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  1. Besides that, Metal Slug is also SNK's most successful Franchise bar KoF. Also while we're at it, let's not forget SNK bought up the rights to ADK's franchises when they went under in 2000. Including the World Heroes Franchise... whose characters have continued to appear in SNK's works as recently as SNK Heroines. Aggressors of Dark Kombat has likewise proven hard to get rid of due to a couple guests in Neogeo Battle Coliseum (Much like Marco from Metal Slug and no less than 3 World Heroes characters). Also a lot of ADK games made it onto the Neogeo Mini's various incarnations in 2018 (World Heroes Perfect, Magician Lord, Blue's Journey, Ninja Masters, Ninja Commando, Crossed Swords, Ninja Combat Aggressors of Dark Kombat, Twinkle Star Sprites). That's a good 9 games (out of 15 total for the Neo Geo, and a good 3 of the remaining are just earlier World Heroes). So my other, less obvious, choice to have an SNK rep is to have someone from World Heroes just on the grounds that also represents the defunct ADK, who have no reps whatsoever while adding a second SNK character.
  2. 8bit overlord's hidden in an 8-bit stage in a book in a secret room. Basically you open the book, then you get warped to an 8-bit area called "8-bit nightmare" or something of the like. Also don't forget you can take a certain book from the library into the icy caverns where you fought Gremory, and a certain room turns into a boss room.
  3. Quite aware, as I played the games as they came out. I'm a bit of a Castlevania nut after all, and a pseudo-Castlevania (like Master of Darkness on the Sega Master System for another example) inevitably attracts me. Only game in the whole series I haven't played is Chronicles on the PS1. Because I can't find a copy... and PSN didn't have it here.
  4. The mode where you play him can be interesting.. for a mode that kind of gives you a slightly more limited moveset based off what he does in his bossfights and on the train, and no items. But yeah, in the Curse of the moon, he starts off as a basic revenge oriented character, yet by the second game he's a different person. As for the church in the series... it definitely has a purpose. Given that it's goal is quite evidently the removal of the demons unleashed by the Alchemists, as evidenced by Zangetsu's working for them as a demon hunter. Considering Zangetsu's backstory being of him being from Japan, I imagine the church is otherwise just a cipher for the Catholic Church, but I could be wrong.
  5. In a way, it's a matter of never learning my lesson. Though it has resulted in some... interesting cases of overlevelling for sure. You tend to get a ton of experience when you manage that kind of thing after all. Castlevania Circle of the Moon pretty much ended up sequence broken that way. The optional ones are a bit.. out there. Two of them might seem familiar. Mind, I was nuts enough to go for 9 of every shard (except, you know, boss shards because I wasn't doing 9 new game pluses) on that difficulty where you're stuck at level one. Didn't do no damage though. My patience has limits. One of the optional bosses actually had the shard I found most useful, barring the mandatory ones.
  6. That takes me back to Final Fantasy XII, and my compulsive need to try fighting everything I see. Cue getting Tyrannosaurus Wrecksed by the dinosaur style enemy in the Estersand area. Because the fact it was a giant dinosaur with a red for danger label on it when targetting wasn't enough warning it'd one shot me. I'd like to say I learned something, but I kept coming back periodically and trying to come up with a way to cheese it until I got the gravity spell... and actually cheesed it despite it STILL one-shotting me at that point. The extra characters by then made a difference. It'd get one, and I'd get it. As such I learned nothing and still have a tendency to pick fights with enemies way out of my league in games with a level up system. Mixed results. Sometimes I exploit a mechanic in a turn based game or just plain skill through something in an action RPG... other times I get a reminder that I can't always win. That said, every time I do manage it, it's magical.
  7. Fallen Edelgard forcibly upgraded me to Amazon Prime and made my orders arrive in a day of purchase just to ruin my weeks of anxiety between order and pickup. Oh the humanity.
  8. Fallen Edelgard framed @DragonFlames as a vampire, then proceeded to rig the RNG to hit @Saint Rubenio with 1% crits constantly.
  9. Well, looks like it was fun while it lasted. Also, there's some irony Sherlock's death initiated the softlock... given, you know, the last half of his name.
  10. Mind, if you really want to complain about frame-rate.. the Super Nintendo PAL version of Clayfighter exists. I know it's made using stop motion, but could the game have any less frames?
  11. My reaction was something more akin to "What's the point?". How do I plan my moves with this zoomed in?
  12. It''s nothing anyone who's ever played his series hasn't seen. When I beat Super Ghouls n Ghosts the other week it was in underwear. I mean in game, not reality. Though to my understanding in Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection which released earlier this year, on lower difficulties the armor comes off in chunks to give you more hits. On the Legendary difficulty, it's still the classic "You get hit you're in boxers" experience everyone remembers. Makes you wonder if it's the various demons having an anti-metal property, or Arthur just getting gypped by his armorer. That said... given how broken Firebrand is in his subseries (Gargoyle's Quest/Demon's Crest) I have to think it might just be pure strength.
  13. I honestly don't understand when games do that. If there's a whole lot of space with nothing to do, why bother designing it?
  14. Really, I just wanted to make the joke on it, seeing as aerial combat was mentioned. But yeah... usually I don't complain about water levels. But that one...
  15. I remember the Ariel stage in KH II being trash.
  16. I mean technically, I've also got some of the crossover stuff. I just tend not to count it when talking about Vega.. because of the ones I've played Vega isn't even playable. Though to be fair that's not a lot.
  17. Is that the one case which I heard of where he's actually portrayed as a villain by a Japanese creative team? It baffles me in the same way that Shredder kind of gets killed off in the first issue of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, but was consistently the villain throughout other media. Don't get me wrong, he had a lasting impact on the comic, but it was from beyond the grave. He was still a charred corpse in some New York Dumpster/Landfill.
  18. Point is, from what I've seen of the character he leans too far into the ludicrous to be taken fully seriously. I mean this is a guy so vain he wears a mask to fight so he doesn't damage his perfect face.
  19. Sometimes the best defense is a good defenestration. Or something.
  20. For madness to claim my soul, I'd need to be sane to begin with. Zangief gets it so hard that there's not a single piece of American made media portraying him as anything but a villain. Movie? Yep. Cartoon? Yep. Cameo in Wreck It Ralph? Yep. As for Vega, how can I consider him anything but a joke after this ending? I mean, the literal game insults him.
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