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  1. [1st.] Is Mikoto getting demoted to 4*? Problem is that the second account does not have a merge project and I am stuck between the new Florina (her weapon is cool) or Mikoto if she becomes a 4*. On the other hand I have built a cool Loki that made my -spd Veronica literally useless So isn't +10ing another healer useless? [2nd.]Supposing Mikoto does get demoted should I invest in her or Florina? [3rd.] Should I fodder the Veronica mentioned above to Loki for wrathful staff? I don't use her at all right now and it will help Loki a lot however Veronica has a great weapon. [4rth.] Now the final question? Do skills carry over to merges? I pulled from the Eirika banner two Olivias. One had bad natures (the first), but I levelled her up and when I got a better one I merged the bad to the good. However, even though she was a lvl 1 with nothing, she had after the merge the skills of the previous one learnt(her base kit) and I just equiped them is this normal.
  2. Good job on this. I got a -Def +Res one in the the "second" account which is bad considering her weapon and Spd. I summoner supported her but what else can I do to help her a bit? I still have not done the free cyl2 summon if that helps with fodder or teammates?
  3. My merge project is Cherche. She currently is 5*+3 which is nice considering I don't pull green very much recently. She is +Atk and -Res is which nice as her res is bad anyway and atk is always needed. She has a fully refined harmer and her axe has the special effect. I always change her skills so I won't mention them. Another thing I am doing is make a monster Aversa on my own without any help. I have summoner supported her and all her default skills are on. Now I try to come up with builds, beat infernal and lunatic as I have a problem and I lost my Ike which many guides use (I also am waitong for her Revival Battle to come and her rotation for the merges). Then is the summon project. It is more of a fun little thing I do but I am taking it seriously. I am trying to summon all 3 armoured dragons. In my main account I have Grima ( In my "second" account I have a H!Myhr but it doesn't matter). Well one of these days I will gather her on the main one. Now Tiki, In her banner I was 12,5% and I got pitybroken by a Sping Catria. Well if I pull myrh then I will have enough time to save orbs till the next banner she appears ( I know I won't complete this but it doesn't matter).
  4. Can I summon neutral IV units ? Today I got a neutral Loki I'm my main account and a neutral H!Mia in a temporary account I had. Is this normal or I have done something?
  5. So does anyone know when we will get news about the hero? Also Oliver looking good as always. Also I want to pull a good green unit as I only have a neutral B Ephraim and I need diversity.
  6. So I do not have the expansion so I watched it on yt. So Spoilers for the ending (I don't know how to put them so I am doing it like this). SPOILERS.
  7. Excited about the FF ports especially 12 and the 7-9-10 stuff. Well the the rest stuff were expected I didn't believe there would be any FE news anyway and now the dens have more time to perfect the game. Also I am waiting to hear about the new gamefreak game "town" as they rarely do stuff outside Pokémon.
  8. There wasn't anything but I was expecting this, we will have to wait till November possibly, excited for FF though.
  9. Stay safe and take care you, your family and friends. Btw exited about the direct and also this might not be the best place to ask but the online is coming with soon enough and I am wondering will we bear able to update games, download stuff online and all, like we are now or we must pay? I mean I have filled two and a half pages with demos as I don't bye games often.
  10. So I don't get it what is the matter with the date? Is it fake? If it is then I hate the fakers for doing this. Edit: I get it niRtendo of America are real rolls. So this has turned kinda weird for ninty some announcements have been made already officially those that do not have an official teaser will get one I believe (civ6, FFXVpe). Famitsu will most likely spoil stuff and there is no official announcement yet from Nintendo it may happen in Thursday most likely as Tuesday or Wednesday is unlikely. On another note serious note are the people in Hokkaido doing any better?
  11. Can I ask something? Why are they announcing and teasing so many games now while we are waiting for a direct. All these ports/Indies and stuff could make good topics. What's the point in doing this?
  12. So I asked a question in a separate thread as I didn't know where to ask. And then I learnt that this thread is for this and here I am. Here is a copy of my question. I was pulling in the arrival of the brave Banner and my luck has been strange. 2 Veronicas one Ishtar and I am glad for these and my free pull was Ephraim. But after this I pulled a Shiro which is a bit wierd, I already have great blue units (BLucy, Ishtar, Hardin and let's forget about Fjorm) so I don't know what to do this Shiro. He also has bad IVs so I don't know how worth he to invest for the arena? Should I fodder him? What do you think I should do him?
  13. First I don't know if I should make a separate topic about this or post it somewhere else so if there is any problem about this please tell me. So I was pulling in the arrival of the brave Banner and my luck has been strange. 2 Veronicas one Ishtar and I am glad for these and my free pull was Ephraim. But after this I pulled a Shiro which I a bit wierd, I already have great blue units (BLucy, Ishtar, Hardin and let's forget about Fjorm) so I don't know what to do this Shiro. He also has bad IVs so I don't know how worth he to invest for the arena? Should I fodder him? What do you think I should do him?
  14. So I just now watched the gamecom presentation of torna the golden country and still I wonder what the physical edition will have just the story or it will also include the full expansion pass (quests, items, blades, challenge mode). As I want to get the expansion pass however I am not good with online payment stuff and I like having the games in retail. Can someone clarify this a bit please? Also I am melting to see Elma shulk and rex together.
  15. So I watched a GameXplain video about Gamescom and Nintendo's plans and I think it is near the end of August. So do you think that ninty will showcase some gameplay or no? Has anything official been confirmed about the game's presence there?
  16. So the title is not the most accurate one considering what the topic is about. So after looking at the trailer you can tell that the world has had more thought put into it and I do believe that IS was inspired by actual nations and houses. So this is an account of all the possible inspirations I could find and parallels between the game and real life history. Take a note I am not a historian so please be gentle. 1. The seios will act for this as parallel to the catholic church of 16th-18th century Europe (not the modern one just not to be misunderstood). The story at the beginning is just the background of the game. Plus that place shown during trailer where Byleth walks inside could be a church. 2. The Holy Roman Empire was a country in Europe that existed around these centuries and was in fact a confederation in a way, between German speaking countries and even though there was an emperor he was selected for life and was mostly decorational. Each local ruler held power over his realm. The HRE was in fact a catholic mostly nation so the church held a lot of power inside the catholic states (there some protestants too). 3. Edelgard von Hresvelgr is obviously a name of german nobility. Her shield / coat of arms is a double headed eagle which has been a symbol associated with the Holy Roman Empire so this could mean that the house Edelgard belongs into is the ruling family of the empire. Before moving on I will comment on her hair as white hair was the craze of the time for women and men so that's a nice parallel. Back on topic the main ruling dynasty of the said empire was the house of Habsburg and thus there is an association with the eagle to make. 4. Dimitri Alexander Blaidad gets away from the German climate and resembles Russian nobility. First there isn't Von and second his House's shield / coat of arms resembles the imperial Russian one if you pay attention and third his names, especially Dimitri are very common I believe Russian and Orthodox nemes. However there is a problem, if we compare Edelgard and her house to that of Dimitri you can understand that he is neither catholic nor German. I believe that he still is inside the in game's version of the HRE due to the church of seios having major influence over the entire continent. 5. Claude Von Regan, now he is a hard one. First he is also German nobility due to the Von. However his skin colour makes it hard to guess where he comes from. His coat of arms at first might confuse even more however later on you can draw parallels from the moons, as they have been the symbol of Islamic countries and what country is Islamic and inside European ground during this period? The Ottoman empire, this can also explain the tanned skin as this is not the skin colour of European nobility during this period. 6. So here's the organisation of the in-game country. All states are inside the church of seios thus the big influence (language is easy whatever is selectable in-game). The local lords have powers over their respective realms and the church generally has a lot of power due to common religion and lack of centralised power. However the three houses of the protagonists are the most powerful. 7. The crests of the Goddess that are tokens of her power and according to Edelgard the reason behind the "main conflict" are up to speculation as I don't know any actual parallels. But they could be: Part of the crown jewels of each state that has them Connected to legendary weaponry Sure thing is that they have an important religious role and powers sought out by everyone perhaps that's could be even a prophecy thing going on. 8.The final point before summing up and closing, the main conflict. Considerind the period the characters and everything I have made a speculation inspired by real events. If Edelgard's house is the ruling one works like the Habsburgs (nearly always getting elected) then Edelgard would pose a problem to current HREmperor as the she couldn't inherit the throne perhaps the house would be lost by her marriage. In that scenario then our axe lady would be compared to Empress Maria Theresa. Now on the other hand lie the other two main houses both trying to take the throne and the actual house of Edelgard itself for their own and gain a lot of power. That war begins by the death of the current HREmperor and Eds father. The three houses declare war on each other over the throne / the succession of the house (and possibly Eds marriage) and the land and titles. During this was the church takes that period of anarchy to control the nation and the houses seek the crests to fight each other and end the was to their favour however this creates more tensions. If it is like this then there would be split paths as the protagonists fight within one another and it could work like a free and single game version of Fates. Byleth is a teacher of the selected protagonist. So that's it. It took me lot of research to write this and a lot reading from many different sources and it might be wishful thinking and some facts wrong however this is the best that I can do and the result of a month of research. If you have any opinions on this or corrections please write them ( I am not double checking this due to length so there will be grammatical errors and it took me 2 hours to write)
  17. Yeah, I forgot about gamescom xenoblade 2 was also shown there with that cool Uraya gameplay, bet we will see one of the early chapters there.
  18. PC: FF7 from steam 3ds: ultra su/mo/ FE echoes Android phone:FE heroes Switch: XC 2/ octopath demos
  19. Omg, just go to the trailer and hear the song (which is awsomne), the beggining is the FE theme but with a darker tone. If you did not understand it with the trailer, then check out a guy called marioover(I think) and listen his piano cover of the song.
  20. #TeamEdelgard a female axe lord. But back on topic Eldelgard seems nice and serene and if she was the narrator then as a character she is intresting. Holding such views in time of war . Dimitri, seems a bit serious and stern and his face from that formation part is very serious. If the plot is to defeat the Seios whatever their name is then he will be the harder to convice. The opposite pretty much of Edelgard. While she is for peace and understands what is going their friendship will face some difficulties and if they are to defeat tge church together all three then he will be the hardest to convince. Claude, he is a nice and warm guy and seems to be the womanizer type that will not be so serious even in his duties as a royal. However, he has some kind of weakness/trauma that makes him serious. Beyleth, the teacher/MU. He is a teacher at the academy where they met?? I don't know. The queen figure, reminds ne more of a mila as far as what her role will be but emmeryn, mikoto which might be intetional. She seems not a stupidly kind queen but a clever and decicive woman. And the scene with the important looking sword tells me that she will be far more important than the two previous queens we had. The old man with the chain sword seems to be a king or an emperor however I hope he is not the villian. The villians are the church, so better have the head of the church the villian. However, that is all speculation
  21. Man the live ain't worth it I mean not that I am expecting to see anything FEish but they only show smash! I know it is ninty's main title this year but still. Show us some other games not only smash! Pokemon, teniss, octo- expansion & path, mario party, xeno 2 dlc not only smash. Btw after looking more closely to the dragon loli it resembles me more lisa than Tiki or Nowi.
  22. Well being an optimist is my thing and as a certain marthcina says in heroes "hope never will never die". Well they are showing off almost every game that was in the direct so there is a small to tiny chance. And second this treehouse ain't so bad, like they even announced a new octopath demo which is very neat.
  23. So for the people that watch the treehouse livestream, is the stream coming to a close soon enough? And when does E3 end generally?
  24. Check out the livestream, not to get hopes up but while waiting they did show off in the big screen the trailer. Does this mean sth?
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