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  1. June was a really busy month so I uninstalled temporarily Feh until I had more time. So I missed Mythic spark, Felix manual and LeByleth. When do we expect Notte's respark will be? Also Nifl looks nice and hopefully I manage to get Freya.
  2. One day I opened the app store and saw a brand new game called fire emblem heroes at the beginning of February 2017. Looked interesting so I downloaded it and was surprised by the amount of characters and was wondering where they all came from and why characters from a mobile game had so elaborate backstories. I looked up the series and there you go. I played FE7 then because everyone was recommending it however I couldn't beat it but I was already sold in the series and decided to buy Echoes and I LOVED it. Played first casual normal to get some experience and the classic. Afterwards I beat the GBA ones and geneology (one of my favourites). However, 3H holds a special place in my heart because it was the first game I was around during it's release and lived the hype. Playing Fates for the 1st time now and waiting for FE17.
  3. After spent around 60 orbs for ashera and forgetting play for several days I am sad to see Nott while I don't have a single orb. Hopefully AI can gather a spark before the banner ends. Palla looks nice also Nott is good but I am unsure how she will work, Panic, luls and all that counter her unlike Dagr which is pretty good.
  4. I expect either awakening because its the season they usually get banners or Echoes. As mentioned above due to Echoes not having many potential units Notte will be used to carry this banner and put some more unpopular ones. I expect Nott, Luthier, Atlas (quest demote), Jedah (GHB), any of the swords remaining and Mycen/Fernand (bassicaly a "filler" choice that still is profitable). Zeke and Tatiana and the hype around them is enough to carry the final one.
  5. The next one has Lyn and Grima. Lyn I don't know/don't think she can be saved in any way without pretty much a rework from the beggining. Grima will get Dragon's Ire 100%. Expiration will also receive a refine I believe benefiting both Grimas. Something like stats, faster specials/guard. Personally I would like a Save effect into the weapon. It would be a bit weird with Male one being an armor but it would be nice nonetheless. Other options would be some damage reduction. The skill upgrade will have some of the mentioned effects. Extra stats will be needed to make her compete. I am really hoping she is a ryoma situation where she completely explodes in performance. Personally I am really excited for Eirika. I have her at +5 +Atk and she has been gathering dust for a while. I expect any offensive 2021 A slot and the effective damage will be more easy to use. Adding it to her attacks or something similar will be nice as it will allow her to run Galeforce. Dimitri already has such an effect so it's not something unheard, also Canto must be there as well. Also "looking forward" to Azura. I expect a T4 duel and Gray waves giving armors and even Cavs extra movement.
  6. ASHERA!! Finally she is in the game! I have been waiting for her for a while (only Anankos now remains). Her art is amazing and the animation is crazy!! As a unit she seems okeyish I guess? Don't do AR anymore so I simply view her on her Abyssal utility and and how fun/easy to use she is. If she has a good Spd something her B slot betrays I guess she can be a good for more than one shooting, Mystic boost seal will be gorgeous on her. That C slot looks fun. Edelgards always want more Atk and Res so the bonus is appreciated and making it panic proof is a really nice bonus (though panic is one the least dangerous debuffs right now I feel, especially with schools and shrines being so powerful right now). I have 62 orbs right now as I have been skipping arena and some other things because boredom, if I grind these then I will have way more however I don't want to get involved in myhtic gacha hell. Want to keep my orbs to spark in the midpoint banner (hopefully Notte). Should I try my luck on colourless for any of these 3 (want all 3 grays) or save simply and skip?
  7. These quiz orbs allowed me to spark and got another Edelgard in the last session +Spd. Spent flowers, fruits, even the celestial stone and lots of expensive fodder and created this. Still have some other available skills however she is fine for now, I also want to try out different builds as I still use her base kit. Already replaced her as my lead. Time to save for the June spark now as I doubt I will be able to pull on the CYL respark. Don't have enough orbs currently to spark again so soon.
  8. I am hoping to see Leanne and Naesala as they were teased last year. For the harmonic I don't know, I guess it is going to be something like Thracia/Geneology, PoR/RD. You can't exactly "marry" together characters that met in Askr.
  9. I am personally thinking of saving the soul for the 3H one. Either a Santa Felix merge, any post time skip Edelgard or fallen dimitri would be ideal for me.
  10. With so far 2 free forma souls being available and the fact that they are extra important for me as I am f2p I am wondering what would be the best way to use them. What units take priority and how do you build these units? Also how to quickly farm Summoner support? I feel like it always takes ages.
  11. I am at 30/40. So far a -spd bernie (fodder for Eliwood for that A and B slot) and a Fallen Edelgard +hp -res, extremely happy I got one. Now she will be +1 with the spark. Already gave her some skills like galeforce , fort def/res 3, summoner support also gave her some fruits to make her +atk , still have plenty so it's more than fine.
  12. Pretty easy abyssal. The only tricky part was handling Sigurd's large movement. Used LeDimitri, BrEdie, FJullia amd Mira. Originally used Bramimmond instead of Julia however way too many foes had middling spd so Julia was better. I used Edelgard to to bait out foes and tank until Sigurd moved, Dimitri with Galeforce and Julia with her nuking powers killed the ones that remained. When Sigurd moved Dimiri killed him and used galeforce and his large movement to move to safety as he only had 2 Hp afterwards and Edie became a wall that protected the him and Julia. She has a near save so after Julia killed some dangerous ranged ones with Mira's help, she tanked everything and the next turns were simply chasing the ones that had escaped.
  13. Ragnel/Alondite got a nice refine. With special fighter Black knight/Zelgius can counterattack with Black Luna which is really nice and possibly quite scary in Arena where everyone has a +10 merged one. Ike didn't change much I feel. The freebies got a nice one, didn't expect much from them anyway. LeRyoma was the winner of the batch. With refined Raijinto and Bushido II he has DC Iote's shield +4 to all stats NFU +7 true damage dodge He also gains Rein Atk/Spd from the update, add that and he becomes a monster. You can give him any seal and A slot you want and make him a very good tank. He won't be a BrHector or BrEdie but it's nice that this old, forgotten and outdated unit caught up to modern standards and even surpassed them.
  14. That's nice then a guaranteed mythic is always good. Really hoping this book conects with the plot concerning the gods and all that. Getting development from paralogues makes me want to learn even more.
  15. Caught up with the story. This book is being carried by the sisters so far for me. Their dynamic resembling actually siblings and not that stupid thing we constantly see in games is really refreshing and they are really fun. Reggin is as boring as it goes as always. I just wish they changed that formula of making the first chapters go as slow as possible and then rushing the final ones, it's pretty tiring. The actual plot so far is interesting though, I am waiting for the mid book sequence for it to actually end up somewhere. Hopefully Nott is sparable like Mira last year.
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