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  1. ok. welp, back to grinding free DLC
  2. i dont think i have one for kana, but i do have one for corrin
  3. what do you mean by, "statues?"
  4. i thiiiiiink that i did atack boon
  5. i choose def. and atk. boon and banes. is that a problem?
  6. hmm. but i dont think as ninja i wwont be stong enough to get lvl 20 THEN gat into master ninja
  7. oh and one more, the class that you get when you use a master seal that i dont care to know the name of...
  8. so, thanks to all who gave me tips. but the final outcome is narrowing down to 3 classes! choose and whoever gets the most votes wins Lodestar Ballistician Master Ninja
  9. but then do i have to turn into ninja, THEN turn into master ninja?
  10. lol nuuuu! do i need kaze to be master ninja for ME to be master ninja?
  11. good to know welp, time to grind supports!
  12. can you weild yato at sword level b?
  13. cool, cool,
  14. *looks on 3ds* yeah i can only get a rank with him
  15. yeah but i dont think i can A+ with him, also what sword level do you get when you turn into master ninja, and also will you become ninja or master ninja straight away?
  16. havent played radiant dawn, but i think the best way to split an army is to put etleast one tank or one healer on each side by the way, welcome to the forest!
  17. wait, is it IN the game or ON the forums?
  18. were should i get the seal for it?
  19. its ok
  20. honestly i cant remember, but i think the boon and banes that i choose increased my attak and defense
  21. banned for posting 50 min. ago
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