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  1. We already have 3 Ikes and we will have 3 Ephraims in some months. We don't need more of them (at least for now). I am with the team of "Cordelia didn't need another alt", but the others deserves some spotlight. I am sure there are a lot o people like me who got interested in Sacred Stones after playing Heroes.
  2. Maybe I will try to get Tana. Her Guidance Weapon will be very useful for my Tactic Team. And summoning in Red orbs I will have chances to get Marths or Lilinas for my merges.
  3. Yes. Summer Tana was made for mixed teams. Maybe she will have a Tactic Skill. Maybe she will be the 2nd Spd Tactic unit.
  4. Yeah. People don't want a full awakening or fates banner, but they are mad because it's not a full awakening or fates banner.
  5. When IS uses popular characters, like Camilla, Lucina, Ike or Lyn, people say "that's is the same thing over and over", but when IS decides to make something different, people say "they are not popular enough to get a alt." I don't understand it...
  6. I don't want to get this characters because their art is cool, I want to know theirs skills!
  7. I want to know how these characters can make axes from random things! A stick with a watermelon, a sack of gifts, a bell and now a flag... HOW "LILITH FLOATIE" IS CONSIDERED A AXE?!
  8. With this leaks... maybe the trailer will be released early... like the last time.
  9. Honestly... They are good choices for Special units! I like this type of banners where they have random choices. I am surprised to see Noire!
  10. I already promoted my Linus to 5 stars, so I will use him. The others will be Marth, Fjorm and Bride Lyn. I am happy with Live to Serve Sacred Seal. With the Sacred Coins I will get from the Tempest Trial rewards, I will enhance the seal to it's level 3.
  11. This GHB is one of the easiest 2018's GHB. I used my Tactic Team on Infernal. Ike tanked all the physical damage, while Legendary Lyn attack from distance, Bride Niniam giving her support with his dance, Res Tactic skill, Def Tactic SS and Chill Atk, and Siegbert was only there to give Atk Tactic to the others. Easy free units and feathers.
  12. Yay! Live to Serve SS is a amazing reward! Now my Wrathful Candlelight+ Dazzling Staff B-skill Bride Lyn will be completed! Res Tactic is ok. I really like my Tactic Team, with L' Ike, L' Lyn, Siegbert and Bride Ninian, but I would prefer Atk Tactic. Earth Dance? Yeah... why not. At least now my Lene can buff 3 stats at the same time. Almost a red PA!Azura. She only needs Fortify Res. From the bonus units... well... I only have a 4* Nino, and she has her defaut skill set. I need to work on her... Or get Canas or Linus.
  13. Yay! Gunnthrá won! Now I will wait IS regret the decision of kill Gunnthrá and bring us Fallen Gunnthrá as Legendary Hero. Please IS, don't do it!
  14. Yes. We have confirmed Ryoma and Lyn for July. Or we will have Ephraim for 2 banners, or we will have Robin for the 5th time
  15. If we continue with the only one Legendary per color, the next Legendary Hero will be green. We already have Ephraim, Ike and Robin as L' Heroes. With NY!Azura and NY!Takumi in this last banner, NY!Camilla is almost guaranteed. For the other Red, maybe Cavalry Chrom or Leif. For Blue, maybe LA!Lyn and I want the return of Hinoka or Nephenee. For Green, we can have Male Grima and another Valentine unit (Lilina or Hector). For Colorless, I hope to see Elise again. Normal Takumi, Kinshinoka or LA!Roy are possible too..
  16. I would like Silque, Kliff, Python, Forsyth and Conrad in the game. From Awakening, Sumia, Ricken, Say’ri and Emmeryn. From Fates, Silas, Mozu, Mikoto and Yukimura. Every time I think about Yukimura in Heroes, I imagine his as a Cavalry Dagger unit, being the puppet his "horse". And I am surprised the others Greil Mercenaries' member are not in the game yet.
  17. If you plan to use Ryoma, you need to have Iote's Shiled A-skill or SS. From the 3 type of range-units, He has problems with archers and mages. He will not get doubled so easily, so Vantage may be a good skill for him. Even if I get Ryoma someday, I will continue to use my NY Camilla as sword unit in my flying team. Oh well, I got Xmas Chrom (+Atk/-HP) and Xmas Robin (+Spd/-Atk), the 2 are the units I really wanted from this banner. I also got a Sigurd (+Res/-HP), who will died someday, and a 4* Ares (+HP/-Def), who will be a 5 stars soon.
  18. I don't know if someone commented it, because there are more than 170 replies and I am lazy to check every single one, but... in the trailer, Ryoma caused 13 of damage on Xander. Assuming Xander is Lv 40, bacause of his HP, and Ryoma started the combat, so no Kestrel Stance boost, and both Ryoma and Xander don't have buffs/penalties, Ryoma has 50 Atk (34 + 16 from the weapon). And Ryoma took 26 of Damage. Xander, with his weapon, has 48 Atk, so Ryoma has 22 Def.
  19. Team Guunthrá for the win! I am supporting her too.
  20. From this Legendary Banner I only don't have Kinshyoma, Xmas Chrom and Xmas Robin. I will try to get the flying lobster, but I will not spend all my orbs on him. Chrom and Robin are only for the Catalog or Inherit skills, because I don't plan to use them. I don't mind to get some Gunnthrás, for my merge project. I can easily skip the colorless pool. Actually I can easily skip this banner, but I will try to get a Kinshyoma.
  21. I am not sure but... meh... I liked that Ryoma got a alt but I am not impressed by his skills. I am a little disappointed with both Ryoma and others units in the banner. When Tiki having a new weapon surprised me more than the main hero of the banner, it's a sign of there is something wrong... This is the first time I don't fell the need to summon on a legendary banner...
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