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  1. That's a really nice clear using only the fairies. It was really nice how you everyone a kill.
  2. Thanks for the answers, they helped a lot as I was struggling with this. I came up with my spending plan until March's Mythic banner. Below are my thoughts.
  3. Do you think it's possible that this year's December legend will have tickets like last year?
  4. When do you think we can expect the Book 5 Feh Channel? A day before the new banner or something like tomorrow is possible?
  5. This was a standard difficulty Abyssal, the only problem was Freyja as she is pretty insane. This is the squad Edelgard gets tons of stats with double Solo and brave Axe makes her a player phase monster. Altina was there to kill Triandra and the mage flier at the beginning. Later on she was used to get kills Ophelia had prepared or to allow Triandra to hop with WoM. Ophelia was an absolute monster as she killed many foes and weakened other ones to let Altina finish them. Triandra was used to make sure there were no buffs due to panic and Freyja's Omega Lul. I killed Freyja after a turn of waiting and she had 3 foes around her. Ohpelia, danced by Triandra killed 2 and weakened Freyja in the process and then Edelgard landed the final blow.
  6. The only thing I care about is March's Green. LEdelgard and Freyja on the same banner is the best thing I could ask for (filler might be Dieck or Shamir so that would be great), I am going to be saving for this and allow myself to pull using a few orbs on only one banner up until March's Mythic (perhaps a hero fest for the anniversary or something). Next month is going to be brave Lords, a red legend and some fillers. Skip as much as I would like Plumeria to finish the fairies. Though if we get tickets like last year then definitely chances at plum and the new legend will be a better deal than a breve hero fest or the old one. About Sothis, perhaps her hero fest might get a rerun or we will have a special banner or something. About the 4 greens I think either fillers will be gone and we will have only Legends and Mythics at different proportions. For example, 4 green, 2 red and so on. Or perhaps Gunthra will get a special banner (alongside Sothis even) because of possible legend refines.
  7. Between Leila and Laevatein, maybe Laevatein because she is easier to keep alone as Leila needs her support partner.
  8. After the mythic banner ends I want to save for March's Green. However, I am really bad at saving, as I either summon impulsively (anniversary and the new book 5 hero will be hard to skip), or I procrastinate and skip rewards. What are your saving tips, and how do you combat impulsive summoning?
  9. I think that they will give old legends refines (something they need) so Gunthra being the first after Fjorm (DC) will be in a special Hero Fest or something to celebrate it. I am more curious about Sothis and why they didn't announce when she will return.
  10. Free pulled another Leila. She now is +Atk +3 and the last 2 merges are free pulls. So that's nice. Also pulled more green and ended up getting a neutral Triandra, having an extra fairy will be useful (though I now want Plumeria so that I can have all of them). Will keep pulling for Freyja.
  11. What is this sorcery?? Is that even possible??? Congrats!!!
  12. Seeing Freyja care about the fairies and before her Freyr obsession was really nice. The book 5 teaser was the main thing though I guess. I really like that unlike Surtr in Hel, Lif and Thrasir actually got utilised in the story after their book. In norse mythology based on what I red (correct me if I am wrong), they were the humans that survived Ragnarok and inhabited the new world. So we will be seeing them more. Dwarfs now huh? Hopefully we have some male OCs to move the story and not only waifus.
  13. Got a +Atk -Spd LeCorrin. Fine I guess but I only care about Freyja in this banner.
  14. Double mythics is actually a really good idea and it should be a thing they keep doing in the future. Had forgotten about this banner and didn't expect Freyja. I want to pull a Hel merge and many Freyjas. However, during my break I wasn't even logging in for daily stuff so I am standing at 5 orbs. Will start playing again to get as many Goat ladies as I can, don't care about her AR potential at all.
  15. I have abandoned Feh entirely and only played the first round of Loki's pawns but I had to follow the closure of the story. Mixed feelings but I am leaning towards being really happy about it. Here are my thoughts on the ending Book 4 was really good definitely better that 1 and 2 however, can't really say about 3. 3 focused on Alfonse (with Gustav, Lif and generally it focused on his progression). 4 focused on Sharena (with the whole Peony and nectar thing). Now I wonder if we will face Asgard, Alfathor, Loki, Thor in the next book or there will be something else (there are 9 worlds after all).
  16. Dimitri looks like he will be a fine addition to the roster of broken water legendaries that will ruin everyone's day is Arena and AR. Though Eddie won the brave race, Dimitri came as the victor of the legendary one. A slaying weapon, +5 to all stats, damage reduction, pulse smoke, -5 smoke type of debuff, and extra damage (at least 15). He can be built to be everything, from a player phase nuke to an enemy phase tank. Really good blue and green pool however, I was taking a break from feh and I don't have any orbs so I won't get him most likely.
  17. My first project is to complete the flame emperor. At +9 now all I am waiting for is the last merge in December, I think. They also need the last 5 flowers and some premium skills like Slick or crafty fighter and Armored stride. However, because I am done with her grails, I am looking for something new, I was leaning towards Ena however, Nemesis is another candidate. I am just waiting now. My only summoning project is Eliwood (+5 now). I don't like having to depend on the gacha for 11 copies of a unit while the grail shop exists.
  18. I don't think it's Kiran himself. It could be a dream caused by Triandra or the Kiran is Alfonse and Vice Versa theory that was kind of teased during the end of the previous chapter.
  19. I don't care about anyone here except flayn from a gameplay perspective. I have Mareeta and Larcei as PP swords, I don't need Seteth, and Shamir is typical whalebait, Shinon with Deadeye is more than enough for most cases. Flayn will be competing with Camila as a flying healer however, Camilla is offensive (AR defence) oriented and Flayn is for super tank strategies. Looking forward to using her with F.Ike, B.Edelgard and Hector and most importantly dragons. They can finally have damage reduction in some form. Perhaps I can go for her however, I still haven't pulled a singe 5* from the Halloween banner though. The true star for me is definitely Nemesis, bumbed that after Dheginsea another mythic candidate loses that status (most likely to make room for more OCs) however I still like him. He is an infantry sword which means 180 BST, hopefully they don't pull more 176 BST shenanigans just to make flowers more appealing (similar to how Ena was handled). I really want him to be unique like Brunnya for example as in 2020 being a ball of stats doesn't make you crazy (as Dheginsea showcased), a personal skill would also be nice but that's wishful thinking. He does seem like a better merge project though as unlike Ena he has a personal weapon that will hopefully be good and doesn't face effective damage.
  20. 29 orbs and the only highlight was a +Def -Res 4* Xane. My bad luck continues after the 10.50 in Plumeria's banner. Hopefully I can get Robin, Dheginsea and perhaps a +Hp Xane. Until the banner ends.
  21. Robin is amazing and her voice lines are gold, I will try to pull her and even have some extra merges on her. Dragon's Ire will definitely be arriving on other units as well so perhaps Fae and Ena can get it from a future unit. She simply is way too fun and good. The harmonic is boring for me and I might be skipping blue or pull to have a chance to get a Cordelia and still Resonant battles are a thing. Colourless, I just want 2 Xanes or a +Hp one and the rest depends on his allies. Red is also good as I like Deghinsea as a character and he looks nice I guess. Also that B slot can be used for flame Emperor and ever run her in AR. Green and Red are my priorities and Xane is easy to pull. Anyway, Ena is a +10 project for me. I already am at 230 grails and since Flame Emperor is rerunning so I am free to spend grails somewhere else. I also lack in Red arena combat units so she will be useful for scoring. Just need to give her Dragon's Ire in the future.
  22. So the follow up the Atk/Def+5 buff uses foe's Hp and the damage reduction and Atk/Def +5 use units Hp. That weapon is extremely good, a mixed phase follow up, damage reduction to mages and +10 Atk/Def. Will be using the refine on Seliph.
  23. Xane's stats can also be lowered, if unit has the highest of a stat. For example, if he is within 2 spaces of a B.Edelgard he will also gain her horrendous Spd. This does put some limitations, like in AR offense for example the ally must be someone like Winter Sothis so that he can have lots of everything as Mythics don't have good statspreads most of the time. There are also other questions I have, does he only count visible stats or he takes into consideration stuff like drives? Can we stack him with buffs and stuff like Solos or he is limited? He has to be one of the most interesting heroes that have been introduced.
  24. One of the first banners to make me excited in a very long time for seasonals. Will be pulling in all colours as much as I can. Xane looks like a really fun and interesting unit and he also is the 4* focus so getting him will be really easy. Look forward to something like Xane with Brave Edelgard and Leila, if I am not mistaken he will have Edelgard's Atk/Def/Res and Leila's Spd so he will be busted. The harmonic leaves me uninterested however, still like the fact that we have a purely offensive dragon, perhaps supporting her with Lilith will be really interesting for a Dragon team. Deghinsea finally being in the game makes me really happy however bumped that he isn't a Mythic with 2 personals like Altina and he is a seasonal without a personal weapon. Regardless still happy for his inclusion Grima has to be my favourite from the entire batch. Everything about her screams amazing, only issue I see is dragon effectiveness however, aside from that she looks gorgeous with a DC weapon, all the crazy healing, Iote's shield, debuffs and the new B slot that is gong to save slow non armored dragons. Myrrh with her refine can be an excellent user of it as effectively gives her the full null-follow up effect, alongside an omni breaker type of effect.
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