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  1. Freyja all the way, I need goat lady. Happy with the results for the most part. Duo Michy and Byleth are an improvement. BEdelgard remaining while the other one got pushed is unfortunate as I think Legendary is more fun and she is limited. Al least if the VG is like last year then Lyn will easily take her down. The banner will be Seiros, Lyn and hopefully Byleth and Freyja to have all colours (I also have Dimitri and Michy isn't that unique and useful outside her duo skill which though busted isn't something I am too crazy about).
  2. This is my ballot. These are my votes. Freyja is a favourite and the only unit in the top 8 I lack if I am not mistaken so supporting her seemed the natural choice. Seiros is fine so that's why I voted her one time only. I voted corrin to help her a bit as she is really fun to play with. Would have voted more Altina if people didn't vote her original alt that was given out last year.
  3. My bad luck in non Legend/Mythic banners continues. Spend some orbs and the tickets in the valentine banner, nothing but a pity rate. Then used the tickets and the remaining orbs in the hero fest as good rates are bound to give me something I thought. Nothing again aside from a special 4* Ninian. Skipping all the banners now. Not sure if I should go for the legendary banner (the ONLY banners that give me anything) or should I save as many orbs as I can for the hero rises event that will most likely be like the CYL event where I spent nearly 200 orbs to only get 2 Helbindis and a Gerrik.
  4. I also am building Felix for Arena and because he is a favourite. His build is a bit harder to pull off I guess but it's the following in case you are interested or want an idea. Currently lack Merges and Rally+. Coral Bow+ (Spd), Dual Rally, Deadeye, Atk/Spd Push 4, Bold fighter, Fortify Def 4 and Armor March. The one you are thinking of looks pretty good to me Aether every combat is something not many non green units defend against.
  5. I have several legendary heroes at +1 merge and I was thinking should I run them in Arena with the bonus and 2 +10s or its better to use 3 +10 units with the bonus?
  6. After lots of frustration because I can't buy the accessories yet this is my summoner. The skills are Rally up Atk+, Raptured Sky, swift sparrow 3, Special spiral, Time's pulse and Atk/Spd solo 3. I really hope they expand the summoner feature and make him playable outside of Mjolinr strike (obviously not Coloseum and AR). Heroes isn't the main series where having an avatar is influential. Also they should give Breidablik refines or new forms. For example, there are several alternations of the weapon from all the rites that take place in the story so a weapon for every book would be really interesting. In future updates I hope we have combat art and some voicelines.
  7. I don't understand why people vote Brave units. All 3 brave Lords are top 15. People spend too many votes on them instead of crazy duo and Harmonics like Byleth, Michy, Dorothea, sigurd and Altina. Why is she not in top 20 while her normal self is? She won last year and now isn't as useful because Reggin and Plumeria while her winter Alt is one of the scariest units in the game. Despite all this I would be OK with any of the top 8 either in a banner or even as freebies. Since Seiros is already 1st and I have her she will be fine so I think I will give one vote to Corrin as I want a merge and then go for Goat Lady. She is pretty low in the top 8 and I want to help her as much as I can.
  8. Today voted for Winter Altina. Tomorrow will go for Duo Lyn. When are we expecting the mid term results?
  9. I ideally need 2 Henrietes and 2 of the 2 Duo however I will get another huge pity rate and I supposing I get one of each I don't know how to spread it out. This will be my main anniversary banner only abandoned for the spark in Hero Rises so hopefully my bad luck from all the other special banners (ever since summer 2) helps me.
  10. Made a final pull in the mythic banner. Got in 30 orbs a Flayn, +Atk -Spd Seiros and finally a cordelia. All my bad luck in new hero and special banners contribute to crazy luck in these banner. From this banner I got in total, Flayn, +1 +Atk Dimitri and +Atk -Spd Seiros and even Legendary Edelgard's Galeforce. Hoping to get some of the reds of the new banner now that we saw the kits. Hero fest tickets are bound to give me something so all the way for Henriette's fodder and Lif.
  11. Today voted for Freyja. Between Lyn and Altina for tomorrow.
  12. Gunthra could get Atk/Res Push 4 and Chilling seal gives more debuffs easily. For example Atk/Spd/Res -6 for to foe with lowest Def (or Res) and the foes within 2 spaces of that foe would be ideal I think. Grima will get Dragon's Ire. Her Res is too low to use dragon wall and that B slot is way better than regular QR3. Her skill can be Halloween Grima's and I would be completely fine. However, if it also removed dragon effectiveness somehow then she could shine and not be left in the shadow of her Halloween alt. Ephraim is a weird case as he is used as a Galeforce unit despite having a weird skill like that. I would change it to 50% max health healing when special is used. If special something like Galeforce then the Hp recovery is granted after combat. His new skill should be Heavy blade 4. We have many seals and C slots nowadays to boost his Atk however Heavy blade is a waste on the seal as he can't use Atk/Def Solo seal for example. Hector should get Slick Fighter, as it's a rare seasonal only skill unlike Crafty fighter and his enemy phase playstyle could benefit from it. His skill should be updated to give -1 CD to him and all allies at start of turn 1 I don't think Ryoma and Lyn can be saved no matter what they do.
  13. Got arround giving my first vote and went for Seiros. Tomorrow will go for Freyja.
  14. Every year colorless is the best colour and every year I get Red and green orbs. Got Joshua at the end wixh is a fine choose as he is fodder for Felix (the bow and T4 Hone). Also made another pull for Seiros as I had a rate and got my second Dimitri got the first one early in the banner. So now he is +Atk +1. Happy about this. Hopefully Seiros wins Hero Rises or at least is in the banner.
  15. Overall really good Feh Channel and the best Anniversary one for me. Anniversary rewards are really good especially the soul which I will save for now in case we get Legend/Mythics/Duos in HoF. The banners with the tickets look really good. Want Duo Lif a lot however I have really bad experiences with seasonal banners and I know I won't even get a pity break. Will use the tickets and maybe pull a red orb only. Other than that the Hero fest will be my main focus. Epharaim and Sothis merges and Shamir, Shinon are really good units. Also tons of fodder and I could use from this one. Legendary updates. Considering they are freebies, they good a really good upgrades. Might start using Fjorm now actively in AR, with Lancina or something like that. Don't have Ike but don't find him that crazy even with the update. The idea of Legendary remixes is really good however and the rates are a MASSIVE upgrade from regular monthly banners. The special 4* looks really nice and hopefully it gives me many units. Summoner looks crazy. He will be playable only in the updated Mjolnir Strike with whatever skills we want. Really like the current avatar we saw.
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