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  1. I looked through a bunch of old patches and apparently the massive debuffs were fixed at one point? I'm on the latest patch and can't play anymore because all my units get these severe debuffs on Lagdou Ruins 2. I've retreated and cleared Floor 1 a few times now just to reload floor 2 to see if it happens again and it always does. EDIT: I fixed it myself with FE Builder, I went through all the other maps to see what could be different about Floor 2 of Lagdou Ruins, and realized it had way more enemies than any other map. I removed 5 enemies from the map and no longer get the debuffs.
  2. Yea it's really good so far, but what is this that I'm getting starting on the second floor of Lagdou Ruins?
  3. Ok, it must have just glitched on my first run then because I just ran the entire tower again and it recruited him this time
  4. Did the requirement to recruit Riev change or is it broken? I completed my first tower run and Caellach, Orson, and Ismaire were recruited as normal, but not Riev.
  5. Tried that, it didn't work. Same exact issue.
  6. I've been trying to get a custom map/event to work in Fire Emblem 7, but after turn 1 (Meaning both allies and enemies have all finished their first actions) The game reloads and starts up the opening cut scene, with the "Nintendo 2003" text and such. Resuming the chapter automatically brings me back to the starting sequence as well. I can load the map with the same events as the prologue, just with the map different, and it works fine. However, if I load the custom event on to the map, it only works for a single turn. Here's the event I wrote. Nothing too complicated, just made for a really simple test event to make sure I know what I'm doing before I start anything long-term:
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