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  1. That's what I am thinking as well. A problem I was having is that this month we have a Remix and a Double Special. By happening in May the next banner, means that we will have Remix in Odd numbered months, and Double Special in Even numbered months. I hope in the 6-months event, we get the rest of 2018's legendaries added in the Remix Banners, so November could be Lucina and Marth, for example.
  2. I thought the Remix Banners would be monthly... But now I am not sure. They look to be every two months, but I will wait until next month calendar to see if that's how this banners work. For now, looks like the next one is in May? Maybe we get one in March or April, with Gunnthrá, Ephraim and Ryoma? I dont k oq amymore. For Hector's User, looks like his "remix" (aka upgrade) will be in September, Lyn's remix in July, and Grima's remix in May?
  3. Yes. We got Legendary Eirika and Legendary Gunnthrá before. None of them had their Prf B skills. This is not guaranteed that Rokkr Legendary Edelgard will not have Raging Storm, since we also had Rokkr Eir and she had Sparkling Boost. It will depende if IS wants to give her the B skill or not.
  4. One thing I liked about Tana's fairy attire is that she has wings. The others 3 fairy attires have wings as well, but they made the wings to look more like a cape instead.
  5. Since we know that Canto is a skill that is in the unit's weapon, we will not have Rokkr Bosses with the Canto skill. ...Unless they make a Rokkr Weapon with Canto, or an inheritable skill thart grants Canto.
  6. I also didn't understand what you tried to say... Anyway, Duo Ephraim and Fallen Corrin are not Special Heroes, so they should not appear in Double Special Heroes.
  7. Next Resplendent Hero is Tana, with the Ljósálfheimr attire. I didn't like that it's another 5* Hero... But I am pretty happy with the choice, of both character and attire, since I know @BoaFerox wanted this so much!
  8. Getting 300 Sp Tier 3 C skills... and still no 300 Sp inheritable B skills...
  9. It's very weird for the Save skills to be 300 Sp. The Duel Skills I understand why, since they are made for scoring in Arena so wouldn't make sense for them to be 240 Sp. But I still don't know why Save have that Sp value. Probably to bait players to get these skills for Arena. Can't wait for Save 4 to be 400 Sp Another weird case of weird Sp value... is Ostian Counter, which is 350 Sp. No other prf passive skill has that value (that I remember)
  10. According to the Twitter Page, the results will be announced on February 14th
  11. One Resplendent Grail Hero that I would enjoy is Emblian Xander.
  12. Managed to get Tier 38, which is nice. I am a little scared of Save skills, so I added Young Merric in one of my teams. If Hector or Edelgard appears with that skill, I think he can deal with them. Edelgard will need 2 combats though.
  13. Maybe Ephraim gets a increase from 30% to 50% in his healing? And maybe another effect, but I have no idea.
  14. For me, it's the opposite. Another TT, another time to celebrate that Svalinn Shield is not a seal yet. I don't want to see Brave Edelgards with that in Coliseum.
  15. We share a point of view. MjolnirStrike is not a mode where we see very bulky foes, so Glimmer is perfect for the job, especially for Summoner that since he doesnt affect the score he can run any skill you want on him without penalties. And you can easily reach around 70+ Atk on him or even 80+ (especially if you use him in the Atk+10 column), so I can see Glimmer doing a very good amount of damage in any type of foe. If was for Coliseum, then sure... Maybe Ruptured Sky could be a better option. But its Mjolnir Strike, which is not a challenging mode at all.
  16. I played all TT up to 50k, and the orbs gave me 2 more Duo Lífs, and both Saber and Sonya as 4* Special... Geez! Where was this luck when I tried for NY Plumeria?!
  17. It's very weird that the Save Skills are 300 Sp. They are Tier 3 skills, not Tier 4... but the score as one.
  18. I am seeing a lot of player giving the Summoner Ruptured Sky special skill. For me, I think Glimmer is better... You will do a lot of damage, so Glimmer will always be useful. Ruptured Sky not only is based on 20% of foe's Atk (40% if foe is beast or dragon), and 20% is not that much, but also... Dire Breidablik inflict Atk-4 on foe... which reduce the damage from Ruptured Sky.
  19. Oh thanks! I didn't notice that when I was creating the topic. lol I kinda did the topic in a hurry, during a break from work.
  20. The FE Theme remix is available in the Concert Hall, if you want to use it as menu theme.
  21. The first Remix Banner has Male Kris, Bernadetta and Awakening Anna as normal heroes, alongside Fjorm, Ike, Grima, Lyn and Hector as Legendary. I can see some of the Fates heroes, like Lilith, Rinkah and Midori, in future banners, since their original banner keep losing in teh twitter pool, with no chance for banner rerun. I can see Gunnthrá and Ephraim as the next legendary heroes in the spotlight.
  22. Nice! I got 3 today: Brave Ephraim, which I didn't have yet so now I have all CYL 2 heroes, OG Julia and Fallen Celica. I saw that Maaka got a Takumi.
  23. ★ A new Tempest Trials+ is coming, titled "Lost to Love"! ★ The bonus allies of this TT+ are: Valentine Líf (& Valentine Thrasir), Valentine Gustav, Valentine Henriette, Valentine Alfonse, Valentine Veronica, Alfonse, Sharena and Anna. Valentine Veronica's skills at 5★ Lv 40: Imperial princess of the Emblian Empire. Involving helself in the Day of Devotion festivities in a attempt to make sense of what love means. Appears in Fire Emblem Heroes. Pact Blooms+ (Mt: 2 / Range: 2) If unit is within 2 spaces on an ally, inflict Atk/Res-5 on foe during combat, and when unit deals damage to foe during combat, restores 4 HP to unit. (Triggers even if 0 damage is dealt). Growing Thunder (Cooldown: 4) Before comabt this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res) HP/Spd 2 Grants HP+4, Spd+2.. Chill Spd 3 At start of turn, inflicts Spd-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Spd through its next action. And the Sacred Seals are:* Description for the enchanted version of each sacred seal * Bracing Stance 2 If foe initiates combat, grants Def/Res+4 during combat. Life and Death 3 Grants Atk/Spd+5. Inflicts Def/Res-5. You can also earn some Divine Codes ( Ephemera 2 ) by reaching the 6,000 score, and a Fire Blessing by reaching the 12,500 score. Also, this Tempest Trial+ event has additional rewards in ceelbration of the 4th FEH Anniversary, like Heroic Grails, Dragonflowers and First Summon Tickets! Final Map:
  24. Busy week for me so I didn't have much time left to do it, but I am working on it right now. Thanks for the final map.
  25. I agree with you. I am glad they didn't go with the "my father, that is dead, was summoned! So I can spend some time with him during the festival" stuff again. At first I was thinking weird that Alfonse didn't mention Gustav being alive at all. I was like... is this before the events of Book 3?
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