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  1. Avatar: this lesson, I will show you a combat style from our nearby country. The art of the battle maids and butlers!
  2. Oh boy, now I need to buy Birthright. Anyways I tried to be as objective as possible. It kinda depends. If you recruit Azura first you should be able to recruit Mozu in 2 turns.
  3. Chapter 7: as if Arthur wasn't already in a bad position, Camilla totally invalidates him. Oh and Effie too, Camy is bulky enough and Effie is the single most overrated units in the series Paralouge 1: Camilla would make Mozu's recruitement much faster without wasting gold for a heart seal Chapter 8: could be tricky if you reclass the servant, otherwise it's a piece of cake. Camilla would break Flora in half and stop her freeze spam right off the bat Chapter 9: nothing would really change, Niles is the one to finish Haitaka anyways Chapter 10: oh boy. An early promoted Camilla would cover what she couldn't in vanilla in the first turns. Elise's magic would be just below Leo's but her speed would be much higher, just like Vanilla!Camy and Xander. D tomes and C in staves. Other than that... Vanilla!Camy is promoted at level 10 so I guess Elise would be like that as well. And I always early-promote Elise before chapter 10, therefore I know how she works. Mostly healing and kill some savages with tomes, but she wouldn't put the biggest amount of work. Chapter 11: Camilla should have C rank to use the dual club and murder even the Life or Death Samurai squad. Elise vs Hinoka would be less one-sides and the conversation wouldn't be as brutal, just petty. Chapter 12: I assume Camilla gets ill. Elise would take Camilla's place as a potential Ryoma Killer, but she would fare far worse than Vanilla!Camy overall because of the poor bulk and lack of axes. Even if you reclass her, C axe rank would be hard to reach at that point. Chapter 13 and onward: almost everything should go like it does in Vanilla!Conquest, you'd be crazy to have your best Wyvern Rider still unpromoted when Leo joins. She would have issues with tomes but Malig Camilla is made for the Bolt Axe, or you could just go Wyvern Lord and build dat lance rank. Meanwhile Elise could actually use tomes efficiently due to base D rank, Thunder and Horse Spirit are pretty cool. Potential access to Lightning as well. As for Revelation... Elise would be quite good (should totally go Malig though) and Camilla would probably be pretty bad. Last but not least, Elise wouldn't be a yandere in Birthright, but would be totally heart-broken in the last scene since she Camilla gets Siegfrieded. As a boss she would the easisest promoted boss in FE history. Ninjas would laugh at her and ORKO with a brass shuriken.
  4. Every chapter after Male Camilla\Nichol is recruited :)
  5. Sometimes the purple dude stays alive with less than 10 hp, sometimes with more than 20. But I never saw Ryoma beating him, probably to show that this guy is a big deal. He is fought in Rev after all and he was quite strong story-wise. That being said, he and his army got his ass kicked by Inigo, Severa and Owain BEFORE a certain power up.
  6. Will Yato and Dragonstone get 1-2 range? It would make Nohr Noble more than a bootleg Dark Knight
  7. Great idea I think I did. I explained why General is objectively worse than GK using facts. General is a meme tier class tbh, its role is done so much better by any other bulky and much mobile classes. Hell I'd say that Paladin could tank better due to Aegis or resistance in general (lol) in other FE games. The only game where General is good it's Echoes\Gaiden (Baron is just General with another name) because most classes has 4 movement anyways and the only good cavaliers\paladins are Mathilda, Zeke and a possible Kliff (most people go Sage anyways cause """"canon"""". Meh). Granted I am not saying I am 100% right and you are 100% wrong, but I would like to see facts proving that General is something worth other than Wary Fighter and Pavise (which is redundant) Yeh, we should. Maybe we could discuss in pm as well? You did what you wanted to do just fine. Conquest goes fine with every team, I just gave my thoughts about what I think it's the best way to do things, which is to go for 9 mov instead of 6\8. (Also I am Italian so I know that feeling) And I simply told him what I would do as well :3
  8. True, those classes gets pretty valuable niches and Master Ninja is filthy. Sadly General is just plain bad, probably the worst promoted class in the game. Its tanking niche isn't unique and other classes does it better, just like I proved And in this case he is wrong since giving Effie boots won't help as much as giving them to someone else. The question in this topic isn't related about drafts or pmu, it's implied Critical Sniper is talking about a normal run. In a normal run, Effie isn't optimal (in fact she is so overrated it physically pains me) and wasting boots on her is a terrible idea, expecially since in CS' case, he stated that Effie's speed is still pretty bad.
  9. If I will be able to seduce my student into gay hubba wubba, FE16 will be the most legendary game ever
  10. There is that blue haired pegasus knight in FE6, Daniela (Birthright) and Cancade (Midori's paralouge)
  11. Pretty much amazing. Each villain is memorable, no matter how minor they are. The anime has a nice pacing, not going too slow but allows the characters to be real people instead of puppets put there just to punch each other. it is amusing to see certain demons plays card games or telling what they likes to drink the most. Minor detail but some pieces of realism makes a character feel closer to the audicence. My favorite good guys are: Kuwabara and Genkai My favorite bad guys are: Suzaku, Karasu, Sensui and Yomi Sadly isn't without its flaws. The last arc was rushed and a certain character almost always takes the final shot. Also the anime misses the very final arc, read the manga to know the true ending.
  12. Spoiler, Critical Sniper's run isn't a solo It might shock you but mounted units still takes the cake Malig Corrin can do everything Camilla does, and when it comes to midgame he\she does does that even better Beruka eventually turns tanky enough to be a flying Xander, or Silas can be a weaker but faster Xander. And that's not counting captured units. Lunatic Nichol's bases are even higher than Camilla's (except for speed and luck, they are still good) and he has maxed weapon ranks. Capturing him is easy since his only ranged weapon is a tome and Niles laughs at that And in Nichol's chapter, the wyvern lords in Lunatic boasts some Xander-Ish bases, and that's even before chapter 10, making Nichol's friends even better than Xander. Those Wyvern Lords (plus Beruka if you train her) can also do what people uses Effie for: tanking, using beast killers and hammers for effective damage. The only difference is that Effie does that worse because her poor movement and bad skills. If you are wondering how I managed to capture this guy before chapter 10, I used Niles + Odin attack stance
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