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  1. @Darkmoon6789The reasons you mentioned are pretty similar to the reasons why I like Edelgard so much as a character. Deep down she is kind hearted and wants to help people by freeing them from a system she thinks is responsible for the suffering of her and many people, and she does believe in those ideas and when explaining her vision to people (CF supports) she does seem to trully believe it. However, she also thinks that it's fine to use any possible methods to achieve her goal whether she likes those methods or not, or whether they are serious crimes or not. Attacking her classmates and siding with the argathans that put her through all of her suffering (despite her blaming the crests) , start a war, lie about their actions (when they nuked Arhianold). She isn't concerned how many lives are claimed in the name of her dream or how many lies she tells as when her better world arrives all of that won't matter. That's my look into her character and why I like her so much. A flawed individual that starts with good intentions.
  2. My predictions/hopes are. Edelgard has the sword of Seiros she is seen wielding. Dimitri has an Aerbred alt (as his father also had this Lance) Claude has an axe given to him by Nader or a new made up bow (similar to Eliwood's Lance) So I would say that Lysithea could have a made up norse tome or stave.
  3. Thanks for the clarification it was really helpful. It looks like a good B slot for those units. The Spd check is really generous and as far as the Res goes, with some support it will be good to go. By the looks of it I am going to be giving it to Ingrid when she arrives. As she does seem the typical high Spd high Res pegasus knight.
  4. Can someone explain to me how Fiora's new B skill works? As I don't understand yet. Also can a unit with 28 Res use it or it needs Fiora's 40 to function? What are some good users of it generally?
  5. From the tickets I got a Fiora which is +Res-def. I have to say though that pulling in that has two heroes makes it easier to pull for one of them, in my experience at least. Is that a thing or just my imagination?
  6. Honestly, that seems the case to me however, I thought that perhaps Plumeria was playing with Sharena as she states quite a lot how she hates the dark elfs and her job and we can safely say that Sharena too would not like being in her position. And it also gives her a purpose in the story as Peony Triandra could have the sister plot. Also why didn't Freya appear and they only showed dialogue of her? And is her gimmick being obsessive over her brother?
  7. Personally I hope that's the case but we all deep down know that it will be Fjorm, and Alfonse/Sharena mostly conversing with them, though it would be a crime if Leila didn't talk with Mathew.
  8. So many free pulls and I got a 5* that was Python I guess it still is a 5*. I just don't know what to do with him.
  9. What I got from this along with the stuff we learn by Rhea is the following. Sothis descends upon the world afar from Foldan from the sky (the star Sirius is my prediction as it is mentioned a lot). From her blood she creates her children and they share their powers with Humans advancing civilisation. Then she could possibly have gone to a sleep and during that time her children with the humans went to war over the abuse of her powers. So she awakens and starts flooding the world saving her children and during that time humans make what would evolve into the javelins of light, the pillars of light however they further damaged the world and she didn't die. Then she finally did flood the world killing all humans except those that hid in Shambala who sought revenge against her and her children. Then she restored balance to the world and created new humans (I think, please correct me if I am wrong) and fell into a deep slumber to restore her powers in the holy tomb and nearby, her original Dragon-like children built Nabatea and the story we know and love about Nemesis continues. Whatever the case, I like that they gave Sothis some more spotlight even if it was this way. If the DLC had gone the Torna route and was about the War of Heroes then perhaps we would have learnt way more.
  10. If I knew that beforehand my votes would be different. I mean how many new players are going to join within one month? At least both Mythic and Winter Sothis are in the VG. I will be supporting full on Mythic Sothis and if she fails then Winter one.
  11. Wait, what? I thought it was going to be the timeframe the Xenologue releases. Just for one month and we're done? It's a shame then it truly won't count for guides. I am a bit salty right now and I feel kind of stupid for not realising the obvious.
  12. The greatest number of merges on a 5* exclusive unit is +5 on Edelgard and it is all F2P luck. In her debut banner I made a random pull before the banner ends and I got her. Then in the Celica's Legendary banner I ended up getting with the tickets and 60 orbs in total 5 copies of her. And then I started using her as Galeforce unit. The next biggest is +2 but I was sniping for it so it doesn't matter that much
  13. The free unit is always available, Ike for example from the first a hero Rises was given in a Xenologue. If I want to be honest Azura would be a boring choice and my least preferred one, as the free Peony does an excellent job and though I might not have her I would prefer any of the other choices as they are all pretty unique units and fodders and I personally would like any of the rest (even an Edelgard merge wouldn't be a problem).
  14. I have a little theory I just started playing the DLC but I have some thoughts. Looking forward to knowing what Hapi's secret trully is. I really like Yuri and Constance so far. The timeskip designs look gorgeous.
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