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  1. I don't think that really matters, I think now is the best time to make her playable. She was defeated in the current chapter and her being a ranged dancer is exactly what astra needs at the moment. We could always have him in a skill banner he has noontime, Spurn and a joint drive and all of them could be skill banners. She would be exactly what I needed, for my enemy or mixed phase setups, (B.Edelgard with Leila or Iddun) and with WoM for galeforce setups.
  2. What I am speculating is Plumeria on Red as the mythic and that's why they put both of them on the iceberg banner.
  3. I managed to clear abyssal, it simply was a matter of attacking the right enemies. Blazing wind Ophelia with LnD4, special Spiral and double savage blow was the mvp. Lilith with Ophelia ally support was also extremely helpful as she transported next to her and cleared some dangerous foes, she simply had her base kit, noontime and death blow. Legendary Azura is self explanatory I think. Iago was surprisingly useful, he had his tome and sudden panic which weren't useful but he has double darting blow (4 and 3) something that proved useful for some kills (weakened foes left by the other 2), he had Atk opening that helped Ophelia a lot and being the 3rd mage allowed Ophelia to start with her special charged.
  4. By the time I have the grails to buy the last merge the next calendar will most likely be out so I might have an idea how the GHB party will affect reruns. About crafty fighter. With the help of the orb counting thread on Reddit I counted exactly 149 orbs at the last day of the mythic banner. The spark takes 93 orbs from where I am (17 summons). Which means 56 orbs for the mythic banner. However, 56 isn't enough to get a random 5* in these banners and I need the new mythic but I also value Crafty fighter.
  5. Flame Emperor is +9 with this rerun. Should I now save grails for the last merge, or will he be rerun again in some months? Also is it worth going for Gatrie's B slot or should I stick to VF?
  6. Forgot to post about them. Aversa was done with Ninian, Bramimond, B. Hector and Leila. Bramimond with Ninian's dances cleared the fist collum with the second one was dealt with by Hector with the help of Leila. Lulia and Seliph by Hel, Thrasir, B.Vero and Eir. Hel simply tanked everything and Thrasir nuked one or two people. Nowi and Tiki had Julia Emblem and Dancing Lachesis teach them a lesson. Two dragonkillers, one of the best nukes and a dancer, they never stood a chance. Legend Alm and Legend Celica, Rinea and Mila defeated Ggarnef. It was a bit hard however, at the end Rinea took turns dancing Alm and Celica and left the tanking to Mila. Marth is a bit problematic. Used at the end, Legend Azura, Ophelia ally supported by Lilith and Iago. Ophelia took a kill, Iago killed a nearby foe wreaked by Ophelia and Lilith came in to tank or save someone. Still haven't solved Abyssal and I am not that interested in it, they shouldn't have increased the difficulty in these Abyssals.
  7. Petrine looks really good she is the first cav to naturally reach 170+ BST if I am not mistaken. Flame lance does address Hel's issue of not having enough power to attack some foes with the Res reduction. Will +2 her.
  8. Did 13 pulls but it was worth it. Second orbs was a +Hp -Atk Shannan. I didn't have him and he is a character I really like, though I won't use him he still is nice fodder. Then, the 13th summon was a +Atk -Hp Shinon. He is a really fun unit so I will keep him and might even use him in AR only problem is that base 36 Hp is not good. At least this session didn't diminish my mythic orbs so that's nice.
  9. That's a nice theory, personally I interpreted it as the dream part being only book 4. Nightmares and Alfar exist in the dream world. So perhaps book 4 is happening in their dreams. Kiran is not with them maybe because he is not dreaming or he is in another dream in a way similar to Anna being a squirrel (squirrel Anna as a beast unit when IS?). This chapter was really good, all 5 segments had a story dialogue and offered something. Really like where the story is going, Sharena having a breakdown realising she might be a changeling and Triandra's sister and Peony might be Alfonse's sister, I think that's the case. Plumeria fighting for herself and not only because boss said so, fighting to keep living as a dream was a nice way to end her. I am still not sure where Freyja is going, I think she is trying to cause them turmoil to make them feel how she did. Next chapter might focus on Triandra and then the final chapter will be Freyja.
  10. Don't know much about 14 but from what I have resd he is the one who took the failure the original 14 was and made it into a realm reborn and generally is heavily involved in the game. I wasn't aware he also had 16.
  11. Really liked the return to the medieval-esque setting. Also crystals being back is nice thing. I have high hopes for this game as I think Yoshi P is the one in charge and he did a great job with 14. I simply hope there are party members, and if there are, I want a cast with variety. After 10 the quality of the party did fall a bit for me. But, I don't have a good PC and I don't intend to buy a PS5 so I guess no 16 for me.
  12. I don't think these two are similar, Dimitri is an infantry lance with middling Spd, high Atk/Def and low Res. He comes with an unconditional QR and Damage Reduction based on his amazing Def. Shinon is a Colourless bow that will most likely have a well rounded Legendary/Fallen Corrin type of statline and will tank using his good stats and not damage reduction. You might be underestimating Deadeye. Shinon makes it 2 cooldown and Time's Pulse helps trigger it more easily. The base effect is alright, being the middle option to Glimmer and Astra, however there are skills like Urvan and Black Eagle rule that no matter what you won't be able to avoid and will allow a really powerful hit on these units. And if it is inheritable (I doubt it) then many slaying bows can use it I think.
  13. From these characters looking forward to Seiros and Felix. I actually saw a chart on Reddit that showed the top 5 most wanted characters from each game. It's pretty interesting to think how many of these have been added. The most wanted PoR and Tellius character now is Sephiran followed by Boyd. Also Ashera is the 5th most wanted RD character not in the game. CYL5 will be extremely interesting, especially if we have another 3H banner and Felix and Marrianne are added.
  14. I think it's confusing at first but after getting used to it it's quite easy. Just spam Elincia and people are using their shields on her anyway. We defeated 5* Ashnard, when will we receive the feathers?
  15. Though I expected Petrine to be cavalry because that's her class in PoR, I really hoped she would be a lance infantry as I need another scoring bot and I have a spare kris for Spurn. Still will build her though. I am really happy these characters got into the game and Illyana got her normal alt. Shinon looks amazing with a CC slaying bow and with his great kit. Gartie has a B slot that Flame Emperor really wants and Jill is a character I really like and can be a great Galeforce unit with her unconditional Desp and SS. I don't know what to do with this banner. I really want one of the 5*s however I am saving orbs for 2 copies of the upcoming Astra mythic, If the mythic arrives really fast might make some pulls. I need the mythic way more right now.
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