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  1. Lzura, even though I have her she still is excellent and I wouldn't say no to a merge, also she will help many new players. Ltiki, 180 BST armor loli and I wanted her a lot back then so I will definitely vote her. Possibly the new mythic, but only if they are, either a healer more powercrept than Veronica or a non support beast. But I'll main tiki and Azura.
  2. On the topic of the update what happend to the merging changes? Saw the my +1 winter Cecilias' stats haven't changed, neither did Eirika get the new buffs when I had her in the merging screen.
  3. Now thought of something. The beast description also says dragon ally and I was thinking: What if the Tellius dragons become Manaketes,also since they can help beasts they might receive beast buffs as well (Hone and Fortify as of now). What do you think of this?
  4. Now I got around watching the trailer and I am excited about them. 1. Hel. She isn't in the banner but it doesn't matter. A flying axe with a killer effect in her weapon (she has 1 special cooldown charge), excited for her weapon. 2. Tibarn, another red flier (have a NY! Gunnthrá and an Elincia) but I will pull for him like mad nonetheless. 3. Leanne, if she was somehow ranged then she would be better in my opinion. She will be the hinoka of beasts (with hone beasts). My L!Azura does things better. 4. Reyson, kinda like him more. Pulling copies of him will be helpful as he might get demoted (unless they pull an adrift) and it will be easier to +10 him. If that's the case then he could work nicely too, also I lack green units. 5. Nailah, she is simply awesome. I like her kit but I don't like glare as it is only within one space of target I think but I won't complain. 6. Naesla, freebies are always nice and especially a beast one. He won't be as busted as the others but he will work. Will pull for all but kinda hoping for Nailah and Tibarn (will prioritize their colours as I want red and blue 4* fodders).
  5. I went ahead to read a lot about the whole mechanic to understand it. So I think that red green and blue are going to be attacking ones and colourless could be the herons (or any support based beast that might come along with a later title). They could all get weaker stats and a simple weak attack when untransformed and when transforming they will get the extra stats, movement and the weapon effect. Herons will have that simple attack but will have a base dance in the support. When transformed they will gain some stats, movement and when they dance they will give some bonuses depending on what their weapon says. A good idea would be to give them the ability to use healer specials, as they won't be seeing much combat anyway they will make good use of these easy to change support specials.
  6. How do beasts work in the tellius games? I haven't played these games yet, but they might mirror this. As for the awakening fates they will most likely fall under the same system. I am also wondering how herons (I THINK they can't fight) and the laguz dragons will work.
  7. Another thing I heard is that they could be transforming when they have their special ready but that is a theory I came across so I didn't write it in my original post.
  8. Soon enough we will be having beast units coming to the game and a lot of people must be excited for them since they are the only brand new weapon type added since launch (I am not counting coloured bows and this type of stuff), so here is a topic to talk about them. Below I tried to list some things we do know about them: The game calls them in skills like Close defence and weapons like Thöng and Hoarfrost knife beast damage This means that they are melee attackers and also can use distant counter (this is also shown in that small gameplay and isn't that hard to guess but I listed it still) They will follow the weapon triangle as shown. They transform at the beginning of the turn and not only in combat as manaketes(how isn't known yet) The extra movement they get counts as a movement buff, (similar to how Azura's grey waves work) and probably won't stack with other movement buffs. This is all I could find if I missed something feel free to mention it below. Here is a pic from the Feh channel. Before I post this I checked the main heroes page again and I saw a topic about the RD Banner and just to make myself clear this topic is about how beast units will work gameplaywise and not about the new Banner.
  9. Does someone know the odds in this banner? I've had some real luck/unluck in this banner. All I want is just a 5* focus(red) and I am calling it quits for this banner, beast units are coming soon and I have to start saving. And my l have been getting random 5* stars always that are not within this banner and never having gone beyond 3.25 pity rate. An Elincia, a sanaki, a flynoka and an Ares. And all I want is a either a Gunnthrá or a Hríd.
  10. Edelgard: love her design and from what I saw from the trailer she could be a very interesting character. Her house is the red one and red in the FE universe means evil most if not all times. The other reds we saw were the warriors wearing kilts and their king with the bone whip sword. So she could be the daughter of this man and that would explain why she has an axe as it is often associated with brigands and "bad people" or with just sheer force most of the time in the FE universe (sorry but these horns leave little to imagination). If that is the case from what we heard her saying she could be for example a rebellious type or generally against the church and war and this kind of stuff. Dimitri: like his design he somehow reminds me of Russia list armor is nice I guess, it is a male blue version of edelgard's and his hair is really funny so that's a bonus. He seems the typical serious/cold knight. Claude: his armor is same as the others but yellow so nothing special about that. Now I really like the other parts of his design, his colour pallete is quite refreshing considering all other FE protagonists are simply white. Also his expression screams also flirty outgoing type. Byleth: not much other than cool design, he doesn't take many expressions and doesn't say anything, he probably is the avatar (at least so hope he is) as he doesn't say much and is only mentioned to be a teacher, which is not confirmed either so he could just be a more active Mark which is nice Old man: possibly edelgard's father and the leader of the "bad guys", he seems to be more of a Rudolf type rather than Garon which is nice I guess. He will possibly work as the villian until the big bad comes out of hiding (watch it be either the goddess or the church or an evil dragon). Seios: she seems quite calm and serene despite there being a war around her. However, that changes at the end when she gets the bone whip sword and "hugs" it. So she will be a quite plot important character but I just hope she is a villian as it could be a quite interesting concept. Can't form much of an opinion about the rest so let's wait for a new trailer to show us more (it has been nearly six months since it got announced how much more will I have to suffer?).
  11. For now, as there are units that need investment with greater priority, I gave her her base kit with the atkspd bond from the TT as her B and C skills synergize well with bonds. I hadn't thought of Atk Res brazen and it actually is a pretty good option. Also her Atk can reach 75 as 54 is her normal Atk add a +3 from Fury +6 from Atk Tactic (she is run in a mixed team) +5 from Cymbeline +7(+5 currently) from brazen she does reach these numbers so I think Vantage is good on her.
  12. Gave Elincia Atk/Spd Brazen, desperation, flier skill (not yet) and Atk Res brazen (is currently at 2) and she is doing pretty well. Sanaki went with something different gave her moonbow and vantage and she became a mage tank/ranged killer in enemy phase and a quite good damage dealer in player phase. So, that's what they will be having for quite some time. 1.My free ticket got me a bownoka that is +Atk -spd so how can I build her? 2.Also if I get a fjorm, now that I got a hinoka should I keep her or fodder her to L!Lucina for her link skill to build her offensively (she currently has close counter Spd Res link and is +Def so I have her doing such things)?
  13. I really hope that's the banner. Red: Eirika is a monster and I like cavalry swords so she is welcome. Laegjarn: Need one to merge to my +Atk -spd and neutralise her Spd Ike: Nice fodder (A and C slot) Green: Lyn Spd tactic Elincia: either her dagger or her A skill can be foddered or she will make a quite good dancer. Ephraim: good unit and good fodder Blue: Tiki even though I need her so much and I like her a lot she comes in a bad blue Ryoma: have L!Azura as a blue dancer and she is way better than him Quan: He is useless to me and won't add anything to my teams Colourless: Loki nice fodder or can be built as I have a spare dazzling staff Linde: don't care about her at all New mythic: If it is Endgame Micaiah (Yune) then I will be pulling like mad if not then just red and possibly a green
  14. 1. Do merged heroes give their merges to an unmerged one? Ex. I have a +2 Catria that doesn't have the best natures and I pull another one that is better and I want to merge her instead, if I give the +2 one to the new one what will happen? 2. I pulled from the NY!Banner a +Atk -Def Sanaki and I want to make her a AOE special nuke. Her build is: The B slot is empty cause the obvious choice is special spiral but it isn't very common and both units who have it are way too good to fodder (Ophelia and Lewyn). So what are some good B skills to use until I get special spiral (until the end of time)? Thought of vantage but I am not so sure. 3. The next orb after Sanaki was a neutral elincia and I don't know how to use her as even enemy soldiers in the training tower killed her (in player phase, enemy phase isn't worth talking about). However, I have heard people praising her as a red flier goddess and it seems strange to me considering her performance. So what are some builds to make her more efficient and what can she offer that my Laegjarn or my Caeda can't?
  15. We knew about them way before they were announced and I have to say though, I don't care about green (have better ranged fliers) and colourless (Veronica doesn't have 30 base Spd) I love red (I need that Gunnthrá and Hríd and my flying team needs attention), but will probably wait a bit since I have six orbs now. I will invest on Laegjarn and she will help me complete my horse team (finally). Btw are these two purchase packs the new year's celebration that the schedule said? I never spend money in mobile games and I won't despite how nice that package is, and honestly I expected something like special maps some free orbs and this kind of stuff.
  16. So in the topic of merging I don't get something, what stats are raised with each merge. Not the new changes, I am talking about merging in general. Also do refines carry across merges? E.x. I have two Catrias, one has a refined whitewing lance and is fully built and the other one was just promoted to 5* will merging the refined one to the new one give the new Catria except from the old ones skills her refined weapon too, or I should refine it on the new one? Last, how can a 4* hero use his prf weapon? I recently began a 4*+10 project with Caeda and I am wondering can she use wing sword (and refine it) or she must be 5* only to use it(I think I had seen it on grand conquest)?
  17. You said it, Azura is a quite plot important character in fates and I believe people understand that she would be a legendary eventually. Problem was she came after a month adrift came out. If she was released in February or April then it would be ok, and when you think about it people would be even "happy" about her as she would allow other units to get that sweet +1 movement (I think it is a buff) buff that beast units will have. Also would you suggest I pull red only, since I want all these units, or try and blue to raise my chances to get Azura (which is an excellent unit)?
  18. Azura is probably one of the best dancers in the game as of now, when combining prayer wheel and grey waves. But she comes in a very bad blue, fjorm (which I see as a wannabe tank) and a summer Camilla which can be nice but isn't something to get crazy over (thought her tome could work nicely in an offensive built B!Ninian or this azura). When Azura is rerun I will pull for her but not now. What I will pull is red, it has L!Marth and I have a bad owain to spare so Marth will get wrath and with a Fury and with my L!Lucina he will be destroying everything in his path, Tiki will be a nice addition to my flying team and flora is a weird unit that I want to try out and have fun with (I love units with gimmicks like her). Green, I have two green armors (Surtr and M!Grima), I hate helbindi(as a unit) and Nino is nice but I don't care about her much. Colourless is nice but I have Veronica and Eir and S!Takumi isn't necessary right now so I will be skipping colourless. So, I will do a full summon of all colours and then only red. Also, will she have 33 base Hp? If she has her A skill equipped then 38 is where she would go (which is the number shown at the reveal trailer). If that is the case then perhaps she will have aside from a good speed also a quite good Atk.
  19. So I have two winter Eirikas a neutral one and a +Def -Atk who to keep (supposing that in the future so will get a healer in need of one of her stuffs). I also pulled a +Spd -Res Ephraim and I was wondering what to do with him? He doesn't have any useful skills to fodder and really I don't know what to do with him (any good builds) also does he work better with his special refine or flame Sigmund?
  20. I am kind of conflicted. I have pulled the units I wanted from the Christmas banner but problem is I am lacking in normal fodder (reposition, pivot, wary fighter and stuff like this) so should I spend orbs in any banner? If yes on which (a Christmas one is preferred as there are many good armor skills to fodder especially armor march from robin and fae to give Grima m)?
  21. Got a -Atk +Def Winter Eirika so what can I do to fix her Atk? Should I fodder off Fjorm for her A skill? I have not even levelled her up and she almost never appears in guides anymore (I think) and Eirika could make good use of her Atk/Def bond as she will be always next to her other armored friends.
  22. Thanks for the answers, also gave Kliff Reposition Dragonic aura Fury Desperation and trying to get a Kaze for Atk Smoke. Now on hector, how good is Berserk Armads on him? Also if I use him he will be in an armored team so he will receive stats boosts to help his performance. Well hadn't thought of giving DC to a laguz and it does sound nice. But if for any reasons I don't get a laguz or they don't synergize well and I have a GoW Fae (which is kind of easy to pull) then she is going to be fine with DC considering her weapon.
  23. Tried my luck one final time with the hero fest and got some interesting stuff. A +Atk -Def Kliff ( considering his attack now I will probably run him a blade tome and call it a day) so what are some good blade tome builds? I also got a +Spd -Def normal hector so how can I build him to make him an effective killer? Or should I fodder him off and if yes to who?
  24. Both Lewyns were -spd, one was +Atk and I kept him the other was +Def (he was foddered so no sendings). Also Owain was -Atk and one Ophelia was +Hp -Def and the other +Def -Res, chose the hp one and I could go all day long about the crappy natures I get. So I believe I will get all units in the banner but with the worst IVs possible. On another note will this banner have first summon tickets in any form (daily bonus or TT reward)?
  25. After seeing the new banner I decided to save and stop summoning on the hero fest. Well let's say I am more than happy about my pulls an Owain, two Lewyns and two Ophelias. One Lewyn was sacrificed to Ophelia for special spiral and one Ophelia was merged so I don't complain. Also if Gamepress's summon simulator is accurate as of now then the Christmas banner is surely wierd. I saw the odds from a table sent in another thread and after testing myself I was surprised. So the 180+BST (possibly) Fae was very common then was Eirika and then Ephraim (I was expecting the opposite to be the case actually). What I did was summon in green, blue and colourless and start eliminating colours as I got their heroes. Fae came always in less than 70, Eirika at 100 maybe and Ephraim at 200 (he happens to be the only unit I want and need generally as I have only a -spd unrefined Catria as far as lances go), also note that all numbers are rounded up.
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