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  1. ★ A new Tempest Trials+ is coming, titled "Princess's Gloom"! ★ The bonus allies of this TT+ are: Young Eirika (& Young Ephraim), Young L' Arachel, Young Lyon, Young Tana, Young Innes, Ephraim, L' Arachel and Tana. Young Innes's skills at 5★ Lv 40: Son of Frelia's king, Hayden. Harbors a fierce rivalry with the prince of the neighboring kingdom, Renais. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Bow of Frelia (Mt: 14 / Range: 2) Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). Effective against flying foes. At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%, grants Atk/Spd+6 to unit during combat, and also, if Special triggers (excluding area-of-effect Specials), deals +7 damage and neutralizes "reduces damage by X%" effects from non-Special skills. This skill can only be equipped by its original unit. Glimmer (Cooldown: 2) Boosts damage dealt by 50%. Swift Sparrow 2 If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd+4 during combat. Distant Gaurd 3 Allies within 2 spaces gain: "If foe uses bow, dagger, magic, or staff, grants Def/Res+4 during combat." And the Sacred Seals are:* Description for the enchanted version of each sacred seal * Atk/Def Form 3 If unit is within 2 spaces of an ally, grants Atk/Def+X to unit during combat (X = 2 × number of allies within 2 spaces, + 1; max 7). Ward Dragons Grants Def/Res+4 to dragon allies within 2 spaces during combat. You can also earn some DIvine Codes: Ephemera 4 by reaching the 6,000 score, and a Light Blessing by reaching the 12,500 score.
  2. Ah ok. You have Gustav as leading unit. Ok, Accepted. And the Crowns are based on Arena, not Aether Raids. 72 Crowns means I promoted to or kept Tier 21 72 times. I never demoted from Vault of Heaven since it was introduced, so... 19-20 times?
  3. Sure! I will wait for the friend request. Yeah, we talked about Nowi in private messages. Sumia always get 2 movement after the action, so that's fixed. Near Trace grants the remaining movement, plus 1. If the units doesn't move and act, they will have 3 canto movement. If they move 1 and act, they will have 2 canto movement, if they move 2 or more, or warp by using Wings of Mercy or Flier Guidance, then they will have 1 canto movement. Sumia's Canto is safier, since you know you will always have 2 movement. Near Trace, you need to remember how many spaces you will be able to canto after acting. Far Trace doesn't have the extra +1, so if you are a cavalry and moves 3 spaces to act, then Canto will not trigger.
  4. Duo's Hindrance. It's a structure that if is placed in the map and the team has a Duo/Harmonic Hero, you can block opponent's Duo skills. If you break the structure, or defeat all Duo Heroes in the map, you can use Duo Skills again. In the Vault of Heaven, it's a must needed structure in my opinion. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use Duo Heroes in High Tier AR because of that, but if your strategy to win is just to place Winter Altina in enemy's range and activate the Duo Skill, for example, then you should rethink your plans.
  5. @Some Jerk That was disgusting! I liked it! lol I just one-turned it. Not much trouble. @Maaka @BoaFerox @Landmaster @Sasori @daisy jane
  6. As a Nowi user in Light Seasons, I use her with: +Spd Asset Purifying Breath (special refinement) Reposition Iceberg Warding Breath Dragon's Ire 3 Atk Smore 3 Mirror Stance 3 seal It does a nice job. Because of the special cooldown penalty, Warding Breath helps her to trigger her special faster... not to mention more damage for Iceberg. Even with the special cooldown penalty, having Distant Counter, and be able to nullify visible penalties during combat... is pretty nice. My Nowi has 46 Res with Eir and Dagr (she has max flowers and Summoner Support), so magic AoEs are not a problem. With this build, I can make it reach 58 during combat. I still want a better C skill. Maybe Pulse Smoke, once I get fodder for that. Before getting Dragon's Ire, I was running Null C-Disrupt in the B slot, and Quick Riposte Seal. I was considering changing it to Null Follow-Up for B, so she can deal with Bramimond better. Even by having WTA, Nowi doesn't one-hit kill Eliwoods at full HP (she may do that by having special ready before combat), so he would normally trigger Lunge and Galeforce, and kill someone else, so NFU+QR or Dragon's Ire stops that. My Nowi also has Mirror Stance 3 and Fort. Def/Res 3 as options, but I like Warding Breath. Now with Dragon's Ire, I can run a different Seal. Before I was using Mystic Boost Seal for the extra healing and to negate Wrathful Staff, but I am been usign that on Legendary Claude. I really hope she gets a Resplendent... I would love that.
  7. Camilla has a "Fox Bond" tome, which inflict -4 on foe if she is adjacent to someone. I can see they changing it to "if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally or if unit initiates combat", or just remove the condition for the debuffs, since Male Morgan can do it without any conditions already. Changing the base effect from a "-4 to foe" to a "-4 to foes within 2 spaces" (aka a Rein effect) would be pretty good... or even 3 spaces, since it would also give her a role as support. Since the Corrins share weapons, they will get the same refinement. Draconic Rage also needs an update in the condition... maybe just having an ally within 2 spaces instead of comparing the number of allies to the number of enemies. That's just for the base effect. The refinements... I have no idea. IS likes to surprise us.
  8. This is my demotion season, so I will not notice anything this week. Next week, when I will attempt to return to Tier 21, I will see if something changed to me.
  9. Not sure... Ashnard is a pretty good unit. I still have hopes his refinement will be pretty good, although it will happen in like... 3-4 years?
  10. That's an interesting prediction, because not only two 3-4* units on this list, but also jumping to a later Book 2 grail unit. I would say Gerome has a chance next month, or Fallen Takumi, for the grail unit.
  11. I would like Merric. He is a character that I like, and he would really enjoy the extra stats.
  12. They didn't mention that Spring Sharena or Spring Catria are returning next month in a summoning event, like how they did with Valentine Hector. Maybe they don't want to spoil us about the seasonal refinements? Anyway, I really wish they did both Spring girls at the same time. They don't have the same weapon... but the effects are almost the same. They also have type of effect as Gunnthrá, which I hope gets a Remix treatment next month. For the normal heroes, I hope they don't do Laeatein next month. I am saving for Legendary Claude in May's banner, and the New Heroes with Laevatein would tempt me to summon. Please, IS, save her for after May. From Book 2, the 5* non Legendary heroes with Prf Weapon that didn't get a refinement yet are: Zelgius, Fallen Male Robin, Fallen Hardin, Lene, Karla, Maribelle, Flying Olivia, Flora, Ophelia, Laevatein, Laegjarn, Helbindi, Owain, Loki, Kliff, Adrift Male Corrin, Adrift Female Corrin, Adrift Mikoto, Adrift Camilla, Ylgr and Surtr. From these, the first 3 have DC in their weapons, and 2 are dancers (which IS loves to ignore too).
  13. A new Grand Hero Battle is here! Sonia: Inhuman Beauty is ready to be challenged! This is not a bad map. With no reinforcements, this becomes kinda easy... not that reinforcements matters when you one-turn the map. Also, save skills look to become more common in these maps. We still have to see Far Save to appear. Anyway, Saizo had fun. @Landmaster @BoaFerox @Maaka @daisy jane @DarkAlf @SatsumaFSoysoy @Sasori @Some Jerk
  14. A new Forging Bonds event is here! The stars of this Forging Bonds Event are the new Heroes from the "Bond of Trust" summoning event. In Forging Bonds, SP and Hero Merit earned in battle are doubled, so use this opportunity to train your most needed units. I hope you enjoy the new stories featured by these Heroes!
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