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  1. Anyone have Shigure with Axebreaker? I tried one of the older comments on this thread earlier, but they had already changed it unfortunately.
  2. I needed the Female Kana <3 Ty for the help EDIT: I goofed on my saves XD, I got everyone's except Soleil's Noblilty. Do you mind keeping that one up until later tomorrow when I can visit again?
  3. Would anyone happen to have the following? It'd be very helpful. Corrin: Seal Defense, Seal Strength, Seal Magic Peri: Spendthrift, Axefaire Kana: Warding Blow, Axebreaker, Spendthrift Soliel & Velouria: Nobility
  4. Is it just me? Or am I the only one that still can't get the download for the 2.2 update to start. I've been stuck on it for 4-5 days because its stays at 0%. I even downloaded and installed and it still won't help. I'm still at 0% and I'm missing out on orbs and banners. Its really pissed me off.
  5. Btw, I didn't know whether to mention this or not. But so far, I've been playing 2.1ova with Memu with no difficulties whatsoever. But was wondering as far as the new 2.2 update goes should I upgrade to Or should I leave it alone for now and wait and see if it'll play? EDIT: Also, not sure whether what Lollipop extension I'm using. But it was back during when I had 1.8 ova, so I'm assuming its old too, just don't know the version
  6. Was locked out of my old Serenesforest account since I forgot the password, didn't feel like going through the password process so I just made new one to comment here. Need to know what to do. I'm using the old 1.8ova and I just got told by my Memu emulator that I need to update my game via google play services? I thought those were freezed? But for somereason, now I can't play until its updated. Do I just download the 2.1ova and still keep my same Heroes account?
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