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    drawing/making OCs, being salty over my terrible RNG in Fire Emblem Heroes, suffering in college etc.
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  1. finally got my good boi in heroes today so I sketched him <3 now chrom emblem can happen for me : D c h r o m
  2. did a sketchy chrom, don't really like how his nose turned out but chrom.
  3. Hello! Decided to try starting my own art thread-starting off with some pictures I drew featuring my favourite unit in Heroes, Spring Chrom <3 All of these were posted on my deviantart first(also Katrov), so if for some reason you've seen them before I'm not stealing them lol (original post on deviantart) (original post which also has credit for the base I used) (original post-what is it with me drawing bunny chrom with a brown backgrounds? LOL) But yeah, that's all for now, will eventually put more Fire Emblem related art as I do stuff etc....I hope others are just as blessed by Spring Chrom as I was,,,a good bunny <3
  4. @SoulWeaver the void is always strong, I am surprised there aren't more LOL...I am glad to join the others! Thanks for the welcome! : ) I saw the cute heroes sprites on your about me-they all look so unique from each other, plus I like the different outfits, that's always cool to see! @Ycine Thanks! I think I will, since I've gotten quite a few plesant replies like yours which is a great : )
  5. @Ertrick36 LOL that would make sense-alas there seems to be more then one who does not appreciate Gregor like he deserves RIP poor guy- I've never really roleplayed much either to be honest, I find it easiesr to do short head canons and just draw things that interest me to be honest-I always have mad respect for writers though, it's HARD and easy to spot lazy writing(like mine haha!) so awesome! and thank you for the welcome to the flaming site...I will do my best to not extinguish anyone's burning passions :D
  6. @Von Ithipathachai I like your avatar character, that's such a cool idea that "the player" can choose their name/gender/base class etc, literally a whole world of possiblilties : ) @Midnight Torch YES, I say I fight for Nohr but in reality it should be for Gregor, he tries his best and just happens to have not the greatest luck at times LOL...I'll do my best to represent the few Gregor appreciants : D @MoonRose Thanks for the welcome! I always enjoy seeing other custom avatars as well, some people's have such pretty designs/creative stories and stuff and it's so nice, love it. I like your OCs names, they sound really cool!
  7. Hi! To summarize my rambly profile, I'm Katrov. I like OCs, learning about OCs, making my own OCs, drawing them etc, my main is Katrov, my Nohrian butler/fates avatar :') (here's his toyhou.se profile if anyone wants to read more about him etc :") ) I really like Fates although I've only finished Conquest(and like 2/3ish through Revelations but stopped after marrying my ultimate Wolfssenger Shigure haha) and don't have any desire to play Birthright. Awakening was my first game and I will always fondly remember how Chrom forcibly married me because I didn't know how S-Supports worked LOL I just wanted to marry angsty Lon'qu- I spend a lot of time playing Heroes and am always salty over my horrible RNG luck on there sob Also Gregor is under-rated even though my friend thinks he's creepy smh he's a good man and those crit lines //thumbs up May your emblems stay fire and have a pleasant day!
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