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  1. Nothing scary except a potential Edelgard merge in the rouse banner, other than that unless there is another surprise at the scale of Rhea it's going to be full saving.
  2. I had 14 orbs and thought why not make a pull I am at 4.00 and it would be a shame to let go of that pity break. And I manged to pull a +Spd -Res Byleth/Rhea, really happy as I manged to get her with a prefect nature. This is her current build. With WoM L.Azura and Fairies she 1 turn clears nearly all TT maps.
  3. So, as I have mentioned I am saving for CYL however I didn't expect that Rhea would arrive even if it was in this form so I tried to grab a copy of the duo. Honestly, this the second consecutive time I spent 80+ Orbs to get a favourite character or unit (Rhea and Winter Sothis) and I get absolutely nothing at all only 3*s with 5 4*s. At this point I am tired of summoning as a whole it's better and enjoyable to build 3/4* units rather than pulling for 5*s. I will go for Nowi and Cecilia since I have all the copies needed.
  4. Don't forget that they have access to all the broken skills in the game like luls, nul skills, Close Call/repel, Special Spiral, infantry pulse and the list goes on. I think the time to bring an inheritable 12 Mt Poison dagger or tome is near. It doesn't directly combat the problem but it could potentially force some players to have more non infantry options ready. However this still doesn't mean that other movement types will be better. Cavs still have low BST despite having access luls. Fliers don't have any of those skills despite having more managable stats and bows are everywhere meaning that a tanky/EP flier will have to run Iote's shield and other than QR there are no B slot options. Armors have extremely bad movement, have pretty crippling effectiveness that appears in many weapons and they don't allow creativity, unless your name is Edelgard then you have limited or tame PP compared to other movement types. However, I think IS knows this and perhaps that's why the recent Legendaries are not exactly broken, but break the mold of their Classes, Edelgard being a PP Armor and Seliph being an enemy phase Horse.
  5. I don't think she will receive the treatment these ladies got however she was in the top 20 of CYL if I am not mistaken with Seiros following behind, also she does have room for some alts that are canon and not random seasonals. I am simply kind of annoyed at how she debuted, but it's not the end of the world (even more time to save and be done with CYL).
  6. I can't tell whether you are being sarcastic or serious but I think she got a pretty bad debut. For how important and popular she is, being a side kick to Bylass is pretty bad. Especially since the only one who also debuted like this is Elice. I am hoping her next versions do her justice (After I am done with CYL Edelgard I will try to +10 a potential normal pool version of her).
  7. Geneology and Thracia is no problem as Julia emblem is incredibly powerful and they don't need anything else. Also I don't have the dancers. Echoes with or without dancer is easy. Fallen Berkut, L Celica, Rinea is still a great support and combat unit and L Alm. Heroes is a joke with Thrasir, Eir, Fjorm and the fairies. Fates is also pretty good dues to FF Corrin and the unexplained variety of fates in my barracks sad we can't run Azuras. Binding blade has only 3 characters and only two is really combat able for such content (Fae and S Iddun) so I am worried.
  8. Really good seals. Edelgard needs Mirror strike 2 to help her performance against dragons and Spd/Res solo is useful on so many units of mine. Sothis, FF Corrin, Fallen Ike, Larcei and Bylass that I am turning into a Close Call/Repel tank slowly. Personally I will use it on Sothis alongside Spd/Def Solo from Lethe and her Lul Atk/Spd in AR defence for maximum in combat tankiness and Spd. I am now waiting for Atk/Def Solo for a future Fallen Julia build. As far as bonus units go I am sad that Bylass isn't bonus but I still have Hilda so I can avoid using Lorenz. My team will be Fallen Ike and Fallen Julia alongside L Azura as they all need HM, alongside Bonus Hilda. Hopefully the gacha gods smile on me and Rhea is home to be bonus but I will not have her because of my bad luck.
  9. Skillwise this banner is a massive skip. Dorothea is a hight Atk dancer something I am not a big fan of and why build Sylvain when I have 11 Cecilias in my barracks? Ingrid as a unit is a pretty big skip especially since she can't run Galeforce properly due to her weapon and she is generally pretty weird. As much as I love her I will wait for the future post timeskip version with Luin that can be sparked (even more than one time with the reruns) and could appear in other banners. The only problem is Rhea. She is one of my favourites competing only with El, not being the lead does make things easier to skip however it could be the only Rhea for a long time and that's what mekes hard to decide. However, unit wise I am not too keen on her especially since the Duo skill has an effect that is one of her preferred B slots anyway. Lorentz is not even worth as a bonus unit for me as I have Hilda so that's my take on the banner. I really am conflicted when it comes to Rhea should I spend 10 to 15 orbs to challenge my luck hoping to get her or I should skip and keep saving? Especially since Rhea will certainly have more versions.
  10. My first thoughts actually were the TMS guy and Titania or Petra to be honest but I can see Sylvain and Ingrid. Does this mean that those alts will be their pre timeskip versions and they won't get a normal Academy alt? Also I really hope they don't have the lance of Ruin and Luin respectively so that when they get added to the normal pool (war phase alts) they will need those weapons to stand out from competition. Regardless won't be spending even if best girl (after Edelgard and Rhea) is there.
  11. I have been thinking, will the CYL banner have the spark system? They have so far been consistent and kept it, but due to the CYL free pull and the fact that the banner will most likely be liked with a TT I am getting a bit scared.
  12. July is pretty tame as the only temptation is Edelgard however, I am not willing to go for her without a big budget so that I can summon for a specific asset and merges so that's a pass. About the mythic, as long as we aren't talking about a fairy, Rhea or Ashera I am not in danger. Sothis I think will be in a hero fest or something like that to celebrate the mid anniversary and/or CYL. Hopefully there are tickets so that I can have a chance at pulling her without spending orbs.
  13. Wise decision, I wish I had her to support her but I don't so I went with Mareeta.
  14. Was keeping my free summon as I wasn't sure weather to skip or not as this was one of the best red and blue pools and I wanted pretty much anyone spent 10 orbs or and I got a -Atk +Def Legendary Azura. I didn't have her so I was simply fine with it. Then I ended up using her and I cleared again all Abyssals with her and FF Corrin in less that 5 turns. She is a mistake. Now it's simply saving time for CYL.
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