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  1. Micaiah's a woman, and she isn't here yet, like you mentioned, so that's one woman they're ignoring. But I heartily agree. At the same time... I spent all my orbs trying to get Altina and Sanaki, so maybe it's a good thing Micaiah isn't here yet. However... Are her and Byleth the only female protagonists missing?
  2. I think Halloween Rolf is missing. I can't find him either.
  3. Of the past winners of CYL, the ones who have legendaries are: Ike- Check Lucina- Check Lyn- Check Roy- Check Ephraim- Check Hector- Check Celica- Check Veronica- Not Lord Micaiah- Missing Eliwood- Check Alm- Check Camilla- Not Lord So yes, you're right, Micaiah is the most popular non-Three Houses lord without a legendary. So she really should get a legendary at some point, even if it isn't this month (since she just got an alt in May). Popularity wise, she's more likely. I'm not saying she deserves it more than Elincia, since Elincia's alt was longer ago, and I'd prefer Micaiah's legendary not be this month, since she's likely to get hate for it. I'd be happy if she is next one after the Three Houses lords are finished (since they're probably next up after this month. However, I would argue that as much as Elincia may qualify for a legendary, she isn't more qualified than Micaiah. Elincia is more overdue for an alt, but if only one got a legendary, I think it would be wrong for it to be Elincia. Ideally, they both will.
  4. While I do want a Micaiah legendary, and she deserves one (being a protagonist), I'd prefer she wait. I don't want her getting more hate for her alts, even if this is one of the most justified ones. Her legendary can wait. Hopefully, when she does come, she will be a staff legendary. We have a dearth of those! If Micaiah's next alt is, say, early 2021, she'd be fairly spaced out. And the legendary should be the last alt. She's got enough seasonals. So if we're getting another colorless legendary, I'd be thrilled if it was staff Micaiah, but another legendary is probably safer for her popularity.
  5. ...I'm seriously disappointed (well, as disappointed as I get about a game when my aunt is getting divorced, my sister is having a breakdown, and a lot of other little things are going wrong). Tellius has gone an insanely long time without a new heroes banner. The seasonals are great and all, but they don't really give me long term projects since they are limited time. Good for the people who were wanting the missing Archanea characters, at least! I guess we might see Tellius in... September?
  6. Bolded for emphasis. I was very interested for a moment... until I realized "Beagle" was short for "Black Eagle" and not the dog XD. My confusion. I couldn't figure out where beagles had appeared in FE! Ahem... anyway, no new heroes banners, so I'm guessing there won't be too much to interest me the next month. Time to save orbs after Micaiah and Nailah took so many!
  7. As a Micaiah/Sothe and Nailah/Rafiel shipper... I love this banner! My sister and I, who played the game together, didn't know that Nailah and Rafiel were a couple (thanks, localization) until I read about it online, and since then, we've happily shipped them. As for Micaiah and Sothe, they grew on me as a couple. They called each other siblings as more way of explanation, if I remember correctly, and while Micaiah did partially raise him, it wasn't from birth (and Sothe remembered a time before her). I'm willing to believe they grew to have a real attraction once Sothe matured. (And yes, after Sothe matured. Not before.) Micaiah's stagnant age makes a lot of it more believable... and it is just a game. I'm glad they are sticking to cannon (or nearly cannon in Micaiah and Sothe's case) couples. I ship Ike with a character who isn't in game, so I'll be happy as long as his duo is non-romantic (and since he has no romantic partners in the game, that should be the case). Anyway, I'm thrilled! Especially since I should be able to support Nailah and Rafiel now... I was worried he'd be a blue beast and therefore clash with regular Nailah. But now I can have a green Nailah!
  8. My two cents on AR: It should be challenging. There are very few things in this game that really reward the top players. Giving them a little extra resources for finishing top is worth it. Everyone else can still get a decent amount of resources from the mode without being top scoring, but the top players need challenges. I was breezing through most everything the game had to offer before AR. Now, there is something that actually challenges me. What is the point of Ike/Soren/Oscar or Tibarn/Reyson/Caineghis breezing through everything easily? They can still tackle 95% of the game's content with just a little bit of strategy. There should be something in the game for me to strive for. And that, for the most part, is AR. So yes- keep the thrones just for the top players. Give them a little extra resources. I only have a few thrones, and that's fine. Abyssal challenges are the only other truly endgame content I'm aware of, and they are solely for bragging rights. Compare that to other games, including some other gachas, which have hours and hours of content that people who have truly invested in the game can work to complete, and yes, those games give out resources for winning in that content. In fact, if I had to pick just one thing that would help FEH, it would be to add more end game content for everyone to strive for. And it would be something that can't just be beat by throwing +10 units at everything, but involve strategy as well. It doesn't have to give massive rewards, but the game desperately needs more challenges.
  9. I'm... actually disappointed. I love Ike, but I was really hoping for an actual Tellius banner. Hopefully this doesn't cut down on the chances of that... Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Ah well. This means more of a chance for non-Tellius fans to have someone they like on here! And I'll probably still pull for Ike, just maybe not here. When he appears later instead. And I'll get an Ashnard!
  10. I'm really hoping for Tellius... Though the units would make or break it for me. If it has any of the following: Zihark Rafiel Volug Boyd I will be thrilled (and my sister might actually come back to the game)! However, they are all men, and less popular than some of the other choices. I'd be satisfied, but not quite as thrilled, by: any of the other Greil mercenaries, Jill, Skirmir, Leonardo. A Tellius banner including none of those units would be disappointing for me personally, but I'd still be happy for the representation. These are the characters I have the strongest attachment to, so I'm hoping for at least one! I know Jill is incredibly likely, but I'm really hoping for one of my top four as well.
  11. Actually, I'd strongly advise against that for 5* free units like B!Ike. I know it would make the guides a little different, but I think they could gain a lot more out of making use of those units, especially in learning the game. They could do a whole lot more by investing in and learning to use those units, rather than leaving them exactly as they are. At least, that's my two cents. B!Ike has done me so much good I would hate leaving him as his base unit.
  12. Colorless legendary would be great, especially if it's Tellius. My orb stash has been building for a while, so I'm crossing fingers for Micaiah! She's one of the few lead (by which I mean the protagonist in the game with the most chapters with them as lead) characters without a legendary, and is known for her healing magic too. Elincia is more likely for flying, but Micaiah is just as likely for healing in general (considering part of her uniqueness is her ability to heal without a staff). (And I'm biased, because I prefer Micaiah over Elincia, so personal preferences here!) Then again, if we finally get a Tellius New Heroes banner in May, I'd need to spend my orbs there as well... So Micaiah could wait. And I don't think I'd be interested in whatever legendary would be green.
  13. I voted Ike and Micaiah, because I have a severe Tellius bias! They are also my favorites units to use out of these. I'm really happy to see Tellius love here!
  14. Well, considering the embarrassing amount I spent to +10 Tibarn, you are likely better off... All my +10's are Tellians: B!Ike, Micaiah (original, though I'd love to do her brave version some day), GD!Greil (yeah... I got way too many pity-breakers going for one GD!Mist copy), and Tibarn are the 5* exclusives, and then I have Titania, Soren, Oscar, Naesala, Reyson, GD!Titania, Sothe, and the Black Knight. At least I think... I don't have the game in front of me at the moment. That's 11 5*+10, with four 5* exclusives! (Caineghis is well on the way, and I can't remember if I finished him yet...) Anyway, we need more summonable demoted Tellius characters, considering I've done all of them except Mordecai, who is on the way. And I've still got Rolf to +10 with grails... Oliver and Sigrun don't interest me, and Haar will come after I've finished Rolf (and any Tellius character I'm interested in available with grails that comes out before I finish Rolf...)
  15. Heh... I actually use Caineghis and the birds. Caineghis is one of my best tanks. I have a lot of fun with them! I've got a +10 Naesala, Tibarn, and Reyson... I might have gone a bit overboard.
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