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  1. Yay for Tellius characters! They've been doing decently so far. Though it was sad when two Tellians were against each other, like Ranulf and Soren. I voted Ranulf since I like his character better. I'm especially proud of Sothe and dancing Micaiah for beating characters from a more popular game (Fates), since that could easily have been an uphill battle.
  2. ...I imagine plenty of women supported Hector. And it's extremely likely that the FEH fanbase is mostly male, otherwise what is with the high amount of fanservicey women? So I'm pretty sure it's male-majority, not male-minority... In fact, I think much of the Serenes FEH board is male, not female. At least, that's my very un-scientific impression. I'm girl who supported Mia... My sister is a girl who supported Mia... and we both did it because of Tellius bias. We supported Ike repeatedly against women. It's a little annoying to be accused of only supporting Mia because we're women and she's a woman. She's from Tellius, and has a fun character. I will almost always support Tellius over anyone else, regardless of gender. I like Hector. I'm just never going to pick him over a Tellian. Not because he's a man. I'm capable of picking a character for more than rallying against someone else's fan base. If you're joking, great! I apologize for misreading you.
  3. Without using Duel skills, I often hit tier 21 with RD Ike (+6 I think), Oscar+10 Earth blessed, Soren+10 Earth blessed, and a decent bonus unit. The only reason I haven't been hitting tier 21 recently is lack of time and terrible bonus units for me. Plus, it's way easier for me in Earth season, as you might see from the above units. I sometimes trade in Brave Ike +10, Naesala +10, Black Knight +10, and Sothe +10, all of whom aren't Earth blessed, during non-Earth seasons. Sothe is the only one with a Duel Skill, and since he's a support unit, he can afford to drop his Life and Death A skill for his arena trips. The only armor I use semi-regularly is the Black Knight, and only on non-Earth seasons. So, very possible without duel skills, and I use a cavalry unit regularly! And Soren's a mage, which means he scores lower to begin with. It's doable.
  4. Ah, that makes sense! So hope this trend won't continue with the games that have low representation still.
  5. A little sad they're going back to alts on New Heroes banners... Then again, did Valentina only have a few characters left or something? Hopefully they'll go back to doing no alts on new hero banners again... Anyway, been a long time since a Valentina banner, so this is great!
  6. I could be mistaken, but... you can't guarantee this in AR. The bonus unit requirement makes the nuke+2 dancer setup impossible, unless you're bonus unit is always one of those three (or Eir or Naga). That's why I strongly prefer tanks- they don't require two dancers as support. I run Cain+2Eir+Leanne+bonus, which works 85% of the time, and since I can rarely run two dancers, much better than two dancers+nuke. So you're either taken a scoring hit or can't always have that kind of team set (unless Eir or Naga is your nuke, which I guess is possible... But a real pain with Naga).
  7. I use Caineghis as my tank in AR... And he works very well on tanking and counter killing. So some people do use armors as tanks in AR- I don't fear Ophelia or company during light season at all. So I use armors on offense, and I'm typically in the top 5000 (and typically 3000 during light season). Might be a bit below what you are talking about, but armors are still plenty competitive for me. In fact, I prefer my Cain light team over my Tibarn astra team, but there are other reasons for that as well.
  8. My guess would be tome or staff? She has an AOE attack and can counterattack anyone in RD if I remember correctly. She's the final boss, so I would guess tome instead of staff. So blue tome is my final guess, but others may have a better idea! As for other Tellius mythics, I think Soan (lion), Lehran (heron before losing his powers from when he helped subdue Yune or staff like he can wield in final battle), Sephiran/Lehran (tome, probably blue, penultimate boss of RD), Dheghinsia (dragon), or Altina (dual-sword legendary) are probably all options. I imagine we'd get Ashera first, so if any of them are going to be mythics, it would be a very long time...
  9. There's also Ashera as a possibility- I could see her being blue to balance out Yune (and Yune ultimately won, and green>blue). And since we just got Micaiah with Yune, Ashera would be a nice pairing. I'd love her to be ranged and astra, so I could switch out at least one Naga... Naga feels like dead weight on my teams most of the time, except that I can safely put her next to Tibarn.
  10. A banner with Caineghis and Tibarn?! Oh, my poor orbs... please don't let the third unit color share, and I'll be thrilled!
  11. Do you mean without a CYL alt? Because she has a legendary and a summoning pool alt. But if you mean CYL, that makes sense!
  12. Too bad... Good work, team Micaiah! We can at least enjoy the fact we were leading most of the round. We did our best!
  13. Oh, shoot... I forgot about that and just dumped my flags on the multiplier. Still hoping she pulls through!
  14. A lot of Ike fans may also be Micaiah fans, which is where some of us (like me and my sister!) went. So it's not so much that we only care about how strong units are- we like Micaiah too, and she hasn't had a chance to win a gauntlet yet, and just got her Brave this year!
  15. I'm on team Micaiah and running a +10 Black Knight as my lead (only fitting, as someone else said in this thread). Feel free to add me! Friend code 7328867494 Go Micaiah! And at least if she loses, I can join Ike!
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