August... At first i thought that July's banner would start on August 1st, but July is already red full. So... is that possible that Sothis can appear in a Hero Fest Banner?
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