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  1. ok. welp, back to grinding free DLC

    1 hour ago, Levant Mir Celestia said:

    Then... get Kana's statue and tell me what it boosts, as well as what Corrin's statue boosts (Corrin's statue boosts whatever stat was selected as the boon, and Kana's boosts whatever was selected as the bane).


  2. 2 minutes ago, Morswo said:

    Which one is the boon? With atk boon is there no issue, but atk bane could make some trouble. The growth rate is a bit too low if you have  atk bane, than are str tonics important.

    i thiiiiiink that i did atack boon

  3. 7 minutes ago, Morswo said:

    If you think the atk is too low. You can use items for the atk, the Ninja is good enough for lunatic, but some bosses with high def are not easy to kill with this class. The main  advantage is the range of 1-2 and the potential. With str or spd boon is the ninja  very powerful and a fantastic unit for your playthrough.


    i choose def. and atk. boon and banes. is that a problem?

  4. 5 minutes ago, Morswo said:

    Just if you have not used a master seal  in your class before. E.g. you are a paladin and use the friendship seal than you are a master ninja. If you are sky Knight and use you will be a ninja.  Promoted  classes stay promoted and the others stay unpromoted.

    hmm. but i dont think as ninja i wwont be stong enough to get lvl 20 THEN gat into master ninja

  5. 1 minute ago, Morswo said:

    Yeah, Corrin can change his class with the friendship seal to every class of the units of the same gender which have rank A with him/her.


    If you are a base class, you will be a ninja, except you are a class like Lodestar with lvl 21+  they become a master ninja. The sword level is based on your current sword level, e.g. Corrin with a sword level C has as master ninja the same sword level, but with sword level A he becomes the B level.

    can you weild yato at sword level b?

  6. Just now, Morswo said:

    Kaze is a ninja, you can get the class with  a friendship seal or a partner seal.

    yeah but i dont think i can A+ with him, also what sword level do you get when you turn into master ninja, and also will you become ninja or master ninja straight away?

  7. 2 hours ago, SavageVolug said:

    For a magic based Corrin I would recommend Dark Knight the extra movement and better defense compared to a Sorceror or Sage is very appealing. Plus assuming your Corrin has a decent str. level if dealing with someone with high resistance you have an alternative weapon choice that will do more damage and vice versa. Now in terms of overall classes the following are some of my preferences note that I generally favor physical oriented classes so these may not work too well for you. I haven't done much experimenting with magical classes, so aside from Dark Knight and Valkyrie I have little experience with these classes.

    1) Wyvern lord

    2) Paladin/Great Knight

    3) Berserker

    4) Vanguard/Hero

    5) Bow Knight

    6) Dark Knight

    honestly i cant remember, but i think the boon and banes that i choose increased my attak and defense

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