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  1. In the weekly banner I free pulled a 3* Abel. Then I pulled another blue orb and I got Lucina!! She is +Def -Res which is solid and I already refined her despite being Level 22 so far. Really lucky these days, now I have to stop bored summoning and gather orbs for a good unit to pair Lucina with as now she only has berkut and a B.Ike without DC. If Lif comes he will be perfect especially if he is a Mythic (Hel too). Also Sothis is coming soon enough and I can't have enough orbs for her (aiming for +spd +1 so I need to gather many orbs). Hopefully the new banners don't bring more dragons (duos too I guess) so that I can go easier on them and save orbs.
  2. Will go for Thea's B slot for now and will at times change with Fortress Defense. As for Naga, I think I will go for Dull Ranged a cheap(20000 feathers) and solid option. As for hector the armored team has two armor Marches so I will go for Bold fighter, as it is from a Zelgius that I used only to clear the wind Gardens some months ago and has this as his B slot. Making it the only easily available offensive Fighter skill. What are some ways that his base B slot can be used?
  3. So I have some quick questions. About fallen young Tiki, what are some easily available A skills for her? I am planning on giving her Fortress DefRes, or Distant Def 4, but until either comes what are some 4* or grail A slots for her since Brazen Atk/Spd doesn't often work due to her running Aether. About Naga what B slots can she run other than Chill Spd? It is nice but all of my dragons can reach easily at least 45 spd so I don't think it is needed, so what B slot can help raise her performance (since she can't use Lul Atk/Spd like I wanted her to)? Last one, I got a Halloween Hector (+Hp -Def) today and I was wondering how to build him. Will use him In AR defense probably, AB and in the Armor team, I will give him 4 Flowers and thats all I have thought. Skills he will keep his weapon, DC and I will give him ward armor. Which Fighter skill should I give him, Bold or Vengeful from that Legendary Tiki I hate, wary or his Odd Follow up is fine (I know it's not)? I would like to give him Aether but can he run it? I am so confused.
  4. Gathered 20 orbs today made some pulls and I got a Hector +Hp -Def which is fine, I didn't care as much about him but that's nice. After Nagi's flowers are done I will give him 4. So I am officially done with the banner I will now start gathering orbs for the new heroes banner. I am really happy I got lucky these two days and and got units I wanted.
  5. I think her weapon is fine, it trades range for stats, which is something she needs considering her lowish BST, and thought it doesn't function that well in non dragon/dragon slaying team I don't think that's the problem. If she had a better BST then she would be better with +6 with 3 spaces but for Naga as of now it is more than fine (for me at least since I use her even outside of AR with dragons, and in AR with one dragon and Dragon slayers). Her C skill needs an upgrade in my opinion but I would prefare if it was a more healing like the Herons or something instead of added range to her existing effect.
  6. Finished my pulls in the hone/fortify banner and got a +Atk Berkut merged my old one into him and he is pretty good. Then used the tickets and the remaining orbs and got a Dozla, I am happy since Nagi desperately needed Armor March (she also has Atk/Def rally+ now too) and with his dragon flowers I have 170 green ones (30 only to compete Fallen,Tiki). Will pull again along with the TT to gather some orbs and end my pity rate (3.50), only red and Blue since I don't need anyone else.
  7. I am really wondering why we don't have that much 3H content. Only two banners and a mythic and that was during the hype period. I wonder why they don't give more 3H as people want to see characters from the game.
  8. Who would be the free one (the one with the lowest votes) also if Lif is there and isn't a mythic/legendary (I want the next mythic to be hel to finish with OCs as I need Anankos, Ashera etc.), who will he replace?
  9. Do we have an Idea who will be in the farfetched banner (with or without alts).
  10. Made 7 pulls in the banner for Kliff as his A slot is one of the most needed fodders for F.Tiki. I am at 3.25 and nothing but I will continue pulling (the Halloween banner dissapointed me a bit), even if I don't get Kliff any of the other two could be nice to use or fodder.
  11. Really not such a great banner if I want to be honest. Iliana and Larachel seem uninteresting, dozla is Armor March for Nagi, and heclor as far as his base kit goes is really uninteresting. Will make some light pulls on colorless and red until I get one or two 5* and then I will keep saving for Sothis or another good banner.
  12. So I would want a dragon duo but I don't see what characters could be one so I thought of something close. Some 3Houses spoilers beware. Does anyone have an idea who could be in a dragon Duo?
  13. Wanted an Amelia for Armor March but had no green orbs and I got an Oboro. So I spent no orbs, I will continue saving for Halloween.
  14. I got a Legendary Eliwood +Atk -spd and I am super happy. He has, I choose these as they are good scoring and they help make him better for support. As far as his combat goes I believed he would have neutral spd and and with swift Sparrow and a dragon flower he could be a solid Galeforce unit, but that -spd doesn't help him, should I go for death blow 4 and an Atk 3 seal and give him 70 Atk for player phase KOs or is his spd good enough to keep Galeforce for the time being (until a merge appears)? What do you suggest?
  15. I got an Eliwood and I am super glad I got him as he was one of my goals in that banner. Gave him swift Sparrow 3 and Atk spd ruse from a Brave Eliwood that didn't see much use and Galeforce and he is perfect. He is +Atk -spd which is interesting, I had hoped he wasn't -spd but that +Atk is nice I guess, I won't be pulling anymore hopefully I will grab a sothis when she appears next time. Time to start saving a bit for Halloween (dozla which as seen will have Armor march, Iliana due to her typing and Hector because duo).
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