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  1. I didn't expect anything I posted just to keep the conversation going as I mentioned above, it would be a shame to let this thread that became some short of main discussion die.
  2. All right, this is more to keep the conversation going but, there is a nindie showcase on nintendo's youtube channel and I was wondering if we could at least get something of interest to us FE fans like a tease that it hasn't been forgotten (don't have high expectations, I posted just to keep the converstaion going).
  3. Now that's an interesting idea. Honestly I don't care in what form but as long as we get some form of online service I'm ok with it. I think that advance wars did something similar by creating custom maps (to mention an IS example), now with the switch we could take this one step further. We could create custom maps and dialogue but have already existing characters and sprites to make it more realistic. We could upload these maps online, while still having online battles similar to awakening/fates spot pass.
  4. I agree with what you said about smash since no one will buy the online service without a good online game like smash. As much as I love pokemon, I hope for a 2019 release (which is more likely) also gamefreak will take quite some time to move from handhelds to a home console and more time to move to a new gen if that is not the case then FE will be overshadowed by two big titles. If we we have a November release for FE then it's ok since after some months the whole smash hype will have calmed down and Ninty can advertise FE freely (cosidering pokemon and metroid are for 2019).
  5. Possibly they are waiting for the awakening warriors DLC before anything on FE16.
  6. The problem was that they anounced it way too early. The switch was not even out yet. If we didn't know about it then I'm sure that people could wait to get a great game. Pokemon and metroid got teased at E3 and it was confirmed that people had to wait. Smash is for this year and will propably get released somewhere near September. So what was the point of teasing the game so early with two games in development (echoes and warriors)? So I can wait to get a great game.
  7. Though I was disappointed by the direct, I overcame this and I thought some things. First, as many say the direct focused on spring-summer releases. As far as smash is concerned it is a great addition to the switch's library and could even be used to promonte FE 16 with something simmilar to corrin. Next, I am 90% sure that we will get a small tease before E3 be it in April 20th or in a direct. If this is true then E3 will definitely have a new trailer along with some gameplay. Since I haven't played smash (might try this one out) I don't know how smash schedules its releases but it was showcased in a Spring-Summer direct and scheduled for 2018 so I expect an August-September release (Smash fans correct me if I am wrong) so that leaves FE16 which was shown in that financial 2018 report thing (think it is called like that) for this year. Which leaves the Japan release somewhere near Christmas (not to get it overshadowed by other games + I don't think pokemon is coming this year). Can't say about the rest of the regions, but hey the switch isn't regionlocked soooo. Well, that was a big post.
  8. The annoying thing is that we were promised about one year ago a 2018 release. Just wait a bit and we will have another Fates scenario as far as development is concerned
  9. Other than octopath traveller nothing else caught my interest. Hey even smash fans got their wish granted. I gave aup about FE16.
  10. I can't contain my hype. Tonight I' ll be watching, who gives a sh** about sleep. Hopefully we will get something.
  11. I wouldn't mind gatting a trailer like the first one of fates. It will include some great cinematics, some dialogues and some bits of gameplay. It will hype people as it will show them a bit of everything. Then the speculations will arrive and the fun part begins.
  12. Is this real?!?! I am so excited finally we might get something anything will do.
  13. Well even though it is a nice idea. I don't trust I.S. with female leads. I don't count robin and corrin since they are avatars. But all the other female leads have been overshadowed by the male lords. Alm killed Duma and celica stood there. Lyn after her story she just became an important character. Ephraim got the most "heroic" path and even in heroes he is regarded to have took down the demon king. Michaia just was yune's vessel. And now I.S. is oversexualizing females sometimes and I'm not so sute how it would work.
  14. All these are interesting but that 4chan one with the uncle and cousin is obviouly fake because we all day had nothing but a single video with the 'big boss" (if you saw it you will know what I mean). Also there were uncles involved sooo. The other one with screenshots seemed more legit. What it said was ok. The absense of pokemon intigued me though, we were told we will have to wait to hear about so I do expect an E-3 anouncement but still it puts me into some thoughts. Btw that Thukasa Fushimi guy mentioned, is he a good writer? Has he worked on anything similar before? If you know him, what do you think of him?
  15. Let's hope we have a direct or a live event, anything will do.
  16. If we don't get something around the switch's anniversary then all the hype will die ( I've even been rewatching all awakening/fates/echoes trailer for some reason while waiting ). Hey, if not now then when we'll get something? I have overhyped myself but everything this time around will be more than perfect, no news will disappoint me.
  17. I think I've been mentioning this thing in most FE 16 discussions but Ninty wants to sell switches and to do that they will need some first party games to boost the sales. Even though IS makes money with heroes FE 16 is needed for two reasons. First to update heroes with new stuff. And second Nintendo wants to sell switches so they have to release a new main switch title sooner or later. With that being said I think that possibly FE 16 will get priority over heroes and hopefully around the time of release we'll have special maps or TT or GHB and some new units (hopefully).
  18. The answer is obvious of course Xenogears. Saga was from the ps2 era so it has some stuff, on the other hand gears is ps1 game (one of the best ones though). It has an marvellous dark and complicated story but it also has some flaws that a remake could fix. Some gameplay elements, the platforming and disc 2. Imagine the hypothetical having the gameplay and combat of Xenoblade X.
  19. Well, i don't know wether we will have a direct this month at all. Ninty is already teasing stuff like radiant historia and the new splatoon amibos that could make some great direct topics. On the other hand they can't expect to reach 20 million (I think) without some great exclusives like FE, pokemon or metroid and they need to hype people to buy. I've been saying this a lot here but I really am unsure. Nintendo has become really unpredictable *sigh*.
  20. Well they have to release a trailer sooner or later to get people excited for E3 and I hope they release a demo to download (not E3 exclusive). I still play the demo for awakening despite having the actual game.
  21. Kozaki did some great work in awakening/fatas however, I am starting to get tired of his work. On the other hand Hidari did marvelous job with Echoes. I really liked his echoes work and as far as the colours are concerned after seeing some of his work online I really think he could do some outatanding work for FE 16 (might have exaggerated about Hidari, but this is my opinion).
  22. Yes, but not like the previous games where they were forced. If they follow the Awakening fates system with seals then they should add the new class as a possible promotion for the lord but, this is just an idea.
  23. Exactly, Nintendo can't expect to sell 20 million (I think) switches with ports and labo. It's time for them to show off or at least tease some games for 2018 to get people excited and buy the console.
  24. Full voice acting or the artists from Echoes? I can't choose.
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