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  1. It's funny how Edelgard Vs Dimitri can happen... again... for the 3rd time. Plus, we can have Legendary Edelgard vs Legendary Dimitri. The first time was between their academy versions, while the second time was between their Brave versions.
  2. If the top 8 we have right now from the mid-term results are the ones in the VG, and if it uses the same structure from last year... the AHR 2021 Voting Gauntlet will have: In the Left Side: Seiros (1st) Vs Legendary Chrom (5th) Legendary Dimitri (4th) Vs Legendary Edelgard (8th) In the right side: Ninja Lyn (2nd) Vs Legendary Corrin (6th) Brave Edelgard (3nd) Vs Freyja (7th) Just to remember: the top 4 heroes FROM THE VOTING GAUNTLET are the ones that will have a banner, not the Top 4 in votes from the website. So basically the 4 winner of Round 1 are the ones in the banner.
  3. Hmm... It's what I expected... Maybe not Legendary Edelgard. I hope Summer Byleth takes her place.
  4. I didn't mention the HP requirement in my original post... because I forgot that the skill has a HP requirement. lol
  5. I am not sure. They are basically like Close Def and Distant Def, where one only works against melee foes and the other only works against ranged foes. So I can see them having no limitation like that. What I can see is being Armor only.
  6. First vote went to Ninja Lyn. Second vote went to Legendary Dimitri.
  7. The version we have of him is from his Radiant Dawn appearance. Even though some heroes appear in multiple games, some of them only counts to the version his appearance/look is from. For this week, we don't have easily accessible dancer for Resonant Battles. Path of Radidance only have Dancer Nephenee as option, while Three Houses only hava both Dorothea (Summer and Plegian). So unless you have one of these 3 heroes... it's dancerless RB week.
  8. One thing I didn't like about the Summoner is that he/she doesnt have attacking, special and damage art. In the Feh Channel, when Summoner initiates combat, the attacking art doesn't apepar... actually, no art appear. And when Peony goes to dance him, you can see that Peony has the attacking portrail but Summoner keeps the neutral portrail. I guess they didn't want to do 7 different arts, since we have 7 different Summoners... but couldn't they reuse the same art and just change the head? Just make a art that you can't see if the bory is male or female, like... the damaging art not revealing much skin.
  9. We are pretty much getting a armor demote every month now. I will not be surprised with a Spring Armor unit as demote next month, with Vengeful Fighter.
  10. Hmm... I was right about the Fatal Smoke's description. That will be an interesting, and annoying, skill. Yeah. And another thing that influenced us to see a ship between Líf and Thrasir, their alternative older versions, is that Thrasir only have Líf, and vice versa. Once enemies, now became the only real ally each other can have. When everyone but them died in their world, they were the only one there to confort each other. All that experience made them develop a strong bond, which is common that it could evolve into something else. For the Alfonse and Veronica we know... I don't see anything so far that could give us a hint. Or at least I don't remember anything related. So maybe, because the way their world is, a relationship between Alfonse and Veronica may not be a thing. To be fair, for me, it's very convenient that all that "I hear voices that tells me to kill" stuff suddently disappeated. Like, it's not even mentioned in previous Books. We all know that Bruno is searching for something to help that, but he's been searching for a cure for Veronica's problem... that didn't appeared since Book 1. It's kinda looks like Veronica already is cured.
  11. That's a very interesting banner to me. Fatal Smoke tempts me to build a Kronya now. I can see Brave Edelgards and Brave Hectors with Savior skills in AR-D now. For me, the Path of Radiance Valentine Banner is still the worst one. That banner, I couldn't care less for any of the Heroes, because of character or skill. Here, I am very interested.
  12. Looks like it inflict some kind of stat debuff, and inflict 40 damage to foes within 3 spaces of Líf. At least the range was until foes within 3 spaces.
  13. Looking at Duo Líf's C skill from the trailer... looks like the icon that is usually used for healing effect, in a background used in smoke skills. Can this be a Smoke Skill that inflict a status effect that prevent foes from getting healed by AoE healing skills/structures, like Healing Tower, Renewal or Heron Wing? It's not a prf skill, for sure, because looks to have the gold borders Tier 3 skills have.
  14. Maybe Marth's Binding Shield could have a 2 spaces range, so all dragons within 2 spaces of Marth cannot do a follow-up or counterattack. I mean, it's basically a Binding Shield Rein. Would not be weird to have such effect in the B slot. Dimitri has a Smoke skill in his B slot.
  15. I am considering going for Marth once he gets remixed. I know he is far away from the best scoring Fire Hero, but I don't care. lol
  16. Since Rescue and Return don't give special charge, I would not expect Future Vision to get that effect.
  17. Grima would need a huge help in her Res to be able to use Dragon Wall at full potential... But its possible for her to get it, I guess.
  18. Atk/Def Solo 4, instead of Sturdy Stance 2, makes sense for Ephraim. He is a dual phase unit, so Solo 4 would be great on him.
  19. Yeah. I may summon all green and red orbs. Since we will get 5 tickets, that means 6 circles for me. About Veronica, I wish she was Red.
  20. Yeah. Hector is a special case. In my opinion, or Hector will get a high cost special, like your idea of Blue Flame, or maybe he will get Ostian Counter from Brave Hector. Changing from DC to Sturdy Stance 2 + DC is a nice change.
  21. One thing that may help you is that it's only Green and Red Heroes. So maybe you will get lucky with your tickets.
  22. Close Counter is a quite rare fodder. It is not present in the normal pool right now, but it will be with the addition of 4* Special Focus, but the chances of getting Takumi from that are very VERY low. Takumi will still be in weekly banners though. And CC + Special Fighter, or CC + Def/Res Oath is a good combo. Unless you really need to fix Alfonse's HP... unless that bane really bothers you... I would save the manual for a future unit that you may want to build.
  23. Looks like the inheritable weapons inflict Atk/Res-5 on foe and heal 4 HP per unit's attack (even if damage is zero). Not sure if there is a condition to trigger it... like having an ally within 2 spaces.
  24. Greetings everyone! Remixed Legendary Heroes will be a thing, starting on version 5.2.0. The first two Legendary Heroes to receive the remix treatment are Fjorm: Princess of Ice and Ike:Vanguard Legend. Now I want to make something fun here: What improvement do you think the rest of the Legendary Heroes will receive in their Prf Skills, and what new skill they will also receive? Based on Fjorm and Ike, looks like these heroes will get a boost in their Prf Passive, Assist or Special Skills, so no Weapon improvement here... that's more a refinery than a remix. And lets also discuss what can be the extra skill they will get. It can be related to a skill they already have, like Fjorm that is getting Atk/Def Unity which is a improvement from Atk/Def Bond 3, or can be something completely different, like Ike getting Joint Drive Res, which is way different from his Def Tactic. We could also discuss not only about the current candidates to the Remix (legendaries until Hector), but also all the others after that. Here are some ideas I had: Lucina: Glorious Archer Future Vision II could receive a easy upgrade by adding a Link Skill in her assist... like Atk/Spd Link 3. Meanwhile, she could get or Swift Sparrow 3, a improvement from her SS 2, or Atk/Spd Push 4 so she could go into the enemy team, attack, maybe get damaged, then Push damage would trigger, and she can enter in WoM range, so others can jump to her. Or even she can use Escape Route to teleport to others. Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams Chilling Seal II could affect more foes. For example, what if it inflict Atk/Spd-6 on the foe with the lowest Def... and also all foes adjacent to that foe. I would say 2 spaces, which would make her more viable, but maybe it's too much. lol Then for her new skill, it's safe to say Fort Def/Res 3. It will give her one more Atk, one more Res and six more Def, compared to her Fortress Res 3. Lyn: Lady of the Wind One think I always wanted in Laws of Sacae is for it to be a dual phase skill, and not only enemy phase. Maybe Laws of Sacae II will be that, and a boost from +4 to +5 to all stats? Maybe she could be like Ike, and get Joint Drive Spd... or even Joint Hone Spd, so she can also get the visible Spd buff that Spd Tactic grants. Marth: Hero-King Marth is a special case... because he was the first Legendary Hero to have 3 prf skills: a weapon, a special and a passive. I think Binding Shield will be the one to receive a boost. Binding Shield has Dragonbreaker and Dragonsweep effect, so maybe Binding Blade II will also have Lull Dragons? Nullifies bonuses on Dragon foes and also inflict -3 to all their stats? For a new skill, I think we could change his C skill, since I don't think that many players use Infantry Flash. Maybe Threaten Atk/Spd 3? It will grant him Atk/Spd+5 (which grants another +5 since he has Bonus Doubler in his weapon), and inflict Atk/Spd-5 on foes within 2 spaces. Another possibility would be Atk/Spd Unity. It doesn't exist yet, but maybe when Marth joins the Remixed Heroes, it does. Eirika: Graceful Resolve An easy improvement to her prf skill would be Lunar Brace II not having the cooldown penalty. She wants to be solo, and not sure if Atk/Spd Solo 4 changes much... but maybe Rouse Atk/Def 3 instead of her Odd Def Wave 3? Since she can be used as a Galeforcer, maybe something like Pulse Smoke 3? Here are some ideas I had... so maybe you guys can join me and add your ideas. The ideas can be even for Legendary Heroes from Book 3 and 4!
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