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  1. Yeah, I went for Caineghis merges on that banner (or a L!Alm)... Got two Eirs and only one merge XD +10 Micaiah sounds like a good plan! I'm loving B!Micaiah so far, and I have a +10 regular Micaiah. She's great! Good luck!
  2. Yeah, I run double DD on my Caineghis, and he's tanked red Micaiah multiple times. Now, with flier buffs, B!Micaiah will likely be a different story... We'll see! And I'll also think about how I'll deal with B!Eliwood. I used Caineghis in AR, which is why I love him so much! I'll likely start using B!Micaiah in a flier team though...
  3. For what it's worth, Micaiah is also effective against Caineghis, who is an armor. So that makes 7 she's effective against versus 8 that she isn't, which is pretty close to even. And there are more beasts with high defense than high res (I think), and since they're all melee and only two come with DC (Nailah and Caineghis), Micaiah can hit more in PvE without taking a hit in return. Also, I'm pretty sure my Caineghis could beat Micaiah or Eliwood... (which isn't strictly relevant, but fun XD)
  4. I was always going to pick Micaiah, but I'm thrilled she's a good unit and that she'll likely be the F2P pick! Looking forward to Friday!
  5. If Micaiah doesn't get a legendary, she'd be the only CYL so far to not get one except for Camilla (who will probably get one), Celica (who is likely to get one), and Veronica (who is a special case). Most likely, Micaiah will get one, which means they'll repeat an outfit, use the second promotion outfit, or make a new one. It's really not that complicated, and IS deviates from patterns all the time. They'd be silly not to cash in on Micaiah's popularity. Now, if they want to wait for next year, my orbs will need a break XD
  6. I agree- and legendary Micaiah can be a staff unit, since she can canonically use staves. There's no reason she can't use a similar outfit. And I'd be very ticked off if Micaiah is one of the only protagonists not to get a Legendary. I know we'll get non-protagonists like Tiki and Azura, and we're still missing some Lords like Seliph and Corrin, but I hope Micaiah is coming one day. She shouldn't be locked out just because she has a brave version, just like Lyn, Ike, Hector, Eliwood, Lucina, etc. weren't locked out.
  7. I wish I could free pull a Zelgius... Not that I need more sword armors (I have the BK at +10), but because I like him. Seems like the people who don't like him keep getting the free pull Zelgius's XD Anyway, broke my pity rate on Hero Fest with a Nailah. I think that makes three or four Tibarns (yay!) and one Nailah. Plus an Ayra, for some reason. My rate on the reds were pretty good, but more Nailah merges would have been appreciated. Tibarn is now +6, Nailah is +3.
  8. Micaiah looks good! I really hope that B-skill is really good- I want her to be able to double or guarantee kill in one hit. But no matter what it is, she'll be my free pick. I'm excited!
  9. 160 orbs, going for colorless, and green only if colorless isn't available. Main goal was Caineghis merges, but would take Eir merges or a L!Alm. Green was second because my Greil was +7. Got an Eir, a Greil, and a Caineghis! Not bad, but would have liked an Alm more than an Eir, and still want more Cain's. I'll throw more orbs in as I get them, but trying to avoid the temptation to buy.
  10. Perfect colorless lineup! I'll be throwing in orbs for Cain merges, but may stop once I get an Alm and an extra Eir (though hopefully lots and lots of Cains). I probably won't touch the other colors, as close as I am at +10 Greil, I need to save orbs, and the other greens aren't main goals of mine.
  11. I use Caineghis to tank Ophelia during light season. Unless there's something really weird going on, Light blessed Caineghis + 2 Eirs +DD4+DD seal + Res tactic means he takes almost no damage, even from the out-of-combat damage, and easily kills her on retaliation. In fact, I win most of my battles during light season by just having Caineghis tank all the ranged folks (even red Micaiahs!). Astra season, on the other hand... I really need to build a good tank for that one. Now, I have lost a handful of battles by just putting Caineghis in range of a nuke... but I haven't built any other amazing teams yet for AR, so he's doing a lot of work for now.
  12. I was really hoping for Eir/L!Alm/Caineghis for this month... I would have loved that colorless banner. I guess the new mythic would probably be great as well, but I would rather merge my Caineghis. Next month's colorless would have L!Robin, who I really don't want any more of, and I'd only want one Duma. Though I do want to merge Ikes, so next month's red looks pretty good too... (Though I'll want B!Micaiah more)
  13. A little late, but I have two +10's to add! They've both been done a while, but I haven't gotten around to posting them. My first colorless! Weird that I finished Micaiah before him. I've been using him in arena on non-Earth seasons (since Ike is the only legendary hero I've merged), and he's great for debuffing! I run a different set on him when I use him in arena- this is his general use set. His other set included a sacrificed Loki, which I enjoyed immensely 🙂 imgur link: https://imgur.com/BawgoBC Next, my second +10 with grails: Naesala! He's also been fully flowered. I'm running him as a bonus hero right now, hence the renewal seal (there are probably better seals, but ah well). He got me back to T21 this week! imgur link: https://imgur.com/DWXOTKc Also, I've fully flowered my Oscar and Black Knight. Here are the updated links: Oscar: https://imgur.com/iZvnaw1 Black Knight: https://imgur.com/ACVY7u9
  14. I agree- my sister and I are a good case study. We both play FEH, but she's FTP and I'm not. I play a lot more seriously than her; she's a casual player, I aim for Tier 21 Arena and top 5000 in AR. I want to +10 my favorite units, including 5* exclusives, she aims for one copy. I drop about $150 a month on average, so I'm not a whale. However, I'm a lot more frustrated when I don't get what I want, and it does happen (Bride Fjorm is a good case- dropped a lot of money even though I only wanted her for AR and not just as a character). I've had all of the Tellians since each of their first banners. She just got her first regular Mist, and was very happy about it. I got 8 V!Greil before I got a single V!Mist on the Valentine's banner, and was extremely frustrated. I spent money. She got two or three V!Mist's before her first Greil, and was really happy. I've told her to stay FTP, and she's been good about it. She enjoys her pulls just as much, if not more, than I do. So, in my opinion- you'll probably be happier not spending as much money. And I need to remember only to spend some money when it's a unit I really want.
  15. I get that, but... Didn't Tibarn have that incredibly large lead in team size? I guess I'm just wondering how far ahead you have to be to actually win... Anyway, on to team Mia!
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