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  1. It's that time of the year, huh? Honestly SF is the only place I bother with CYL as conversations get pretty bold many times. However, I really like CYL as it's a chance for people to support their favourite characters. Hopefully your favourites will make it onto the game this year everyone!! Last year Edelgard got her brave alt and it has served me really well all this time. Now I will be voting for the remaining favourites. Rhea and Freyja. Felix is already in a pretty accessible form in the game and I am happy as he is really unique especially when thinking he would be another 5* locked fast infantry sword. Freyja may be in the game playable however she technically is the newest female OC aside from the freebie and this is her first CYL so I think she will score fairly well. I will give her some votes as I want her to at least get a non mythic alt. I doubt she has any chances of winning however I still want to show support to her. Now about Rhea. I am really confused and a bit salty about her. Being a supporter for Female Byleth left a bad taste and her weird situation with Seiros makes me wonder how her votes will split. I hear Seiros (as a mythic but my point stands) more than Rhea as many people are satisfied with the summer duo. I think this will be her year as the Lords and the popular students have enough attention so she can now be the focus. These are going to be my focuses this year. I don't care about any of the top picks right now.
  2. Ended in 27 last week so I ended up in Vault of Heaven, I am in tier 32 right now. I keep improvising my defences but they all lose, really hate the new defence mythic restrictions. My offence is also really bad as a simple tank can't do the job and I lack Galeforce or WoM fodder to make Eirforce or any player phase team happen. Next week will purposely avoid VoH so that if I am to reach it it's Astra season with Leila, B.Edelgard, Reggin and Plumeria.
  3. Dorothea is going to be amazing for Legendary Edelgard. Being able to give her 2 extra actions is pretty big. Also Felix demands that bow from Raphael if only for collection. The Solo condition is a bit tricky for armors like him but it's still really good. I find it better that spendthrift in general but for Felix I think that Brave now is the superior bow. Perhaps I could give it to a potential Norne project.
  4. He has distant ward as I lack DC fodder and ninja Laevatain that he got the Rein from had it in her kit. I use him for auto battling mostly in TTs or for the Tower quests and that's why I am afraid of some of the newer bows and daggers. However, distant defence seems like a good choice as it also covers that. Thanks!
  5. My Ashnard's build is the following. His weapon, Reposition, Sol/Aether, Distand Ward, QR, Atk/Def Rein. What's a good seal for this build? I am thinking deflect missile to protect him from bows and daggers. Any suggestions?
  6. As of recently I really have given up on the idea of saving and simply pull if anything fancies me. Hoping for any Raphael or a dorothea (Felix and Legendary Edelgard need them). Nothing of note so far only some 4*s.
  7. I loved this FB. The convos were really nice and I loved Wrys's, Henriette's and Eir's inclusion. Honestly, the difference between 3H and non 3H FBs is massive, for me at least. I think they know that 3H will sell because popularity anyway so they don't try as had as they do in other titles like Thracia that they don't really believe will sell so they use the conversations to promote the heroes.
  8. I wouldn't consider that only Medeus and the fire Dragon remain. Ashera, Anankos (2 froms), the immaculate one (2 forms again) and the Hagemon Husk also need to get in the game. I can see the Hagemon and the immaculate one being Fallens and Medeus, Ashera and Anankos being myhtics. I think I have already mentioned how I would like to see some more obscure choices like demon Fermotiis and the fire Dragon however I don't think they will get them in any time soon if at all.
  9. This year my gameplay style changed from enemy phase tanking to Player phase teams so the units I like are units I never expected to use to be honest. My favourite 2020 units are the following Legendary Edelgard. Hel. Leila. Mirabilis. Bramimond. Duo Byleth. Winter Felix. That's my list. Some honorable mentions include Fallen Julia that functions similarly to Bramimond and Legendary Lilina that also has a unique playstyle but I want to use her more that a week to make a verdict but I really like her so far and find her extremely powerful.
  10. That's what I meant but I didn't phrase it that well. If the ally with the lowest Hp is petrified in other words has a penalty then Kia would target them and remove the petrification.
  11. After having experienced thracia (not all sadly but still a big part of it) I am really happy for this banner. Asbel looks nice I guess, hoped for more things from Graffcalibur though. Ronan also looks nice but spendthrift Norne could be as effective though. Another red tome freebie that's a surprise, they picked a really original class didn't they? Sara looks fun and I am glad they are giving staves new premium units like Flayn and now Sara with a positioning heal and unique staves. Kia looks nice but not sure how to use it properly though in AR. It will pretty much always target a mythic and most likely a fairy so the only one that could truly benefit from it is Mirabilis to an extent but definitely is an amazing thing to shut down Milas. Eldigan has the required defence and Triandra will have Isolation removed from Kia. Not sold on this banner especially since I am broke after pulling for Plumeria and I need to save. Vled will most likely be a red tome with an Hp effect like Iago and Aversa with bad fodder I think. I would like however if he was a colourless mage that petrified foes as in, at start of turn he "grays out" the foe with lowest Hp within 4 spaces (to directly counter the Kia staff).
  12. The seiros look-alike and her friend will most likely be Canto fliers. Fafnir having a unique colour and the final weapon makes sense. Really hope they make him a dragon or something similar in the future.
  13. Happy about the new defence maps as I can have a setup focused on each Defence mythic I have. More blessings are nice I guess, though I need more offensive ones than defence ones right now. Don't care about these refines just waiting for Legend Refines in the next Feh Channel. Myrrh merge, It's Curtains... and Eliwood merge are really exciting. Hopefully they give out enough Ephemera to get all 3.
  14. 2021 begun and my luck has already changed. The tickets gave me a Duofonse +Def -Hp really good nature and an amazing unit. Might give him flowers as he can be really good for every content. I kept pulling for Plum and I got a +Atk Bramimond so he now is my new base he is +2. Also Lilina is +1 as I got a merge and finally in my last orb.
  15. Happy New year to everyone!! Honestly, 2020 wasn't such a bad year personally. Obviously the pandemic changed my plans and many more things however, I try to think positively and the fact that all the people I hold dear were healthy makes me really happy. I also am a big introvert so quarantine also gave me the chance to calm down and look deeper within myself and come in terms with many things and change as a person for the better. I cut off all of my toxic friends and recently also met new people. I also "came out to myself" as in accepted my sexuality and also came out to some really close people.
  16. Free pull was nothing. Also I had forgotten a ticket in the year 2 winter banner and got a Velouria so she now is +2. Since the NY is a skip kept pulling for Plum and got a Lilina so now she is +Atk +1.
  17. Skip, the fairies are interesting but what makes them good for me at least is the fact that they are mythics so not interested that much. I will continue pulling for regular Plum as she will be back in June and Astra needs her.
  18. Will be going for Felix. If he loses I don't know, as he is the only one I have.
  19. I started playing Dragalia Lost in October and my luck there is insane, nothing compared to Feh. I pull only in Gala banners the equivalent of Legend/Mythic banners but with only one focus and crazy rates to get lots of goodies. Honestly, Feh's summoning system especially when it comes to Legendary/Mythic banners is really bad. I almost never get units I want on their debut unless there is something like Sparking in place and I have saved beforehand for it. About the new tiers in AR, I am happy. People have been complaining about high tier AR being really easy and boring so now that's fixed I guess. I am not playing at that level and focus on staying in Tier 21-24 to get some good rewards, so I guess now I will be seeing less really "cancerous" teams making things easier.
  20. One pattern that I have noticed is that the new legend or mythic almost always goes to the colour of newest legend/mythic to get a rerun so I am betting on blue. Candidates are Ashera, Athos and Freyr I am betting it's Freyr. The removal of the first legends is really interesting, I believe they will eirther give them a refine and generally an upgrade or they will discard them completely, they ruined every colour they were in so that's nice. However, I still not tempted that much. Dimitri and Hel are certainly very enticing but I the rest look really not worth it. The new mythic is going to be needed but the free 5* event will most likely give a mythic and if Freyr has Freyja levels of power and is a defence one then it's between him, Plumeria and perhaps the NY Duo most likely.
  21. Had 145 orbs, the banner was good, we had tickets, decided to spend them all and got some really good stuff. Neutral B.Edelgard (hope I can get a boon in the future but still happy) LeLillina +Atk -Spd (perfect nature, she is a fun unit to use and happy I got her) Jill +Res -Atk (a character I like but the bad nature tempts me to fodder her to Felix that needs new toys) LeCelica +Spd -Def (an amazing boon so I merged my old +Hp into her). Overally really good pulls. However, Plumeria being pushed back in July for some reason tempts me to continue but I will try not to pull anymore as I impulsively spent 15 more orbs today. Will focus on Dragalia for now to save.
  22. Went for a different approach for this abbysal as Lilina and the Armor knights can be really problematic. Used Bramimond, FJulia, Azura and Mirabilis. Julia took the armor axe and Lilina at turn 1 and the rest was really easy.
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