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  1. Yes. Eliwood won because in the halfway results, Eliwood was in 3rd. Hector and Lyn fans saw that Eliwood had a chance, and went all in on him. It was basically a Veronica situation all over again. ... I really hope Marth wins CYL, because I will say: Marth is the one character that deserves more than the other male character. Not because he is the first Lord, but because he would be a winner in CYL 2 if wasnt for the split votes. I dont care if we gets 1st or 2nd... I just hope he gets his deserves victory.
  2. it's still early on the votings, but looks like "Heroes, Light & Shadow" will probably win the Twitter Pool. That banner and "Mirabilis & More" are pretty close in the English Twitter page, but New Mystery's banner is way more votes in the Japanese's Twitter page. I hope I can get one of the Krisses with my tickets in March.
  3. It's funny how they added Gatekeeper to CYL 5. To be fair, he should be in CYL 4. Irma was there as option, so why not Gatekeeper?
  4. I usually don't care about CYL results. In the end I will summon for how good the unit will be, and not for the character itself. Even if I am not a fan of that character, if the Brave Alt is a very good unit... I will summon for that hero. I am not a fan of Edelgard, but Brave Edelgard is such a great unit. With that said... I am voting for Marth. I am not a type of player that think "this character deserve to win more than that other character" or "this character deserves to win more than the others"... but Marth it's an exception. If we had combined votes in CYL 2, Marth would be 2nd place. Since then, I consider that Marth deserves to be in a Brave Heroes banner. He lost to Eliwood in CYL 3, which was a fair battle between them... and he had no chance against the 3H House Leaders. I am voting for him with all my votes, but I am already prepared for the worst in case he doesn't get it again. I don't care in which position he ends, 1st or 2nd, I just want him to win. He can even be a bad unit in teh end (which is hard to happen to CYL units)... I just want him to win. If wasn't for Marth... I don't know who I would vote for... Maybe Eirika, so support my friends that like her. Or Male Robin, since I am still waiting for a Grandmaster alt with Levin Sword.
  5. @Fire Emblem Fan @Tybrosion I also was thinking about the TT bonus units, and I came with two others possibilities: Basically there is a TT banner, but it's just not in the calendar. It's a rare case, but it can happen I guess. April 2020 we had the Green Grapple Voting Gauntlet, about green-hair green unit. That VG had 2 banners, and the calendar didn't have any banner for the event. So maybe we will get a TT banner, but they just didn't put in the calendar? The Valentines banner of this year will be like the New Years Banner: a double special heroes banner, where combines 2020's Valentines and 2021's Valentines into one banner. Then, the others 3 bonus units could be last year's heroes, like Alm, Faye and Rudolf. If I could pick one of these two, I would prefer the first option. Anyway, the Tempest Trial notification comes on February 3rd, so we will probably have the Valentine Heroes in the Feh Channel.
  6. I don't know. I never played Genealogy. I just went to FE Wikia to know about Lene and Corpul/Coirpre, and they used the word "abandon" there. lol
  7. Yes, Lene has a younger brother named Corpul (or Coirpre, as his localized name). Both were abandoned by Silvia in an orphanage in Darna. Lene grown up in Darna, while Corpul was adopted and raised in Thracia. They can meet later in the game, but they don't know they are siblings, and it's not confirmed that they discovered about being siblings even after the was is over.
  8. There is a notification about this glitch, that was posted yesterday. Basically, this is happening to players that score 421+ in Aether Raids. You should read it, because it has what you need to do there.
  9. No... The example the weapons give says -19, but it's a combination of -7 visible debuffs and -12 in-combat debuff. Unless you attack someone that also has a Atk+7 from Hone Atk 4 and was hit by the Panic status, then you will have -19:
  10. I got a 4* Raphael, a Dorothea and a Katarina, with a little more than 100+ orbs. I am happy but sad at the same time. Happy because I got what I wanted, but sad because I was trying to save orbs. lol
  11. Reached Tier 28 again. This was a pretty chill season, with only -20 in defense. My new team did very well. Anyway, going to the Vault of Heavens next season.
  12. ★ A new Tempest Trial+ is coming, titled "Love of Family"! ★ The bonus allies of this TT+ are: Plegian Dorothea (& Plegian Lene), Plegian Raphael, Plegian Tharja, Plegian Katarina, Plegian Male Kris, Lene, Female Kris and Katarina. Plegian Male Kris's skills at 5★ Lv 40: Knight of Altea who advanced to become the leader of the 7th Platoon. Currently deployed on a mission. Appears in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. Plegian Axe+ (Mt: 14, Range: 1) If unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts penalty on foe's Atk/Def during combat = 5 + any current penalty on each of those stats. (Example: if foe has -7 penalty to Atk, inflicts Atk-12, for a net penalty of Atk-19 during combat.) Calculates each stat penalty independently. Draconic Aura (Cooldown: 3) Boosts damage by 30% of unit's Atk. Spd/Def 2 Grants Spd/Def+2. Chill Atk 3 At start of turn, inflicts Atk-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Atk through its next action. And the Sacred Seals are:* Description for the enchanted version of each sacred seal * Brazen Spd/Def 3 At start of combat, if unit's HP ≤ 80%, grants Spd/Def+7 during combat. Air Orders 3 At start of turn, grants the following status to adjacent flying allies for 1 turn: "Unit can move to a space adjacent to any ally within 2 spaces." You can also earn some Divine Codes ( Ephemera 1 ) by reaching the 6,000 score, and a Fire Blessing by reaching the 12,500 score. Final Map:
  13. We should get the beginning of CYL 5 votes this week, right? I mean... CYL 4 votes started on January 21st last year.
  14. Here, I created a scenario where Fallen Ike would fight a Plegian Katarina. Fallen Ike was affected by Chill Atk and Chill Spd, so he has Atk/Spd-7. This is what we usually see when we attacked a Fallen Ike with Chaos Ragnell equipped (I removed all others skills). You can see him having Atk/Spd+14 as in-combat buffs. Now, I will recreate Plegian Katarina attacking Ike. For that, I am using Claude with Cunning Bowequipped. Just to remember, Cunning Bow inflict Atk/Spd/Def/Res-5 on target it foe has a total visible debuffs of -10 or more. Since Ike has Atk/Spd-7 from Chills, for a total of -14 visible debuffs, Cunning Bow will inflict -5 to all his stats, which will simulate Katarina's base -5 debuff. Now, to simulate the extra -7 Katarina would get for attacking a debuffed foe, I used a Brave Claude with Atk/Spd Rein 2, that inflicts Atk/Spd-3 on foes within 2 spaces, and a Tharja with refined Tharja's Hex, that inflict Atk/Spd-4 on foes within 2 spaces. By placing these 2 unit within 2 spaces of Ike, he will get Atk/Spd-7 during combat, which would be what Katarina would get in a combat. The result would be like the image below. I hope this helped to understand how these weapons would work against Fallen Ike and foes with Unity skills.
  15. Well... lets consider a situation here Fallen Ike has a visible Atk-7 from Chill Atk or Atk Smoke, and Plegian Katarina initiates against him. Ike's Chaos Ragnell will grant him Atk+14 during combat, because it's the penalty on unit x 2. Meanwhile, Katarina's Fell Flambeau will inflict Atk-12 (-5 base, plus -7 from Ike being debuffed on Atk) on him during combat. In the end, Ike will get Atk+2 during combat since Katarina's tome will nullify 12 of these in-combat stats. So yeah, the Plegian weapons can cut Ike's in-combat buffs by a good amount. This also apply to Unity skills.
  16. I dont think they would give him a solo skill. Rouse makes more sense, since there is one on Ferdinand Von Aegir, although I would not expect Atk/Spd... Maybe Spd/Def again, like Feedinand's. Kinda bothered by Chill Atk. I thought wlhe would not have that, because he is in the same map as Dorothea and she already have Chill Atk effect on her tome. It's 1 point weaker, but still. I was expecting Def Smoke as well. Yeah, we have that already... But I already expected a repeated skill anyway, and honestly people her should expected that as well.
  17. Yep. I am with you as well. I am fine if having at least one unit representing that theme. For example, in the Ninjas banner, it was Hana. She is not a Ninja, but she is from Hoshido and understand the culture.
  18. She inflicts -12 in-combat debuff. The others -7 are from visible debuffs, like Chill Atk. (-12) + (-7), for a total of -19 of a combination of visible and invisible debuffs.
  19. Male Kris! That's all I care for. I may try for Dorothea before the end of the banner, since she looks to be a good unit. Mythic Banner and FEH's Anniversary comes first.
  20. @Maaka Well done! Nice use of Infantry Rush on Delthea to give Heavy Blade to Gray without using his A slot. Those cavaliers didn't have a change against that villager. Congrats on the others clears as well. Once again, all one-turn clears! @NSSKG151 Nice clear! I am a fan of Steady Breath on Lukas, since I have it on mine, but Sorcery Blade was a pretty nice thing to see being used as well! @Some Jerk Oh wow! Duma tanked all those foes like a champ! That clear as pretty good! Congrats! @GuiltyLove Oooooh! That's a very strong Valentian Catria that you have! That for sure was a pretty nice investment! Nice job on your clear! I still have to finish my Python... @SatsumaFSoysoy When I saw that SoV units would be needed for Azura's map, I already knew you would have a fun time using your Celica there. And I was right! Faye was a pretty nice bonus there. Great job! @BoaFerox Yay Boa! I am glad we found a way to make this work! I hope that, if you try to get a Duo Alm next month, you can get him pretty fast. Obstruct is the new meta!
  21. This BHB was not hard. I decided to use some different units this time. Here's the Kitsune Emblem (they are all Kitsunes... I swear!) @Maaka Once again, Team Bartre & Fir were able to defeat their opponents with only one turn of action. Nice job! @Sasori Nice Clear! I don't know if Boey enjoys being surrounded by pink-hair ladies... or if this makes him very confused. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oh wow! Duessel is so strong! I remember having problems in defeating him in the Chain Challenges! Pretty cool to see him destroying everyone. @daisy jane @BoaFerox @mcsilas @DarkAlf @LordFrigid @Landmaster
  22. I was expecting Gunnthrá to be in the next Arena Bonus units... not only they skipped her but also Legendary Ike.
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