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  1. Up until I played Conquest, I was used to the easier games with lower difficulty and unlimited grinding options. I suppose that leaves me better prepared for the earlier FE games!
  2. I bought the Fates and Shadow Dragon DLC recently, but I'd really like to unlock the maid outfit. Which History Mode map can I unlock it on?
  3. I mostly agree with you. I think the Conquest path was a selfish one for Corrin to choose because Nohr as you described, as scum, although I like the Nohrian characters more than the Hoshidan characters. I felt more engaged with the story than I did when playing Birthright, it's still a good game. I like the Hoshidan characters a lot as well, especially Takumi and Ryoma. In Gameplay-wise, I prefer Conquest on that. However, I prefer Birthright's story to Conquest just a tiny bit lesser than I liked the game previously mentioned (although it was extremely difficult for me to beat and Birthright was a lot easier). I played Birthright first, then went to Conquest, and Revelation. That chapter with Xander and Elise came as a surprise to me and I think that it's the saddest chapter in Birthright. I just realized that I contradicted myself, so I fixed up this post.
  4. Nohr did a lot to provoke Hoshido into fighting, and now that I think about it, was it Nohr's fault that they were even in the war? All Hoshido wanted to was to live in peace while Garon wanted to conquer Hoshido.
  5. I've changed my mind on which route that I like best and I think that I like Conquest the best out of all three. Revelation comes in second and Birthright in third. It was hard to make that choice for me.
  6. Me too. I liked the ending of the route better than Birthright or Conquest.
  7. I'll give each of them a try then. I'm working on FE Warriors and Echoes right now. Sacred Stones is fun, too!
  8. Thanks! I'll have to look some places up and see if they have in stock on Amazon.
  9. I borrowed a friend's copy of Awakening and beat it, and I like the game (though it's not my favorite). Now, I kind of want to buy my own copy and it's always so expensive at GameStop. Where else can I find a good copy for a cheaper price? I want to do a harder difficulty in my next run of the game, so I'm hoping that I can buy a copy soon.
  10. I had the easiest time with Birthright, so my best experience was in that one, too. Conquest was obviously more difficult and I was up for a challenge, and speaking of which, the Endgame for Revelation was a challenge as well (and including the couple of chapters before it). I really like Camilla, though, otherwise I'd agree with you. Oboro is awesome, I use her a lot in my Hard mode run of Birthright and also in Revelation a bit. I'm leaning towards Conquest as well, if the topic is about gameplay, but the Endgame was nearly impossible for me.
  11. My first experience in FE was Awakening, so I don't think that I'm all that qualified to mention it, and I'm not exactly a "new" fan anymore since I've branched out to different FE games since then. I enjoyed Awakening, but I had trouble keeping up with the three stories within the plot. I still find it to be a good game, but not exactly my favorite since the Fates games are my favorite (so far). I agree with you on Fates seemed to be telling a "personal story," as you put it, and I agree that it was successful. I really agree with you guys on Conquest since all Corrin (in that game) was doing was preferring her adoptive siblings. If my memory serves me correct, Nohr is corrupt and Garon is just plain evil, if not worse. All of the crap he was putting her through for coming back to Nohr was unreasonable.
  12. Then that's the closest, other than Sacred Stones, to a traditional FE game then. I played Conquest on an easier difficulty, though.
  13. I recently beat Revelation and I finally got three games completed. I find it to be a really hard decision since I enjoyed all three of the games. I prefer the Nohrian characters over the Hoshidan characters, so Conquest wins there. Based on seeing all of the endings in the three games, I prefer Revelation's, although Birthright and Conquest's endings are very good as well (in my opinion). I don't consider myself a very experienced FE fan yet, so I haven't got to some of the other games yet since I've been focusing on the 3DS games before I get to the earlier games. For gameplay, I can't decide at all on which one I like best. What are your opinions?
  14. I chose Nohr Noble based on the higher magic growth and had Kana keep using the Dragon Stone since I changed both him and Dwyer to Nohr Noble. Draconic Hex was one of the main reasons that I managed to beat Conquest since I made Corrin (in that game) into a Nohr Noble, then changed her into the Great Lord class afterwards once she reached level 5 as a Nohr Noble. I would've had an easier time during the final boss battle in Revelation if I didn't go directly from Nohr Princess to Dark Falcon. Kana and Dwyer had that skill, though. That's good stuff to think about if I ever decide to try a harder difficulty in Revelation later on, though! Thanks!
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