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  1. Don't worry, I found the script I was looking for: function displayGrowths() growth = memory.readdword(0x3004E50) growth = memory.readdword(growth) HPgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x1C) Strgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x1D) Sklgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x1E) Spdgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x1F) Defgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x20) Resgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x21) Lckgrowth = memory.readbyte(growth+0x22) gui.text(8,48,"HP: " .. tostring(HPgrowth)) gui.text(8,56,"Str: " .. tostring(Strgrowth)) gui.text(8,64,"Skl: " .. tostring(Sklgrowth)) gui.text(8,72,"Spd: " .. tostring(Spdgrowth)) gui.text(8,80,"Def: " .. tostring(Defgrowth)) gui.text(8,88,"Res: " .. tostring(Resgrowth)) gui.text(8,96,"Lck: " .. tostring(Lckgrowth)) end gui.register(displayGrowths)
  2. I know about the patches to see growth rates already, but I'm specifically looking to have them in a variable for a lua script. It's less about knowing the growths and more about having them in the script.
  3. Does anybody have a pointer that can be used in a lua script to give me the growth rates of a unit under my cursor? An example for what I'm looking for would be using 0x0203A550 to find the player's hit rate and then using memory.readbyte(0x0203A550) to read the hit rate as a number. I'm almost certain that this needs assembly, which is out of my abilities. Thank you in advance!
  4. My Castle Code: 10056-14855-61483-84156 Path: Revelations Avatar Name: Anise Castle Name: All Items+Skills Region: North America Food Resource: All Mineral Resource: All Battle Level: Easy Additional Notes: All units have maximum stats and are mostly for getting skills, not for PvP battle. Kagero [Mechanist]: Draconic Hex, Beastbane, Golembane, Replicate, Lifetaker Velouria [Wolfssegner]: Death Blow, Duelist's Blow, Certain Blow, Darting Blow, Lifetaker Felicia [Hero]: Vantage, Life and Death, Certain Blow, Death Blow, Lifetaker Sakura [Oni Chieftain]: Counter, Countermagic, Vantage, Renewal, Amaterasu Rinkah [Witch]: Seal Strength, Seal Magic, Seal Speed, Seal Defense, Seal Resistance Shigure [Falcon Knight]: Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Skill, Rally Speed, Rally Defense Forrest [Strategist]: Live to Serve, Lifetaker, Amaterasu, Inspiration, Defense +2 Hana [Priestess]: Poison Strike, Savage Blow, Grisly Wound, Swordbreaker, Tomebreaker Elise [Master Ninja]: Nohrian Trust, Vantage, Quixotic, Duelist's Blow, Life and Death Avater, Anise [Blacksmith]: Dragon Fang, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity All units aren't holding weapons and are set on hold, they are incapable of killing anybody. Lilith's building has been removed. There is no Dawn or Dusk dragon.
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