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  1. @Maaka Well done! Nice use of Infantry Rush on Delthea to give Heavy Blade to Gray without using his A slot. Those cavaliers didn't have a change against that villager. Congrats on the others clears as well. Once again, all one-turn clears! @NSSKG151 Nice clear! I am a fan of Steady Breath on Lukas, since I have it on mine, but Sorcery Blade was a pretty nice thing to see being used as well! @Some Jerk Oh wow! Duma tanked all those foes like a champ! That clear as pretty good! Congrats! @GuiltyLove Oooooh! That's a very strong Valentian Catria that you have! That for sure was a pretty nice investment! Nice job on your clear! I still have to finish my Python... @SatsumaFSoysoy When I saw that SoV units would be needed for Azura's map, I already knew you would have a fun time using your Celica there. And I was right! Faye was a pretty nice bonus there. Great job! @BoaFerox Yay Boa! I am glad we found a way to make this work! I hope that, if you try to get a Duo Alm next month, you can get him pretty fast. Obstruct is the new meta!
  2. This BHB was not hard. I decided to use some different units this time. Here's the Kitsune Emblem (they are all Kitsunes... I swear!) @Maaka Once again, Team Bartre & Fir were able to defeat their opponents with only one turn of action. Nice job! @Sasori Nice Clear! I don't know if Boey enjoys being surrounded by pink-hair ladies... or if this makes him very confused. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oh wow! Duessel is so strong! I remember having problems in defeating him in the Chain Challenges! Pretty cool to see him destroying everyone. @daisy jane @BoaFerox @mcsilas @DarkAlf @LordFrigid
  3. I was expecting Gunnthr√° to be in the next Arena Bonus units... not only they skipped her but also Legendary Ike.
  4. Yeah... In my head, this map was harder... And it's not because I used Mila this time. The first time I beat this map on Abyssal, I used Nowi with Null C-Disrupt to bait the Flash Healer, the Firesweep Sword Flier and Azura on turn 1. Oh well, I had an easier time this time. This is my One-Turn Clear. Didn't take me too long to find a way to do it. Some skill inheritance were needed: Slaying Axe+, Galeforce and WoM 2 on Alm, Smite and Atk Tactic on Berkut, and Savage Blow on Python. Berkut didn't need Atk Tactic C-skill and Spd Tactic Seal, but I wanted to do it without using Alm's Duo Skill to buff Atk and Spd. Then, there is the normal clear. Alm, again, doing most of the job, but Delthea, with her new look and better tome, also helped. @BoaFerox @Maaka @mcsilas @Sasori @Landmaster @LordFrigid @daisy jane @DarkAlf
  5. Yeah. The only game I don't mind that much not having a dancer for that title is Three Houses, because most of the units from that game are broken. lol Although I have Summer Dorothea.
  6. Mila can isolate her, but then I have to carry her for the rest of the match, since she is not that good in combat. Also, sometimes the Legendary/Mythic is not the main threat in these maps. Yeah, the selection of free heroes for SoV is not the best, but this doesn't affect me since I don't follow guides. If I am not able to beat Abyssal on my own, I just don't beat Abyssal. I am not against the use of guides though. The F2P SoV units are: Tobin, Berkut, Clive, Leon, Fallen Delthea, Soiree Rinea, Mathilda, Conrad and Valentine Silque (I don't think I forgot someone), plus Brave Celica and Brave Alm for those who picked them as the free hero in their respective banners but they are special cases. But we have others in the 3-4* pool. At least we have a dancer and a healer, I guess.
  7. Until now, all limited GHBs and BHBs were very easy... as always. The challenge should be tomorrow, with Legendary Azura's Limited battle with Shadows of Valentia's units.
  8. Oh wow... I never noticed it until you mentioned it... no other green/red tome armor unit until now. And I agree with you: Henry and Tharja are probably the Year 1 seasonals that are not that bad. I could also add Performing Arts Azura as well, but her buff from dancing got powercrept a long time ago. By this logic, Halloween Henry is the only Book 1 seasonal that "Isn't completely useless", since Winter Tharja is a Book 2 seasonal. I wouldn't mind to have these units as 4* in their correspondent banner themes. Like... 2021's Spring Banner having all 2017's Spring Heroes as 4*. One thing I hope they don't make it a normal thing is merging last year's banner with this year's banner... Like making the 2021's Valentine Banner also having the 2020's Valentine Heroes. For one side, it's good for players that want all those heroes and don't need to divide the orbs between two banners... for the other side, I was not happy in getting 2-3 NY Lethes while trying for NY Peony.
  9. We will have Three Houses in the next Special Heroes. The Harmonic Hero will have representation from that game, based on the This Week's Coliseum notification. Next week's Resonant Battles will have Three Houses as the Harmonic Hero's title, and Blazing Blade as the Filter Order's title, so we know that at least the Harmonic Hero is half 3H.
  10. Well... Next Special Heroes (of next week) will have at least one Three Houses represetation... Being the Harmonic Hero. Next Resonant Battles will have Three Houses and Blazing Blade as bonus titles. Blazing Blade follows the filter Order, while Three Houses represents the Harmonic Hero title.
  11. So in Vault of Heaven requires the same amout of lift per tier: 400 lift. Honestly, not bad. Not bad at all. Because of the extra +10 Lift by winning without losing a unit, it could be easier to reach Tier 38 than reaching Tier 28. I still don't have Hel, so her seasons can be tricky, but overall I am confident.
  12. I had an idea last year about it... Like a voting event like in the 2nd anniversary, where the 4 most voted of each color will appear in a banner. The change to that event, however, is that you can spark on this banner 4 times, like how it happened in CYL 4. For the winner of each color... it's hard to say. I would vote for Ninja Lyn for colorless, like how @Othin mentioned. Blue would be Legendary Chrom or Legendary Dimitri. Red I would vote for Duo Sigurd. Green... Hmm... Brave Edelgard is a very popular pick, but I am not sure if I would vote for her. I would go Freyja or Duo Peony... There is also the fact of the January's Legendary/Mythic always scores high in these events.
  13. Colorless, for sure. I am missing a bunch from that color, and most of them are very welcomed to me. The ones I wouldn't like to get are Bride Micaiah, Halloween Xane and Summer Dorothea. I have them all and I have no use for extras. I have Summer Mia already, but she can help me in Resonant Battles. Faye and Ethlyn would be nice, but Tibarn, Lyn, Sephiran and Plumeria would be great! Red would be nice, since I lack a red archer yet and both Byleth and Sigurd would be welcomed on my barracks... but Conrad, Marth , Kaden and Zihark... they scare me. lol Red will probably be my 2nd pick, though. I think... Green as my 3rd pick. Blue is not as interesting to me.
  14. Yeah. It should be tonight or tomorrow, because we just got the last event in the current calendar (limited hero battles). Since we have the a Forging Bonds revival this month, next banner has to be a paralogue + Tempest Trial one. It could be a New Heroes paralogue (like the TMS one), or a Special Heroes. I am betting on a seasonal banner as well. Based on the datamine: Also... maybe until the end of this week, or next week, we should get a Choose Your Legends notification, with the beginning of the votes?
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