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  1. I use sothis as a mixed/enemy phase tank that's why I gave her Lul Atk/spd, as Sirius and her weapon I think support such a playstyle. But her A slot and SS really trouble me as Time's pulse can be used to activate Sirius after foe's first attack in enemy phase.
  2. So now that I got Lul Atk spd I would like some help with sothis. She is +Def +1 and I will give her 5 flowers over time. The skills I am certain she will have are Sublime Surge, Swap, Sirius, Lul Atk spd. What are the best A, C and SS she can have (aside from her base kit she also has Bonus Doubler)?
  3. Got a free Sirius, which is one of my most coveted fodders after Fort DefRes and the B slot I was hiking of gaining sothis, so skill wise she is done. Now I hope to get that Fort DefRes.
  4. I am a bit confused, so will we have a NY banner this year? At the same time, why are there TTs before the banner? Or I am just confused can someone explain it to me?
  5. Gave the banner some orbs and I got a +Atk Mareeta, which is interesting as se has to be the 4th infantry sword. But happy as from what I saw of her in the chain challenges really scared me.
  6. Made some pulls, and I got a +Atk Altina and I really like her. Mwde two extra pulls afterwards and got nothing so I will stop. This banner was really kind to me as I got a +1 Sothis that I wanted for a long time and a +Atk Altina.
  7. Free pull in the link banner was a +Atk Adrift Camila, and I merged my old one into her and she is good. I got all the orbs from the TT and made more pulls on the mythic banner and got nothing. I am at 8.50 and I am waiting for tomorrow's orbs.
  8. 3 pulls today and and got a +Def sothis and merged the +Hp one into her and I am pretty happy with her, I will keep pulling in red only for more merges of Sothis or Altina.
  9. Congratulations. As propably one of the biggest dragon fans around, I say that this Naga looks marvelous, combing tankiness with support despite her low atk. Congrats too, this is Nagi has the same build as mine but with way more merges. I am happy a bit when people build dragons considering there was a time when people hated seeing them and I like their gameplay a lot.
  10. So my original goal for that banner was Sothis, and I succeeded and I ended up getting a +Hp -Res Sothis and I am very excited about it as I now have 28 DF for corrin and I will complete my 2nd Dragon, and I can build her and also she is my first defensive mythic. I am at 8.50 and I will keep pulling in red only, as long as I have orbs left from any source. Hoping for any non -akt -Res Altina and a second sothis.
  11. I am so excited about Altina as she is so cool, weilding the two swords like they are nothing. Also she isn't Lif which is a relief despite my wanting the 20 damage from sokvaber(whatever it's name is). Also with her stats she showcases that monsters can be made with lower BSTs. She is very min maxed which I like and I really hope I get her for the flying and Astra teams. I will propably pull only red so that I can get either sothis which I want or her, now Marth is something I would like to avoid but I hope I am lucky.
  12. After 2 pulls got a neutral Nagi which was merged in the old one and now I can safely stop and save for Sothis and possibly Lif.
  13. So I don't know much about norse Mythology so can can someone explain a bit what are these tings Loki mentioned and some basics about te e worlds so tat I can understand what's happening (I tried searching but I was confused even more).
  14. Made 3 pulls in the DC banner and nothing still going though (there go my dreams of having a good stach for the Mythic banner but with it).
  15. So I haven't spent anything else on the new banner as it's not like I need any of these units and Brunya looks awesome. So, when seeing the DC banner I decided to focus on getting one 5* (hopefully Nagi as she would fix her Def flaw and get 47 res) and forget about the new banner. Made 3 pulls a Raven, a python and a Hinata (there were no greens plus fury is nice for Brunya). From the TTs I will use some orbs to get a 5* from the DC banner (either fodder or a Nagi) I just hope I am lucky as I want to have some orbs for the mythic banner and I am at 0 right now.
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